Univision to Big Four: We’re No. 1 and Rising

Univision No. 1

Spanish net touts July ratings win as it eyes larger slice of TV ad pie

While the Engish-language broadcast and cable nets sought to up their games this summer, Univision proved to be a major scene stealer by notching a ratings milestone that underscores the increasingly multicultural makeup of the U.S. population. Univision ranked No. 1 among all networks in the adults 18-49 and adults 18-34 demographics during the July sweep period (June 26-July 24), according to Nielsen, a first for the Spanish-language titan in any sweep period.

Granted, July is not a month when the Big Four are at full strength in terms of programming (unlike Univision’s year-round telenovela-driven primetime lineup), and sweeps in general have been made essentially obsolete due to improvements in local rating-gathering techniques. But it was a handy hook for Univision to hang a headline on at a time when the net was flush with a hot novela (“Amores Verdaderos”) and had a bounce from a July 18 youth-centric kudocast (“Premios Juventud”).

Univision has grown more aggressive about tubthumping its competitive showing against the English-lingo nets under the direction of CEO Randy Falco, an NBC and AOL alum who is on a mission to claim a larger share of the overall TV advertising pie for Spanish-lingo TV.

“Our aggressive push to take share from the English-language networks is working,” Falco told investors in unveiling Univision’s solid second-quarter earnings July 25.

Univision, along with its rival, No. 2-rated Spanish-language network Telemundo, typically draw a significantly younger audience than the Big Four networks. Univision hammered home that point by noting all the summer series “Amores Verdaderos” has topped in the 18-34 demo, a list that includes ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” and CBS’ “Big Brother.”

Buoyed by strong ratings, Univision saw a 17.6% year-over-year jump in operating income in the quarter. Net revenue grew 10.4% to $676.5 million.

“Our audience has high expectations for us to deliver on the promise to bring them the best telenovelas, variety, news and sports programming, and our track record shows the result,” said Univision Networks prexy Cesar Conde.

(Pictured: Telenovela “Amores Verdaderos” is helping to drive Univision’s summer viewership, which topped the broadcast nets in adults 18-49 for the first time in July.)

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  1. homepage says:

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    out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using
    on your blog?

  2. JR says:

    Now if they just had an English version channel, they’d really be big.

  3. ScottiesRule says:

    The real reason Univison’s numbers are up….the 18-24 male & female demo is all over those novellas. The reason? Have you seen the babes and hunks they have on those shows? 90% of the women on those shows are 17-30 yrs old…and hot. I’m not talking attractive…I’m talking muy caliente….like 11s. And the guys? Well, let’s just say that they make Brad Pitt and George Clooney look average by comparison.

  4. Zinovi Golodner says:

    The reason Univision had such high ratings in July, including the 18 to 34 age group is because of the soccer tournament. Call me a racist, but the buying power of the soccer fans is much less than that of baseball and football fans.

  5. billy says:

    anything is better then the lame shows on American t.v.! NOt that those novelas could be much better, but the trash they force feed the public,The Bachelorette, Big Brother, who are the people who watch this dreck? no wonder their rating suck! ans shows like duck commander are hits.

  6. dr3yec says:

    Boring mexican soap operas , cant get any worse than that.

  7. Andoman says:

    It’s easy to be number one when you’re the only national Spanish based station. They get 100% Spanish speaking participation since they’re the only show in town, and if they have a few decent shows it helps the, even more. The English based stations are so split up and divided that if you added them together it would make Univision look microscopic by comparison.

  8. TheChairman says:

    Well, most of the people on those networks are White Europeans (Spain is in Europe) from South America… remember, the word ‘Hispanic’ implies a -language- group, not an ethnic or racial group.

    Next time you watch Telemundo or Univision, take notice of all the white European Spaniard stars.

    The mixed race mestizos (e.g. Mexicans) are still considered 3rd class in much of South America.

    • Mad Jayhawk says:

      Univision might cause me to finally break down and learn Spanish. Just watching their news broadcasts with the sound off is better than any English Speaking news show.

    • paco says:

      @jerry vaz Nope, take your head out of the sand. In Spanish novelas the stars in the shows are almost all Caucasians. On the flip side, they do bring in mestizos to play small roles such as servants and farm laborers.

  9. THE Diego Ortiz says:

    In what way?

  10. Pronghorn says:

    No wonder they’re agitating for illegal alien amnesty. Just think if 20 million of their viewers self-deported.

  11. Sgt. Joe Friday says:

    Sabado Gigante may get large viewing numbers, but what can they charge for a 30 second ad? Not much, I’d wager – the audience doesn’t have much discretionary income. The shows on HGTV (or even the Golf Channel) have a much more affluent viewership, and commercials there cost accordingly.

  12. We spend a lot of energy to get rid of Spain and the Aragonese tyrants from the 14th century on – perhaps the most brutal absolute monarchy ever – and we did that, and the Americans and managed to take away all their remaining colonies. The mistake we made was leaving their shyte language intact! Now, all their mongrel offspring are budding! More of the same? AYE di me …

    • jerry vaz says:

      The british are comming to an end lol. Soon you will be one of the smallest countries in the world JAJAJA. No one wants to be part of britain lol.

      • ScottiesRule says:

        The Brits have been a world power far longer than any other country in history. Their empire, at its height, knew no equal. Much of what you enjoy today is courtesy of the Brits. So don’t forget to thank them when you say your prayers tonight.

  13. dunnyveg says:

    If Univision isn’t number one right now, it soon will be. It’s only to be expected when Americans give away their country.

  14. MadMoto says:

    Someone needs to teach Univision a bit about marketing and target audiences. If they think they are selling to the same audience as the Big 4 they have another thing coming. This was a lame chest pumping exercise on their part. Certainly the demographics of the country are changing but, that does not mean they are doing anything to achieve better ratings. They just happen to speak the language. Right place at the right time. If Fox wanted a to push a Spanish language brand, they’d crush Univision.

  15. p3orion says:

    On most cable or satellite packages, there are one or two Spanish-language channels versus literally hundreds of English-language channels. It stands to reason that if there are a limited number of places for a small but growing demographic to get something specific that is not being delivered elsewhere, it would draw a relatively large audience among the hugely fractured market. That’s how relatively conservative Fox News routinely beats the plethora of liberal-slanted news networks; it’s the ONLY place to get what it offers, while the rest split the majority of the pie. It’s the same with Univision and Telemundo versus hundreds of English networks.

    Drawing 1.5% to beat 100 other channels each drawing 1% is nothing to get excited about. The only surprise is that Univiision hasn’t done this all along.

    • J Liberti says:

      That’s not true in my area. My cable (Charter) carries dozens of Spanish language channels, but Univision is the big dog. I think much of their appeal is due partly to their emphasis on entertainment value instead of social message. Hence the gorgeous women and masculine men, and the fact that my four year old watches it enough to actually know some of the actors names! (it’s one of only about twenty channels not blocked on her TV)

  16. Rod says:

    And if you had bothered to read the article, you’d have found the article states actual proven reasons for the rise in numbers including the four major networks not being at full strength during the summer months and “sweeps” numbers have “in general…been made essentially obsolete due to improvements in local rating-gathering techniques.” These are actual reasons. Proven reasons. These aren’t hunches or assumptions based on nothing but silly rhetoric.

  17. pcnc says:

    Please bring back caliente!

  18. Rod says:

    Actually chucko, if you even bothered to educate yourself on the subject, you’d know Univision has a huge hand in helping Hispanics assimilate.

  19. Brian Astby says:

    What do you mean latin market. They speak Spanish.The latin market died when the last Roman Emperor died.

  20. Rod says:

    And yet Americans are threatened “people who think the latest technology is the 8 track player” are taking their jobs.

  21. Brian Astby says:

    What’s so surprising about the one of only two Spanish speaking channels getting the most viewers? It’s like the viewers have no where else to go if they want to clearly understand what is being spoken.

  22. I am very surprised at the majority of the comments here. Watching Spanish speaking channels is fun even though I do not understand some of it. The production values are different from the big four English speaking channels, the variety and entertainment type shows are fun to watch and the dramas are absolutely hilarious. The news programs are incredible. The spin on the news and the political slant put the US news outlets to shame.

  23. YouWaver says:

    The comparison of Univision with the other networks is ridiculous, the people watching Univision will never watch the other networks, Univision is spanish-speaking only, 90% of its viewers probably do not even speak english at all, and that is not a racist statement but a fact even if it hurts some people feeleings. How does Nielsen count the viewers of Univision, per hoisehold? if that is the case then Unisvion will always win hands down, there are 20 million of illegal immigrants in this country probably 15 million of them from Mexico alone. Again, this is not racist, but numbers and facts.

    • brucethehoon says:

      Actually, you are rather wrong. Do only english speakers watch the big channels? nope. Many immigrants watch them to assist in learning conversational english. Now, how about this I’ll provide a SOURCE for my numbers, ok? “According to a Pew Hispanic Center report, in 2005, 56% of illegal immigrants were from Mexico; 22% were from other Latin American countries, primarily from Central America;[3] 13% were from Asia; 6% were from Europe and Canada; and 3% were from Africa and the rest of the world.[3]” from “Estimates of the Size and Characteristics of the Undocumented Population” by Jeffrey S. Passel. Where is your 75% number coming from? Tell me, YouWaver … Did Uncle Drudge tell you?

      • ScottiesRule says:

        His 75% figure is accurate in the sense that 75% of illegals come to the US via the southern border with Mexico. Your numbers basically support that claim (56% + 22% = 78%)

      • brucethehoon says:

        Steve, “If they are watching English TV to learn English its not working.” Can you give me any evidence of this? See, I know people personally who have done this. Are you saying that it is not an effective learning tool? Are you saying I’m lying and it is not something that has ever happened? Are you decrying the vocabulary of television programming content on the big networks?

      • Steve Blaier says:

        If they are watching English TV to learn English its not working.

    • Rod says:

      I love all the “facts” you mentioned with zero proof to back them up. It’s actually a well known fact that 60% of illegals in this country are from Mexico as opposed to your 75% assumption. You assume all illegals do is sit at home and watch TV. I’m not sure how you could prove that imbecilic statement. As far as only Spanish speakers watching TV, that’s a bit silly also. Do only English speakers watch ABC, CBS, and Fox?

      • brucethehoon says:

        LOL oh dear. This does appear to be the conservative tactic, doesn’t it? Give out a number, qualify it with “probably” then call it “numbers and facts” while making sure nobody could call you racist! I needn’t work for nasa to google search “illegal immigration to the united states by country”. I did not know the number before I did that search. For all I knew you were correct. I found a wikipedia article (not a reliable source, though often cites sources). I read the source and posted. What YOU did was post a number that you pulled out of your butt with no source then got defensive and accused ME of being hateful. No evidence of that of course, but you’ll come up with something witty, and I’m looking forward to it!

      • YouWaver says:

        …and something else, I don’t know if your liberalism and hate lets you see it but after every number I give I also said “probably”… and why do I say “probably”? because I don’t know the exact count unlike you who pulls the exact numbers you need from thin air. With that knowledge you should be working for NASA.

      • LaReConchaTu says:

        And thats why Univision gets the big pie, duh!, you just explained it.

  24. Maya says:

    It says these comments are moderated so I expected intelligent responses…but they all are bitter sounding and racist and I’m not even Hispanic…wow

    • sky says:

      Facts are backed up with truth. That’s why they are called “Facts”. Nice try, genius.

    • sky says:

      Crying racism is just another way of saying that “I’m better” or saying “I’m not like so and so”. Just another way for an us VS them mentality; which is the very thing people hold against racists.

      He who believes in the myth of racism, will see racists behind every bush. The word “racism” didn’t even exist until the 1930s.

    • Rod says:

      “Facts” should be backed up with truth not assumptions and hunches. Nice try, Jr.

  25. Htos1 says:

    Doesn’t sound very difficult,when machismo defines your cultural existence(just be careful with the zeta enforcers from Iran-via Venezuela).

  26. JD says:

    I block out all Spanish speaking channels on my cable provider lineup since I don’t want to hear that garbage even in passing.

  27. Clucksworth says:

    Holly got their revenge today..sabotaged a satellite receiver/tower in San Francisco Bay Area. Owners said its leased partially to Univision. Coincidence? Million in damage..totally toppled.

  28. Marcus Washingtonus says:

    No, no lo harás. L O L

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