Trayvon Martin Protesters Gather Outside CNN Building in Los Angeles

At least six police helicopters roared overhead as a crowd gathered outside the CNN building Sunday night to protest the ruling in the George Zimmerman trial.

Trailed by a slow procession of police, protesters made their way to CNN after walking along Hollywood Boulevard. Sections of Highland Avenue were closed off by police in riot gear.

Some protesters began banging on the glass doors of the CNN building at nearly midnight to chants of “No justice, no peace.” Others tried to disperse the crowd, likely concerned about police intervention.

Few camera crews were on hand to cover the procession down Sunset. One officer estimated that about 50 protestors had gathered, although the crowd swelled with onlookers.

On Saturday, a six-woman jury found Zimmerman, a Florida neighborhood watch volunteer, not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the shooting death of unarmed African-American teenager Trayvon Martin last year. The case has sparked nationwide protests and renewed discussions on race relations throughout the country and in the media.

At least nine police officers eventually stood outside the CNN building entrance. Protestors linked hands in a giant circle in front of them.

UPDATE: A little after midnight, police officers declared the crowd to be an “unlawful assembly” and demanded people disperse. Protesters had largely left the area by 12:45 a.m., although some angrily confronted police as they made their way south. After throwing one African-American man to the ground, police began chasing protesters further south. The LAPD made three arrests by the end of the night, one officer confirmed.

Angelenos took to the streets earlier in the day, briefly shutting down the 10 Freeway as many marched across it.

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  1. Richard Rosenberg says:

    The prosecution must have known that they could never convict Zimmerman on the Second Degree Murder or Manslaughter charge. With all of the conflicting testimony in this case, there had to be “reasonable doubt” in the minds of any jurors, regardless of their race , gender, or even personal prejudicial feelings, if any.

    The verdict wasn’t a surprise. However, what did surprise me, was how much I cried over the unnecessary loss of a young boy’s life, in the name of preventing a burglary in a gated residential community. It is mind-boggling that a teenage boy, who walked to a convenience store to buy some Skittles and iced tea, would be stalked and ultimately shot, by a volunteer security guard.

    There was no immediate danger to anyone at that time, and life and property were not in danger.
    There was no immediate need to act, and the responding police could’ve handled it, without anyone’s life being in danger.

    Now, angry new words are being spoken, and old wounds are fresh, again. Trayvon Martin should be alive right now, and Mr. Zimmerman should be just another unknown face in a crowd. Instead, this case did not end with justice being served, and none of us can be proud of our criminal justice system, when nobody answers for the death of an unarmed teenager.

    I reiterate my accusation that the prosecution, which was caught between a rock and a hard place politically, decided to bring charges against the defendant, that they knew could never be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

    They satisfied the grieving family by arresting Zimmerman and charging him with murder and manslaughter, and they didn’t lose popularity with the defendant’s side, because they lost the case and Zimmerman was acquitted and set free.

  2. blip says:

    CNN should be sued for inciting to riot. Their coverage of this story was a perfect example of how modern media– with all its immediacy and power– can create mob mentality. Mr. Zimmerman was tried and acquitted of the CRIME FOR WHICH HE WAS CHARGED. Period. If they’d tried him for MANSLAUGHTER, he would have been convicted. (He killed someone; we ALL know that, even Mr. Zimmerman.) But the prosecution had to try for MURDER, and this, very simply (despite all the chest-beating cries to the contrary), was NOT MURDER. It was MANSLAUGHTER, pure and simple. And before the next brave “civil rights” soul wades in to call me a monster, PLEASE: go read the definitions of “murder” and “manslaughter” in the penal codes of ANY state in the nation. In the end, this wasn’t about race: it was about the horrifying power of a major news outlet to create mob mentality in order to get PAGE HITS.

  3. Dan Hydar says:

    …. why was it necessary to specify that the protester was “African American”? A bit of journalistic profiling?

  4. Julienne says:

    Protesters, obviously didn’t watch the trial and see that eye-witnesses saw Martin on top of Zimmerman pummeling his face and slamming his head on the concrete, which is why he had to defend his life. Also obvious, the criminals rioting don’t care, they just need to keep the race-baiting going strong, so that they have a narrative to complain about and get mo free money.

  5. Frank Ojiambo Wanyama says:

    Just goes to show that racism in the US is still deeply entrenched in many of the country’s public institutions. If Americans expect to be taken seriously on it’s lead role in the articulation and popularization of democracy and good governance worldwide, such rulings will only but contradict such course. Americans must do all possible to expunge from its midst all vestiges of it’s dark past. Very depressing.

  6. They should be protesting against, and advocating the firing of CNN’s leading demagogue and Narcissist, Britain’s Piers Morgan. He almost guaranteed them a conviction.

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