TV Review: ‘Dexter’ Finale’s Sloppy Sendoff

Dexter Series Finale Review

Despite moments, the finish underscores show was past its expiration date

Dexter” had been running on creative fumes the past few seasons, and Sunday night’s series finale — despite its emotional flourishes — merely underscored that this was a series well past its expiration date. Some of the sloppiness in the finish was perhaps the biggest surprise, given how meticulous its serial-killer leading man usually is.

For starters (and be warned: SPOILERS lie ahead), the show took its time this season before finally settling on an antagonist for Dexter, played brilliantly, as always, by Michael C. Hall. But the notion of essentially giving him a spiritual twin — another killer, with similar appetites, born to the woman (Charlotte Rampling) who helped devise the vigilante “code” devised to constructively channel his homicidal tendencies — felt like a bit of a cheat.

Perhaps foremost, though, the series wore out its welcome with the various cartwheels performed surrounding the relationship between Dexter and his adopted sister, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter). Initially a key connection to humanity for Dexter, Deb went from doting sibling to woman with semi-incestuous crush on him, from hard-bitten cop to accomplice, albeit grudgingly and guiltily, in his murders.

Sunday’s finale — written by Scott Buck and Manny Coto, and directed by Steve Shill — brought closure to all of that, but in the most expedient way possible. And while one can appreciate that the police would be sympathetic toward Dexter essentially exacting vengeance against the man who shot his sister, it’s hard to envision a scenario where a suspect is fatally stabbed in the throat while in police custody and the cop who did it just walks away, no harm, no foul. The show’s set in Miami, not L.A., for crissakes.

The best part, arguably, dealt with Dexter’s internal struggle regarding whether it was possible for him to live a “normal” life, even if that meant fleeing the country with his girlfriend Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski), herself an accomplished killer; and his young son. Dexter’s ultimate choice might have had a certain poetry to it, but its backdrop — against the cleansing tide of a massive storm — felt a little too steeped in symbolism and melodrama. (One can also question whether Hannah is really an ideal guardian, given her background, but at this point, why quibble?)

At its best, “Dexter” set up engrossing cat-and-mouse games, pitting its eponymous antihero against killers every bit as determined and twisted as he was. Understandably, that level of narrative discipline proved difficult to maintain, which perhaps explains the Dexter-Deb contortions undertaken to compensate for it.

For Showtime, the series’ place in history is certainly secure — not only ranking as one of the pay channel’s first original hits, but the springboard that helped launch its Emmy-winning breakthrough “Homeland.” Dexter might have left behind “a trail of blood and body parts,” as the character observes in the finale, but TV-wise, the series cast a long shadow.

That said, it was long since time for the series itself to breathe its last. And in this case, that farewell came too late to feel satisfying — or merciful.

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  1. Tonya Sweatt says:

    I did not enjoy it at all. For “Deb” to say at the beginning – this is the way the characters should end? Really? Her as shark food and Dexter cutting trees… BOO! But then I think where could they go with it? How many seasons can they write the same story, a new person for DEXTER to tell his code to and then he has to kill them… Bye DEXTER – the first three seasons were great!!

  2. gv says:

    the entire finale season was lame.

  3. Adam says:

    I don’t quite understand why people are so perplexed by the episode. For one thing, Dexter is the “hero” of the series, not the villain. People enjoyed seeing him “take out the trash” (so to speak). The show was unconventional, but he was the hero. Even so, Dexter had a horrible fate, for those that wanted that ending for him (even though that reasoning makes no sense to me). Dexter loses all the people he loves and is banished to an emotionless existence (except for the regret that he has to live with). If you went away thinking that “Dexter is a lumberjack”, you missed the whole point.

    • dave says:

      agreed all the way. everyone keeps saying “dex ends up a lumberjack” are all retarded. it’s the fact that it is one of the most secluded solitary existances a person could have. he exiled himself as a self punishment and to protect the people he loves. i think it was awesome.

      • Oren Sachs says:

        As Charles Dickens wrote at the end of A Tale of Two Cities- “It is a far far better thing I do than I have ever done before” Dexter giving up Hannah and Harrison was very unselfish, he loved them enough to stay away. How many of us could do that?

  4. Right Juan says:

    Bad last episode for such a great series. Not sure what Showtime was thinking when they saw the final episode in writing forget about filming. So much more could have been done. Not sure why they didn’t utilize the Zachary character in something more interesting. What was the purpose of Masuka having a daughter? In other words this final season was basically the product of writer and actor burnout. So long Dexter. I never want to see the last two seasons ever again. As Deb would, ” They sucked serious monkey balls “.

    • dave says:

      agreed all the way. everyone keeps saying “dex ends up a lumberjack” are all retarded. it’s the fact that it is one of the most secluded solitary existances a person could have. he exiled himself as a self punishment and to protect the people he loves. i think it was awesome.

  5. Paige Shepherd says:

    I wanted to see some atonement , for Dexter to have to face the socially dubbed wrongs he committed. My ideal ending, actually, was for Dexter to train Zach in the code and then have some extenuating circumstance make Zach have to be the one to off Dexter, and continue the tradition, like a line of vigilante psychopaths, and have Deb raise Harrison. I mean, how poignant to have Dexter die on his own table or something?? I just feel like the writers sympathized with Dexter too much, and didn’t want his blood shed, so instead they made him a depressed lumberjack. They took the easy way out.

  6. John B. says:

    I am mystified at most of the comments below. Can anyone really be so dumb as to think they would be able to please everyone with this ending? And guess what, they have everyone talking about it! Perfect for a sequel. I agree that over the 8 seasons there have been ups and downs, some episodes great, and some not so much, but over the whole were you entertained? And isn’t that true for every show out there? Stop taking everything so seriously people! Just enjoy it for what it was. A great show that made you actually like a serial killer, even root for him to win. Every week my wife and I found ourselves yelling at the TV, “No Dexter don’t do that!” and “WTF is he thinking?” because we didn’t want him to get caught. This last episode continued this to it’s bitter end. THAT is the beauty of how this ended. They wrapped up every IMPORTANT story line of the show then gave Dexter the ultimate cage, albeit, with the key to escape right within his reach. Deb had to die because that was what always gave Dexter hope and Harrison had to be dealt with in a somewhat happy fashion to give Dexter the ability to do what he needed to do. Why does everyone think he would then kill himself? There have been very few real serial killers that did that in the end. He will always have the drive to live. So this is his answer. Is it perfect? No. Did I love the ending? No. Was I mostly satisfied? Yes, because the TV show at least the show gave me some solid answers to the final questions, not some fade to black crap(yes I’m looking at you Sopranos) that is truly the EASY way out. Why should the writers figure out the ending when we can just leave it up to every viewer. Nice. I think everyone forgot what this show is, and the fact that it was called DEXTER, not random ensemble serial killer show. It was always about him through out the show and it was going to be about him in the end. By the way, everyone is entitled to their opinion but that doesn’t mean their opinion isn’t ignorant. Does everyone really think they didn’t try to make the best ending they could? The same writers and producers that didn’t the Trinity season also wrote this one. I say bravo and thanks to the producers of this show for entertaining me for the entire 8 years of a Dexter. Ok now on to the new season of Homeland, another totally believable show that NEVER makes you suspend some disbelief! (Eyes rolling)

    • Inna says:

      I agree. I have to say that I did not like most of the season, but I do not think that it has to do with the quality of the writing or the directing. I think I was angry at the show for leaving me. Therefore I think that there is no ending that can satisfy me. I did not want it to end. The show become to be a friend that comes to visit once a week, as the closer to the end it got the angrier I was at the show. I am sad that it is over. Also, I do not know how one can survive such a storm, but I am glad that Dexter did. His punishment is to lose all that he has not appreciated before. The moment he learned to love, to care, was the moment to lose the loved ones. He killed bad people (mostly) thus he does not deserve to go to prison. Death is an easy punishment or even not a punishment at all. Life is harsh punishment. Life without Debra, without Hanna, without Harrison, without his work and friends – this is a punishment he deserved. It also gives me hope that may be some day he will decide that he punished himself enough and that he misses Harrison and Hanna and he will find them.

    • H. says:

      Too bad you’re so quick to accept mediocrity as something noble and good. I pity you and your family.

    • Ramirez says:

      Amen, thank you!

      • Mtje says:

        Wow, ok now i see that i was wrong. Thank you for making me see things more in perspective. I do appreciate the ending more now!

  7. Chris says:

    Is it generally customary in order to be a successful writer , critic to have such a narrow minded view of a series no doubt many grew to love. In a way it is not fair since the rest of us do not have access to mass media and are relegated to making small comments on the bottom of the page. Your criticism is extremely shallow and obviously exposes the fact that you were yourself not a fan of the show. I don’t see how you could be that objective as it is obvious you took no interest in the series.
    The series was in fact quite deep and very clever. A unique idea which is refreshing sometimes. It was very cerebral at the same time highly emotionally charged.

    Having said that the ending was a cheap shot. I actually expected worse. Being a writer of such an addictive show is very powerful. As i expected they chose to us that power to stick it to the fans.

    • shane says:

      Do you think that they may have a spin off on another Dexter, but him playing a truck driver that drives around to different parts of the country and kills people? They way the show left off it kind of felt like they could spin off on him being the truck driver and doing the killing that way. They could use Deb as his spirit guidance instead of his adopted dad.

  8. Heisenberg says:

    All I kept thinking during the finale was, “Wow, Breaking Bad is such a better show.”

    • D says:

      I thought at close too, “I bet the Breaking Bad” series finale will be much better…

      Love Michael C. Hall as Dexter but can’t help but think the series finale of ” Six Feet Under” at least had closure to the lives of the characters. You knew their fate. And like David Fisher, Dexter is crazy, complicated and intense in his own way. Hall does a brilliant job allowing the viewer to get inside the complex nature of the character without revealing too much.

      Sad end to Dexter’s life. Sad end to the series. Dexter lost it’s shine after The Trinity Killer season. The last three years could have played out so differently. The finale did not do any justice to the amazing writing the previous four seasons.

  9. Sean Alcorn says:

    That’s because the ending was written for the lowest common denominator of viewers after everyone with a few IQ points recognized the writing turned to slop after the Trinity season… I’m glad you liked it! I also happen to have a bridge for sale…

  10. Ramirez says:

    I’m a little annoyed at the comments. I felt the ending was very good. Sure it leaves questions because sadly none of us wants the writes to end or have higher than attainable expectations. However, the ending left one with an empty feeling in the gut which was the purpose. No one is to deny that everyone in dexters life suffered and a happy ending would not have been just. Remember everyone this is arc show and will always have it’s holes. Overall great finally to a great show!!!

  11. Helene says:

    Wow. What a terrible ending! It’s like the writers gave no thought to making it a next day water cooler “must talk about”. Boring, disappointing, very sad to end such a great series with a predictable, low key finale.

  12. Andy says:

    I agree this was an awful ending to a once great TV show. My fantasy ending for Dexter was always that he’d get O.J. Simpson on his table, complete with pictures of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman posted nearby, and torture him to death. Then, after some great cat-and-mouse, he’d get caught and tried in a court of law but, in the end, he’d get off just like OJ did, effectively through jury nullification. And then he’d end up a celebrity like Rupert Pupkin did for his kidnapping crime in Scorsese’s brilliant “King of Comedy”.

  13. Deb’s body would bloat and float two days later. The dimwit stare at the end sums up the feeling every fan had when the series ended. Eight years and that’s all we get? Notice how lately series’ end instead of running into the ground or are canned in the first season so they can use Hollywood accounting tricks (specifically income insurance) to profit off of how big the series COULD have become instead of actually bothering to produce the series? A lot of the worlds thinking audiences are left in that amused category, Star Trek, Stargate Universe, Battlestar Galactica’s spin offs, everything is getting canned because hey, why work when you can get paid for not working anyway? Hollywood needs to stop trickle feeding inferior entertainment to us for two months of the year; it is up to us to find an alternative to entertain ourselves so they get a big enough ratings hit to realize we want 52 episodes a year like they manage with soap operas and rubbish we’d never want to watch and to run the franchise into the ground! Why? Because true fans love every minute even after a series has jumped the shark and will still continue to watch; and when it’s no longer profitable and starts running into the negatives (they never wait that long, they can it as soon as some new tween vampire porn series can make them more) then let it die. I hate Hollywood executives. They’re cancer and have ruined entertainment for everyone. :(

  14. Steve M. says:

    Very dumb last season to end a great show.Your teased with a replacement then he’s killed.All of Dexters’ cop buddies pretty much played stupid while earlier in the series they were a crack squad.The ending was very unfulfilling and Hall should be ashamed at the way it played out.Even in a hurricane there was no way Dexter could have done what he did.Plus leave his cute little boy with a vicious killer.Again,he wasn’t the most doting father to begin with.This series ended flat and i for one hope it is never comes back.

  15. Farmer Tomato says:

    For the last scene, I would have loved for the musical accompaniment to have been Monty Python’s “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay.” Now THAT would have wrapped things up neatly.

  16. Sean G says:

    Yeah, the endng was strange and somewhat disappointing, but….let’s face it. Dexter was NEVER going to be Mr. Perfect, Normal, Beaver Cleaver, Perfect Father, Perfect Husband, Perfect Brother. He had already failed at all those based on his childhood, being disconnected from emotion overall, doing what his father taught him to do. He had to be taught what it meant to love, understand, and connect with other human beings. He lost Rita to Trinity, He lost Vogel to Saxon, He lost Debra and what she thought Dexter was, when seen by her seen killing the Doomsday Killer. IMO parts of Dexter’s remaining bit of love and heart, already small as it was, were killed off by these events. And when Debra died, that was it for him. It was either fake his death and disappear forever, or ??? It seemed that Bautista and Quinn were oddly ok with what Dexter did, because they knew Dexter had no one after Rita and Vogel died, and now with Debra dead, they were just protecting Dexter after he killed Saxon and maybe they felt Saxon deserved to die for killing their good friend and sister in the Police Department. They knew he could take no further loss in his life. Maybe Bautista figured Dexter went into the storm to deal with his grief, and that is why Dexter died. It was a little overly tidy of an ending but at least we know that Hannah and Harrison ended up being ok in Argentina. And Dexter is now in his own prison, which we know for some is torture enough. Very sad and lonely existence for Dexter now having no one. But like I say, serial killers don’t have happy endings, and Dexter didn’t get one either.

  17. KJ says:

    I agree with several of the above posters, to me the entire issue of someone being able to stroll into ICU, shut down all of the machines, then wheel a body out? Even during a hurricane? That made NO sense. Of all the things that there were to complain about in the finale, this was to me one of the largest.

    • Sheryl says:

      REALLY? But all the past seasons where he set up kill rooms, always got the bad guy and killed them at the end of every episode DID make sense? That’s just plain silly. It’s called “suspension of disbelief.”

  18. ElMan says:

    Dexter faked his own death. Since season 2 the question has always been “butcher” or “defender”. He aswered in many different ways. But he could only do good by killing bad people. He fought his darkness for six season, the latter apparently finding out his darkness is somewhat needed by the light itself. Then some random cute-faced killer pointed out the dark passenger was only a made up; further more, another face of his mentor showed up and told him he was special, reviving the former hypothesis. Then she dies, her killer dies and Deb dies. “What did you see?” “A stream of blood and body parts”. A butchery. A human butchery. No passion (season2), no friends (3), no family (4), no hero (5), no god (6), no way to run (7). Nothing special (8). Just blood and body parts. Could Harrison grew any different from his father living his kindergarten in a container filled with blood and body parts? Could he grew differently from his uncle “Baynie”? Not a place for children. So there were just two ways out.
    Get rid of the darkness. And live a life with Hannah, who calms his hearth just enoght to makes him human. And forget what he caused, forgive what he’s done. Forget Debra.
    Or get rid of the light. Leave Harrison, leave Hannah. Never let go Debra, never let go Brian. “Butch” this corner of world a better place, letting go of a cover, such as Rita, such as Harrison, such as Debra and Hannah, since that’s doomed of bringing light again in his live.
    Who knows? maybe a Canadian serial killer who used to hunt girls in the woods will find his house filled up with plastic. Then he suddenly would pass out and wake up looking up to three figures. A beard-faced, well-build 40 with a chainsaw in his hands. A tomboy girl who aggressively address him “Follow the f*cking code, Jesus f*cking Christ!”. And a slim, creepy figures who says something in his ear, the whisper already covered by the saw.
    “We got kill to do, brother”

    • ElMan says:

      One more thing: this is just a possibile ending, mixing up the worst things possible ever. Debs dies, the Dark Passenger revives, Elway finds Hannah. Other, happier, endings we could have simply imagined all along. Dexter with a newborn soul, Debbie as Miami homicide Lieutenant hero in her wedding. This is the worst possible ending: the return to the beginning.

  19. Sean Alcorn says:

    The lumberjack thing was cool… Dex is good with blades and now he’s haunted by his “Bark” passenger…

  20. To clarify the comments below, Deb deserved better than ending up brain dead, only
    to be tossed in the ocean to become what, shark bait? If she was to be taken out, it would have served her better to go out guns ablazing! Dexter’s exile ending leaves the door open for him to return, but as what, the lumberjack killer?

  21. rp says:

    It’s not the ending that was the problem, it’s the way the ending was written. The way the whole season was written. It was an incoherent, sophomoric mess. The writers and the show runner should be ashamed of themselves. They phoned it in this season, and though they’ll never admit it, I think they know it.

  22. opinions12 says:

    Good title. Sloppy indeed. A terrible finale for a unique and very enjoyed show. This entire season was very poorly written. Holes everywhere, storylines started and dropped, ( Masukas daughter? What the heck was that?)
    The young killer he was mentoring? Came and went, and then Vogel. That could of been so much more.
    The big bad of Vogels son was a total snooze fest. Who cared and the actor playing it was just a bug eyed odd ball, no fear there for me. I expected a much braver finale and season from the writers. But now that I found out showtime wants a spin off it all starts to make sense.
    They had to water the whole thing down. Really disappointed.

  23. Charlene says:

    that was one of the worst endings to a show that I have ever seen..
    the show really took a dump this year..
    to bad,, it used to be good..

  24. Shitinabox says:

    Since the point of Dexter unhooking Deb from life support even up to her sinking in the sea, I kept expecting her to open her eyes and say, “What the FUCK are you doing, you stupid MOTHERFUCKER?!?!”. Goddammit Dexter, god-fucking-dammit.

  25. Tom says:

    Very unfortunate that creator Jeff Lindsay did not write the finale or participate whatsoever since Season One. Jeff Lindsay “made” the character and should have had the chance to end this however he wanted. The finale was lousy. Someone should have killed Dex or he kills himself. While I sorta understand that he thinks he will get Harrison and Hannah killed if he stayed with them, I can’t imagine a father abandoning his son. And while Deb’s death certainly could be an emotional hinge coming off for Dex, her pre-death (vegetable state) was a fluke – possibly an actionable medical malpractice case – not directly due to Saxon. I’ve seen some really lousy series finales (“Seinfeld” and “Sopranos” – while some consider the latter brilliant.. it made sense at least, and it was obvious Tony and the family get killed) this ending just didn’t work. If Dex died in the storm I’d at least have been OK with that. To have him survive to be… a lumberjack? Really? Can anyone at Variety perhaps get a quote from Jeff Lindsay about this series ender? I doubt he’s pleased.

    • Liz says:

      You mention Seinfeld and the Sopranos – there is just not getting around the fact that “ending it” to the satisfaction of all or a few, is an improbability. Dexter’s finale wasn’t to your satisfaction or Brian Lowry’s, who according to him it was “steeped in symbolism and melodrama”, “Dexter-Deb contortions”, “it’s hard to envision a scenario where a suspect is fatally stabbed in the throat while in police custody and the cop who did it just walks away”, etc. Are you kidding nothing is stranger than real life!! Go back in history, recent history; there was a case in Greenwich, Connecticut, a girl 15yrs old was murdered and the police just turned the other cheek and the case was solved until 25 yrs later, it took a change of the governmental “guards” to change in order for this child and her parents to get justice! Dexter’s ending worked perfectly if you are aware how all of the factors are a realistic reflection of our humanity and how Dexter finally had his own humanity hit him square in the face, like a perfect storm.

  26. Bryan Pickering says:

    illiterate jack-ass, work on your grammar before your insults. Ending sucked. And we ALL KNOW IT, maybe you are an airhead and it seemed like a “perfect ending” to you, but as a smart person, as the rest of us fans are, it was bad. ZERO REDEMPTION for Debra, not ONE SCENE with Astor and Cody, Miami Metro( Dexter’s FAMILY) never found out his secret(Something WE ALL WANTED), Hannah(who should’ve been killed when on Dexters table last season) becomes Harrison’s mother, (ecch, thats awful) and FINALLY, NO WRAP UPS!!!!! What about Harry, he’s been in Dexters head for 8 seasons, what about the Brain Surgeon, thats it? A pen to the neck? Agreed this episode should’ve been 2 hours long, included several more details, more scenes shot in the middle of the storm “laura” would’ve been visually pleasing, and a bit more narrarative. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, WRAP UP THE CHARACTERS, (Quinn, Batista, Masuka, Cap Matthews, Cody/Astor, I was left wanting more. Part pf me wanted to cry, for it was a very emotional episode, but I just couldn’t get into it, it felt so cliche and un-finished. :(

  27. The series finale had some ups and downs. It surprised me that a series that ran for 8 years, did not have a longer episode ending, a two part episode 1 and 2, or at least a
    90 minute ending series finale. There are still plot holes not filled. Some references to past series characters, like the ice truck, referencing “The Ice Truck Killer” in season 1, and “Hurricane Laura”, referencing “Laura Moser” Dexter’s biological mother were

    good, but Deb’s demise was badly done. I would liked to have her go out in a blaze of glory, like a shootout, rather than end up brain dead

  28. Tam Warner says:

    oh, and as an adopted child myself, I was furious about the incestuous BS Deb had for Dex….obviously the writers were NOT adopted.

  29. Tam Warner says:

    Yes….after Rita’s death, the writing began to go south….Dexter’s “scaffolding” for a normal life was gone, and when they took Deb down, it all unraveled. Very unsatisfying, very disappointing end. And Dexter left Rita’s little boy with another serial killer? and sent Deb to join his other “victims”? Sucked. Truly.

    • David Nunez says:

      I really don’t see a problem with Hannah taking Harrison.

      The main part of Hannah’s backstory is that she was forced into having an abortion and never got a chance to become a mother.

      Another part of Hannah’s personality was that she was very nurturing (her flowers were her psychological replacement for her lost child).

      Finally, Hannah is cunning as she is deadly. If anyone can protect Harrison, it’s her. That’s why Dexter isn’t worried about anything happening to him.

      Dexter saw how well Harrison took to Hannah, so he wanted to give them both a chance at a normal life.

  30. nmhaver says:

    I don’t feel the show needed to end. I still looked forward to seeing it because it was written well and the story kept my attention. I was not tired of it and I wish it was not over with. Also, I did not get the remark made about the Los Angeles Police Department as versus the Miami police…the Los Angeles police are not lax and easygoing. I think the opposite may be the case. My chime in…

    • M says:

      Cunning? Really? She couldn’t even think to wear a fucking disguise out in public.

      • dave says:

        if you do the research, most fugitives do NOT do anything to change the way they look. it’s a wierd but true fact. just saying. i liked every season of dexter. i’m one of those people that can just enjoy it for what it is without have to try and diagnose every flaw. quite entertaining show, my favorite to date. all those comparing it to breaking bad, it’s like comparing carrots to apples… two different things. sorry some of you were disappointed, but i feel this was quite a good ending.

      • Sean Alcorn says:

        Dumbest thing that bitch ever did… Hair dye? A hat & sunglasses?!? A true dipshit needs not these these things…

  31. Still trying to figure out how no one at the hospital saw Dexter pushing Deb out and to his boat. I get that it was hectic and there was a power outage or something… but still. My wife and I are still trying to figure out as well as many others as to why Hannah never tried to change her appearance. I’m assuming that them not doing so gave them something easy to give them more “Oh no, how will she hide?” type scenarios to eat away some episode time. Still, I think it’s an awesome show. Thanks to my wife who has watched it from the beginning and is now reading the books.

    • Liz says:

      The moral of that point is “people wear blinders” all the time; they go through life clueless. Next time you are out having a coffee or sitting in a park, watch the people as they “interact” with each other and you’ll see just how much they miss. It’s truly shocking! In real life this kind of thing happens most of the time; there are only a handful of people, like yourself and your wife who would question this! My daughter and I did!

  32. Jeannette Rodgers says:

    I have been a faithful watcher of the show and am very sad to see it end!! I didn’t like the ending, but it was very emotional. Maybe Harrison will now be raised by his killer stepmom and grow up to be a killer too? Not sure, but I didn’t like Dexter becoming a lumberjack! Great show and I will miss it!

  33. met says:

    symbolism: the coming storm = consequences of his life; cancelled flight and escaping by bus from storm with general populace = Dexter can’t escape consequences; pulling Deb off life support = Dexter is killing for love – not revenge; Deb put into ocean in white sheet = equals goodness vs. black bags of typical kills; tossing cell phone into ocean = this life is over (i.e., recognition that he can’t go back); driving boat into face the storm = facing his demons; surviving the storm = although likely unintended, it represents Dexter’s humanity (i.e., the good part); chosen life as a lumberjack = no blood, removed from the good vs. evil fight, and life in seclusion, which is probably symbolic of his continued struggle with his dark passenger. Just a few thoughts.

  34. cal1k1ng says:

    Every season was great besides season 8(season 4 my fav).The whole point of Dexter was him killing and not getting caught,that made it exciting to watch.They went away from that subject in the last season.Horrible ending!Reminded me of the Sopranos.I wanted to see Dexter get caught and for Deb to kill Hannah and raise Harrison.A Lumberjack??? You hurt my feelings producers.

  35. Gen Buck says:

    I’ve been a loyal Dexter fan since the get go and loved MC Hall in Six Feet Under, but last night’s episode was drowning in dissapointment. The sloppiest slip to me was that Hannah, while on the lamb, was walking around without so much as sunglasses let alone a wig and a hat. The happy family to be walked around airports and bus stations looking exactly like their discription which is absurd. Rita’s bathtub death was a jaw dropper – and the series finale should have been. How about Julia Styles coming back and killing Hannah? How about Saxon singing to the police dept about Dexter’s reality? Dexter returning home to find Hannah dead with Harrison with a smile and a sippy cup full of poison? I get that they needed to leave it open for a movie, but it could have been done without the sappy sinking scene and Dex’s career change from serial killer to logger… I mean really…..

  36. Brian says:

    I have always felt that dexter could not protect his women, as proven through other episodes and seasons. The only satisfaction for me came from dexter being dressed for a kill at the end when he “killed” deb and himself. It was more subtle and profound than the storm back drop

  37. Oren Sachs says:

    They always have to keep the Title Role alive, too much money for possible reunion movie in the future.
    I wanted a happy ending, but they decided to go tragic. “He must let the world think he is dead until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him” like Bill Bixby’s David Banner.
    A self exile to punish himself for the deaths of Rita and Deb.

  38. Moses says:

    In my eyes the series finale was the end of season 4, with Dexter finding Rita dead.

    It was all down-hill from there.

  39. DJay says:

    I thought it was a good ending. Deb knew she wasn’t getting better and that Dex would never be happy if she wasn’t in his life or would feel responsible for her dying.
    If you remember Deb kept asking him why they never went hiking in the Mountains. Dex ended up living as a logger in the mountains. The story has been about Dexter and how important his family’s safety is. He knew he could never stop killing and didn’t want Harrison to become like him.

  40. Susan says:

    The finale was awful – couldn’t they have come up with a better ending?????????????????

  41. Cindy says:

    The other thing that bothered me throughout the whole 8th season…so hanna is a fugitive on the run most wanted..why wouldn’t she wear a wig or even sunglasses or a hat..?

  42. I definitely think that he should have confessed literally everything that had ever happened to Quinn and Bautista when they were all watching the footage of him killing Saxton. Then you have the entire story laid out and you get the satisfaction of him finally getting caught… but because he caught himself not because someone found out. Then they put him to rest under the state and solve many unsolved murders and even some falsified results to those cases. It would have been a good way to absolve the guilt for everything he did to Deb and he abandoned his son and Hanna anyway.

  43. Peaches says:

    Hanna should have died to punish Dexter & give her what she deserved.. Deb should have lived & raised Harrison. Dexter should have either disappeared if the writers didn’t want to kill him off or gone to the electric chair.

  44. Peaches says:

    From what I understand phycopaths are born not created & not capable of change. I think that is where the writers got confused. Deb’s ending was a tragedy her character becoming tragic. Hanna gtes to go off in the sunset with an adorable little boy to love. We all know she doesn’t deserve it & couldn’t be a worse parental figure if she tried. He saves his son from himself & gives him to a female counter part of himself. It just didn’t make sense.

  45. I was absolutely addicted to the show, DEXTER. and the series was definitely modeled on ADDICTION and its tentacles of destruction. This last season had some choppy and ineffective writing for sure and the finale, well, to be blunt, it STUNK. The Hannah character should not have suddenly become this nice person, who could take care of Harrison. There were loose ends that were never explained, like Hannah’s mentor, the old flower nursery lady who Hannah murdered to get her business. surely that was not a person who threatened Hannah, like everyone else she killed. Also the final killing of Daniel, this seasons “Bad Guy” was done like an afterthought, where it should have been more central to the final scenes.

    Here is a slightly better ending: Debra survives her injury, but is taken by “Bad Guy” Daniel To Dexter’s boat., where Dexter, Hannah, and His son are all Waiting to leave in the storm. Daniel takes command of the boat and off they go. He is going to kill first the women then Harrison, and finally Dexter. Debra goes below with Harrison to shield him from the coming violence. Hannah is wounded, but not mortally, and Dexter finally takes out Daniel. The seas get rougher, and Somehow, Hannah falls overboard and is temporarily lost. They search for her for awhile, and finally find her–she is almost drowning since she has no life preserver, and her injury has made it impossible for her to swim. Daniel had early on gotten rid of the rescue equipment, like life preservers and ropes. The boat is now out of fuel. Dexter jumps in as the boat is drifting away and allows himself to go down with Hannah. he yells at Debra to save herself and Harrison and use the radio to summon help, which eventually comes with Quinn, and the Coast Guard. But it is too late for Dexter and Hannah. the final scene has them holding each other in an embrace and kissing as they slip down below the water into the depths of the sea, which has held Dexter’s secrets for so long.

  46. Allen Stanford says:

    I wish he would have said “Tonight is the Night” before it faded.

  47. laughlast says:

    I think they could of done better with this season. Maybe Bartista could of suspected dexter of killing Laguerta or something.. also a better villian was needed. Goodbye Dexter Morgan

  48. Also, who isn’t to say that Aster and Cody don’t have hopes of searching for Harrison?

  49. My few cents…

    1. Hannah may not be the most fit guardian for Harrison but Dexter wasn’t either. Her longing to have a child as mentioned in the previous season leaves me with hope that she will raise Harrison as her own. This is already proven when she risks exposure to treat Harrison’s chin wound.

    2. Deb’s death was the hardest part for me. Yes, she felt tortured for her involvement in Dexter’s darker side, but while Dexter reaps the benefits of a normal life (wife, kids, permanence in love) while being a serial killer, Deb has only dealt with the pain of broken relationships whether it was a lover or her brother. She dies never getting her share of a fulfilled life. I would have loved for her to have had a chance to thrive outside of loyalties to Dexter.

    3. Why didn’t Masuka get one last hurrah?

    4. Batista worked well as an anchor in the show, and a symbol of true humanity. One who has suffered the ups and downs of life and still seeks to do good.

    5. I am guessing showtime has something under their sleeve to reveal Dexter alive and well when at least a watery grave would have brought fans closure. Was that last ride on the slice of life supposed to be some fanciful “baptism” where he emerges a humane character left to serve a self-selected penance? Chopping up wood rather than bodies, and torturing his soul by staving future kills and relationships?

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