‘The Glades’ Cancelled by A&E

the glades

A&E has taken an axe to crime drama “The Glades,” cancelling it after four seasons.

Canning arrives on the heels of “The Glades” pulling season high ratings during its season four finale this week, drawing 3.4 million total viewers in its Monday prime timeslot.

Created by Clifton Campbell, the Florida-set crime drama debuted on A&E in July of 2010, averaging just under 4 million viewers during its frosh run. Series spent three seasons on A&E’s Sunday night lineup before being bumped to Monday nights at 9 p.m. for its most recent run, where it averaged a little over 2.5 million viewers.

“The Glades” starred Matt Passmore and was produced by Fox TV Studios.

Still awaiting word on its fate is second-year drama “Longmire,” which aired alongside “The Glades” on Monday this season and fared better in the ratings than the vet.

A&E declined comment for this story.

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  1. david says:

    BAD A&E

  2. Kathy says:

    I want, no I need to know what was going to happen during the 1st episode of season 5, if there had been one.

  3. j says:

    its really a shame to see such a good show not coming back.its a real let down for my family we were so into the great people in the glades,will be sad for awhile after what tin cup did to us.I’ll never watch from anything A&E again and neither will my family and friends,

  4. Linda Buchanan says:

    Great dramas, The Glades” and “Longmire” are top of the line programming. I was shocked and extremely disappointed that “The Glades” is cancelled and possibly “Longmire”. A&E had their first winners and Pooof gone in the next to the worse finale ever!!

  5. if you want the glades back or at least show your discomfort sign here http://www.change.org/petitions/aetv-bring-back-the-glades

  6. Barbara Poland says:

    I am sad, but not surprised. The Glades was a great show – entertaining and well done. It will probably be replaced by another stupid reality show! You are losing a viewer, because I promise I won’t make the airtime up watching a stupid fake show about idiots bidding on storage spaces!!! Thank goodness they at least renewed Longmire. A&E – what where you thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  7. Myrna Woods says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the Glades was being cancelled!!!!!!! You let Jim get shot and then don’t finish at least that story line !!!!!! What a disappointment!! I suppose the next one to go will be Longmire! I hope not! Love that show also!!

  8. Sara Marshall says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. To cancel The Glades is probably the worse idea I’ve ever heard. In my opinion it’s the best show A&E has. I look forward every year for it to come back on. Those of us that like to watch these types of programs are left out when it comes to the major networks because all they want to show is reality programs. Please reconsider.

  9. REALLY!! what are the people at A&E thinking,or are they?Glades is a really awesome show.In a time were cop show are everywhere,it fits with everything.
    B K Oates i’m with you if A&E cancels Longmire and doesn’t bring some kind of finish to Glades A&E will be blocked. Even though Walking Dead is on it

  10. B K Oates says:

    I am very disgusted with A & E after the cancellation of The Glades. You keep trash like Storage Wars, Black Ink, Duck Dynasty, but a good down to earth show, you cancel. SHAME ON YOU. If you cancel Longmire, I will block A & E from my TV

  11. Melissa Buchan says:

    well keep cancelling and you will lose viewers, I feel for duck dynasty are they next on the chopping block, take off the million shows of storage wars you only need one and thats the original one and some other crap not being watched, the robertsons, the glades and Longmire were and are wholesome entertainment, what is so wrong with that PEOPLE ENJOY THAT they don’t always need to see murders, reality crap shows, look at bravo home many real housewives can there be. But back the show we all enjoy

  12. Rick says:

    This is a perfect example why A & E is seen as a joke. You have such a cliffhanger finish after 4 years and then this? Southland and now The Glades (TNT – you are in with A & E) end with main characters getting shot. Can’t you just announce that each series will return for ONE last season (even if shortened) so the writers can finish the story?

  13. jkys says:

    I know! Take a show that is charming, delightful, and really fun to watch and get rid of it!

  14. Sue Thomas says:

    I was shocked to hear they cancelled the Glades….and what a cliffhanger the season finale was….it was one of the best summer shows on TV…im just hoping another network is smart enough to pick up this amazing show and all the cast members….

    • Susan Rockwell says:


    • Deanna says:

      Bring back The Glades and Longmire you can not leave fans hanging like. Every good show wraps up loose ends. We have waited 4years for Jim and Callie to get married. The fans deserve a happy ending.

  15. Anne Stanton says:

    Of course the Glades would be cancelled, it has good acting, good story lines it is interesting, funny at times, the total package that people want in entertaining TV. Unfortunately, the masses love their mindless reality crap and I guess A&E will cave to that and come up with one of those shows to replace it with, UGH. We can only hope that maybe they will get the message and change their minds. How could they leave us hanging like that?!!

  16. Beth says:

    Oh wow just when it was getting good you cancel the Glades really. Mondays was just getting good. Your leaving the Glades up in the air like that how stupid. People don’t want to watch those stupid Reality shows I loved A & E but now who cares. You TV producers always cancel shows that people love to watch. Just when its getting good you pull the plug.

  17. Sharon H. says:

    Geez, it seems like every time something good comes on it gets cancelled and they replace it with stupid reality shows or something that is not even worth turning the TV on. I’m sick of it. Understand Longmire is awaiting its fate as well with A&E. If those two shows are taken off, A&E won’t see me again until they return. THUMBS DOWN to A&E!

  18. Sharon says:

    I can see why a&e would decline comment. They know it was a really bad decision to cancelled the glades!!

  19. Linda says:

    Why would you cancel the glades I have watched since season 1 opener and is a great show. Will another network pick the show up. You can’t end the show the way you did and then cancel this show this show should not have been canceled

  20. staci henry says:

    What the Hell? No season 5! Are you kidding! I don’t live in the USA – I hope a group gathers and protests the cancelling of this show! American Expat living in Dubai, who needs her US TV shows! :(

  21. Leanna says:

    SAVE THE GLADES!! i have to know what happens!

  22. Charlie says:

    I am shocked & totally surprised that you would ever consider cancelling “The Glades”. To leave the show hanging as you have is unconscienenable. I hope you would reconsider such a decision.

  23. r schuelke says:

    you guys suck the best program on TV and you take it off your an idiot you should be fired you should lose your company and go bankrupt you moron

  24. Krista Campbell says:

    We are so bummed!!! We really look forward to watching the Glades every summer. Is another network going to pick them up? PLEASE!!!

  25. Jo says:

    I am really disappointed that A&E chose to drop the Glades. The very least they could have done would have been to keep it long enough to tie up all of the loose ends. I’ve watched it from the beginning and feel like they owe it to the faithful viewers. I may think twice before I start watching another series on A&E knowing they might do the same with that series.

  26. Jeremy Stoner says:

    I am very disappointed that A&E would drop such a good show! And leave it like that! If they don’t bring it back at least for a 2 hour special or something.. I will no longer be watching A&E network! Please reconsider..

  27. Barbara says:

    Not not at all happy. I do not and will not watch reality TV shows. Life is more balanced with less TV but I have gotten involved with these characters and this story. I’m done with A&E unless they think about the viewers and bring this show back. What a way to kill a show.

  28. Jason says:

    TO ALL: I just sent the following to A&E thru their “Contact Us/Submit a Ticket” feature:

    “To whom it may concern,
    I will be the first to admit that I don’t know all the reasons why a show is cancelled. I and MANY others are totally baffled, confused, angry, bitter and feel betrayed by A&E for the cancellation of “The Glades”. The season finale was well done with a huge cliffhanger which produced over 3.4 million viewers. I and many others have been following this show from day one and eagerly look forward to each weeks episode. It’s tough for a show to build up a fan base especially one that actually cares about the cast and the show. I’d say a fan base is established with this show. Ending a show/series the way it was done here has scorned and hurt a lot of fans that were starting to see A&E as a legit station for sitcoms. The Glades brought a fan base to your network. That fan base helped the launching of Longmire two years later. Is it really wise to piss off the fan base that’s been sticking with you for four years? I know your getting a piece of the fan bases minds on The Glade Website. For more comments I’d also look at The Glades online article in Variety (regarding the cancellation). Read thru the posts and get a feel for how many viewers are angry enough to just stop watching your Network. It’s not just because you cancelled the show, it’s for the WAY you left the show; no closure. To end a series with a massive cliffhanger shows the Networks lack of respect for the show and its fan base. I for one will go back to TNT or USA during “The Glades” timeslot. I’ll DVR Longmire and watch it when I have time. Why re-arrange my viewing of shows to watch something on your network when you don’t care about your viewers and the time they put into supporting one of your shows. A Very disappointed customer. Good Bye, A&E”

  29. Vicki Keller says:

    I just wrote a reporter with the Hollywood Reporter about the way they are treating the viewers and loosing reporters by the second. Told them I’d written the advertising department as well.

  30. Jan Koester says:

    Someone pick up this show! I have the whole series recorded. Love the cast! Love the writing! Please don’t leave the fans with an unresolved cliffhanger ending!!!!

  31. SHARON says:


  32. Linda Middleton says:

    This is ridiculous, how can you just close up shop with that kind of cliff hanger. It appears the networks have no thought for the viewer!!!

  33. Speedy69 says:

    I just don’t understand. You put your time into a show to get canceled. And to leave such a big cliff hanger. Who ever runs the network does not have a clue. You should at least come up with a 2 hour finale to please your fans who spent 4 seasons on this show…..

  34. Lorena says:

    WTF,A&E!! This is how you get fans to like you!

  35. Aundi Prather says:

    The one thing that upsets me is knowing if I get involved in another one of your shows it could end like the Glades did. Makes me not want to watch any of your programs. When cancelling a show as a network you should really consider the fans watching the show. This was very unfair to the fans.

  36. Diane Kuhn says:

    I had no idea that this was the series finale. I am so mad that they chose to end it the way they did!

  37. danidim says:

    I can’t believe they canceled The Glades! What do we have to do to bring it back?

  38. Very sad the way networks do not care for their viewers. I watch Glades and Longmire faithfully. If I can’t watch it live I tape it like a lot of other fans. Bring it back it isn’t fair and really with that cliff hanger. Give it to another station so they can have the high rating.

  39. Jan Koester says:

    Miracles do happen. Can A&E find it in their hearts to at least resolve the cliffhanger that fans were left with this season- Jim lying bleeding on the floor of his wedding present house? Ending on a successful wedding would have been an infinitely more respectful way to conclude the series if that was truly necessary. This is most unfair to the fans.

  40. I can’t believe we will be left hanging… just when I thought Jim and Cali would finally get together – he gets shot and we don’t know whether he lives or dies…. I love the characters and will miss the show. I had no idea it wasn’t getting good ratings.

  41. jimmy rodham says:

    Your network sucks and so do. The. Idiots. That. Make. Your.

  42. jimmy rodham says:

    Grants you have lost a lot of viewers my family will not be watching your channel again. I don’t know why you idiots cancelled the glades when it was the best show you had as far as everyone. Including my family and friends.are concerned

  43. jimmy rodham says:

    Congrat so u cancelled the glades and u lost a customer as far as my family is concerned your network is also cancelled jim3wmyrodham54@egmail.com

  44. Eric Lampe says:

    This a huge mistake! A & E, you will never get me to watch another program on your channel’. I hope this program gets picked up by a competitor and continues to do great things!! How can you end a program with Jim being shot on his wedding day? That is like leaving us with the question of “who shot J.R.” on Dallas! Terrible decision, shame in the network!

  45. Terri says:

    I can not believe you could cancel such a great show. I looked forward to this show every week. It was a clean fun feel good show. Which was a breath of fresh air. The chemistry these actors had was genuine. A&E you messed up. I hope another network picks this show up. The fact that you could end a show like u did is unbelievable. I will not EVER watch another series on your channel.

  46. Sean Ellis says:

    about time, the show was awful. barney fife was a smarter cap than the lead in glades

  47. Frank W says:

    Hmmmm. “Burn Notice”, “Magic City”, now “The Glades”. Very popular programs all cancelled. Do you think it had more to do with Florida pushing its subsidies to feature films rather than TV Series? That may have been the cost thanks to Rock of Ages.

    • Donal Ruth Robison says:

      At least Burn Notice had more than four seasons, announced that this was the final season and tied up all the ends in the final episode.

  48. dee digrazio says:

    the glades is the best show on tv its different and the cast so good our family loves the show

  49. Don Ring says:

    That was a stupid way to leave things…….they could have at least made it happy ever after. I hope they at least have a movie to finish it off and leave us with a happy …….there is to much unhappy in the world, come on people. We watch TV for a feel good feeling not to get depressed. In a world filled with so much un happiness we watch tv for the bright side not the dark side.

  50. rochelle says:

    No answer from A & E no suprise there. I only watched this network for 2 shows. The Glades and Longmire. Now, its just Longmire. The real “reality” is The Glades was a good show. Any replacements won’t do.

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