‘Who Do You Think You Are’ Heads to TLC

'Who Do You Think You Are'

Family lineage show found its roots on NBC before heading to cable

After being cancelled by NBC a year ago, “Who Do You Think You Are” is finding life again on TLC.

The cabler has ordered eight hourlong episodes of the family history reality skein and will begin bowing the segs on July 23. Fresh run on cable will include celebs like Christina Applegate, Cindy Crawford, Zooey Dechanel and Chris O’Donnell delving into their lineage with the help of ancestry and history experts.

Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky direct and exec produce the series.

“I’ve never stopped hearing about how much people love ‘Who Do You Think You Are?,’ and I’ve always known that we’ve had more great stories to share,” said Kudrow.

Bucatinsky added: “TLC is a great home for the series, and we join our excited celebrity participants as we unearth some amazing background and surprising histories.”

Ancestry.com will continue to sponsor the series as it did when the unscripted program was seated on NBC.

“Who Do You Think You Are?” is produced by Shed Media US and Is or Isn’t Entertainment.

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  2. Carol A Presley says:

    I’m so happy this is coming back! I love to watch, it encourages me with my family search.
    Carol Presley

  3. Su Sesso says:

    They should also include viewers who have done research and are stuck or are in need of follow up! Two things I’ve learned about my daughter’s research is I’m related to Tom Hanks, and also the sheriff of Knottingham!? So glad you’re back… Hope it’s for many years!

  4. Chris says:

    I can’t wait for the show to start. Thank you TLC for picking it up.

  5. Janet Nazer says:

    I too this this is a great show. And I’ve missed it as well.

  6. Barbara Walsh says:

    Terrific news! A great show, I have missed it.

  7. Arleen Kornet says:

    I’m so happy this program is returning.

    Thanks to TLC.

  8. laurie turner says:

    I have been working on my family geneolgy since 1975, in 8th grade, when I had to go by word of mouth. While other family members think the show is stupid, I think its great. Its the same old song and dance at NBC. They were stupid to can the show, but its TLC smart gain. I just hope it will be on hulu as well, for those who can not watch it when it airs.

  9. Zack Casey says:

    I am so glad to hear this show will be on again . . . I have been missing it GREATLY . . . I to am a genealogists and I know I have spend year doing my research so to watch someone else story unfolding an hours is such a wonderful joy that I make that hour of TV a DO NOT TALK hour . . .

  10. Jackie Peterson says:

    I’m excited too that the show is returning however I’m confused about why people think non-celebrities would/should be included? Why would I tune into a non-celebrities TV program? This is TELEVISION after all and, quite frankly, celebrities are real people too. Often they’re a one-off in their families, they’re not always of “celebrity or royal lineage” and they have family challenges like the rest of us. I’m not sure that the celebs pay for this, I’m guessing lots of the genealogists donate some services here. It is true, however, that genealogy is not an inexpensive hobby. That being said, who wouldn’t love to have someone do some more work on their behalf. I have hired professional genealogists and got no where and spent money to get at that brick wall, again. Sometimes, It’s simply true that you can only go back so far at this time. Sort of like archaeology and technology. Advances in technology lead us to more info regarding archaeology (old and new). There are a cajilliion documents sitting in archives that we know about and don’t know about and that places like the LDS or NARA or the genealogical services in other countries don’t have the resources to translate yet that will yield lots of information. Nothing happens for free. The show does educate a bit about resources that people can use and many of the commentators noted that. Maybe they could do a bit more in that regard but to expect this show do your own genealogical work for you is lazy.

  11. Norene says:

    Extremely pleased to hear the show will return. A great set of lessons in geneology and history lives through the people and stories!

  12. Patt Fancher LaMonica says:

    So glad to hear that this interesting program will be returning. I agree with so many others who have commented that this series would be interesting with more ‘regular’ genealogists who have hit a ‘brick wall’ and do not have the resources to continue to locate their ancestors – or – to just hear some of their ‘interesting’ finds!!
    Thanks for bringing the series BACK!

  13. Julie G. says:

    TLC was smart to pick up this show. It is a quality program.

  14. Geri Moulton says:

    Can’t wait to see the new shows! Learned a lot from the other shows that helped me in my research.

  15. Sandra says:

    I’m so tickled that this show is being picked up. My whole family enjoys it. I’ve emailed all my friends who enjoyer it, too! Great news!

  16. Marge says:

    Very glad to see this show return. There really is a lot of “junk” on TV today even when you have cable with 200+ stations! Amazing. This is fun and entertaining. I’ve been doing the search for about ten years or so, but it is all fascinating, no matter who’s history……

  17. Donna sandridge says:

    Really enjoyed the show. It seems like all the good shows get cancelled. Too much garbage on TV now.

  18. Irene says:

    So happy to hear this! I love this show!

  19. Felicia Moore says:

    Thanks so much for bringing back “Who do you think you are.” I was so happy to find this information and bringing a show that is actually beneficial to all people. My mother and I are so excited and will be anticipating watching new episodes.

  20. Gail Clarke Russell says:

    YEA!!! I am so glad to hear that the show is coming back. Family history is such a fulfilling hobby.

  21. karen steele says:

    A big thank you to the TLC network for picking this up. I love the show. Am working on my own ancestry, would like to see tips given for researching such as include more information on how and where to get some help without the cost.

    • Mick McKenna says:

      Familysearch.org has Free Documents and Idexes from around the world. Ancestral Files are
      Linear trees from 3rd, 4th, 5th Cousins you are more than likely do not know exists.
      Good Luck!

  22. Hope Welch says:

    Thank you for renewing “Who Do You Think You Are?” Was so frustrated that it was cancelled last year. The value is so great to teach about family – instead of violent shows or demeaning, sarcastic, sitcoms that have no value. I hope it catches on with more people.
    Persons who have overcome great obstacles in life would probably be interesting also.

  23. Maureen Hyde says:

    Genealogy is not instant gratification. It has taken me over 40 years to track my American families, part in the South and part in the North to the early 1600s and I am Canadian I was blessed with the University of British Columbia which has an extensive American history section but I also went on WorldConnect and GenForum which helped greatly. Along the way I brought home to his family my uncle who was a cowboy. From my posting. he was reunited with his siblings in their old age when he read my note in TrueWest, April 1972 edition, a magazine which had a column called Trails Grown Dim. He had lost track of the family as a young man and came home to his brothers and sisters in old age. And…since I was born a Smith, I cannot believe that I got my father’s family over to England….I might add that in high school I was in a class with five other Smith girls and none of us related remotely. Cheers.

  24. Mary says:

    I don’t watch the program as I am not interested in celebrities, I would like to see someone who I can identify . They are interesting too

  25. Cindy Clark says:

    Refreshingly different from the influx of “reality” shows, great pointers for even experienced genealogists. Celebrities weren’t always celebs and their roots as varied as everyone else’s. Love the show – thank you TLC and Lisa Kudrow.

  26. Marionetta Johns says:

    All I can say is WELCOME BACK, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Thanks TLC for picking up the ball and running with it. Can’t wait for July 23.

  27. virginia brandt says:

    I am absolutely ecstatic that TLC has had the sense to pick up this outstanding show. I love watching it but it would be terrific if they picked a couple of interesting non-celebs to help search for their roots. However, I will watch it whatever the format. It is very well done and I applaud Lisa Kudrow for her outstanding work on this show.

  28. Marty says:

    I’m thrilled this program will have another run. I watched all the issues and some 2x. I found the information very interesting. I think it would be fun to include an everyday person at least 2x per season. I would volunteer in a heartbeat. I found my half sister on Facebook and my mother found me through obit. I’ve been researching family genealogy with love and passion.

  29. Joyce Herbeck says:

    Wonderful program!! Not only does it promote interest in genealogy, it provides a look back at the history of our country and the entire world. Looking forward to the upcoming season and, hopefully, many more.

  30. Andrea says:

    I would like to see every day people find their family information. Let’s face it, most of us cannot afford to do what all these actors, etc. can do. I wish this program would include more information on how and where to get some help without the cost.

  31. LaBeth Pondish says:

    What great news! I enjoyed every episode last year and was devastated that it ended. Add me to the long list of those anxiously awaiting the new season.

  32. Ruth Reetz says:

    Soooooooo glad the show is coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, these previous writers have a great point — that regular people should be included in your research. Try it! You’ll like it. Lisa Kudrow, I’ve wanted to tell you for some time how wonderful the show is and am so happy that you have kept on keeping on, and bringing it back to us. Blessings. Ruth Reetz, Minneapolis

  33. Lorri Geiger says:

    I would like to see regular people, besides the stars

  34. Sherrell Buchanan says:

    I dearly love that show ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and so do my friends. We are so excited to hear of it’s return.

  35. Sharon says:

    I am really excited that TLC has picked up “Who Do You Think You Are?” It is one of the best shows on television and anyone who likes mystery, suspense, romance and adventure should watch it, even if they “don’t” think they have an interest in genealogy! Kudos to TLC…I’m counting the days!

  36. Katharine Evans Couto says:

    Hot ziggedty dog!!! Best show ever!!!

  37. Flora Carlberg says:

    I can hardly wait for this program to return. I was suprised that some of the celebrities on past programs and I had some of the same ancestors.

  38. Maggie says:

    So happy it’s coming back. Watched every episode! Learned a lot that I’ve used in my own research. Plus, it’s nice to see the histories of celebrities.

  39. Sue Nelson says:

    This has to be one of the least appreciated and highest quality shows on TV. So glad to see it return. I hope teachers, students and families will find it in its new location.

  40. Kareen Williamson says:

    I enjoyed the show very much and am glad to see it will be on again. Unfortunately I will not be able to watch it, because I cancelled my Dish subscription. Maybe a friend will tape it for me.
    My only complaint is…why do you only do the genealogy searches on famous or noted persons? Some of the “real people” on this continent have some pretty amazing stories too.

  41. Linda Herman says:

    I am so happy they are bringing this program back. I belong to ancestory.com and participated in sending my DNA to be analyzed. It was amazing what came back. Can’t wait for the show to air.

  42. Ann Hinckley Levy says:

    Great News! It is a favorite program. So happy you are bringing it back. It was missed.

  43. Thank you TLC for picking up “Who Do You Think You Are?” My husband and I love this show! Have become a genealogy buff in the past few years. We are from the Mayflower….

  44. c Leonard says:

    I often teach genealogy, writing and history workshops, and have an email list of 800 family history researchers. We are DELIGHTED to hear our favorite show is returning!

  45. Joan Pickering says:

    I’m very happy to hear the show will be back. I thought it was one of the best and most interesting to watch. Thank you TLC.

  46. Carole Bazzell says:

    Yea! I have been so disappointed that the show has not been on TV this year.

  47. Sharon Lary says:

    I am so delighted about the return of this program. Quite interested to learn that Tim McGraw is a distant cousin!! How fun is that! Thank you TLC for picking up this series.

  48. Faye says:

    So glad the show is coming back… its entertaining and very informative – while maybe it would not have the same “pull” as celebs it would be nice to see some plain old ordinary folks explore their ancestry as well.. some of us have some pretty colorful characters in our trees too!

  49. Lisa Pearson says:

    I love the show. It was because of this show that has prompted me to have my mtDNA lineage done. I’m very glad I did and now the rest of the family has showed interest as well. Thanks TLC.

  50. TLC Thanks for picking up this wonderful show. There’s an old Irish proverb: “You can’t know where you are going, if you donut know where you’ve been. Thanks for helping us all know where we’ve been. – Kathleen A. McDermott Nici, Sebastian, FL

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