TV Review: ‘Fox Sports 1’s Crowd Goes Wild’

Regis Philbin Crowd Goes Wild

Fox's soft launch is soft-headed; fortunately, football's just around the corner

There’s really no such thing as reinventing a sports network at this point in the game, and Fox Sports 1 — which launched over the weekend as a complement, more than an alternative, to ESPN — isn’t really trying. Marketing-wise, the channel is seeking to position itself as the “fun” sports destination, and if the premiere of “Crowd Goes Wild” on Monday is any indication, this is just the last stop before transforming TV sports coverage into open-mic night.

Of course, Fox has played with this “Come into our frat house!” niche before — see “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” — seeking to out-giddy ESPN, as if that network was mired in funereal sobriety. Mostly, Fox’s August launch looks like a way to work out bugs before college football season begins, providing the network a steady supply of game programming that will take the load off the talking (make that TALKING IN A VERY LOUD VOICE) heads.

A daily studio panel show to counter ESPN’s afternoon lineup, “Crowd Goes Wild” recruited Regis Philbin to lend the network a little sizzle and marquee value. But even though he’s a major sports fan, the octogenarian host looked a trifle out of his element in this teeming morning-zoo environment, and when his cohosts presented him with a horse named Regis as a gift, you couldn’t blame him for thinking about mounting the damn thing and riding back into the sunset.

Frankly, there might actually be a show in just having Philbin banter with Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Gay, but that wouldn’t give the viewer a pounding headache, and the new formula in such shoutfests is that it takes a village to fill an hour.

Comic Michael Kosta quickly established himself as the would-be village idiot, opening with a prepared bit in which he compared Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez to “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White. It fell so thuddingly flat Kosta seemed relatively subdued, mercifully, thereafter.

Rounding out the group are sort-of host Georgie Thompson, former NFL player Trevor Pryce and social-media contributor Katie Nolan, who is kept away from the panel on a couch. To show just how amateurish the premiere was, her awkward tosses back to Regis and Georgie were superior to a pointless, content-free interview with boxer Oscar de la Hoya.

Then again, the screen was so overflowing with graphic elements and headlines it would be easy for one of the panelists to hide behind them, which by about halfway in, didn’t seem like a bad face-saving strategy.

“I’m back, baby!” Regis yelled fairly early on.

No, not really. But it’s pretty clear that if the choice is being on a lousy show or not on TV at all, we know where Regis stands — or in this case, sits.

One show, of course, does not an entire network make, but “Crowd Goes Wild” is so conspicuously not ready for primetime as to inspire relatively little faith in the rest of the enterprise.

So by all means, bring on the real games. As for “Crowd Goes Wild,” saying anything more, with apologies to one of the Regises, would just amount to beating a dead horse.

TV Review: 'Fox Sports 1's Crowd Goes Wild'

(Series; Fox Sports 1, Weekdays, 5 p.m. ET)


Produced by Embassy Row Prods. 60 MIN.


Executive producer, Michael Davies


With: Regis Philbin, Jason Gay, Michael Kosta, Trevor Pryce, Georgie Thompson, Katie Nolan

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  1. peter brown says:

    i live in england and want to watch the crowd goes wild. how do i get the program. i have all sky networks

  2. Mark Attebery Texas says:

    so you the one girl in America that will watch this tripe? hope they enjoy being 21st best sports channel after ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN SW, ESPN EXT>… etc. etc.etc. speed was so much more entertaining.

  3. Suzie Jones says:

    Worth repeating: Lighten up people-I’m a sports fan and what attracted me to watch FOX Sports 1 was the REGIS FACTOR. I’m equally a Regis Philbin fanatic. This show is light and full of banter-YES! It will attract the NOT so big sports fan to watch this one program. I believe this is the goal of this ONE show. Watch the other shows on Fox Net 1 if you want all sports talk. They are appealing to a different audience with ONE show. I think if given a chance this show will find an audience.

  4. Deanna says:

    Watching crowd goes wild and the little you talk about NASCAR you mess up. On the screen is Kurt Bush wins Atlanta. Well he did not win the race and out of all the people on that stage no one caught that. Now you know why we need Speed back. Regis and all the others do not know racing.

  5. Ken Brummel says:

    Another generic sports channel. I’m sure all the gear heads out there will love watching soccer. Thumbs down from me.

  6. Bruce Lynch says:

    A friend and I just watched the UW and Boise State football game and it was the worst camera job we have ever seen. As the plays started, the camera’s were so far from the action that we couldn’t see the action on the field(where the ball was) even with a 50″ tv. If this is going to be the product that you put out, as far as we are concerned, it is completely unsatisfactory and you need to get all new camera production crews or you will not get the audience you need to stay in business, unless you don’t care.

  7. Fox sports 1 is new I like it so far, But you took over a Speed tv Addict I miss the Monster jam, ( I go evey year) I miss On the edge ,Stacey Davids Gears, and my classic car (Jay Leno series) I would watch all of theses shows over Crowd go’s Wild I know your in new market But bring more Speed tv over the sports replay Jim red

  8. Rex says:

    I have yet to watch a single second of it. I keep looking at the program listings, and not a single show they’ve broadcast has the least bit of appeal to me. I don’t like UFC garbage and the rest of the offerings are easily dismissed. This network was so over-hyped on the other Fox family networks I had no idea it would be this bad. Hopefully the start of college football season will help.

  9. Carl Sumner says:

    How do I find FOX Sports 1 on my TV? That is, what is the channel number?

    • Mark Attebery Texas says:

      it is whatever channel speed tv was on

    • suzie jones says:

      Google on your computer and put in your cable company and the area you live in and it should come
      I have Comcast Cable and it took over the SPEED Channel, so I watch CGW on Channel 70.
      Or just go on the Fox Sports 1 website and it does list some channels- or call your cable company and they should be able to tell you. Hope this helps!

  10. Kevin Anderson says:

    Regis is Regis. I agree with the post about teing him up with a Michelle Beadle type and hackg them do an entertainment / sports show.

    The panel is awful. Not to offend, but this is Fox1, not Bravo or E. I’m not sure those ‘frige’ sports fan would watch any type of sports show daily.

    I understand they are trying to think differently about programming, but we want are good stories and comments from people well respected for their opinion. I felt bad for Regis, fire everyone but him and reboot.

  11. kenny goodman says:

    fox sports gets good ratings for most, but being a motorhead I am disappointed in that they have pretty much taken off most motor sports that Speed spent years building this leaves the person who enjoys motor sports left out in the wind once again!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. suzie jones says:

    Lighten up people-I’m a sports fan and what attracted me to watch FOX Sports 1 was the REGIS FACTOR. I’m equally a Regis Philbin fanatic. This show is light and full of banter-YES! It will attract the NOT so big sports fan to watch this one program. I believe this is the goal of this ONE show. Watch the other shows on Fox Net 1 if you want all sports talk. They are appealing to a different audience with ONE show. I think if given a chance this show will find an audience.

    • Mark Attebery Texas says:

      so you the one girl in America that will watch this tripe? hope they enjoy being 21st best sports channel after ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN SW, ESPN EXT>… etc. etc.etc.

  13. Blues Daddy says:

    You mean Regis left his other gig for this show?! Oh, that’s right, he left because taking a small cut from his $20m per year salary didn’t leave enough for him to support Joy, and to continue their dinner-out’s, so he can name-drop. Well, ya can’t just keep showing up on Letterman forever, I guess.

    BTW, this new show sucks. I’ve watch four days in a row, and though I was alone, I still felt embarrassed watching it. And not a single segment on college football! Unforgivable.

    And would someone tell Regis that just yelling out a sentence does not make it funny – so annoying!

  14. says:

    I think the show is in need of Regis doing what he does best…. and that’s telling stories!!! No one in the history of the medium tells a story and the lead up better than Regis Philbin-the supporting players on this panel had nothing to contribute but frivolous commentary about today’s sports news stories-and some awkward moments ensued. Leave it to the master and let him have more commentary and show the newcomers how it’s done!!

  15. cheryl says:

    We got espn we want Speedtv back. All things motorized.

  16. Ron Di Costanzo says:

    Agree – it was dreadful, embarrassingly so. And today, half-way through- it is, amazingly, even worse.

  17. Robert McCarroll says:

    Tuned it to see Regis, and was very disappointed in the rest of the panel as they dominated the show, especially Georgie (wow where did they find her?). Who are they…anyway? Let Regis tell his stories about ND, tennis, Valbella, The Yankees, The Bronx, etc., then have him draw a “map” on how he got to the show, etc. Keep Regis and have him be the anchor and be himself, then get a new panel, preferably someone we know.

  18. FOX SPORTS1 is just another EASTERN ELITIST network showing all event times as eastern, They also are streaming SOCCER scores ala ESPN. Good God!!!

  19. jim says:

    I don’t expect it to be like this forever but the new launch didn’t really jump out at me just yet. there are too many people on the Regis show and the “panel” on the nightly show reminded me of best damn sports… I was looking for Tim Arnold, Chris rose and The Spider. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re just working out the kinks and that it’ll be much better in a few months once football, soccer, mlb playoffs and basketball are on.

  20. benjy says:

    This show sucked so bad,I was trying to keep open mind about Regis,( science I can’t stand the old frat stories,that never have anything to do with anything) but then the really anoying British voice made me want to throw a brick.the power button was pushed to. Off when gay began his turn,which now makes science why he should stick to words on papper and leave his mouth shut!!!!!!, and the live show replacing wind tunnel is best compaired to tally tubes on pot brownies,which leaves me to believe,someone at ESPN,received a New job and is butchering everything that was good with their dumb ass ideas of what sport news really should be. Get a team as great as race hub.and leave the grade school news casters ,to geust appearances,and go back to the good stuff.till then the only thing I like is race hub,and the rest of my sports will be viewed on kcra,or sat radio.

  21. jeff says:

    What a joke this show is. You hire Regis, and then have him sit there looking embarrassed while a bunch of lightweights who couldn’t pack Regis’ lunch do all the talking? Get rid of all of them, find a Michelle Beadle-type sidekick, and have him do a sports-themed “Live with…” show. Monday, Reeg may as well have been sitting in the studio audience.

  22. Mac says:

    I can hook you up with the right people if you are serious about that. : )

    • Javier says:

      I think this new Fox 1 channel is horrible! They turned off Speed channel to put this trash on! It sucks! That was the last motorsport we had and now we have a ESPN 4 known as Fox 1! I use Baseball as a way to cure my Insomnia! I don’t want to watch it all day! Please change it back before I throw my tv out the window!!!!!!!

  23. Rose Gross says:

    I also watched to see REEGE, hoping I would like the show. It was AWFUL!!! Reege, you must quit this joke of a show ….. I’d rather see you on Rachel Ray than this poor excuse for a sports show. I really miss seeing you every day, Reege!!! But I won’t be watching Fox sports anymore.

  24. Barbara says:

    Too many people yapping. English girl must go! Can’t understand her and she reads everything.
    Let Regis talk for crying out loud! I watched to hear Regis. Very disappointing. Keep Regis and Treavor.

  25. london says:

    Honestly I would not be surprised if fox sports is pulled off after some months. They are showing mike tyson live…im mean r u serious? Andy roddick and gary payton look and sound stupid. Andy roddick said that its bad Kirk Cousins went down because washington was unable to showcase him because they may want to trade him… Really Andy? Did you see Rg3 get a nasty knee injury and that he is prone to injury because he is a running QB. SO GUESS Andy, Washington needs a top notch back up…so they r not trading cousins.

  26. london says:

    Fox sports one is so bad its sad. Anchors who are not funny and if I hear Donovan McNabb talk anymore im going to scream. The panel idea is an absolute joke. The people on the panel who know nothing about other sports except the ones they play. I am not a huge ESPN fan either…but Fox Sports makes you appreciate ESPN a little more.

    • Joe D says:

      Once Regis talked about Victor Cruz of the Jets twice (hint: He plays for Giants!) I knew this show was a lost cause! Only bright spot was Katie Nolan who really popped on screen. Of course, she got the least air time! And I get bringing over a Brit from Sky Sports so there is someone who knows footy, but it seems she was really the anchor of the show and don’t see many Americans enjoying having a Brit talking baseball.

      • Barbara says:

        The English girl is horrible cause she READS everything – and WHY is she the anchor? Again, keep Regis and Treavor and fire the rest…embarrassing…..for Regis.

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