Paula Deen Makes First Public Appearance in Three Months

Paula Deen Makes First Public Appearance

Embattled TV chef Paula Deen fought back tears as she as greeted by cheers and a standing ovation from a crowd of over 1,500 during an appearance at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show in Houston on Saturday.

The event was Deen’s first public appearance since being ousted on the Food Network after admitting to a racial slur.

“These are tears of joy y’all,” she told the throngs of fans, some of which paid up to $400 to attend the special event.

“I’m sure you know, unless you’re living under a rock the last few months have been difficult,” she told the audience. “It was an opportunity to learn. I learned a lot about myself and my business. I just want to thank y’all from bottom of my heart.”

Deen and her sons participated in a VIP meet and greet along with a book signing. Both events Saturday  were sold out.

In late June, the Food Network dropped the controversial celebrity chef from its programming lineup in the wake of a deposition that recently surfaced in which she is quoted expressing racist sentiments and using the “N” word.

Deen subsequently apologized for her remarks, saying ““I want to learn and grow from this. Inappropriate and hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable.”

Deen had been a star attraction on the cable channel since 1999, where she built a multimedia empire around herself that extended to restaurants, cookbooks and other merchandise.

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  1. Becky says:

    Just take 30 minutes and read the deposition….it should make you want to run down the street with your on fire…she was willfully ignorant and dismissed the articulate findings of a firm that was brought in to assess the work environment…which was not only hostile it was simply disgusting….she is not sure if pornography in the workplace should be prohibited….really…she apparently has had some very savy busy people propping her up and covering for her…it is bad…very, very bad….

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Many of the people casting stones at Paula Deen, wouldn’t want the Thought Police to come a destroy their lives! If she allowed a Hostile work environment, people are FREE TO LEAVE, and get another JOB! You don’t have to put up with a JERK! It’s FREEDOM OF CHOICE! If that’s true.

    Paula didn’t keep people against their WILL! That’s called SLAVERY! But the same people who preach about Racial Equality are the same ones who want to enslave people because of the WORDS THEY USE! It’s like something from a Philip K.Dick novel, or 1984! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    Paula committed no crime! If her brother & had a bad workplace PEOPLE are welcome to take her to court, and show Evidence! Innocent until proven Guilty in a Court of Law. But now the Media & Ruling Elite in Washington DC decide who is Guilty and who is Innocent. Regardless of the FACTS!

  3. Derrick says:

    I am an African American Male and I think the whole thing was bogus why should she have been victimized for something she allegedly said years ago . I am happy to see she landed on her feet and I will still support her brand

  4. Michael Aldridge says:

    America has become renowned for letting murderers run free. Paula was tried, convicted and sentenced on the basis of a frivolous lawsuit, which was subsequently tossed. Rather than looking at Paula, we should have been looking in a mirror all along.

  5. why does she always have to burst out in tears every time she makes an appearance ,this is becoming old hat,,,and or over kill… gee give it a rest lady.and yes we know your sorry….ok

  6. ZIL says:

    The issue with Paula is not just about the “N” word. While that is not something that should be done…what is more of concern is the allegation that her brother is allowed to create a hostile workplace and she is ok with it. There is more to the issue that just the “N” word. Please investigate the full scope of the situation and you will find a lot more.

  7. Susan Olson says:

    Show me someone who hasn’t said an inappropriate word at some point in their life….there isn’t one!

  8. Just Confused says:

    How many of us who gleefully pick up a stone to cast at Paula Deen know deep in our hearts we are hypocrites.

    RACISM and IGNORANCE are interchangeable.

    While you pride yourself on one, don’t congratulate yourself so much you become guilty of the other.

    AND isn’t PRIDE a snare of ignorance anyway?

    Or am I Just Confused……..again

  9. Just Confused says:

    How many of us who gleefully pick up a stone to cast at Paula know deep in our hearts we are hypocrites.

  10. Jacques Strappe says:

    Was her first public appearance in “black face”? Probably not since the on-cue crocodile tears would cause her makeup to run. Awww, shucks. Ms. Dean’s fans are quick to forgive her racist remarks and mindset as representative of normal southern culture. The woman is a complete sham. The first clue was her omission of mentioning her diabetes to her fanbase, all while pushing high calorie, unhealthy diabetes-inducing recipes as she simultaneously signed a multi-million dollar ad contract to hawk a popular diabetes drug. The woman is an obnoxious, racist fraud. She has made several million dollars that should support a lavish, long retirement.unless she actually eats her own recipes.

    • BillyZ says:

      The asinine posts like this only serve to shine a bright hot spotlight on reverse racism and intolerance. The only thing worse than racism is reverse racism. Just ask the “Reverend” Al Sharpton. Thank God idiot TV executives don’t run the world. They made a HUGE mistake by dumping Deen. And now her loyal fans and others turned off by the piling on are voting with their pocket books. And Deen will be richer than ever.

  11. Sept 14 – It’s a word. A spoken word. It’s not like she cut the SNAP program funding, or started a war with Iraq or sold weapons to Iran, or sought to end Obaacare, or kicked kids out of heard start, or gushed oil in the gulf, or shot chemicals into the ground, or cut off a lot of mountaintops, or ended unions, or blocked voting across the country, or crashed the world economy or made vaginal probes mandatory. JOHN LONGENECKER

    • epagenyc says:

      While I can’t excuse her language or her attitudes, I completely agree with the distinction you draw – the actions you describe are much more damaging.

  12. Terri Drnec says:

    The Food Channel is not any good without Paula Deen. Bring her back soon!

  13. Trish says:

    You show them, Paula. There are more people with you then against you.

    • Jiminy Critic says:

      Embattled TV chef Paula Deen fought back tears as she as greeted by cheers and a standing ovation from a crowd of over 1,500 racists and bigots.

      • BillyZ says:

        Jiminy delivers one of the most ignorant posts EVER! congrats. Wake up. It’s 2013. Reverse racism is far worse than someone saying the n word decades ago when she had a gun pointed at her. DUH.

      • msrickie says:

        Ditto, it’s Texas what’d you expect?

      • SFSolstice says:

        I am neither a racist or a bigot and I support Paula Deen. For you to classify anyone who supports her as racist or a bigot is ….. beyond words. Like most critics of the arts, in its many forms you are probably one of those “can’t do so I will criticize” people. I bet you can’t even boil an egg, but bet you are probably world class at being an egghead :-)

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