NBC’s ‘Million Second Quiz’ App: Strategic and Addicting

Million Second Quiz

App has kicked off "Million Second Quiz" game play weeks before the show's debut

NBC’s ambitious gameshow “Million Second Quiz” may not debut until Sept. 9, but on iPhone and iPad screens across the nation, the competition has already begun.

As of this afternoon, my score on the Million Second Quiz app clocks in at 820 points. The game, a welcome distraction from the soul-sapping experience that is Candy Crush, features 10-question rounds focused on pop culture facts — think trivia surrounding “Friends,” tennis champs, historical tidbits, and the like.

Aside from bragging rights and a new way to procrastinate (who doesn’t need that?), users are also offered a chance to become a “Line Jumper,” or a gamer who is pulled from their home to take part in the Gotham-set, live gameshow next month. (And meet host Ryan Seacrest, which could be equally as appealing to some.)

One has to surpass 3,500 points in order to be eligible for “Line Jumper” status, which means I need to stop writing this story now and devote my life to Million Second Quiz, and also defeat “StephanieM” from New Jersey, who decimated me in my last round on the game.

Can someone tell “StephanieM” to stop playing the game? According to her avatar, she likes dirt bikes, if that helps any in identification.

Prolific players aside, the Million Second Quiz app exemplifies an almost seamless approach to integrating digital elements into the promotion of a TV show. The app introduces users to “Million Second Quiz” branding, the show’s pop culture trivia format, and even boasts a countdown to the gameshow strip’s premiere, breaking down the seconds till its bow on NBC.

Plus, the app is pretty darn shiny, and has mystifying music, to boot. It’s also free, which is everyone’s favorite number.

Playing to “Million Second Quiz’s” advantage is the fact that its complementary app, unveiled weeks before the show’s debut, has immediately initiated gameplay for the program itself with the “Line Jumper” stakes. Though the cameras have not started rolling on the “Million Second Quiz” set, we’re already playing the game, with the premiere in mind.

And while NBC declined to release any preliminary data about number of downloads for the Million Second Quiz app, the app has already stimulated discussion on social media, as Twitter users chat about their point hauls and addictive relationship with the game. Its exemplary of organic TV marketing:

The app will factor into “Million Second Quiz’s” broadcasts during its 12-day strip on NBC, as users will be able to play along with the show in real time, answering the same questions as contestants and comparing scores.

The Million Second Quiz app is available for iPhone and iPad users right now through the App Store, though NBC promises it will roll the app out on Android devices soon. For those who want to compete and don’t have an Apple product, the game is also currently available on NBC’s “Million Second Quiz” page.

“The Million Second Quiz” is produced by All3 Media America, Studio Lambert and Universal Television. Stephen Lambert, Eli Holzman, David A. Hurwitz and Ryan Seacrest serve as executive producers.

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  1. Whats up with the Disney people leaving messages in there Movies and how is this good for children? 90% or more of families that watch have no ideas about this.

  2. Who has time to tweet win they are busy playing?

  3. Chris says:

    How to change pic for online game?

  4. Please allow me be the first PRE ANDROID/ANDROID app contestant. Let it be for me… good things come to those that wait. Well us Android users… will be patient… and hopefully be on the show.

  5. elizabeth says:

    can anyone tell me owno change players in thiis game

  6. Nancy Zagunis says:

    WTF? I keep getting the questions right but the computer is not giving me my points, so I keep losing…Please fix this, it is very frustrating!!!

  7. Trent says:

    Very unhappy with the app. After qualifying and signing up for the show, i continued to play the game because it was fun. A day later it quit working and hasnt worked ever since. Fails to connect even though I can connect to ANYTHING else.

  8. Turned off before it airs says:

    Why should we be interested when they’re going to discriminate against those of us who have the sense to have an Android phone? They should have developed both platforms simultaneously or not bothered. I might understand a delay of a day or two, but this is ridiculous. Guess NBC has just gotten used to being in last place. Good thing they know just what to do to stay there.

  9. Joan deFazio says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with the game searching and searching for a challenger for hours and not allowing you to play? Even tried at 1am Pacific time and no luck.

    • Alice says:

      I’ve been having the same problem for days and a lot of other people have as well. This issue, along with the bias in favor of Apple users has thoroughly squashed my interest in the app and the gameshow.

  10. Mike wachtel says:

    I’d love to be on the show. Ive never had a chance to win anything.

  11. Cal says:

    Unfortunately the state leaderboards are completely broken. I passed the leader for my state over 24 hours ago and the board will not update.

  12. Paula says:

    Game keeps timing out …..

    • Holly says:

      I have had a lot of trouble with the game I’m playing freezing. It always happens when I’m ahead. Do people realize they’re losing and just quit?

  13. Joe says:

    I guess they don’t even think about the surface eh?

  14. I don’t like it they don’t have it for the android, I guess apple is sponsoring the show then?

  15. Tanna Wood says:

    Kinda pissed can’t play this at work on my Android ill just have to kick butt at it at home with my iPad

  16. dave weitzel says:

    have tried to register to line jump twice and not sure if its goin thru or not no confirmation and the the lil circle just keeps spinnin

  17. Dana Eakles says:

    Why do Androids always come in last? I want to play like the rest of America NOW & not have to wait. I love Trivia.

  18. Alice says:

    They need to release it for Android! Only giving Apple users the opportunity to increase their chances to be on the show sounds more like a promotion to make Apple money than promoting the show. It doesn’t seem right that some people get an unfair advantage over others just because they can afford to buy iPhones and iPads.

  19. Jeff Worley says:

    Let me know when u have the Android app

  20. Krystie Pilukas says:

    How come the app doesn’t lock in my answers sometimes? So frustrating!

    • Bob S says:

      It may be that you’re entering your response before the 5 second clock starts counting down. You’re locked out from choosing an answer until that happens.

      • Krystie Pilukas says:

        Thanks for the suggestion…I tried that… It’s always after the clock starts counting down and it will “ding” and show “you” in the answer box and then while its checking answers the “you” disappears!
        Ut happens on answers I get wrong and answers I get right!

  21. Lawrence says:

    The million second quiz app is not available to Canadians…weird, since we watch the same shows as Americans

  22. EK says:

    Android user and pissed about the Apple discrimination.

  23. Daniel Crispy says:

    I see MSQ tweet about ya and I see my tweet in the article! Fabulous! Great article as well.

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