ABC Cancels Struggling ‘Lucky 7’ After Just Two Weeks

Lucky 7 Canceled

'Scandal' repeats to takes its place on Tuesdays

ABC has axed its under-performing lotto-winner drama “Lucky 7” after just two weeks on the air, making it the first cancelation of the new television season.

The show, which premiered to a 1.3 demo rating and 4.4 million viewers overall during premiere week, sunk to a 0.7 and 2.6 million in its second outing earlier this week. The 1.3 was the lowest for any new series this fall until Thursday night, when NBC’s “Welcome to the Family” opened to a 1.2.

“Lucky 7” is one of four new shows on Tuesday for ABC this fall, following “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” “The Goldbergs” and “Trophy Wife.”

The Alphabet will replace “Lucky 7” with repeats of the previous week’s episode of hot Thursday drama “Scandal,” which kicked off its third season last night with series highs.

The networks have preached patience at a time when it takes longer and longer to evaluate a show’s performance, thanks to DVR playback and viewing on other platforms. But in some cases, the writing is clearly on the wall.

A year ago at this time, CBS yanked “Made in Jersey” after two low-rated airings.

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  1. Susan says:

    Don’t cancel the show. It was good.

  2. cathy stanek says:

    Come on…2 shows and you cancel it. It was a good show!!!

  3. roy folnsbee says:

    I liked that show a lot. Am very unhappy about it. Many shows I like sometimes air at the same time, but fortunately I have xfinity and can catch them on catch up. There are other shows like Trophey Wife that could have been cancelled, among others. :(

  4. Tai says:

    I really liked Lucky 7 it’s a shame that they cancelled it just when it was getting good. Maybe they’ll bring it back. They should cancel “Trophy Wife” and “Super Fun Night”.

  5. Fraser says:

    This was an intelligent and refreshing show! Bad time slot and no promotion… and c’mon, cancelling after 2 episodes?! Bring it back – the wife and I were just falling in love with it!

  6. My wife and I loved the show.

  7. Anna Marie Van Eck says:

    My husband, sons and I all enjoyed watching Lucky 7 together. What a pity that ABC feels that infidelity and sex makes for better entertainment for the masses. Pathetic.

  8. nicky says:

    I am upset that this was canceled so early. It wasn’t given a fair chance. I really enjoyed the show and was looking forward to see what happened to the characters

  9. mark says:

    I’m extremely disappointed with the fact that ABC cancelled the show lucky 7 had so much potential. I really got into the story and was hoping to see where it will all lead to. The characters in the show was very interesting and I loved every single one. I sure hope that one day ABC will regret this decision.

  10. sarahkathleen says:

    I’m really disappointed they canceled the show! It had such great potential, and was totally hooked on the story. Now I’m left wondering what happened! Not cool ABC….

  11. Buddy Gomez says:

    What The F…, I was trying to see where the story line would lead us other than the two brothers being chased by the police and them throwing money out the moon roof window… Also, what did they find in the Lone Star Store owner’s brain/head… those questions were left unanswered… remember “haste make waste.

  12. Sean Redd says:

    I loved the show and thought the storyline was original and entertaining. I am so tired of shows being yanked after I have vested my time. With DVR’s, it is impossible to know the true count for a show.

    • Andrew says:

      The storyline wasn’t original at all, like a lot of current American shows being made including the new “tommorrow people” which people think is a remake of “heroes” but really isn’t, it was a rip off from the original British version, but it still deserved more of a chance than it got. Oh well, this is what you get for giving viewing power to the retarded few who are supposed to be the “average” of us all.

  13. queen says:

    I really enjoyed this show. I was really getting in to it. Such a shame they canceled I’m very upset. I hope they bring it back.

  14. Alison says:

    They really didn’t give it a chance. For a new show they picked a horrible time slot. It’s opposite Person of Interest and Chicago Fire. And that’s just taking 2 and 4 not any cable stations.

  15. JBC says:

    Just watched both episodes of Lucky 7 today On Demand.. I am used to watching Person of Interest, on Tues. at 10pm, so never even realized this was on. I liked it and hope they will air all episodes that they have currently filmed. I thought this show was interesting and character driven, which I like. Oh well, it might have had a chance on a different night.

  16. Gladys Adams says:

    The show was good! The time slot was terrible. They really didn’t give it a chance. I was looking forward to seeing it each week.

  17. Wakifact says:

    I thought this show had real potential. The cast of characters were good and their back stories were interesting. Why couldn’t ABC put it in a better time slot instead of canceling?

  18. bill says:

    No one really want to see “other” people winning the lottery….and then screwing their lives up….
    Bad idea.

  19. T.Franks says:

    Well that’ll teach me not to bother watching anything new again in the future and wait until something’s been established for a good few seasons first. I thought it had the potential to be a good series and now we’re not even going to see the rest of the season, what a waste of time.

  20. T.Atwell says:

    Why don’t they put Suburgatory back on in it’s place ?? They have filmed 22 episodes and it’s agreat show ! it’s supposed to be on sometime to fill a canceled show’s time slot

  21. Carrie Stewart Nolan says:

    This is what’s wrong with network television, vs cable. Network gives a show 2 airings to grab a large audience, when the show is debuting with all the others. I will never shop my shows to network for just this reason…and maybe networks should catch a clue as to why cable shows are winning all the Emmys.

  22. mary says:

    just please….do NOT cancel Betrayal!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. eqquesz says:

    After looking @ the Books you monkeys have been keepin, The Disneyland Ride for Tomorrow (Sponsored by Monsanto) can’t help you now.

  24. eqquesz says:

    The ONLY thing keeping the ABC network alive is “Wipe Out”

  25. eqquesz says:


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