MSNBC Returns Ed Schultz to Weekday Schedule

Ed Schultz
Riccardo Savi/Getty Images

Host has anchored weekend show since April

Ed Schultz continues to bounce around the MSNBC programming schedule, this time moving back to weekdays after a stint hosting during weekends.

The host and his “Ed Show” will move to the NBCUniversal cable-news outlet’s 5 p.m. slot on weekdays starting Aug. 26, the network said Monday. Schultz and “The Ed Show” had been featured Saturdays and Sundays at 5 p.m. since April. Prior to that, Schultz held forth during primetime on weeknights, anchoring the network’s 8 p.m. hour.

MSNBC said “Hardball With Chris Matthews” would continue to run weeknights at 7, but that Schultz’s new slot would take Matthews off what Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, called “double duty.” Matthews’ program has been running at both 5 and 7 weeknights. “Chris Matthews and the ‘Hardball’ team have been pulling double duty for years,” Griffin said in a prepared statement. “This move will concentrate the ‘Hardball’ audience to one key time period and enhance the flow of our evening programming,”

Schultz joined MSNBC in 2009 after enjoying success as a radio talkshow host. After anchoring a two-hour time slot in the afternoon, Schultz was moved to the 10 o’clock hour in 2011, then to the 8 p.m. hour within months.

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  1. Jane Bennett says:

    I really miss the Ed Schultz news program. Sometimes I had difficulty being on time to view his MSNBC news report at 5PM. He was my favorite newscaster. His broadcast of the news later would be more convenient for me to view. He makes incredible sense and has excellent guests.

  2. We miss Ed Schultz at 5PM. Our cocktail hour is miserable with disen? Some of the others are passable but not like ED. We also enjoyed Chris Mathews when he was on at 5 and you took him some
    where else. What gives? Dale & Joanne Kroft

    • weihua zhang says:

      I whole heartedly agree with Joanne and Dale. Ed Schultz is my all time most favorite host on MSNBC. I hope his hour will be back to 8 o’clock pm that most people can watch. Other hosts are not so experienced and energetic as him. Weihua Zhang

      Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2015 21:21:13 +0000 To:

  3. Weihua Zhang says:

    Please put Ed Schultz back to 8:00 pm. My job would not allow me to watch 5:00 show. Chris Hayse is not mature enough.

  4. Sandi McGowan says:

    I think Chris Matthews is the best on MSNBC. He is exciting, fair-minded, loves our country, and should have two shows so more people can watch him. He does interrupt sometimes, but that stems from his exhuberance and excitability. He knows the issues and really cares about America and where it is going. I wish he would have decided to run for Congress. He could have made a difference there just like Warren is doing. Keep up the good work, Chris. Don’t ever take him off the air!!!! Sandi McGowan

  5. Yvette says:

    Ed Schultz needs to be back on prime time 8:00pm. I stopped watching MSNBC when Ed was switched to weekends. Love Ed lets go to work!

  6. Weihua Zhang says:

    Please switch Ed Schultz week day show from 5:00pm to the original 8:00pm. Ed is our most favorite anchor person and political commentator. 8:00 is the best time for most TV viewers. signed Weihua Zhang, royal hartigan, Bob Chang, Jing Wang, Tianxu Zhou.

  7. ed we are so happy that you are back. we missed you every day you were gone. you are the best.
    Dick and linda pressman

  8. anserd graham says:

    I like ED .and I like to watch his show please do not change him again

  9. Joey Thomas says:

    This guy is a nut – to bad this ultra liberal network brought him back – does not matter anyway – Comcast is going to finally blow up MSNBC this fall with major changes!

  10. EVORA POWELL says:


  11. clyde says:

    I am very pleased that the Ed Show is back to week days. ED does an outstanding job of addressing issues that get sweep under the rug. ED does a good job of keeping us in formed. Keep up the good work.

  12. Fran Tessmer says:

    The Chris Matthews show is my favorite show on MSNBC. Yes, his interruptions are irritating and I wish he would control himself better, but, to me, he seems to be the most articulate and savvy of the MSNBC hosts. He has passion for what he believes in and clearly cares deeply about the present and future of the United States’ government and country. I can understand why he is a bit upset about losing his first evening spot. I would suggest that they remove Chris Hayes from his evening spot and put him on weekends. He is a bit of a “wonk” and doesn’t have much of a personality for a daily weekday spot on MSNBC, let alone an evening one. As far as I am concerned, Chris Matthews is the star of the MSNBC lineup.

  13. Sharon Zeruk says:

    I LOV3 Ed’s radio show and love that Ed asks questions and lets his guests answer. Although I do like Chris, Ed speaks more to middle America and explains things to his audience.

  14. Joanne says:

    Welcome back ED! I am back to watching MSNBC now. If they take you off again, they will loose my whole family…and I have a huge family. The next best thing is to re-hire Keith O.

  15. Mark Harris says:

    Ed Schultz is a national treasure; don’t know why he moved to weekends; glad he’s back weekdays at 5pm if not at 8pm. I don’t like Chris Hayes—-can’t understand his forced loud guttural voice. Please move Martin Bashir to that slot. He’s fantastic and his educated English is so easily understandable. Rachael Maddow is too dramatic and excited and high pitched at times and I have to change stations. I’m a regular viewer and thanks for listening to my comments.

    • Video Vision says:

      Mark Harris has a capital idea! Give Martin Bashir the 8 PM slot. He’s everything that Chris Hayes is not: Witty, sophisticated, urbane, and telegenic. As I’ve previously noted, Chris is clearly a very intelligent and well-informed guy, and would is certainly up to holding down an early morning weekend show or subbing for a regular MSNBC host, both of which he once did. But as many of the comments on this page seem to make clear, he is NOT up to anchoring a 5-day-a-week prime-time spot on cable’s premiere progressive web. Martin Bashir IS capable of fulfilling that role, and it’s high time he was given a shot at it.

  16. Veronica says:

    Thrilled to see the Ed show is back. Ed, Al, Rachel and Lawrence are my favorites. They tell the raw truth although for some people, it is hard to hear. The MSNBC evening lineup is diverse, captivating and truthful unlike Fox with all the lies, hate and ignorance. How could any fair minded, thinking person watch those hypocrites? Sometimes I stay up late nights and watch the 11:00 PM reruns, so start in order with the Ed Show so I can see all the shows twice.

  17. Robert says:

    another whiner back in the 5:00 time slot. Lots of competition……change occuring since The Five have shot up to #1 and Mathews continues to lose viewers. . Agree that Ed should take Sharptons slot. His show ratings are continuing to slide.

  18. bruce montgomery says:

    That’s the first brightest step program directors made at MSNBC…. Welcome back Ed! Nomore channel surfing for me at 5 p.m. I’ll be hoping you eventually move up to the 7 p.m. time slot. . if somehow you could move Mathews to the 11 o’clock hour……If Mathews can turn off a guy like me, I can’t believe he draws an audience except out of either boredom or nothing else on at those times. Mathews is the rudest host ever and I always wondered why he had guests on his show because he always interrupted, cut them off and never gave them a chance to educate me on a given topic under discussion. It’s always fun to see regular guests talk real fast trying to get their point across before Mathews butts in. And Chris Hayes is smart as a whip…you really learn about things when you watch him and Rachael and that’s important. All that money to Mathews and a new four year contract…..who handles the negotiations with the talent over there?

    • Myra Greenberg says:

      So glad to have Ed Schultz back at 5PM. I completely agree with Bruce Montgomery!!! I suggest hiring Michael Smerconish to replace Chris Mathews!! Myra Greenberg

    • peterson says:

      What is wrong with you! Matthews is great and so is Sharpton. You’re sounding like FOX News.

  19. joew says:

    If msnbc wants to get ahead they should bring back KEITH, get rid of Sharpton

  20. Best news ever! now I can have my daily, ”Ed show fix” instead of waiting for the weekeneds. wellcome back msnbc. from Boss Lady Jones

  21. Charlie Smith says:

    Great news! Now I, too, can return to MSNBC. And Video Vision nailed it exactly regrading Chris Hayes –everything is pitched at the same intensity.

  22. Gary Lewis says:

    I have a man crush on Big Ed. You guys should have never moved him off prime time. I’ve followed Ed from weeknights to weekends and I’m following him back to five. Ed and Al rock!!!

  23. Sally Sauter says:

    I’m sorry to see Chris Matthews is going to be on only at 7PM. I enjoyed watching his show when there wasn’t much else on at 5PM. I can’t say that I particularly like The Ed Show, or Ed Schultz. I just can’t connect with him. I guess I will have to find something else to watch at 5PM.

  24. Video Vision says:

    I join the chorus in welcoming Ed Schultz back to MSNBC’s regular weekday schedule. He was clearly never happy about being demoted to weekends, and didn’t deserve such a fate. He’s a far more dynamic on-screen presence than Chris Hayes, who, despite obviously being whip-smart, comes off on the tube as pretentiously wonkish. Ed has the intelligence, but also combines the power of persuasion with the common touch to communicate his ideas effectively to viewers.

    Now, about that 8 PM time period…

    • Irene says:

      As much as I like Chris Hayes the minute I heard Ed was being relegated to the weekend….MSNBC lost a loyal viewer for the evening viewing.

      So to have Ed back to where he belongs MSNBC has one of their loyal viewers back!
      And here’s to Ed…Welcome Back My Friend!!!

  25. Elaine Gann says:

    I am thrilled. Hopefully MSNBC has finally realized what an asset Ed is to the network and to the working class!!

  26. jkb says:

    He is the BEST!! We just can’t get enough of Ed. It never made since why Chris was on twice each evening. We’ll be there on Aug 26th. Go ED!!!! And of course we’ll continue to watch Hardball.

  27. Maxineb says:

    No one is making you watch him, Julienne.
    watch some other station, if you so desire. Most of us are looking forward to him returning to week days. He does tell the truth and state facts!!!!

    • Denise Lannon says:

      Chris Matthews is the greatest host on TV.His experience and attitude and not-so- continual lefty message put the other hosts to shame (with the exception of Rachel). If you want your news biased to the left the way that FOX biases it to the right then I can understand why you like Ed, Chris (what a bore) and Al. Chris is the SUPERSTAR at MSNBC. He is irreplaceable and I hope Phil Griffin understands his value. I will migrate to 7-without Chris (and Rachel) all MSNBC has is a lot of liberal blowhards. I do not see Christ interrupting guests as the issue. The biggest issue on Hardball and the other shows are the guests talking over each other so you cannot understand what either are saying-it drives me crazy. All the hosts need to take better control of that!
      By the way I am a dyed in the wool progressive.
      MSNBC do not ever lose Chris-he is the cornerstone of your programming while these others come and go (remember the Tucker Carlson days?-he had 2 hours also-never got that).

  28. Maxineb says:

    SO GLAD. He tells the truth and states the facts about the Republican party and the tea party and all their corruption!!!, . He stands for the working person and the middle class unlike the repub. party that works for the rich and big corporations Looking forward to seeing him again!! I will continue to watch Hardball at 7:00.

  29. Linda says:

    Great! Ed is back and only have to endure one hour of Mathews.

  30. cadavra says:

    Great news. Plus I never understood the point of running HARDBALL at 5:00 and repeating it just two hours later–neither of them in prime time. Better use of the time by far!

  31. SuzanneO'Dowd says:

    Good for Ed. We watched his week end shows. But it wil be great to have him back 5 days a week. It was good to see Fuglesang lighting up some good will and logic there too.

  32. D Clark says:

    Great news!

  33. Jeanene Hamilton says:

    Thrilled Ed will be back!! I too wish that he was on at the 8:00 p.m. slot. Looking forward to seeing him. Hope his wife is doing well!!!

  34. Leroy says:

    Glad you’re back five days a week, Ed, in fact I wish you were back in your 8pm slot.

    • Karen says:

      Hurrah! Ed is back. Let’s have Sharpton at 7, Ed at 8, Olberman at 9, Racheal at 10 and Lawrence at 11.

    • Doreen Long Andersen says:

      I am very pleased hat Ed will be back on weekdays. He is an important friend of the working class. We need more advocates like him

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