MSNBC Suspends Alec Baldwin’s Show For Two Weeks

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Actor suspended after confronting TV reporter

Alec Baldwin’s “Up Late” program will not air tonight or next Friday on MSNBC in the wake of comments the actor made while dealing with reporters seeking to question him about a salacious court case in which he is involved.

“I did not intend to hurt or offend anyone with my choice of words, but clearly I have – and for that I am deeply sorry,” Baldwin said in a statement posted on MSNBC’s website. “Words are important. I understand that, and will choose mine with great care going forward. What I said and did this week, as I was trying to protect my family, was offensive and unacceptable. Behavior like this undermines hard-fought rights that I vigorously support. I understand “Up Late” will be taken off the schedule for tonight and next week. I want to apologize to my loyal fans and to my colleagues at MSNBC – both for my actions and for distracting from their good work. Again, please accept my apology.”

Baldwin, who testified this week at a trial of a woman accused of stalking him, was asked about the case by a reporter from WNYW, a Fox-operated TV station in New York. Baldwin brushed by the reporter, but then turned and confronted him, saying, “If you’re still here when my wife and kid come out, you’re going to have a big problem, you know that?”

He then insulted the reporter, saying, “You are as dumb as you look. You are with Fox, right?”

On Thursday, Baldwin warded off photographers he felt were getting too close to his family. At one point during the confrontation, he was heard using an anti-gay slur.  Baldwin later used Twitter to call attention to the offensiveness of such language. 

The suspension is not the first time MSNBC has taken one of its personalities off the air. In 2010, MSNBC suspended Keith Olbermann, then its best-known anchor, after discovering he had made political donations to three Democratic congressional candidates – an act that was said to be in violation of NBC News ethics policies. In the end, the suspension lasted just a handful of days.

Baldwin’s program typically features guests in one-on-one conversation with the actor, who has developed a reputation with NBCUniversal during his tenure on “30 Rock,” which aired on the NBC broadcast network, and as a host multiple times on “Saturday Night Live.”  The show’s premiere featured an hour-long interview with Bill de Blasio, just days before he was elected Mayor of New York City.

While announcement of the program on MSNBC raised some eyebrows – Baldwin is not a journalist and his support for liberal causes is well-known – its ratings have not been stellar. The most recent episode, broadcast November 8, reached 395,000 viewers overall, according to Nielsen data. Among viewers between the ages of 25 and 54, the demographic preferred by advertisers in news programming, 101,000 tuned in. In contrast, the premiere of “Up Late” attracted 654,000 viewers overall and 172,000 between the ages of 25 to 54.

Prior to launching “Up Late,” MSNBC was running documentary-style programming under the rubric “MSNBC Investigates.”

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  1. Golfendude says:

    If Capitol One had better cut him soon, before folks start cutting them up. He’s a LUNATIC PERIOD!

  2. David says:

    Sorry LOL. Saying sorry only works for Government officials. YA Right!

  3. eurekadog says:

    MSNBC; Where’s your tolerance for Alec’s views? (Tolerance goes both ways.)

  4. jc says:

    His press agent really came up with a doozy of an apology for this jerk. I would respect him more if he would just stand by his actions, be the bully that he is, and stop pretending to be this holy righteous liberal who believes in rights of gays or whatever.So nauseating.

  5. harrington says:

    Baldwin is not one of my favorite people, AT ALL. But gimme a break. Once you leave your job, your life is your own. What you say is your own. The thought police and the speech police now tell us what we can say and think and do beyond our jobs???? Too darn bad. I personally don’t like Baldwin, but he can say and do whatever he wants when he leaves his job just like anybody else. The gays don’t like it, too bad. They are the ones who are foul in the world’s opinion. They are abnormal, queer and bizarre and are militants! Baldwin, like anyone else, can do whatever he wants when he leaves the office. Tough on the libs. Maybe Baldwin will actually go back to his Irish Catholic roots and be upstanding, conservative and Godly, instead of catering to his liberal friends. This is where it gets you Alec!

    • goacho says:

      “Once you leave your job, your life is your own. What you say is your own. The thought police and the speech police now tell us what we can say and think and do beyond our jobs????”

      That might (and might not) be true for your job but it certainly isn’t true for Alec Baldwin. Why do you think they hired someone who already had a name for himself? If that person’s name lost value of course they can suspend or fire him.

  6. reader says:

    Baldwin was not trying to protect his family, as he claims but rather was trying to act like the bully, a**hole that he certainly is. I think he succeeded.

  7. Andylit says:

    “In Bloomberg’s New York, forty or fifty paparazzi are allowed to block streets, inconvenience homeowners, workers and shoppers, and make life miserable for my neighbors,” he complained. “Photographers have tripped and fallen on babies in strollers on my block. They have nearly struck my wife in the face with microphones.”

    The above statement is the ONLY reason I have a slight bit of sympathy for the man. Mostly the issue as opposed to the man.

    I propose a 3 Foot 1 Strike rule.

    If a reporter or photog gets in your face, you get one free strike with no legal penalty. Kick or punch, as hard as you want. No retaliation allowed unless you hit the reporter a second time.

    I understand that people who willingly live in the spotlight must expect to endure a certain level of unwanted publicity, but there is a point at which it crosses the line of personal boundaries. Regardless of who the target is.

    When the reporters chase the targets down the street, ram mikes into their faces, screaming questions, popping flashes in their eyes, etc. A person, any person, should not have to tolerate such an intrusion. The police generally do nothing.

    I say give the targets 1 good shot.

    • Vince says:

      Baldwin made himself a lightning rod because of his LONG history of outrageous comments and behavior. And then he lives in NYC of all places and expects to be left alone. Sorry, but he brought all this on himself.

  8. Oh no! No Alec Baldwin show for two weeks!

    That’s okay, I’ll go back to sticking red-hot kebab skewers in my eyes. It’s marginally more fun.

  9. Neal Scroggs says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving slug.

  10. Fred Russo says:

    This jerk is the spokes person for Capitol one credit card. Do you think they would allow Rush or Beck to make these kind of statements and get away with it????
    As for you so called Conservatives that carry this card shame on you!

  11. Freelancer says:

    Alec Baldwin is a narcissistic, thoughtless, insensitive jerk. It isn’t about anti-gay, anti-religion, anti-conservative, or anti-whatever with him, it’s all simply about him. When his own daughter inconvenienced him, he left a vulgar, inhuman 2-minute tirade on her voicemail which would have earned most part-time parents a restraining order. But with “liberal celebrity” comes license to act out with no consequences. When he decides to insult somebody, he uses whatever is going to be most hurtful, hasn’t the media figured that out yet? But as long as he pretends to apologize each time, he gets a pass. Well, media, he’s all yours, own him.

  12. Alec Baldwin is just a regular, red blooded American man, remember the kind we had before political correctness – the kind the girls swooned for at the movies…. John Wayne, Frank Sinatra on and on. Scratch the surface or attend any private party in America and you’ll hear worse…. Big Brother strikes again.

  13. MikeG says:

    Being suspended or terminated from MSNBC would be a high honor.

  14. Why would the network that employs a proven racist that has been convicted of slander in the Tawana Brawley case take Baldwin off the air? Baldwin wasn’t resposible for the arson death of 7 people at “Freddy’s Fashion Mart”, (google this name in parens) and read what the phony Rev. did to these innocents. Sharpton turned an economic rent dispute into a racial case and 7 people burned to death. Sharpton can try to deny this, but he led the daily harassment of the Jewish owned store that had been at the same location for 40 years. Sharpton is also a proven Anti-Semite. Hours of tape recordings of his radio show have his foul words for all to hear.

    Sharpton is a professional bigot and he still has a job. I know no one watches the admitted tax cheat. He still owes back taxes that go back to the early 1990’s. I don’t know if Baldwin is a tax cheat, but he hasn’t admitted it, yet. Why does MSNBC treat the Black Rev. Al one way and the White loudmouth, Baldwin another way?

  15. JHise says:

    Suspended? Should have been terminated. Alec Baldwin is a puke.

  16. TahoeGuy says:

    aww… did he offend someone? Love to see it all fail.

  17. Scott Hawke says:

    Finally, Baldwin and MSNBC has come up with something that is funny.

  18. Robert Garcia says:

    I didn’t know anyone was impressed to begin with…its all noise coming out of his mouth.

  19. NCMike says:

    Who cares.

  20. Robert Kalin says:

    I am a fan of Baldwin and liked his thought provoking low key informative program. Baldwin is passionate about issues (and his family) that is a key element of his attraction. For that reason we are prone to forgive him for his faux pas. His positive acts far outweighs these negatives. I hope his program is quickly reinstated.

  21. Lady Con says:

    Great chance for MSNBC to kill two birds with one stone….. get rid of a loser, and get rid of a loser.

  22. godiva says:

    This is almost as bad as saying that people must lie in a PC fashion. When the “run away bride” Carol Wilbanks falsely accused Mexicans of abducting her – there were massive cries of “racism”. And when Susan Smith murdered her children she lied and accused a black person of car jacking her car – the blacks cried racism. Tell me is there a “better” way of lying? When you lie is it “better” to do it in a Politically Correct fashion? White people – when you falsely accuse, do it the “better” way and say it was a white guy. And Alec Baldwin – when you lost your temper and get out of control – please remember to be PC about it. Scream only heterosexual terms during your uncontrolled rants. It would be so much “better”.

  23. Are LBGT groups calling for advertisers to boycott Baldwin’s show just like feminists called for a boycott of Rush Limbaugh’s show after he used a slur to describe Sandra Fluke?

  24. Kent says:

    Every foray into public life off the screen has ended the same way – thanks to Baldwin’s out of control temper – yet he will be resurrected once again in some talk format with the same result. The liberal media recycles failed liberal hosts (Katie Couric?) with a nearly religious faith in their entertainment value for no apparent reason.

  25. LanP says:

    Haha! Exactly. Remember when Hank Jr. made his so-called “comparison” of Dear Leader and Hitler? (…which, for those of you keeping score, was NOT a comparison at all…but yet another media drive-up that only affected the unthinking majority in this country…) He got shit-canned so quickly that it made the NFL’s head spin.

  26. LanP says:

    I agree with your comment except the part where you said his ideas are “no more practical or important” than a trucker or anyone else. I believe his ideas are even LESS important BECAUSE of the reasons you stated above – his insulation from real-life, everyday problems the rest of us face on the reg puts him in a position to sit down and shut the fuck up. Let the rest of us make policy, since we’re the ones who have to live with the consequences. Baldwin and his ilk don’t have to be responsible for themselves anyway, so there’s no reason for them to be concerned with us pee-ons.

  27. Dick Sicario says:

    That will piss off his 3 viewers

  28. TominSanBernadino says:

    This Baldwin guy, here’s your Bully folks and yet no one calls him out on it b/c he’s a lefty and they can’t be bully’s…I’d love for him to threaten me like that…Let’s see what kind of man he really is. He’s gonna do it to the wrong person some day, and he’s on record so many times acting like a tough guy…he’ll lose in court as well.

  29. Dennis says:

    Why does this get more attention than the crimes and deceit in Washington? I’m a gay man, I could care less what this guy thinks or says. Be outraged at our President and his cohorts, care less about Hollywood, I mean they are only there to Entertain, no way critical to life.

  30. Someone was offended by words. Too fucking bad. The offendee is the one who should be ostracized.

  31. HML says:

    They may as well have hired Keith Olberman back rather than give Alec Baldwin a show.

  32. Billy says:

    So it’s ok for Chris Matthews to call conservative whites “crackers,” (on the air, no less) but insult gays and you’re fired. This consistently hypocritical PC nonsense inquisition has gotten way out of hand. The solution for a free society (or at the least, a sensible one) is for Baldwin, or Matthews, or Paula Dean, or whoever to say, “Yes, I said that. Sorry, I was mad.” And move on. Like adults.

  33. Bnchy says:

    I’m sure all 11 people who watch the show are going to be very disappointed. Baldwin is and arrogant, obnoxious fool.

  34. SandMan says:

    This guy is a repeat offender and an absolute train wreck. I cancelled my Capital One card – and let the bank know exactly why. Perhaps if Mr. Baldwin loses a few sponsors, he’ll clean up his act.

  35. robert says:

    to Mr Baldwin – do not listen to ANYONE who rails against you. you are a top actor, and entertaining in everything you do. i can say for certainty I WILL ALWAYS BE A FAN. 30 ROCK ALONE is enough for you to hold up as an example.
    as for what YOU SAY to anyone waiting to ‘cover’ you and your family in public and then ‘report’ on your life, in a news context or an entertainment context, that happens to get caught on camera – IT DOESN’T MATTER TO ME. you can say anything you want if you’re angry at anyone you perceive to be pushing YOUR boundaries. i am behind you 100%. and them some. i expect nothing less from you. i dont blame you. i’d do the same thing.
    and you werent even all that offensive. i would say much worse and be happy about it. some of these guys need to be put in their place. and you are the man for the job. own it! BRAVO!

    • RLG says:

      This low information/low intelligence Baldwin lover must be on the the “100,000” viewers Baldwin has managed to con. Just look at the grammar in this guys sentences. My 3rd grade son writes better.

      • Looks like Robert needs his nap now. Go play with your ‘Alex’ doll now Robert and watch a few dozen Thirty Rock reruns and leave the well justified criticizing of your boyfriend to us adults.

    • Metalman says:

      LOL!! Robert is a sycophant. Careful dude. If Alec takes a quick left when out walking, it could break your nose with it being so far up his backside.

    • Norris Bettis says:

      Robert (above) and Baldwin are both Poster Children for the need for greater Gun Control!

    • Jim says:

      You clearly need to get into therapy as soon as possible. Your kinship with an obviously disturbed man means everyone else around you, especially your family, are in danger. Please get help.

  36. Jack says:

    His loyal fans? lolololololol

  37. He was right in warding off the paparrazzi. He was only trying to protect his family. Recall what happened to Princess Diana and her lover. He has the right to his own privacy. Besides, what he said was all true. The paparazzi should be disciplined so he could not stalk any actor anymore. After his experience with the woman stalker, this actor must have found it horrific to be stalkd by an impertinent male paparazzi. Why is the actor persecuted? Is it because he is not gay? Ingrates! In spite of the fact that he is a real man and very much married with a woman, he even supported the rights of this kind of people.

  38. viper says:

    One of these days, he is going to tackle the wrong individual and they’re going to stomp a “mudhole” in his ass. He acts like a spoiled little child!

    • LanP says:

      Oh boy, I hope that gets caught on camera when it happens!

      • No he won’t viper. That’s because like all gutless cowards who desperately want people to think they’re tough, Baldwin is a master at picking his victims. It’s always the same – women or the male eunuchs who seem to represent about 100% of the paparazzi. He knows he can get away with it with these pathetic wimps. I’d love to ‘plant’ one of the female jiu jitsu black belts that fight at my dojo around him as a media person at one of these events where he likes to play the tough guy, and have him physically threaten her – and then step back with my video camera and film the ensuing total physical pounding that would be quickly hand – and foot – delivered to Mr. Baldwin.

  39. Moo Kahn says:

    Wow – Alec Baldwin did something offensive, off-the-cuff, FIRE-aim-ready , without thinking it through…IMPOSSIBLE! That suspension is going to infuriate the 52 people who watched his show.

  40. libertarian forfreedom says:

    wait a minute.
    he does have son a bit smarter, he seems to lean republican.

  41. Mike Harmon says:

    Alec Baldwin has a show? Does it really count as “a show” if it’s on MSNBC?

  42. Diggi says:

    This was the best show ever. I can’t believe that we finally got a normal person on a talk show and they cancelled it.

  43. Patriot says:

    This is the same guy who couldn’t even run a talk radio show about ten years ago in an attempt to counter Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh:

    “Oh…. where are the callers? Oh… there’s the number… that’s very interesting..”

  44. Lazybum says:

    I am guessing MSNBC is going to use this unsurprising incident of intolerant hatred (How many times has this walking time bomb gone off in the past?) to cancel his crappy, poorly tracking show without spending any of its dwindling capital.

  45. Jack Donaghy says:

    Good God, Lemon!

  46. Grayeagle says:

    I’m not a fan of Alex Baldwin, but I’ll defend his right to get angry at idiots that constantly taunt and stalk him and his wife. Everyone had a right to privacy, even public figures such as Baldwin. People who are extremely upset can, and do use inappropriate language that they usually regret later on. Not in a split-second do I believe Baldwin is a homophobe! And I say that as someone who does not agree with the homosexual lifestyle. I love the sinner and hate the sin! Back to Baldwin. Will you people leave the man alone!!! Please.

    • dannyvice says:

      He markets himself to the public decade after decade – gets into fights in public spaces with everyone who irritates him. And you demand his privacy? You do realize he’s not looking for privacy, don’t you?

      I think you have a crush on the man.

  47. C.C. Charles says:

    If he was any other way he wouldn’t be Alec Baldwin. Let him say whatever he wants. I don’t think it will change the world one way or the other, except possibly by making it a more entertaining place.

    This is not important. Who was offended? The reporter? Someone watching it on TV?


  48. SamSmith2233 says:

    Now if the New York Philharmonic would dump him as well as NPR affiliate WNYC, not only is he homophobic his a nut job. This isn’t the first time he’s gone off on someone.

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