Veria Living Sets Lisa Oz Talkshow

veria living

Veria Living has announced a wellness-themed primetime talkshow with Dr. Mehmet Oz’s wife Lisa.

“The Lisa Oz Show” will focus on topics including personal growth, relationships and overall well-being. Yakker begins lensing this month, and will be produced in Veria Living’s Gotham studios.

Lisa Oz, who is a New York Times best-selling author and radio host, will  exec producer and host the show.

“Lisa Oz was living the Veria Living lifestyle before there was a Veria Living,” said Elizabeth Jane Browde, senior veep of programming at Veria Living.  “We believe that healthy living can and should be fun. Lisa exemplifies that lifestyle and we are beyond thrilled that she will soon be sharing her wealth of knowledge about health and relationship topics with our audience.”

Oz added: “It’s an absolute delight to be working with a network that shares my values and attitude towards health and well-being. I want viewers to come away from watching my show feeling empowered and inspired.”

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  1. Chris Blount says:

    Hi ..My name is Chris Blount.. I love the show!
    I switched cable companies and this channel
    Is not carried with this company .. So disappointed. I am inquiring about Chinese pharmacy in NYC that made special teas for
    Certain ailments.. It was featured awhile ago.
    It was on a field trip segment. Thank you! I miss
    The Z Living Channel!!!!!!!

  2. Linda Garvin says:

    As a seasoned Nurse Patient and Elder Care Advocate, I look forward to your show. I just need the information on where and when to find you.

  3. twbrque says:

    good luck mrs.oz and if u have any of your husband’s attributes it should last for a long time.

  4. Perran Gonen says:

    When will the show debut, what channel and time. This is very exciting. I am learning a lot from Dr Oz and I am sure I won’t be disappointed with Lisa’s show as well. What a team you are! Thanks!

  5. Ronda Loines says:

    I can’t wait to see her show. It excites me! Thanks Lisa

  6. Patti says:

    Totally looking forward to this … I’m sure that Lisa will have a lot of good information to share with us!

  7. Connie Noore says:

    What channel will you be on .I sure could ues your help.

  8. I agree, I’m 72 and trying to live fit. If I tried to do the exercises that everyone shows, they’d put me in a hospital or dig a hole right there and bury me. I’ve tried getting on the floor but can’t get back up because of my knees. I did try again last week and had to call my kids to come pick me up As for jumping, forget that……I have no balance so please focus a little more on us seniors…..would love you forever! Thanks, Brenda

  9. I hope you give advice for the senior people 60 and over. This is not discussed very often, and there are a lot of seniors like me.

  10. Yasmin G says:

    Hi Lisa I love watching your husband’s show and I love health and wellbeing….I am a breast cancer survivor and feel very passionate about my wellbeing these days. Is your show going to be aired in Australia? It sounds like it’s going to be a great show…can’t wait!!!

  11. zaida sanabria says:

    Best of luck. The Oz’s are a great family and role models. Love you Dr. Oz and your entire family.

  12. Trudy Hopkins says:

    This is exciting. I know we will all be blessed.

  13. Lisa Brott says:

    I am happy for the Oz’s and you seem like a beautiful family besides. I agree with one commentor who said after you watch the Dr. Oz show you see how many contradictory guests and opinions he has too. Every new supplement or herb is not a miracle either. But it is a good show telling and confirming to us that we MUST take good care of our own bodies and of our family. Everything he does to reduce the health care crisis I applaud. Best wishes to Lisa!

  14. Fatemeh says:

    Thanx dr. oz family ,,u re the best..tell us about ur show ,,when ,,which channel…good luck..

  15. Sandy Kaunisto says:

    Exciting I hope I get it

  16. I can not wait, I live in fort hood Texas I only hope my T.W.C. time warner cable will have this station. I have seen Lisa on Dr. Oz show and she is packed full of knowledge, I am so so pleased to have her valuable insights

  17. Good luck on your show.. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

  18. I think it’s wonderful…..good luck on your show Lisa. In this unhealthy world, we can never have enough of the healthy shows or the Oz family. When does the show start and on what channel?.

  19. Sharon Miller says:

    Gosh…Another Oz on TV! Can’t wait! Can I get tickets for a taping?

  20. Joan Ciotti says:

    i hope i can watch this show we get comcast cable so i hope they carry this channel if not ill u tube .We wish you much sucess on your show and can hardly wait .We can’t change anyone but if we change everyone around you changes .

  21. Gloria Gagnon says:

    Good Luck Lisa. Can’t wait till your show is aired. Hope I can get the station here in Canada. Would love to be on your email and facebook list also.

  22. Dion Alva Weber says:

    I love your show Dr. Oz. I have watched it from day one. But how many Oz’s do we need telling us about our health. Dr Oz, Liza Oz and Daughter Oz on Chew, next the Wizard of Oz. I think enough is enough.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I agree with this statement. Also, I like Dr. Oz and believe he has good intentions but, at this point, I am getting miffed at his contradictory statements. In the end, he seems as confused about what’s healthy to eat as the rest of us (eg. full fat dairy vs. low fat dairy vs. no dairy)

  23. Reyna says:

    When is it launching?

  24. Betty Spaulding says:

    I think lisa is so cute. A special person. Someday I would like to come on talk to her about my breast cancer in 1999. My findings and my trip and my out come. Or our everyday of being a mom wife at 60 and grand kids!!!

  25. Marion says:

    I hope my Cable provider …provides this station…

  26. Anita Lucarelli McLean says:

    Best Wishes on your new show~I just have to find out what channel??
    I do hope one day you or Dr. Oz will discuss Fracking in this country and all it entails. Thank you for being there, both of you.

  27. faye says:

    I wish you the very best with your new show. You and Dr. Oz make a wonderful and loving couple. God Bless you and Dr. Oz.

  28. Reba says:

    I love your husband show and try to watch it as much as I can I hope that on your show that maybe you could get on topics about how to cope with getting older emotions things like that. I think getting older your trying to cope with alot of things. I think things are good than we lose someone close and it affects us. Striving to help and cope with our now young adults their partners. Trying to deal with slower medtabiziam . Trying not to let getting older get us down.

  29. SUE FIELDS says:


  30. Caroline says:

    Nice to hear the good news…lots of luck with the new show…..I hope to see one of the issues being brought to the forefront of the show is the mandatory Labeling of GMO’s that are hidden in all Our Food products… We should have the right to know what is in the foods that we buy. One of the most distressing facts is that European countries have banned these franken foods from entering their countries and if there are GMO products crossing their borders then their people are told by Mandatory Labeling of GMO’s in their products….So what is wrong here in America? Why are we being poisoned by these toxins when we are suppose to be a great Country? We have a Right to Know! I hope one of your missions will be to help the People Win this Battle…..Thank you….Caroline

  31. Nathalie says:

    Cn’t wait to watch it;) am sure you’re amazing, just like your husband, cus it takes one to know one, looking forward to being inspired Lisa :)

  32. Kathleen Bohlmann says:

    ope I can get that Network. Admire Lisa Oz.

  33. Will this be aired in Canada too? Please let me know! I would love to think that we as Canadians can also be educated and share in her wisdom as we do with her husband! Such a big fan!!!

  34. Laurena Johnson says:

    What is that stuff on the table in this picture?

  35. Wanda Collazo says:

    Thank you Jesus! I love Lisa Oz and have followed her from her Radio show on XM, bought her book and don’t miss her whenever she’s on her hubby show! She is the sister to my soul! I am so excited that she can now educate more people with her
    knowledge and wisdom!

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