USA Network Sets Final Season of ‘Burn Notice’

USA Network Sets Final Season of

Fox TV Studios action-drama has been top player for cabler since its 2007 debut

USA Network will call it a wrap for “Burn Notice” at the end of its seventh season that begins June 6.

Fox Television Studios’ spy vehicle created by Matt Nix has been a pillar of the cabler’s sked since 2007, and set the template for the blend of high-octane action and comedy that characterize USA’s signature original dramas. The final season will consist of 13 episodes, taking the show past the 100-episode mark.

“ ‘Burn Notice’  has had an incredible run over the last five years, and we could not be more proud of the extraordinary talent both in-front of and behind the cameras who have collectively made this show into one of the most popular and lauded shows on TV today,” said Chris McCumber, USA Network co-president.  “From day one, ‘Burn’s’ characters, storylines and mythology have consistently captivated a massive audience, and this final season will raise the stakes even higher, leading up to a spectacular series finale,” said Jeff Wachtel, co-president of USA Network.

Series stars Jeffery Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless and Coby Bell.

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  1. Poppa says:

    This one show kept me going through the most difficult times in my life. When I went through my divorce, burn notice was there, when I didn’t want to get up in the morning, burn notice was there, when I was bored, BURN NOTICE WAS THERE!!!!

  2. Mohhamed says:

    This is typical of Americans. Getting rid of decent tv shows and replacing in it with the most stupid shows like Jersey Shore and The Bachelor. I have lost faith in your network. The one decent show america had and know its gone :(

  3. Praveen sudharshan says:

    This is the worst thing you could do to a tv show!!!! Remove it at its peak!!!!! Who ever decided to cancel the show is an idiot and should be fired from the TV network!!!!!!

  4. Burn notice fan says:

    USA network execs: Give us more Burn Notice. How about what Michaels life was like before he was burned?

  5. Bergilda says:

    Why is this final season for burn notice. It is one of the best shows on TV. Big mistake.

  6. Andrew Johns says:

    This is a poor decision. Great show and it is ending???? Some network exec needs their own personal burn notice.

  7. Katy says:

    If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it! Why take away BURN NOTICE? Bad move! There are other shows that should be ending…PSYCH for instance! Burn Notice is just one of those shows that when it is on, you DO NOT leave the room until it is over! You just can’t wait for what’s next or the next episode! I realize others get paid the “BIG BUCKS” to make poor decisions, but as one of your viewers ,I think you should rethink your decision on cancelling BURN NOTICE! It’s a great show and I look forward to the new episodes, but I am very disappointed that it is the last of the series!
    I do hope you are a Company that LISTENS to their fans and viewers! We watch the things you put out there, and BURN NOTICE was at the TOP of my List!

  8. Sorry to learn that this is the last season. It is really too bad because it is one of the few shows that a family with adolescents can watch and not worry about the language and the scenes.

  9. deborah rutland says:

    please recondsider this the best show to come along since NCIS and everyone knows that NCIS is the hottest shows. i look forward to burns notice every week. man i can’t believe a show as good as this will no longer be on.

  10. SLE says:

    Why on earth would you even consider ending one of the BEST OF ALL TIMES TV series??? Something is definitely wrong with the people who make these decisions!

  11. judy says:

    PLEASE RECONSIDER!!! We look forward to each season. One of the best TV shows on TV now. and that’s saying alot because there nothing but a lot of crap out there. We enjoy the USA TV shows. they are well acted and scripted. Please don’t let it be the last season.

  12. mike stenson says:

    WHY are you taking off the BEST show on T.V? Is it the stars or the city of Miami? If it’s the stars pay them more, they’re worth it? If it’s Miami then move the show to another location like Tampa or out west. If it’s the time slot then move it to Friday or Saturday night. We sure could use a good show on one of those nights! And with the ecomony the way it is there is plenty of people home on those nights. Whatever it is, you need to fix it, you’re about to upset millons of FANS!!! I just don’t get it. You’re about to discontinue one of the best shows to come along in a long time!!! There is still so much you can do with this show. There still is plenty of plots, twist, excitement left for the writers to work with. This show is just to good to shut it down now. If you do shut it down, it would be like stopping a movie in the middle just when you were starting to enjoy it, or a football game at halftime or telling a great joke and leaving out the punch line!!! DON’T DO IT!!!

  13. fee says:

    I’m sad too…I’ve been a fan since the beginning..but…its time..J Donovan seems bored with it (to me anyway)…and there is no humor in it anymore..everything is so serious now..i hope the writers do right by the character and send him back into the spy game…

  14. Jeff V says:

    so sad that the best show USA has and the only reason I actually watch USA is going off the air!!! This is ridiculous. I am so tired of Networks taking their best shows off the air!!! It is frustrating as NO i do not watch the crappy reality TV I like actual dramas.

  15. Mary says:

    Guess I want be watching USA anymore.
    Your stupid for loosing the best show on USA. I can’t understand why you mess up something good.

  16. Mark Angel says:

    Why is it that TV shows think they must end with 7 seasons? I know its a rule of thum of sorts….Oh heaven forbid we go past 7 seasons. GIVE ME A BREAK! I heard that it is the city of Miami that also does not want to take part in this show anymore. BOO HOO! My vote is either the studio pays more money to keep Miami happy or start filming in L.A. and call it Miami. They can still use all of the shot from air scenes of all the cool Miami stuff, just film it in L.A. I am a HUGE fan of this show and I could watch it FOREVER. Heck I even have all 5 seasons on DVD and watch them into the dirt. Also if this show does end it better end with no one dead and Mike and Fi together or you will really tick me off. Just like how The Closer ended made me VERY unhappy or how the ending of The Following left me so pissed I couldnt see straight.
    Anyway….KEEP BURN NOTICE!!!!! DO WHAT IT TAKES!!! Thank You

  17. Frank W says:

    This is such a shame for the Miami film industry. Magic City only runs 10 episodes, but is mostly locked into older settings, but BN is everywhere. I understand part of the trouble could be with the city over the rental of the convention center and the other part, the State’s incentive program more interested in getting Film work than TV.

  18. Roorang says:

    Congrats USA – you have finally managed to drive me from your dwindling list of faithful viewers. I am going back to conventional “Network” TV. Nonsensical program schedules, short seasons, odd viewing times (beginning 5 min. before or after the hour) and all the other self serving crap is a thing of my past. I guess if I want to watch some OLD NCIS I will come looking for you.

  19. Jasmine says:

    Burn Notice got burned. No good deed goes unpunished. Such a mistake to cancel Burn Notice. Burn Notice has really performed well for USA Network and has a huge audience following. The stars are seasoned pros – Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Brisco County Jr.), Jeffrey Donovan (The Changeling), Gabrielle Anwar (Scent of a Woman, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken), and Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey). They all have said the writing by Matt Nix has been amazing. Instead of a burn notice, USA Network should be adding more episodes.

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