TV Review: ‘Beverly Lewis’ The Confession’

Beverly Lewis' The Confession Review

Hallmark Channel sequel follows up Beverly Lewis' "The Shunning"

For the hardy few to whom “Beverly Lewis’ The Confession” really is the much-anticipated sequel to “The Shunning,” its arrival is no doubt good news. To the rest of the world, this Hallmark Channel movie derived from the second of Lewis’ “The Heritage of Lancaster County” books is distinguished by possessing slightly more edge than the network’s standard fare, and a solid tandem in Katie Leclerc (“Switched at Birth”) and Sherry Stringfield (was “ER” really that long ago?) as its leads. It’s also enough of a stand-alone story one needn’t have thrilled to part one to join the buggy ride.

Leclerc plays Katie, who was “shunned” by the Amish community that raised her in the first film. Now out in the modern world, she seeks to reconnect with her birth mother, Laura (Stringfield), a wealthy socialite who early on is presented with a fatal cancer diagnosis. This comes as bad news to Laura’s leech of a husband, Dylan (Adrian Paul), who needs his wife’s money to finance his gambling habit. Fearing he will lose his inheritance when he hears from Katie, he seizes on a scheme to pass off a struggling actress (“Once and Again’s” Julia Whelan) as Katie, hoping to secure access to his wife’s estate before she dies.

Actually, the movie’s pretty good right up until then, at which point director Michael Landon Jr. (who co-wrote the script with Brian Bird) has trouble sustaining much momentum or suspense. When Katie shows up at the house she’s mistaken for a maid, and the stretch she spends in that disguise amounts to killing time until the inevitable moment (it’s a Hallmark movie, after all) when mother and daughter are going to be heartwarmingly reunited.

Review: ‘Beverly Lewis’ The Shunning’

“The Confession” also comes with an understated spiritual streak, as Laura appears at peace with her fate and speaks of an afterlife. If that at times sounds a trifle sappy, it no doubt will play well with a sizable segment of the Hallmark audience.

It gives away little, in fact, to note “The Confession” already appears to have its sights set on a third movie, and why not? Because as the world inhabited by Hallmark Channel turns, one predictably uplifting story invariably deserves another.

TV Review: 'Beverly Lewis' The Confession'

(Movie; Hallmark Channel, Sat. May 11, 9 p.m.)


Filmed in North Carolina by Believe Pictures and Lightworks Pictures Prods. in association with Mission Pictures International. 


Executive producers, Brian Bird, Maura Dunbar, Michael Landon Jr.; co-executive producers, Cindy Bond, Chevonne O’Shaughnessy; producer, David R. Kappes; director, Landon Jr.; writers, Landon Jr., Bird; based on the book by Beverly Lewis; camera, Dan Kneece; production designer, Jennifer Wynn O’Kelly; editor, Bridget Durnford; music, Lee Holdridge; casting, Scot Bolan, Victoria Burrows, Corrigan & Johnston. 120 MIN.


Cast: Sherry Stringfield, Katie Leclerc, Adrian Paul, Julia Whelan

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  1. Judith Perry says:

    I just wanted to make one little complaint, I sure wish the same actors could have made all three movies. It helps stay in tune with the characters. Sorry.

  2. Judith Perry says:

    I enjoyed all three movies, but particularly The Confession and Sherry Stringfield. I sure wish Ms. Stringfield, Michael Landon, Jr and Hallmark could get together and make more movies. I think Michael Landon, Jr. is a fine director and makes the movie very realistic even up to people talking and cleaning in the background. In my eyes it was just great. Thank you Sherry, Michael and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

  3. Erie Lane says:

    I read The Shunning and just as the book ended Katie was trying to find her mother and her sweetheart’s sister had just received a letter telling her that he was still alive. So Katie is off hunting for her mother who is dying from cancer and doesn’t know about him being alive. I’m really excited to read the follow-up book finishing this story. Hurry!

  4. Audrey says:

    I enjoyed this movie very much and look forward with anticipation to the sequel to see what happens with Daniel & Justin!

  5. Ruby Osborne says:

    I enjoyed both The Shunning and also The Confession. I enjoyed The Shunning more because it kept me moving mentally. Great family films!

    • Kartha Lynnel says:

      These Hallmark movies are so long & drawn out. And sappy. The could tell the story with a little more excitement & better Pa. Dutch accents.

  6. Melissa goza says:

    Does the confession have a sequel to it

  7. Marion D'Amico says:

    When will The Confession broadcast again

  8. Joy says:

    Cannot wait for the third movie! Even my husband is looking forward to seeing it!

  9. vivian says:

    Loved it. Story & music were beautiful. My husband usually teases me “Oh it’s one of your Hallmark movies”. He came home for lunch toward the end of The Confession and said don’t delete this, I want to watch it later! Thank you Michael Landon Jr. For the great movie!

  10. Gail says:

    Is “The Reckoning’ after Confessions – you just left us dangling – please get Daniel and his love Katie back together before she says I Do to that handsome other man :(….

  11. Desi says:

    PLEAAAASE make another movie after the confession! I want to see Daniel and Katie get married!!!!!!!:) who do I write about this request?!

  12. van hayes says:

    Loved both movies. Can’t wait for Part 3.
    Thank you Michael for letting us know morals still exist!!!!
    This was a good and clean movie. Family movies!!! It is nice to know movies can be done without profanity and sex!!!

  13. Bernice says:

    I really loved these two movies and am eagerly looking forward to the next sequel. How will we know when the next sequel is to be?

  14. Carol Turner says:

    Please do a sequel to Confessions

  15. penny says:

    Loved the first 2 movies. Please have a sequal to the shunning/confession .

  16. pam hamilton says:

    Please Please come out with part 3..Gotta know what happens..Thanks for bringing this to our TV…

  17. Rebecca M. McGinley says:

    I enjoyed the movie and am anxious to see the next one.I was already happy with the choice of Sherry Stringfield in this movie,Katie LeClerc was wonderful.She was all I hoped she’d be in this role.The choice of Adrian Paul as the gambling husband was perfect.He made this flawed character so real.I was more than pleased.

  18. Trisha says:

    Excellent movies :) looking forward to a third one for sure! :)

  19. Fred Camacho says:

    Sappy, apparently the reviewer doesn’t understand the peace knowing God and Hs plan comforts his children. Having read all Mrs. Lewis’s books I I dislike how poetic license dilutes the theme and story weaved. The book builds the relationship of all characters, not just Katie and her mother. I agree with Shirley “The Reckoning” is the worth waiting for, it brings Katie full circle unfortunately the reviewer will consider it even more sappy…

  20. Alise says:

    I love the shunning and the confession but wat about the end you left it wide open and my hearts saying katie should be with daniel ..hope to find out soon sitting on the edge of my seat

  21. Shirley Branyon says:

    I agree Rebecca. Sounds like they don’t care for CLEAN, FAMILY movies. I was an extra in the movie and Beverly Lewis is one of the sweetest, caring woman I know. She took the time to talk to me, ask me about my son and I call her my friend. Can’t wait for “The Reckoning”. Be looking for the lightning from the storm I drove home in after the shoot at the mansion.

    • Gail says:

      Hi there – how exciting to be an extra – do you know when the Reckoning will be out? Were you an extra for that movie?

  22. Rebecca M. McGinley says:

    Sounds like you don’t care for Christian movies.In the book.Katie is in her mom’s house a while before she reveals herself.After all,she’s Amish and doesn’t quite know how to deal with this sort of thing.

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