‘Scandal’s’ Season Three Episode Order Cut To 18 By ABC

Scandal DVR ratings

Gladiators, we have news: the episode order for season three of ABC’s “Scandal” has been reduced from 22 to 18, Variety has confirmed.

While the Alphabet is mum on the reason behind the episode reduction, it’s likely that the season has been shortened to accommodate show star Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, which was announced this fall.

“Scandal,” one of ABC’s most buzzed-about shows, continues to grow on the net’s Thursday night lineup, last night hitting a six-week high even while facing NBC’s powerhouse live telecast “The Sound of Music.”

The fall season finale for the Shonda Rhimes drama will air next Thursday, and then enter a short winter hiatus before returning to ABC in January to wrap up its third season.

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  1. Kiss My Twist says:

    Rena is a hater

  2. Rena Moretti says:

    Actually, it doesn’t. It is neck and neck with Elementary (another flop that CBS should have canceled last season by the way).

    ABC loves to pretend 18-49 is important, but it’s not. Advertisers as a group pay for pairs of eyes of all ages.

    As for Parenthood, it’s been a ridiculous flop since it started. That NBC keeps nuruturing ridiculously low rated shows like it is why it has now reached the level where CW is starting to come in ahead of it on some time slots.

    Network TV is very, very sick, but the Hollywood press keeps blowing smoke you-know-where to convince us otherwise.

    Personally I wish Kerry Washington would go and be a full-time mom. There’ll be jobs for better actresses that way. :)

  3. Rena Moretti says:

    ABC defines success with a very low bar. Scandal would have been canceled a long time ago on CBS, and CBS hasn’t had a real hit in five years…

  4. Mercer says:

    If you have already made your opinion, why do you have to continue to post it?

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Strangely, I don’t think that if my opinion was fawning admiration for Kerry Washington and Scandal, you’d want me to be silent…

      Mainly, what annoys me and causes me to post is repeated nonsense about Scandal being a “hit” – it’s not, and Kerry Washington being an actress – she’s not.

  5. LaShire says:

    If it’s for Kerry’s pregnancy its cool. It’s important for her to be healthy. It probably is, it’s one of ABC’s most successful shows during the regular season, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t want the ratings.

  6. qusan says:

    How is Scandal a flop when it’s the highest rated show ABC has AND it wins the night, every week, for that time slot? It’s ratings are match or are better than Parenthood and Elementary put together. It’s doing better than Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a matter of opinion to dislike Kerry or the show but let’s not post falsehoods about how well Scandal is doing. I hope Kerry continues to have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.

  7. Rena Moretti says:

    If it means hideously bad “actress” Kerry Washington will get less money, then it’s a plus.

    Her continuous employment remains an insult to all real actors.

  8. qusan says:

    Kerry is already showing pretty well. She’d be humongous if she shot until March/April. I thought she was due sooner.

  9. Danielle says:

    Reblogged this on Secrets In this Jewel and commented:
    I don’t like the fact that they are allowing Kerry Washington’s pregnancy to be an excuse. It’s Hollywood. The land of deception and magic..hmmm….

  10. Kate says:

    I totally get why they likely cut the season short due to Washington’s pregnancy but my goodness, that’s 3 episodes (21 days of production) that so many other cast and crew will not get to work. I imagine the cast will be okay financially but the hard working crew members are getting the shaft by the loss of 21 production days (give or take). I hope they get some sort of compensation.

    • qusan says:

      Are you really worried about people’s paychecks? These folks do not make minimum wage at Wal-Mart and supplement w/food stamps. Actors know the deal about their profession and choose appropriately. They have signed contracts and probably are covered by some sort of insurance for cancellation/emergencies.

      Seriously! Grow up!

    • The JillyBean says:

      Perhaps people that worried about such possibilities should sign onto shows with geriatrics as the cast. Oh no, wait they might stick a fork in the wall. Not to mention plenty of shows get cancelled altogether because of poor ratings. Production is production and there are plenty of reasons for delays, from people, weather, or other production related issues.

      Let’s not forget that a perfectly healthy Paul Walker just died, and set his film production back a few months.

      Your comment is just asinine.

    • Sloane says:

      Who knows. The production company could possibly find a way to pay the crew for some “lost” time. Even if not, this crew at least has a great show and staff long term — unlike many other shows that have come with hype and gone canceled since Scandal’s been rolling along.

      They’re lucky.

      • Rena Moretti says:

        Scandal is a flop. But it’s not as big a flop as other ABC shows have been, but it’s sad to see ABC expanding its PR money on it rather than launching, new, hopefully better, shows…

        Kerry Washington’s “acting” is a continuing joke, and the reason this show doesn’t work. It will be good riddance when ABC belatedly pulls the plug.

    • cadavra says:

      They’ll likely do 24 episodes next season to make up for it.

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