TNT Orders Reality Series ‘Wake Up Call’ from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Dwayne Johnson
Uri Schanker/WireImage

TNT has already teamed with 'The Rock' for reality show 'The Hero'

TNT is continuing its relationship with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the unscripted space, as the cable net orders “Wake Up Call” to series.

“Wake Up Call” will feature Johnson lending a helping hand to everyday people who are facing enormous challenges in their lives, whether they be dead-beat dads, sports teams that don’t gel, or business owners struggling to survive. Johnson will bring his own brand of motivation to each group of people, from 4 a.m. wake-up calls, to emotional reunions and goal setting.

TNT has ordered eight hourlong episodes of “Wake Up Call” and will debut the series next year.

“We had a wonderful time working with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on ‘The Hero,’ in which he challenged and mentored a group of everyday heroes,” said David Eilenberg, senior vice president, unscripted development for TNT and TBS. “‘Wake Up Call’ evolved from our experience on ‘The Hero’ and is its natural successor, bringing the human spirit of that show home to take on everyday challenges. In this new series, Dwayne will bring his mission of empowerment and change right to people’s front doors.”

“Wake Up Call” is produced by Electus, 5×5 Media and 7 Bucks Entertainment, with Ben Silverman, Chris Grant, Jimmy Fox, Craig Armstrong, Rick Ringbakk, Charles Wachter, Dany Garcia and Johnson serving as exec producers.

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  1. Hello Mr. Johnson. I’m a single mother of 5. 4 of my kids live with me. My 10yr old was taking from me when he was 11months old. I really need ur help. Me and my kids were attacked last year by a guy named Chris. He attacked me then he took my 9yr old. My boyfriend jumped the guy. He held him down till the cops showed up. Anyway after all that happen my kids have been out of control. My 9yr old daughter has been in and out of the hospital and my to oldest have been bullying my 9yr old daughter and I’m tired of it. I have to keep calling the cops and they keep telling me there is nothing they can do. Ever since this happen I been in and out of the hospital from having really bad panic attacks. Please help me Mr Johnson. I really need a wake up call for my kids. They r really out of control. I don’t want my 10yr old daughter to end up like my brother. I was told if my two oldest kids don’t stop bullying her something bad is going to happen. Please help me. Thank u.

    • Wolfie says:

      This article that you’re responding to is only a news article, it’s not connected with Dwayne Johnson at all, so he’ll likely never see your comment nor know of your plea for help. You should look up the official website for the show and try submitting your plea there.

  2. Would like for my grandson to get some help. Recovering addict,has 3 children ,overwhelmed with child support. Needs a place to live, many talents but unsuccessful at finding job. Lacking life skills but is very down& depressed. Could really use a jump start from someone he would admire. No real male role models in his life. Your response would be terrific!!

  3. christina de la cruz says:

    I live in canyon tx im 5 ft 3in 269lbs. I just got my life together married sober now i have my three kids back in my life i need w wake up call because i cant seam to lose this weight and i want to get healthy for my family how do i apply

  4. wilma says:

    Can you guys please come to south africa. I know that there is a lot of persons who need a wakeup call.

  5. Cindy says:

    Dear Mr. Johnson, I am a mother of an only child struggling with his life there in Studio City who is a graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography, and has been unsuccessful in obtains work. This struggle has caused a vicious cycle of depression, anxiety, and an general over eating issue, and isolation. I am so concerned about his mental health, and I pray everyday for something good for him. He has always had a deep respect for you, and loved following your growth in your career. He is kind, loving, and has potential, but is on a loop to nowhere. I was searching for help, mental, physical, nutritionists, anything…but as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water. Please I beg you to help me and him, I’m very sad that as a parent I can’t fix it. If you could consider my plea, I would be forever grateful. There is more to this story than can be said here. Sincerely, Cindy

  6. jadeveon says:

    Hey rock I been a fan of urs since u was with the the Nation of Domination n I really wanna to get in the wwe cause that my dream job rock n with ur help I can make it to the wwe cause u n stone cold Stevie Austin is the reason I wanna to b a wrestle

  7. I need help my 42 old son has been very difficult about every thing and there is no talking to him sometimes rude to me his mother Gail M Dunlop and do not speak to his step father (me and my domestic pater 66 yrs olf we live in tampa, fl and all of the he does not show interest in my grandson and it hase been 7 months and to me it seams 7 yrs. My son need to find his way and give me and husband and son the respect that should

  8. gail m dunlop says:

    I want mr . Johnson to give my 42 yr old son to have a wake up call. It seems to be the her is angry and never smile he found out he found out that he has a son not until my grandson was 4 yrs old when he came in to myself and husband and his father (Bruce m. Hayes, jr first 2yrs my son was very attented to my grandson and then last year 7 months go by see of a weekend. I am a 66 yrs old and I miss him so much but I can not get across to my son that he is hurting me as 1 time being grandma and it makes me go thru such stages. I miss my grandson and all I do is look at his pictures every day and now I have not seen him since dec 12, 2015 The mother of my grandson would not answer my letters I get comfort by speaking to his teacher and hi princiles And his teacher told how to get hold of the pictures that they took in class from last fall and his not much good to say about my son (mygrandon father and his mother. I need your help I am not looking to be on TV I just want the Rock he has to talk to my husband 2 years. Thank you Gail M. Dunlop Tampa FL

  9. Fran fritz says:

    Mr. Johnson, hello, my name is France’s fritz : I saw some of the show you did, where you helped a man get his life, back on track, what a amazing thing you did. My husband john lost his leg in a motorcycle acc: in 1990 he fought hard, got back to work,bettered himself ,though over the years, he had to have his leg reamputated about 3 times. He always worked hard to get back, on track. 9 years ago we had a lot, on us, I have been with john for 25 years, every day he tells me how much he loves me, he is such, a good man. Like I said. He is very depressed, he had to stop working years ago, because he was doing to much,damage to his leg. Then both his parents died within a year of each other, he needs help. Because he sits all day, he is so weak, he lost most of his muscle mass,so if he has to go anywhere,it takes every thing out of him. We have custody of our grandson,who adores his Pop . John is only 59 he is to young to give up. He needs help,what you did for that guy, is what john needs. Please if you are still helping people, please look to help my husband,he is worth it he needs help.
    Thank you,
    France’s fritz
    Columbia PA

  10. marinelle says:

    i have watched this tv show for two consecutive week, really admire Mr. Dwayne “THE ROCK” for his eagerness to help ordinary people & challenge them for their own good. more power for this tv show WAKE UP CALL, GOD BLESS!

  11. hi rock my mom is on the verge of being homeless and she needs a helping hand she wants to hurt herself and I tried everything, asking everyone but no one will help and I believe your just the wake up call she needs so please help her because if she hurts herself I will hurt myself because I can’t live without her god bless.

  12. Joe says:

    ICould Really Need You. long Story… I Don’t Know How To Say Much More. I’m Losing Weight And no One Knows Why.

  13. I will like to be apart of the show.

  14. Cathleen Wohllebe says:

    My husband has been out of work for 5ys and hasn’t been the same since. We have been together 23 yrs and want him to get his life back his respect back from our three kids, they love him but my husband and I are homeless because of no work. I’m handicap and he took me out of an abusive home at 17yrs old I HV 8 brothers and a father who is not a father, my mom rest in peace passed in August 2013 29th…miss her I need help I can’t do it by myself we are both sober 16 months but he does not look for work I’m applying for jobs and disability and doing all I can do he does not leave the room we have, for now because we have been homeless for 4 yrs and we get to stay here and there but its not fear to the kids and I. Growing up wasn’t easy but this is worse and I don’t want to leave him he is the only man I have and my children and I need him please help save him from depression and I am not the best person but two heads are better than one, and I need him to wake up I got approved for housing but can’t get it with out income I’m the only one trying and it’s hard. I love him but it will not work for us if he’s not going to change.

  15. This is a great show! I wish I had someone to help thru the struggles in my life! Inspiring

  16. Caleb says:

    The yo are to’s and the Mr Is a me

  17. Caleb says:

    Hi, I really need your help for my dad he is pushing us to the point that me my mom and my brother just want to leave him. He has a very bad anger issue and uses his hands to just hurt not really bad but he would push Mr and my brother yo the ground please The Rock I really think mu dad needs a Wake Up Call

  18. April says:

    Hi, my fiance needs your help. He’s 26 and completely lost in life. He’s also an alcoholic and short tempered. It’s caused us both many problems in life and I feel were going backwards. He needs some guidance and a wake up call. Please help

  19. Royce Black says:

    I want to try to get my mother on this show she has been having problems for almost 10 years now and just pretty much has given up on things and I believe this would help. Please contact me I know she really needs it.

  20. Velia Martinez says:

    How can I get in touch with some one for help for my son?

  21. I always watch your show when I have chanceI would like to have a jods wwe staron my life I seen you wrestle and would like to have a chance to be in a ring 2 if you wouldn’t give me attends to come to a ,wwe I would love to have a shot, hard worker and I take care of my family and I always take them for the be last but this time is for me to get me a wake up call so I could come arrested her and support money for myself and my family no I’m staying strong with them together The Rock help me All American sports powerlifter in bodybuilding in the best one qualify for everything needed thank you

  22. Frances Rocha says:

    My ex husband, Ian, I need help with him. He is a terrible drug addict and seller. Our children are everything to me. He is heading to go back to no good, maybe prison time. He just won’t open his eyes and I really need him back for our children. Please if you read this Rock I need your help.

  23. Jake KING says:

    Hello My Uncle and Auntie need help they are brother and sister and they are alcoholics and causing my elderly Grandparents stress and they don’t need that all they want is to live there life without worrying about there kids they already lost a child in 2002 because of drinking and they cant handle another. My uncle he is 38 and he has MS and he wont go to a doctor he thinks he can self medicate by drinking away the pain he was fired form his job because of his drinking and he needs help bad. My Auntie she is 39 has been struggling with my Moms death since 2002 and wont quit drinking she had a really good job and drinking took over and she just been getting worse and she just got depressed and shut everyone out our family loves them so very much they need help and I don’t know if any one will take the time to read this but if you do am asking if you could give them there WAKE UP CALL . thank you

  24. antonio bushey says:

    Hi, My little brother Adam could use your HELP. He’s 15 and going to jail. right now he’s in jail for getting caught with drugs & alcohol on school grounds.he keeps just getting into trouble. my mother has one job and my step dad doesn’t do anything. Please help

  25. Elizabeth Jane Robinson says:

    Jane says: How do I get the Rock to send a letter of inspiration to my daughter. soon to be 53, for losing about 150 lbs before it kills her. She is not happy and works all the time. She gets angry with me and her two daughters for suggesting she needs to take care of herself. I have been doing this for 52 yrs and I need help. Thank You.

  26. Catherine says:

    How do I become a participants on the wake up call, in dire need to hopelessness with great concern for my daughters marriage nd family, PLEASE HELP , very worried mother

  27. jon says:

    My names Jon Finley. I want to help others. I noticed the person in the last comment. I wish I could help more people realize they are special. I need your help to survive financially but still help more people than I have. Please help me help others.

  28. Jeannie says:

    I been trying to get help with my depression going on 3 years. I am calling out for HELP!! A long with my depression I have anger . I do not know who to control it. I have anxiety, so much going on in my head. I NEED HELP ! I been in counseling and still I am so off. I am asking if Dwayne Johnson can help me???? PLEASE I WANT MY LIFE BACK

  29. Amanda austin says:

    Hey I am trying to figure out how to sign up for the wake up call, its for 3 kids 12 year old Isley , 9 yr old leea, 7 yr old chanse they are being so bad, an when I say bad u would have to see to believe, I’m not talking about throwing fits, I’m talking stuff teens do, they have a single mom close to poor, they need a wake up call before they end up in prison like there fathers, there mom needs a phyc doctor an help getting her kids help and you have to see to understand, I bet my life its well worth it, 336-639-1596 mebane north Carolina, 27302

  30. tamara says:

    i am worried about my mom dieing because she is fat so can u help us please

  31. Chester Messner says:

    In 2012 I started dating my girlfriend and we were all happy to find out that we were having a baby boy in which he’s 1 and a half now. Her dad lost his job November 1st 2012 after being there for 11 years. All he does is sits and home all day now and does nothing, he has no ambition to do anything anymore and medical problems which are being affected by him sitting at home all day long due to his weight gain he has lost all motivation and at times seems like he is giving up in life. We all believe that he is highly depressed due to lack of work and mixed emotion from day to day, some days he doesn’t even want to get out of bed. We all just want him to get back to the happy go lucky guy that he used to be and be around to see his grand kids grow up. We are expecting a baby girl due within the next month and want her to get to know him.

  32. I was a wildland firefighter for the us forest service in Cali and then I came home to Oregon met the love of my life and we had a baby boy may 15 2010 nine month later he had surgery on his head and I went into a depression and I couldn’t make my family proud witch made me more deprest I went to see a doctor and got on meds started to work and feel good about my self and I break my lower back in four spots doing Chrismiss tree for work and now I’m not fighting fire and I feel like crap again got us in a house though I’m afraid of loosening it I really do want to make my family proud of me I want to get a wake up call

  33. noel says:

    my brother is an alcoholic Has two sons and and he can’t stop

  34. Robin Goodman says:


  35. I would like to find out if there is a way to get my nephew signed up for this show

    We are at a loss for the help he needs he has a child now and would really like to see him get his life straightened out for not only himself but for her

  36. Dawn says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to sign my son up for the show.

  37. Tyson smith says:

    I’m not going to make this long because I figure this probably won’t go far. So I have 4 boys and I have been an alcoholic for a long time all I’m asking for is a chance and I don’t know how to get it. My kids and I love the rock and maybe just maybe this will get to him and he could help. Thanks.

  38. Danny damone says:

    To TNT & Rocky

    My name is Danny & For a long time i was a horrible individual. For many years i lived only for myself
    Did drugs, choosing to be with the absolute wrong kind of company. For a good amount of time i was traveling the country, opening restaurants as a trainer, would be in a city for a few weeks and basicly live like a mini rockstar. I was deathly out of controll.
    Having a daughter basicly saved my life and gave me a purpose. I immediately went into managment.
    Sending support and visting as often as i could.
    I decided to radicly swith careers and went to UPS for a huge plus for all benefits.
    I want so much to mend my relationship with my daughter at the present time. Every time i would see her all she wanted was a little brother.
    Myself and my wife had a opportunity to adopt a baby boy and since we trying to have a baby,we are his parents. I thought that this would bring us closer and at first it did. Then a few days later After she went back to ATLANTA she hated me.
    Basicly i want fix my relationship with my daughter. As of late ,and for the past 6 years im unable to send what i once could. Also was even able to pay some of the mothers bills at one time.
    THERE is two other situations that im unable to conquer ,my FATHer being shot to death and seeing it on the news. Having to call him different names when i got to see him. IT WAS very DIFFICULT to write that and strangers will read.
    At the present time im on disability for my back and just feel my body weaking.
    Im just a regular father using every resource possible to live a happy productive life.
    Thanks for reading.

  39. Pamela Cox says:

    Yes Sir I am almost 55 years old I was always told if life knocks you on your ass you pick yourself up lots of ups n downs n as mother u do what it takes to protect your children I respect what you are doing for the people in the world. Paying Forward so to speak Thank you for that. I only wish there were more people like yourself I including myself I hope someday someone will give me the strength to continue to realize we are all here for a reason. Thank you again for your service. Sincerely Pam

  40. Deborah Breda says:

    Whew! My life has done a complete turn around. I am a former athlete, [high school most athletic], yoga instructor, volleyball player, softball pitcher……..then boom 10 years ago from a multiple car wreck my life did a total turn around.

    The show that the Rock/Dwayne Johnson does brings attention to struggles and challenges everyday people face. I would like to share my to let people realize they can do anything they set their mind to. You see I was diagnosed with a TRAMAUTIC BRAIN INJURY [TBI-Like many military people] and I had to successfully RELEARN the basics [like toileting, eating, showering, etc] I forgot my childhood. Some memory has come back, but a part of my recall is an altered version of what people have told me.

    I was in school getting my Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. I lost my job, my marriage, my friends, but, my life was saved and was able to complete my degree. I intend on graduating in May 2015.

    In this next phase of my life I am hoping the Rock can show my a reason/purpose to get out of bed. Because right now I just want to sleep till noon. I just wish I knew why God let me LIVE.


    • Deborah Breda says:

      I was used to working out, and was a wellness coordinator at a major hospital. Now with my limited mobility, I have had to modify what I do. I am ONLY 43 years old, but, I feel 71. So, I moved myself with help of my family into assisted living. Since my good friends, who just turned 80 attend a daily exercise class with me, I’d like to incorporate my yoga training and mobility experience.
      —if you do not use it–you lose it ————-RIGHT???????????

  41. Misti says:

    I had major back surgery in January and while in surgery my ex-father in law pasted away. Then 3 weeks after my dad pasted away while I was holding his hand. I did go back to work but ended up quitting because it was all just too much. I shortly after got very sick because of lupus and had a TIA (mini stroke) I am only 34. It has been a major struggle since. I am trying my hardest to not fall into a funk. I did end up into a major fall out with my family during all this and its killing me! I need your help Rock! My mother is my ALL other than my 2 boys! I need to get my mom back in my life and need to get my health back on track so I can get back to work and provide a great life for my 2 boys who both want to go off to college! One wants to go to Oregon and the other to Ohio. They are both in football and awesome at it! I didn’t get the chance to go off to college because of some of the choices I made but I did straighten up once my boys were born and I did go to our community college and I have worked until I got sick. So I don’t want them to suffer because of this… I need my family and my health and I need help getting that can you please help me? My boys and my mom are my life and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for them they are all I have now. Life is way too short and I want to get my health back and back to a job and a home we can stay at to call home that I can retire at so I can see my sweet baby boys through college and into a life they’ll enjoy and so I can be there for my mom. Your the best Rock! We love you! Mommy and Her Boys! 😀

  42. Shawn Fry says:

    My name is Shawn and I just want to know if this is just for weight loss, because I want to quit smoking and nothing is helping. Can you help?

  43. cary stone says:

    i would like to help others and would like to do what your doing for people but would need help trying to start maybe you can get others to do what your doing to help more people since your just one man maybe starting a organization that you control and particapate in and we can reach. more people that needs help keep the movement going

  44. Ryan Anderson says:

    I am currently in the Marine Corps. While I was deployed to Iraq I was blown up 7 times by IEDs. After almost a year I was sent to the hospital and put on 60 pounds in six weeks. I have started to get working out again but I have not been able to lose the weight. I have expended almost all thoughts on what else I can do. I need a wake up call to help wake me up from the depression that o have

  45. Gwendolyn Lawson says:

    How do I apply to be on the show? Who do I talk to?

  46. matt barrett says:

    I just turned 40 years old I have put 21 yeyears in at Les Schwab and starting th1/12/15 I’m getting my hips replaced I ccould use a wake up call to get my life up and going again !!!!

  47. Tracie Stapleton says:

    I have a 30 year old son who was hit while riding to work Could you get the rock to help him

  48. joshua says:

    We lost our children due to us on limited income we live in a two bedroom house and we neefd a four or five bedrrom house to get them back we are trying to do our best to remodel our house but its hard cause of being so old but we are not giving up can you please help us anyway at all we have no family on both sides to help us cause of being to far off or deceit we have six children welove and miss so so much please help us if you can just alittle bit will be alot of help thank you so much josh

  49. Teresa B says:

    I have a friend that is in their early 50’s. Very talented singing voice. Sang professionally for a short time. Plays several instruments. We have not been a part of each other’s lives for 30+ yrs. and now that I’ve reconnected with him he seems to be so depressed and self loathing. I feel he still loves music but the thing I’m concerned about most is the loss of desire for wanting to live. He has 2 children and 3 wonderful (4 and under) grand children. As kids and through teenage years he was full of life. But over time he has lost the desire to sing and play music and now seems to have lost the desire to live. He desperately needs a Wake up Call. He has lost several close family members in the last 20 yrs. and recently divorced. He has also developed a serious drinking problem. I hope someone will read this and consider my friend for the show. I think this could be the only thing to save his life.

  50. Whitney Culley says:

    My Husband needs loads of help. We have a almost 3 year old. My Husband was adopted when he was 6 months old and I am tired of the abuse. He wants to change but has no help. I think if u help him we can have a better life. Plz we need ur help our life together is almost over.

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