‘The X Factor’ Screws Up Live Vote, Contestants to Sing Again

X Factor Voting Screw Up

An on-screen gaffe is forcing producers to scrap the voting results from Wednesday night’s “X Factor” and the contestants will sing again during Thursday night’s live episode.

As explained by Fox, “As a result of a graphics error (incorrect voting numbers were displayed on screen) during the performance recap at the end of [Wednesday’s] East Coast broadcast of ‘The X Factor,’ the Top 13 acts will perform their ‘Save Me’ songs for America’s re-vote, in a live, one-hour performance show airing … Thursday, Nov. 7.”

The results from Thursday’s episode will be revealed next week.

Simon Cowell tweeted about the goof, but seemed to take it all in good spirits.

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  1. fred says:

    Paulina Rubio said wrong name LOL

  2. conitahigh says:

    Well I would like to say josh Levi is a modern day between neo and Michael Jackson very excellent performer I look forward to hearing more as a grand mom myself.Bravo

  3. kitty says:

    I think Ryan Paige should win because she have that voice

  4. Mathilda Nilsson says:

    I was not able to vote for Kaya Cohen on November 20, because the phone line was always busy. Yet she lost any way! How come ? Shouldn’t a busy signal mean that lots of people are voting for that person? Please check the phone lines so this don’t happen to other contestants.

  5. I am vote for carlito olivero he should staythe x factor because he need to win this show he also can sing really good I am happy for him

  6. Jaime Flores says:

    My niece Veronica Flores sings better rendition of the song I will Always Love you by Whitney Houston, check out her page on youtube. she needs to be on the x factor.. can sing anything, you tube page is under Veronica Flores.


  7. Soapstix says:

    So much negitivity. Why can’t people just enjoy. I am fine with what they did. It also showed these contestants could do the second song, as they should be able to. I am watching, and my favorite is Alex and Sierra. I also watch The Voice, and Idol. There is so much talent out there, I don’t want to miss anything. I don’t like it when some people are voted off, but I don’t write off the whole show. That’s like saying, you play my way, or I will take my toys and go home. LOL

  8. Joe Justice says:

    I quit watching when they sent the lady home that sung “I Will Always Love You” and kept some of the other no talent people over her. Big mistake, she was the best singer on the show and should have won it all based on talent. Watch only the Voice now. The women judges in X-Factor know nothing about talent.

  9. Max Power says:

    They should have just re-aired last nights show without the fluff and commentary. That’s what Idol did couple of years ago.

  10. Nacho Libre says:

    Taking notes from the crooks in the White House?

  11. Tim Andrews says:

    To be fair to the contestants they should have said— everyone is safe and will be back next week— the way they did it will cause the act that goes home to question the results and wonder-what if questions for years to come, should have just come back next week-especially since this was the first week

  12. Mark A says:

    Yes, This is fixed show……pure entertainment show……posing as a competition show……….this is a hoax just to sell music…………..

  13. Tim Andrews says:

    No kidding, the voice allows for paid, professional singers, the X-Factor premise is to find the undiscovered talent that have something special, the voice admits to their performers as being pro’s, plus X-Factor has way better stage and light shows-the voice has become boring

  14. Kelly says:

    I tried to vote for Jeff Gutt over 50 times and it’s past midnight and I am still getting busy signals! I haven’t gotten through once!!! Maybe Thursday night is also a glitch!!!

  15. shelley says:

    I like to know why Canadians can’t vote for the X-Factors

  16. Jay Gilbert says:

    There was a contestant who was eliminated twice, but they keep bringing him back anyway in exception to the established rules. The producers didn’t like the results of the public voting, so they dismissed the results and did it again. We will watch The Voice where pre-selecion of the winners by the producers is not so obvious. If the public doesn’t choose who the producers want to win, the results are dismissed.

  17. george says:

    Very suspicious manipulation??

  18. Alyssa says:

    Omg I don’t know who to vote for

  19. Paulette says:

    I’m glad, because I hated the singing last night. I think it was an insult to Motown, very mousy and not the soul sound. Singers were over dramatic when they sung and it sounded like the acoustics was off. Tonight is much better and is reflecting on their true talents. So far all of them sounded good.

  20. Danielle says:

    Oh well, I still watched the Voice! If I hafta choose between X factor and the voice, it will be the voice every time. Talent can’t even compare!! I smell a fix!

  21. Star says:

    Won’t watch the show any more. Total incompetence!

  22. Linda says:

    I personally loved tonight’s show…..contestants came on did their thing and off, the panel didn’t get to chat so much……

  23. cecilia alvarado says:

    Carlitos rivera perform spectacular excuse his illness

  24. Marla stojak says:

    The songs that are being performed tonight 10/ 08/2013. Thursday stink, I will not be voting for any of them. The songs are slow paced and not very popular so you have no idea if they r being sung right or not. I believe the coaches should let the contestants pick their own music. The judges are not very good at picking the music for them to sing.i am extremely disappointed in this show.

  25. Perfesser says:

    Andrea is EXACTLY right (except when Simon is wrong he’s really really wrong, and he doesn’t seem to hear of key singing this year!). Lillie McCloud is INCREDIBLE.

  26. Andrea says:

    I really enjoy this show! The talent, especially the groups are decent this year. I don’t bother voting, it’s just an entertainment show to me. Simon’s judgment, as usual, is spot on. Kelly is a pleasant surprise. Paulina’s a lightweight and Demi is a brat. Stop slamming on it and try watching it.

  27. Fred- 90 years old says:

    Is that Sheett still on?

  28. lda says:

    I saw the goof. Alex and Sierra (who I voted for) had a “01” at the end of their phone number. Another singer, who should have had “07” at the end of their phone number, had “01” showing. This redo could have the effect that someone doesn’t get as many votes as they would have on Wed night and could go home as a result of the goof. For the singers, it’s got to be frustrating, especially if they had a good performance.

  29. RobL says:

    There are so many reasons not to watch such a pathetic show, just add this one to the pile.

  30. Woody says:

    Is that Paulina chick drunk every time the show is on? People used to complain that Paula seemed drunk on American Idol … well, this Paulina chick is wasted beyond measure!

  31. LuJr says:

    Nobody cares.

  32. Tombaker says:

    This seems intentional because it was about to be a live results show battle at same time slot with The Voice. This goof gives more interest to X factor tonight. A phone number problem seems just to simple to flub

  33. Pirate says:

    Isn’t ‘t it time ti call Dr K on this dog of a show?

  34. R.D. Frable ♞ says:

    Now they know how sports teams feel when a game goes OT.

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