‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ Exec Producer Neal Kendall Exits

The Arsenio Hall Show

Shuffle comes one month after latenight syndie yakker's debut

“The Arsenio Hall Show” has made a big change at the top, with exec producer/showrunner Neal Kendeall stepping down.

Eric Pankowski, senior VP of programming and development for “Arsenio Hall” distributor CBS TV Distribution, will step in as interim showrunner while Hall mounts a search for a new exec producer.

“Arsenio Hall” bowed Sept. 9 to promising ratings but viewership of the latenight syndie talker has dipped since then. A source indicated that Kendall’s exit was spurred in an effort to find a better creative fit for the comedian.

Hall and Octagon Entertainment’s John Ferriter also exec produce the strip for CBS and Tribune Studios.

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  1. Ferdinand says:

    Having been diligently tuning in since the show’s debut, I question how much longer it will last. Granting some growing pains associated with settling into a rhythm and identity, I am amazed at the weakness of the show. One need only compare The Arsenio Hall show to its competitors. While his delivery is alright, the content of the monologues is very poor. The sketches are generally abysmal. The interviews, at one time the strength of his show, are lacking interest and seem fairly pedestrian. His musical guests remain a strength. While there is little dispute about Arsenio’s charm, likeability, and perseverance, one questions whether this show would survive if he were not involved.

  2. Jay says:

    The dogpound 2.0 doesn’t work…it’s a band. So much of the energy of the show came from the old dog pound. He spends too much time in the past. Name guests from today would really help. I so looked forward to this show but I’ll watch the opening and then change channels. Times have changed and he has to be hip by today’s standards. I hope he can bounce back. At least, I can see the old show on the net but it would be great to seem him back in full form.

    • Jay says:

      I didn’t finish a sentence. it’s a band that needs to act more like the old band. This show doesn’t have the energy of the old show.

  3. Ferdinand says:

    I can’t shake the nagging suspicion that the comfortable predictability of the current version of The Arsenio Hall Show is deliberate. The late-night landscape has definitely changed in the ensuing years since Mr. Hall bowed out. There is little shame in the realization that he cannot maintain the same prominance a second time around the block. That said, I think his return is hardly curious at a time when his former opponents (Leno and Letterman) are either retiring or of little significance. The other late-night entries are either too unique in format or style (The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and The Late Late Show) or skew to a much younger demographic (Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon). Mr. Hall may just provide the forty-plus crowd the correct mix of nostalgia (akin to Carson’s final years on The Tonight Show) and orchestrated youth. Just take a closer look at his studio audience.

  4. squincher says:

    I really like Arsenio Hall and have very fond memories of his show in the late 80s early 90s when I was in my late teens, early 20s. It was the hottest, most happening show you could imagine!!!
    However, this version is well………sadly, not so much. Where’s the House Party that was his old show??

    Even sadder, Arsenio seems to think it’s 1993 instead of 2013.
    The B to D list guests, corny monologue and a listless house band (where’s Michael Wolfe, John B. Williams, Starr Pahrodi and Peter Malmou when you need them??) just makes you want to change the channel.

    Sorry Arsenio, but Johnny Carson, RIP, isn’t the only other game in town now. You now have to compete with many other hosts, most of whom are firmly rooted in the 21st century social/digital media.

  5. overthepast says:

    The emphasis on the past doesn’t help the show if it continues on. Seeing has-been performers hyping their comebacks isn’t entertainment. Fresh material and current entertainment is desperately needed.

  6. Maripat says:

    The show is neither funny or entertaining. Even for the few minutes I force myself to watch, Arsenio appears to be begging the audience to laugh. At least for me, it’s painful to watch. I don’t think a new executive at the top will save it.

  7. I agree 200% with Tony…I’ve been a fan of the old and still a fan of the new show. Arsenio is AWESOME and his show is great too. You can always tell how much fun his audience is having dancing and laughing along with him and his guests. The haters on these message boards are just trying to make him and the show look bad because they’re afraid he’ll take over and be at the top of the other shows! Arsenio, know that people who love you outweigh those who are just hating! Woof! Woof!

    • Tacjam says:

      I think someone hasn’t seen last weeks ratings, 40% drop in viewership says his show is on the verge of being canceled. His 1980’s/90’s racial crap isn’t cutting it today! His racial jokes are lame, his 1990’s guest are hasbins…call me hater, but tons of people seem to agree!

  8. Sid says:

    Have you ever watched a show NOW that you loved when you were a kid and were totally shocked at how horrible it is?? I’m serious when I say try watching an old show. It is stunningly bad!!! For anybody that thinks the show was good, I think they’re really looking back nostalgically a their OWN lives at the time (“I remember sneaking up so I could watch it”). If you try watching one now you’ll cringe. Then you’ll agree: Arsenio NEVER had it. It was just different from the old white dudes at the time. It was never that he was good; on the contrary. Go ahead…..try to watch an old one.

  9. j.Mart says:

    Im really amazed at the level of negativity & false criticism. Dude has been on air for like 1 month & everybody acts as tho he’s supposed to return in full stride after a 20 absence. Gtfoh w/ that. Clearly he did “have it”, judging by the level o support he’s received from the guests who’ve appeared. Even Jay leno looked off wen they did that whole experiment in the new time slot…Conan as well seemed to lose something when he first began at tbs. & He definitely wasn’t in form wen he took over the tonight show. So all he needs is a lil time to cultivate his new style. In the 90s the AHS was the place u went to see all the fly people. ..it was fun…funky & edgy. That fist pump was lie a global phenomenon & people r up here talking about “he never had it” puhlleease. Arsenio has always been a thoughtful..well prepared & funny interviewer. He’ll be fine. I for one am glad he’s back. Been a long time coming. & since he left no one….& I mean no other non-white tv host has been able to fill his shoes. So we’ll see wut kind of innovations they can come up w/. But I’m pulling for him. He will do well I believe.

  10. Dickey says:

    The Arsenio Hall Show needs a new host.

  11. cynthia h says:

    New writers, please! The band is outstanding!

  12. I knew the new show would start sinking sooner or later. I guess this is the first domino of many to start falling. I can’t see a second season coming.

  13. Michelle says:

    Sorry, I tried to watch his first show and couldn’t get through it, turned it off , He is still back in the day, nothing current, BORING. If I missed Queen Latifah in the morning I watch her before his show at night and then change the channel. Give it up Arsenio again “BORING”.

  14. lili says:

    He didn’t “have it before and he doesn’t have it now.” He would do well to be behind the cameras if he has any talent at all, which I seriously doubt.

  15. Sid says:

    All this talk about how Arsenio has “lost” it or doesn’t have it “anymore” completely blows my mind….Arsenio NEVER had it! His interviewing skills are the worst in TV history, comic timing is non-existent, his banter is gringe worthy….and this is after 5 years of practice!!! I challenge anybody who thinks he ever had talent to watch an old show. It’s EXACTLY the same! Stunningly bad, watch one you’ll see.

    • Michelle says:

      You said it all. I couldn’t even finish the first one. He has to laugh at his own jokes which aren’t even funny!

  16. James W says:

    All the racist crap from the 80’s doesn’t cut it anymore….watched 5 minutes he started the racist crap…I just waited for Leno

  17. Wicked E says:

    Drop the show. He doesn’t have it anymore!!!! Are you still filling a bus to bring to studio to fill the audience?? Save the gas $$$.

  18. Shakes says:

    Surely he can get a few current hot names? Everyone he gets isn’t in the news anymore or long doing things in the 90s. I’m not being mean, I just really want him to succeed. Beiber, anyone, just make it edgy and current again. No more memory lane. That ship sailed. Do the show and forget the nostalgia. Get people that the audience wants to see. I’ve been rooting for this guy for a while, he can make it, just make the right changes, not just changes. Come on Arsenio. LIven it up and update the humour.

  19. D'Trayvon says:

    He he he he he he he was never there when you you you you needed him! But now Arse..o is back?
    TRYIN 2 AKT LYKE 50Cent! B 4real gangsta! How ’bout U? He no Woody Allen! Or Borge Gush..and Brock O’Bama

  20. deb says:

    He needs a hype man like the Wendy show the audience is so dead. bring some color on the set also. I love Arsenio but this time around I find the show boring. sorry A

  21. I really like Arsenio’s show. Lets all see where he is headed and then judge. He has just been on for about a month. Its really too early to judge. But for now, I am really enjoying his show. Be patient people don’t rule him out yet. Give him a chance.

  22. marconi says:

    I like him, but he is soooo Damn boring, soo not funny anymore. CBS cut ur losses NOW.

  23. Franco Mulchy says:

    The guy sucks really sucks so yesterday. compared to Jimmy F & Jimmy K & Dave, he’s got a long road to haul, and that aint gona happen.

  24. iguess says:

    Love Arsenio but the jokes and skits at the beginning of the show have been sooooo wack. He was funnier and better than that…1994 or 2013 come Arsenio make us laugh really not chuckle like you paid us to laugh.

    • smartdiligence47 says:

      You started your comments with “Love Arsenio but….” and you are mistaken, you do not love Arsenio Hall, you need to give him a chance and cut him a break.

  25. tony says:

    It sounds like everyone who is against Arsenio now were not fans of the original show from the beginning. So why comment now??? Of course, if you are a fan, like myself, maybe you remember staying up to watch Nia Peeples’ “Party Machine”, too? Maybe you still have all your old Chunky A. records? You miss John B.’s “Poetry Moments”, etc. Anyway, I think Arsenio can reclaim his former glory. Apparently, his true friends and fans want him back. All the guests are glad to have him back, it seems. That being said, I think a change in producers is not the bad thing everyone thinks it is. You hear complaints about the writing, the direction of the show, etc. from different sources. Well, maybe Arsenio realizes the need for a change, too, and wants to find someone who better fits his style. Once he finds the right person to helm the party, he’ll be right back on top. He even did a skit about his “sister” heading up the writing staff, and what a bad idea that was, so at least, he’s self-deprecating about it. It’s too bad Sandy, his original producer, is not available. It would be nice to see more people from the old show behind the scenes, but maybe he’ll find someone who was a fan of the original, and the perfect fit. I’ll give him time to turn it around. Just give him a chance, people!

    • smartdiligence47 says:

      Tony, thank you for this. I absolutely agree! It is a pity that people aren’t more loyal. I would like to add that he was the only celebrity that was courageous enough to interview Louis Farrakhan and he took a lot of heat for that. People should give him a change.

  26. tvgirl says:

    Sadly there is just no accounting for chemistry, be it a personal relationship or fans latching on to a TV show. I frankly think the bloom is totally off the rose w/ Arsenio. The bottom line: sometimes you just can’t go home again. (Sorry that my content also is stale and overused.)

  27. Lamont says:

    The ratings dipped because the writting sucks. Everynight there is a weed joke. WTF…YOU ARE NOT 16. This is the same guy that use to be a spokesperson for D.A.R.E? What a hypocrite! And now his writers make him the butt of every black joke. The show is becoming an embarrassment. I was so excited for him to comeback now I’m ashamed of him. I use to admire him. Especially when he spoke for DARE. I know he never asked to be a role model…but I hope he never asked to be a buffoon. Be the man.

    • Dennis says:

      Ain’t that serious dude. Were all hypocrites. This man had been off the air since 1994 and A LOT has changed since then. You taking it over board too soon.

  28. roy karch says:

    hit me back, A…we can make it work…that’s what I do

    • belinda reser says:

      Arsenio is an amazingly funny and relevant comedian/host. If anyone can turn this program into a ratings success, he can. I watched the discussion/interview with Piers and I thought it was terrific! Here’s knowing that he will be on for a long period to come, if he so desires!

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