Showtime’s ‘The Borgias’ Won’t Return for a Fourth Season

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Tamas Kende/Showtime

Premium cabler says the Jeremy Irons drama's June 16 season finale will be its last episode

Showtime has opted not to go forward on period drama “The Borgias,” announcing Wednesday that the show’s June 16 season-ender will be its final episode.

The show, which chronicled the infamous dynastic family and was shot entirely on location in Budapest, hasn’t been a ratings grabber in its three seasons. Its most recent episode last Sunday drew a season-best 804,000 viewers for its premiere airing, according to Nielsen, though Showtime says that it has accumulated 2.4 million viewers per week if you include viewings on all platforms.

“Borgias” was created by Neil Jordan and stars Jeremy irons as Pope Alexander VI, the family’s manipulative patriarch. Cast also includes François Arnaud, Holliday Grainger, Joanne Whalley, Lotte Verbeek, Sean Harris, Thure Lindhart, Gina McKee, Peter Sullivan, Julian Bleach and Colm Feore.

“It has been an honor to work with the great Neil Jordan and the incomparable Jeremy Irons on ‘The Borgias,’ ” said David Nevins, President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc. “Neil has written nearly every episode of this series himself.  His extraordinary storytelling combined with Jeremy’s fascinating portrayal of the infamous Pope Alexander VI, has made for truly outstanding television that will live on.  I look forward to future collaborations.”

The show has earned 10 Emmy nominations to date, earning two awards in its second season for outstanding costumes and original main-title theme music.

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  1. I will never invest my time into another Showtime series. I was going to buy it as an add on to my Hule package, but who wants this kind of treatment. This was their chance to get me as a customer, and after binge watching the series only to be left to dry. I have no respect for the company and wouldn’t miss them if they went out of business.

    • maureen says:

      I just found it watched all 3 series in 4 days, loved it, i am really disappointed its ending, they could do so much with that show, even i could think of some story lines, once again what a great disappointment, not
      happy at all

  2. I loved this show.. it was very entertaining. It was a shame it ended right in the middle of a great story.

  3. Reba Steine says:

    One of best shows on TV Great Acting and Showtime can’t find room for it? It garnered 10 Emmy nomination!! Ridiculous.

  4. M.Sotiropoulos says:

    Its a grate series. It should be coninued for at least a 4th season.

  5. Beverly says:

    Waaaah! I was looking forward to season 4. I watched it obsessively on Netflix to get caught up for the new season and now it is canceled!

  6. Stephy says:

    I hope netflix or hulu picks it up and finishes it out now that fan base is growing

    • Anthony J Green says:

      Obviously Showtime is the likes of Paramount pictures that cancelled the original Star Trek and look how that has loyal Trekkie s as they say clearly Showtime could care less about the loyal followers of the Borgas

  7. Tina says:

    I cant beleave they wont be returning… they have to at least finish it.

  8. Richard Lemasters says:

    I cannot believe Showtimes lunacy!? What a mistake! Other \s have rightly posed the point that most of what we have to watch on these cable networks are garbage or re-run to adnauseum. When a quality intersesting and sort of true-ish work of genius/art arrives to enthrall us and is greeted by all as superb the idiots of Showtimes exec staff Cancel it?????? I am seriously thinking of canceling my Showtime subscription and encouraging everyone else I know to do likewise.

  9. Sona says:

    oh, please please please finish this rivetting show.!! It was just amazing!!

  10. Zodiak says:

    What an amazing show, I cant believe a wonderful historical show didn’t catch everyone’s imagination as it did with me. We all need to write to Showtime and tell them what a slap to the face this is to their viewers, don’t we have enough shit on cable, we deserve more shows like this.

  11. Mary Ellen Elder says:

    That’s a shame. Great story, wonderful actors and it is cancelled. Yet the mindless Kardashians, Mob Wives, and the rest of junk TV remains. C’mon stand up for quality programming instead of junk!!

  12. Maryam Al Fayed says:

    I am so hurt!!!….I loved this show!!!!. There is nothing worst than leaving faithful fans hanging!!!…. Hollywood stop it!!!…just mad now!!!

  13. Mary Nee says:

    You have to come out with the movie or do a forth season!!! I have loved it from the beginning. I have never been so dedicated to a show in my life! Very seductive and very deep.. I loved it… Especially Cheseray……whew …… The whole cast was superb!

  14. Mike Wood says:

    I have avoided Showtime for many years, for a variety of reasons. After sort of accidentally catching an episode of Borgias, my wife and I were hooked and watched them all. This was Showtime’s chance to gain us back as viewers. I’m sure it drew many others, as well. Our reward is to be left hanging with no closure and, obviously, not one ounce of caring by Showtime. No more Showtime for us. It’s a waste of our time. I can get treated better by a Walmart clerk.

  15. ann says:

    I’m very saddened that Showtime would reel in the viewers for this great show the Borgias and then just stop it on us without ending the show appropriately for us fans.I love this show and got so many ppl to watch it and it has such good ratings and huge fan base that this is wrong. It is not moral to just drop it and not take the fans to the end. We were told 4 seasons and that is just wrong. So many good actors are on this show that bring you in to the story every season and I am sure it wasn’t fair to them either. It disgusts me that they want people to watch these shows and when you do and become a fan of one,they can just end it because they feel like it. Unfair to all of this shows fans..atleast they could’ve done the two hour movie.I had no idea the last episode…the finale was going to be the end of the show.It has all been left so open and its horrible Neil did this to his fans. I will cancel showtime tomorrow. Let’s see how many do…..I am betting quite a few. These actors deserved their 4 year commitment from Showtime.I wish them all the best and thank them for such an awesome show for 3 seasons. We will miss this cast so so sad.I don’t understand why they can’t finish the show out.I read the writer is to tired,but isn’t that what we all feel with work? Showtime owes it to the fans, and the whole fabulous cast to atleast make the movie to end the series correctly.So sad…..

  16. Emilia says:

    I love this series! Everything about it is just great!!!!!! All I have to say is that when you start something the correct thing to do is to finish it. How can TV companies expect to have loyal customers when they can not even provide good service… I really hope the people responsible for this series consider the fact that many fans are extremely dissapointed and reconsider to finish the serie properly.

  17. Kaydee says:

    The Borgias viewership is modest but what I didn’t know (and I don’t believe Showtime did either) was how fiercely devoted it is. The fans are not just unhappy about the cancellation; they are really, really torn up. The money Showtime is saving by not doing one more season of The Borgias in order to finish the story properly is not going to make up for the loss of their reputation and the good will of their subscribers.

    • badprototype says:

      I don’t usally post or tweet or fb. This is a first for me. I recently discovered Borgias and so so sad to hear they are cancelling this show. It is so hard to find any shows anymore worth watching and this one is definitely captivating. Everything about it is excellent…acting, story line, directing, costumes, visual effects and I can go on. Quite depressing that Showtime is not going to continue with it. I hope enough people write and Showtime executives will reconsider.

  18. Sherry Pierce says:

    The Borgias is one of the best original tv series I’ve ever watched. Francois Arnaud is excellent in his portrayal of Cesare Borgia. Great actors, great series! Showtime, please reconsider the decision. I only subscribe in order to watch my favorite tv series and now there’s nothing else on Showtime that I care to watch. The finale was not even a decent ending. It left the audience hanging.

  19. Debbie says:

    Well I can cancel my Showtime subscription now. The only thing on that channel worth watching was the Borgias… Great show… I’m really pissed about this… I will really miss Cesare and Lucrezia… They are my wicked indulgence… Too bad they took so long to get to their steamy relationship…. I will miss my favorite incestuous brother and sister…. Farewell Borgias! , We love you… wickedness and all..

  20. Adeline says:

    A show called « Jericho » got cancelled after only one season … it was renewed thanks to fans…


  21. Jenn Harper says:

    Literally couldn’t believe it when I read this!!!! WTH???? This is a GREAT show! Sooooo tired of the crap on tv like Honey Boo Boo…and THIS show gets canned??? I’m with all of you canceling my Showtime subscription. Doing it tomorrow. LAME. This was my favorite show. All us fans waited MONTHS for the seasons to come…and it was worth the wait. So glad there’ll be more time available for some lame reality tv show with yet another obese cow or a skank with 14 kids.

  22. Vishal says:

    Time after time it’s the same story. Networks cancel shows leaving loyal viewers crying about a finale and feeling like idiots for wasting their time on a story that has no ending.

    Who is accountable for our wasted time ? This thing has become endemic in network television and I for one am fed up with wasting my time watching multiple series across multiple channels that all get canceled in the middle of the story.

    Perhaps we need a class action suit against the networks forcing them to conclude the series or perhaps release the remaining transcript for free so that the viewers can have some closure.

  23. Thea says:

    I looove this series! The spectacular art direction, sets, special effects, costumes, acting, and directing.. all top notch. The storyline was excellent accurate history, but adjusting for continuity.. I just googled the fourth season, to see when it will start, and am SHOCKED to find out that right in the middle of the story, the whole series ends. What happens to all the characters..? There’s been no ending at all.. just a financial decision.. too bad the network execs didn’t think to do a wrap up to make this loyal viewer happier about their decision. BAD decision.

  24. boris says:

    i will be canceling my showtime/starz because this was the only reason I had the station. Its a shame that such quality acting and an incredible story will not be seen again.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    This is one of the best shows on television and the story is not done yet. COME ON. I love this show.

  26. ams says:

    This is an exceptional series. Performances, direction, writing, sets, costumes, efforts to present historical accuracy, etc, were all of the highest quality. It is so very disappointing when such quality is removed from public viewing.

  27. Myrna says:

    I was shocked to hear that HBO will not renew this great series. I research the history and the writers made sure that the stories were accurate to history. I truly believe that outside forces like religious organizations made have influenced HBO decision. Bravo to all involved in making this series a success

  28. Miguel Sierra says:

    I really enjoyed the series and sorry that it is being cancelled but they really should at least give the fans closure and produce an ending. Congratulations to the cast and all involved awesome performances and costumes all first rate.

  29. DB says:

    We have really enjoyed this series; the acting has been great, the story unique and sets and costumes beautiful. The series and its fans deserve a conclusion. We subscribe to Showtime only because of the Borgias so we will be cancelling after the finale next weekend.

  30. donna says:


  31. Teri says:

    This can NOT be the end of this series!!! I need more! Not even a genuine conclusion!!! Help!! At least one more season required!!!

  32. Bobbie Rutkowski says:

    I just finished sharing the Borgias with my girlfriends…We love it…please please give us a fourth series…It is full of everything that is lacking in other series…it is my favorite and will always be..if it is canceled..I’ll probably cancel my subscription to is the reason I clicked on every week…thank you Borgias for your incredible and intense passionate left us wanting more…A huge Fan……

  33. Leah says:

    Omg!!!!!…WHY????…..just left us wanting more!…. I have waited all yr ea yr on the next seasons (impatiently )…. PLEASE RECONSIDER & GIVE US MORE!!!…love Francio! ( ;

  34. shan says:

    As the Borgia’s “loyal fans” can agree that this show is by far one of the best among what’s currently out there and for three seasons the writers, cast and all associated brought a reality to fans on screen that captured the interest, hearts and imagination. So to hear that the show will not be returning, after ending with such an INTENSE cliffhanger is most heartfelt. The BORGIAS is and will always be among my favorite TV shows, in spite, of being cancelled at the climax of its potential!

    LAST CRY!! can anything be done to have this show possibly return for a fourth season….IDK maybe another network, something….anything!!!!

  35. Rita Broyles says:

    Obviously, Showtime cares little for the loyal fans of The Borgias. Just another example of good, intelligent programming getting the ax. There are few choices on television for those of us not enamored of talk shows, game shows, idiotic and dysfunctional family and reality shows, so we are thrilled to find a jewel like The Borgias to look forward to each week. There was some talk of a movie being done to tie up the story lines. Are we not to even get that? Shame on the powers that be for screwing over those of us who loved Rodrigo Borgia and his infamous family. I don’t think I’ll bother getting sucked into another Showtime series just to be disappointed again. This show had it all–beautiful acting, costumes, and story lines–and I LOVED it.

  36. martha Sunbury says:

    I absolutely LOVE that series and am so disappointed to hear it won’t continue. Truly great television never survives…..the mediocre crap goes on and on. And yes, the story of the Borgias goes on long after where it will end when Season 3 finishes. Booooo…….

  37. La Vonia Jones says:

    How can you discontinue a GREAT depiction of history? I love all the characters! How can you end it on June 16th..when you haven’t concluded the end!!! I am very disappointed..I enjoyed watching Lucretcia turn from an innocence into a beautiful smart women! Now Jeremy Irons I can’t forget you! You are awesome with your performances. I couldn’t think of a better man to play the Pope. Sad to see the end to a great begining.

  38. How disappointing. I love the series and hope they return. I wanted series 4 to show the end of the series

  39. de hall says:

    Anyone who has played assasins creed knows the real reason why the borgias won’t be returning.

  40. Mark says:

    This is a sad day. The Borgias is an amazing series. I hope Netflix will pick it up!

  41. meridith says:

    Disappointing. I do hope that we see more of the talented Françios Arnaud here in the US.

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