‘Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell’ Cancelled by FXX

'Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell'

After a recent move from FX to newbie cabler FXX, “Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell” has been cancelled, FXX has confirmed. Its final episode will air Sunday.

Latenight series, which ran for two seasons, debuted on FX in August 2012 before transitioning to FXX this fall. Each seg of the nightly yakker features comedian W. Kamau Bell discussing news and pop culture, along with interviewing celeb guests.

“Totally Biased” is the second latenight talkshow that FX Networks has pulled the plug on since summer. FX canned “Brand X with Russell Brand” in June.

FXX did not have comment on the cancellation of “Totally Biased.”


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  1. Heather says:

    WHY?!!!! Best show ever!!!!

  2. Kristin Shank says:

    Big mistake! This is a great show-needed much more publicity.

  3. Duder NME says:

    Apparently, the extra “X” isn’t for Malcolm…

  4. Brandon Hendrix says:

    Just found out totally biased is being cancelled! I don’t normally do stuff like this but someone needs to know what an amazing show you are canceling! I realize you have budgets, ratings, and other reasons why you cancel shows but if there is any way to get the show back on or sell it to another network you should. Don’t allow such a great show to die!

  5. Ronmi says:

    What the hell?! My teenagers and I LOVED this show. It was unique and edgy and hilarious. Someone in charge of programming at FXX needs to be fired! And (not that it should matter… but I have a feeling it does)…we are white…and in Utah. Grow up people… someone connecting to their race is not “racist”. The show had a very diverse writing (and comedy, yes, it’s comedy) staff. All the good programs get cancelled :/

  6. LmaoTseTung says:

    People pay for channels typically for entertainment, not to have some racist hypocrite be patently unfunny. “On the next Totally Biased, you’re a racist!”
    (Canned laughter)

  7. Sad Panda says:

    I really enjoyed Totally Biased, but aside from unnecessarily moving the show to a new fledgling network (many don’t have/can’t find), the ratings problem was entirely the programming director’s fault. The Target Audience, myself and everybody I know who watches Totally Biased, also watches The Daily Show+Colbert Report. Why would FXX schedule it to go head-to-head with another show that already OWNs that slot? Totally Biased should have followed Colbert @ 9P/12E, or aired ahead of The Daily Show @ 7:30P/10:30E. Now that Always Sunny’s season is over, the only thing worth I’ll be watching on this network are Arrested Development re-runs.

  8. FXX put it on against The Daily Show and Conan etc. Plus it was only following original programming one, maybe two nights a week. It would be hard for most viewers to make it a habit.

  9. Jane Andersen says:

    This is a great show. It is so disappointing that it has been cancelled.

  10. Lex says:

    Totally Biased is a SUPERB show. Perfect time slot. Great production. Inspiring guests. W.K.Bell is a likeable, warm and intelligent host. Fuck FXX, I’m dumping them from my cable subscription.

  11. Mic Taboo says:

    Totally Biased is a very funny and clever show and I’m upset it’s getting cancelled. The commentators claiming the host Kamau is a racist are either oblivious, biased or just not paying attention. He routinely stands up for anyone being treated unfairly regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, or anything else. So if he stands up for black people being treated unfairly, he’s a racist? News flash people, black people still sometimes get treated unfairly. To ignore that or believe otherwise is naive. He has repeatedly spoken about his Caucasian wife on his show, he’s had just as many Caucasian guests or guests of other races as African-American guests, spoken many times on the need for teams like the Washington Redskins to change their name because it is offensive to Native Americans…… he’s really pushing a black agenda here.

  12. Cancelled because it was on a Fox owned network but had an obviously progressive outlook. How it even got picked up in the first place when it was a weekly show, and then got promoted to a daily show, was nothing short of a miracle. Knowing that Roger Ailes’ folks were watching it, waiting for any excuse to give it the axe was pretty painful. I was not in the least surprised to see that it got fired. Other commenters don’t know the difference between racially honest and racist.

  13. Jimmie Johnson says:

    This got cancelled because because he was racist and entirely unfunny.

    • itsiswhatitis says:

      Pointing out the obvious isn’t racist. Most comedians/comediennes do this, so you can keep that crap to yourself

    • Travis McCoy says:

      Sad to say, but MOST black comedians these days are racist, though they would chock it up to it being “part of their act.” But Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry, and notoriously Richard Prior all made careers off of making fun of Caucasians. If any white comedians make any sort of racist comments or make racist jokes (Micheal Richards, Anthony Jesslnik, Daniel Tosh), part of the act or not, they are labeled offensive, shocking, etc. There is a definite double-standard in race-related comedy, and knocking this douchebag off the air is at least a step in the right direction. Once TBS cancels every Tyler Perry funded project, the healing can truly begin.

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