Sarah Silverman Posts Failed NBC Pilot on YouTube

Sarah Silverman’s failed NBC pilot “Susan 313” is finally seeing the light of day as the comedienne has posted the entire episode on her YouTube page.

Silverman says the studio that owned the show, 20th Century Fox, gave her permission to post it. She intros the video by saying she isn’t mad that NBC didn’t pick up the show, but rather admits, “They probably did the right thing.”

Was Silverman’s ‘Susan 313’ on the Wrong Network?

Show starred Silverman as a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend and moves back in to her old apartment. It co-starred Tig Notaro, June Diane Raphael and Harris Wittels, and also featured a cameo from Jeff Goldblum.

Produced by 20th and Imagine TV, the show was a very high-profile pilot and was a surprising no-go from the Peacock.

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  1. Bozo de Niro says:

    Not bad. I watched it in segments, just like a procrastinating aspie does everything when they anticipate the predictable, but whatshername is sexy enough to watch in any case. NEXXXXT!

  2. Yvonne Gomez says:

    Sarah Silverman is genius! Netflix please?!

  3. Jason says:

    NBC? No Body Cares. After NBC put new reruns of the Carson show guest hosted by Leno on again, and played musical chairs on the Today show, does anyone still watch this 4th Place Network except Seniors in Nursing Homes who can’t clap off their TV in the Common Room after Jello Bingo Night?

  4. kathryn says:

    I have been in this business since I was twenty doing small deals, but I am objective.

    I liked your show very much, but the best network for you would be bravo or the network for drop dead diva or netflix.

    The humor and everything is on point you covered everything but the network who owns your pilot is too rigid for your style. Goldblum is as hot as ever and you were good too.

    Good Luck

  5. Arcade6 says:

    Good on NBC for not cqrrying it, she is just not that funny. Once you get past the boobs and the liberal schtick there is not that much there for a broader audience. Sure take it to Netflix just don’t waste TV time with it.

  6. Malcolm d'Misfit says:

    Sorry, but I’ve never found Silverman to be funny. If I were to describe the effect she has on me, you must first imagine what listening to 1,000 sets off fingernails all being pulled down a chalkboard at the same time would sound like to someone with a hangover.

    Need I say more?

  7. Alex Alexander says:

    Rather to be a series of jokes one after the other from her stand up routine put in to video form, it is not enough. Just like the comedienne Cummings with a cancelled show, both are great on interviews, telling jokes, describing real stories on Howard Stern, they are also the highlights of the “Roasts” in Comedy Central….so….If there is in Hollywood an Executive Producer pair with a great edgy writer, this two ladies, will be a hit…..and already stated….they need either FX type network, and perhaps better, HBO, SHOW, or Starz..

    Wish you well ladies….

  8. Tom Harlee says:

    NBC made the right decision. Not funny. It took a lot of courage to share this.

  9. badlands75 says:

    This is probably funnier than Sean Saves the World.

  10. ShaShaNa says:

    I hate when the action stops and you have to endure the unfunny, awkward scenes of the folding chairs audience members. Yuck! and Bleah! Makes no sense and adds nothing to the forward momentum. And worst of all–

    cutsey jokes about genitals–so stale/sophpmoric. No bite to the attempted jokes. Like a Louie C K show without the gift of comedic timing. Sarah I used to watch you on tv when you were so good and I laughed so hard I was breathless. Go back to that–please?

  11. paul says:

    just want you to know that whatever you amount to in your life, it will never — in a thousand of your pesky, weenie years — amount to 1/100th of what she did in her life. remember that when you’re about to breathe your last breath.

  12. I enjoyed the show, that I will look into subscribing to “Jash” online to watch the rest of the episodes. I supposed maybe to increase subscribers to their website they need a good show to gain audience.

  13. kate says:

    Why the hell wasn’t this picked up!?!?!?

  14. Chris says:

    I love Sarah. She is so intelligent and so beautiful and so damn funny. I’d be the happiest man on earth if I could spend a day with her.

  15. Dr. C says:

    It is definitely better than Sean Saves the World but that is not saying much. Overall, it was not that funny unfortunately, and I do not think it is good enough to be a Netflix original comedy series or to be on HBO. And her singing is not very good or even funny, so I am not sure why they made the main character a singer if this was supposed to be a vehicle for her.

  16. if that whitney cummings show is on the air this should be on the air

  17. Fred Funk says:

    Maybe if she got more NAKED and stopped rabbling and made it a HBO show…

  18. Nate says:

    Still trying to find a vehicle for Silverman it sounds like. Problem is that the “what won’t she say” schtick wears of quickly and eventually people start changing the channel. Shock comedy gets old fast and most people don’t have the attention span to let things develop past the “did she just say that” phase. Hope she finds something but to me it seems she was probably right to say NBC shouldn’t have picked up the show. It’s the same song and dance with the occasional shock value comment added for effect. Not really NBC’s safe zone and they probably dogged a bullet by not taking on this project.

  19. Michael says:

    Great show .. I enjoyed it so screw NBC go to Netflix.. Sara Silverman is one funny woman,very sweet in an intelligent sexy way.. This could be a hit if someone would take a chance…

  20. David K says:

    This was in a Jennifer Weiner novel, the results turned out much happier than this will I suspect

  21. Jim Badger says:

    Maybe if she takes it to NETFLIX ….

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