Megyn Kelly’s Primetime Debut Wins In Total Viewers

Positive signs for first rejiggered Fox News primetime lineup in more than a decade

Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” handily beat rivals in total viewers, an auspicious start for the network’s first new primetime program in more than a decade, as well as its host, Megyn Kelly.

According to early Nielsen totals, Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” lured nearly 2.1 million viewers between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m,. Monday evening, compared with 997,466 for MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” and 529,946 for CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight.” The figures could change slightly.

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MSNBC’s “Maddow”  secured more viewers among audiences between 25 and 54 years of age, the demographic most coveted by advertisers in news programming. “Maddow” attracted 298,543 in the demo, according to Nielsen, compared with 289,264 for “Kelly” and 144,602 for “Piers Morgan.” Ad buyers have said they have come to expect the largest viewership for cable news from Fox News Channel.

“Kelly File” joins a Fox News Channel primetime lineup that has been rejiggered for only the fifth time in its 17-year history, as the network hopes to maintain its audience lead while testing new ways to deliver breaking news to viewers. Gone is the outlet’s traditional evening newscast in the form of a 7 p.m. program anchored by Shepard Smith. Sean Hannity and Greta van Susteren, both network stalwarts, have moved to 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. , respectively, from 10 p.m. and 9 p.m.

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The four-hour lineup of “On The Record with Greta van Susteren,” “The O’Reilly Factor,” “The Kelly File” and “Hannity” brought in more viewers overall than the MSNBC and CNN lineups combined, according to the early Nielsen figures. Fox News Channel generated more than 2 million viewers, compared with 1,009,000 for MSNBC and 516,000 for CNN. Among viewers between 25 and 54, Fox News Channel attracted 329,000, while MSNBC attracted 314,000 and CNN generated 144,000.

The new four-hour lineup helped Fox News Channel increase total viewers by 15% and viewers between 25 and 54 by 6% compared to its performance in the third quarter of 2013, according to the Nielsen figures.

UPDATED: According to Nielsen, “The Kelly File” also surged in its key demo on Tuesday night.

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  1. mike harden says:

    Yes we are headed for a Medicare type of insruance for everyone. Look at the increase in the medicare tax, 2.8% to 3.7%. I predict just like Social Security, the tax will increase greatly in the next 5 to 10 years. If I remember right the employer also matches the Medicare tax just like the Social Security tax. Look at the cost to employers. Look at the cost to everyone if the tax goes to 5% and that may just be the beginning. In 10 to 15 years it could be as high as 10% for both the employee and the employer

  2. Stephen Kowalewski says:

    Dear Kelly, I am sure you have heard about the woman filing a civil suet against Mickie D’s; for what I believe, to be the plaintiffs negligence of the coffee spilling onto her lap. “Not” the employee for Mickie D’s.. I find this to be very profound and beyond the pail!! That there are, lawyers, law firms, etc.. out there to litigate this bogus claim to justify the imposition of “any” damages.. I state this because, of my experience over the last (9) years of trying to find legal counsel, to handle a 42 U.S.C. (1983) claim, the extent of the damages available under a (1983) claim alone is incredible (amongst others). This case is paramount to the “David Goldman” case…. And it is here right in the “UNITED STATES of AMERICA”; happening NOW!! This is about a little girl, now 11 years of age, who lost her mother at the age of (3); when over come by breast cancer. Now with her Biological father, trying to endeavor the frivolous, fraudulent filings and writings, false imprisonment, etc.. documented; filed by her late mother’s sister and her husband along with her maternal grandmother!! Because I am of indigent status and a disabled veteran, my means are minimal to say the least… Which leaves us helpless to retain good and respectful legal counsel. And, have also exhausted all monies and properties for last legal council. Plus, I am behind the eight from the start; being that when the ex-mother in-law is a multimillionaire.. I know that I am preaching to the choir, Kelly.. But here it goes; For the “OATH OF OFFICE” of Justice or Judge, for Judges, Lawyers.. I, the undersigned, who have been——– to the office of——–but have not yet entered upon the duties thereof, do solemnly (swear) that I “will” support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of———; that I “will” administer justice without respect to persons and “will faithfully” and “impartially” discharge the duties of said office to the best of my ability. So help me God.. I see or hear no legal members, calling or tripping over each other to aid on the behalf of my daughter and I… This is totally a miscarriage of Justice, or is it Injustice? Maybe we’ll have to make a visit to our local Mickie D’s….and purchase an ice cream beverage; you never know what kind of a brain freeze one might encounter…

  3. The Chief says:

    The numbers will totally favor Fox in a few weeks. Right now about 8 million viewers are watching the Major League Baseball playoffs. After the world series the 25-54 demo will go back to Fox.

  4. Mr.Bobo says:

    Hey I have a great dieting technique, when feeling hungry just flip on Warning: not more then 30 seconds) talking Ape Al Sharpton or he/she hag Maddow. Impossible to eat afterwards!!

  5. John Gordon says:

    I don’t know if i’d go that far but I would be willing to drink her bath water!

  6. katalin says:

    I like her….but she is SO made up that she looks like she is going to a club…..this is a news program….why is it so important that she looks so glammed up?

    • katalin says:

      Mr. Bobo: don’t need a diet technique….I’ve been slender all my life. You missed my point. But if you need for her to look the way she does to get your NEWS…well then, she has done her job hasn’t she

    • John Gordon says:

      Have you noticed that the cameras have gone back to taking shots of Megyn’ front view – showing a good shot of her legs? They completely abandoned this type of view when Kelly’s subs, Camerota and McCallum took her place? Why?

  7. Rick says:

    Megyn is in love with herself. She thinks she’s an authority on everything. Take the “World’s greatest lawyer” from prime time and place her on the 1:00 AM show. Plese god, give me back Hannity.

    • Robert_Treat_Paine says:

      Hey Rick, Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t… I sure am. And it’s not just for her looks. I give you permission to stay up an hour later and watch Hannity.

  8. Cosmo says:

    Megyn is the complete package, has all the tools and uses them effortlessly. Intelligent, articulate, confident and sexy all at once.

  9. david miler says:

    i would rather listen to Alex Jones to get the truth than the mainstream media maggots. Wake up people!

  10. Dorky Lib says:

    Looky looky It’s the new Fox ” Nail File”

  11. Barry Hirsh says:

    And, why NOT?

    Megyn is a BABE!

  12. Miguel says:

    It’s only because she looks like she makes beautiful babies!

  13. I wished Fox would get rid of Hannity for all shows ,his continuing to discuss the candidate that opposed Romeny in the primary is one of the reasons we now have Prs.Obama . Carl Rove should stuff his chalk board up his kissta,and Bill O’Reily is the biggest phony on the great Fox news program.

    • Robert_Treat_Paine says:

      Fred, do you want me to tell you how wrong you are? Just look at the numbers. The people have voted with their clickers, and your side lost. Now ‘move on’ or move out.

      • Jim says:

        Fred those numbers are there because we have no other choice. Mr O thinks he is God, and takes credit for things he had nothing to do with. And Sean repeats himself 200 times until even he is tired of hearing something. If it were not for Drudge, everyone in this country would be nuts! Kelly is sharp! You can have Gretta. They are propping her up and using Sean to score at 10:00. That’s all!

    • Susanna Gordon says:

      Your views might be more effectively articulated if you learned to write and spell. You must be aproduct of the American public education system.

  14. Tim W says:

    Nothing more HOT than a HOT conservative woman.

  15. Darin Warren says:

    The left will NEVER ever be able to compete in the arena of ideas.

  16. John Galt says:

    I don’t watch cable news, or network news for that matter. Quite frankly they don’t do journalism anymore. I am the type of man who would like simple facts (who, what, where, when, how) on current events. Not a bunch of people presenting their “take” or opinions on current topics. I go on-line to obtain my news. If I wanted corporate sponsored opinions I might turn on Fox or CBS or CNN. If I wanted government talking points I’d turn on NBC or MSNBC. All that being said, I remember Megyn Kelly back in 2008 when I was watching election coverage. I was super impressed by her and I wish her well with her new primetime position.

  17. Patriot1972 says:

    Hey Piers Morgan, Megyn Brought It!

  18. Tomd says:

    My bet is that it won’t be long before Megyn blows the competition out of the water including the viewership of other programs on Fox. She is smart, beautiful and not full of herself. She is bar none the best anchor in the business today.

  19. Mike says:

    Many of them are very well educated. This is not true for other networks, and could be a reason to hear what they have to say.

  20. Scott says:

    As long as I am talking FOX lineup, I must say that O’Reilly is a blowhard! Sean H not far behind. Can’t stand either one. I am a conservative republican but these two guys are cartoon characters.

    • pburd says:

      I agree with you regarding personality but that is not why I watch O’Reilly. He asks the tough questions and sugarcoats nothing.

    • Tomd says:

      Totally agree with you. I am a Conservative and used to like watching O’Reilly and Hannity. However, O’Reilly is an arrogant loud-mouth and Hannity is a water-carrier for the Republican Party. Shaun sees no wrong done by Republican’s which is nonsense. I turned-in my Republican card precisely because the Party became nearly indistinguishable from the nimwits on the left.

      • BTighe says:

        You obviously don’t understand Hannity. He is not a Republican. He is a registered Conservative (one can register as a Conservative in New York). He is constantly at loggerheads with the less conservative members of the Republican party.

  21. Scott says:

    I like Megyn but the reshuffle has made “The Five” @11pm, turn into Greta in SoCal. Sorry Greta, you are not compelling or interesting to watch.

  22. MissyT says:

    Fox appears to be one of the only channels where you actually get to hear both sides. CNN and MSNBC, never watch ’em……………boring one sided nasty comments which just proves that they lose the argument every time.

    • Seamus McGillicuddy says:

      You “never watch em” and yet you know that they contain nothing but “boring one-sided nasty comments.” So how do you do that…are you psychic?

    • Mike says:

      To a degree this is true. On “the Five” they have a liberal, and on other shows, Fox always tries to bring someone in. CNN does do this, but MSNBC doesnt, and is generally very one sided.

      However, that does not mean Fox is fair and balanced. It is anything but. Besides the 2 obvious facts, the first being that its a strategy to have a liberal on the show, to be disagreed with by the host and other “experts”, to make the liberal side appear weak; the second is that the “argument” was actually won in the last election, and the time before that– by liberals.

      Therefore your comment proves only that you’ve thought about what you’re saying only for as long as it took you to type it.

  23. Bob Jones says:

    Not so sure what’s up with Megyn Kelly. She has shown she is not necessarily conservative with her show the last couple evenings, with her interviewing Senator Ted Cruz and calling him the most hated man in America, and then last night when she brushed off being questioned about that statement by a freelance journalist on her show. Then she hinted that she believes Ted Cruz has taken the wrong stand against Obamacare, etc. No, I think its very possible when people get through looking at the eye candy, Roger Ailes may find out that his once conservative evening lineup is no more, and people are just tuning in to see the pretty 40 something eye candy!!!

  24. marty says:

    Dean, please tell me you are joking? I’m begging you! Please!
    There are many times that conservatives are shunned and treated unfairly and illegally, but not with the signal. Come on. We are better than the low information voters.

  25. Steve Hough says:

    This arcile just proves that there is no hope for this country

  26. MH says:

    I like that Megyn lets the guests talk… She does not continually interrupt them!

  27. smart people watch fox.

  28. marty says:

    You people must understand something. FOX is only beating other cable news channels in viewership. But we are losing in total viewership to other news networks by a factor of around 10-1. Most of America watch the liberal media on regular channels. The fact that we are only beating other cable channels by a 2-1 margin is very disturbing. Conservatives cannott rely on Drudge and FOX to educate the low information voters. Preaching to the choir will not win an election.

  29. Bryan C says:

    Who conducted that “survey”, Nancy Pelosi?

  30. Floyd Sanderson says:

    “How does it feel being the most hated man in the country?” is not a shining example of journalist inquiry. I was compelled to recall the old saw, “other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” I thought she was condescending. Having said that, I still like her mostly penetrating questions and her style.

    • James the Elder says:

      “re-tweaked” LOL. Recast? Reorganized? Re-engineered? Recovered? Re-pinned? Readjusted? Ah yes, the possibilities are endless.

    • You need to ork on your listening skills. I watched that segment, and Kelly made it clear she was not voicing her own opinion on Cruz, but commenting on the vitriol he has received from the liberals and a few in his own party. How did you people miss that? She even repeated it last night.

  31. Frankly says:

    Megyn looked great and sounded better in her first broadcast. I love that she asks the questions that I’m thinking in my head as she’s doing interviews. Very intuitive mind and always seeking the bottom line, common sense truth. She is beautiful, intelligent, and knows how to seek answers and solutions. She takes more of a lawyer/fact-finding approach, which might cater more to the moderate/independent group who may have considered Hannity a bit too hard-core conservative, but I think the new lineup is a great mix of fact based news reporting mixed with some conservative opinion/analysis. Great job Megyn and Fox!

  32. Seamus McGillicuddy says:

    Studies have shown that viewers of Fox News are even less well-informed than those who don’t watch ANY news programs. I reckon this program will help contribute to the dumbing-down of America.

  33. FRS says:

    Just love the new lineup, a stroke of Ailes genius. Watch FNS and the new variety gives me more of what I enjoy most with Fox. George Wills is also a welcome addition.

  34. “broad”? Are you a ’50’s lounge singer Retro? ;)

  35. jabber jaw says:

    Megyn is an intelligent and beautiful woman up against two bitter men. How could she lose?

  36. I’d like to think she’d be watched for her merits but, honestly, if she looked like Oona Goosepimple would anyone watch……..really?

  37. Richard Sims says:

    I think this new lineup of news programming is terrific. Granted, the first showing was a bit self serving, but when FOX gets down to business, nobody does it better. It’ll be interesting to see how long and in what direction the other channels go to syphon off some of the FOX viewers. We still watch our local news (ABC) for the stuff that affects us locally, but for everything else It’s FOX or nothing.

  38. Carol W. says:

    She looked beautiful, astonishingly so, however I turned it off when she all to quickly had a gabfest about a pop star. I’m sorry, the economy/biggov/politics are crashing and burning, I need better info than that and the prospect of seeing her initial demo tape appeared a tad…what? Not what I need, anyway. I do need more Hannity-style news but with less goofy fivesomes. The start was awesome, tho, with Ted Cruz, altho it seemed I’d stumbled onto CNN.

  39. Jerome Barry says:

    yeah. whatever. ok. meh.

  40. James B says:

    I’m not a fan of Kelly. She’s a little too snarky and doesn’t always seem to fully grasp the story she’s reading off the teleprompter. But I wish her and the others well on the change up.

    • marty says:

      Ken, what is the point of your response? James gave an honest assessment. He is not saying that MSNBC is good or better. But that Kelly is not his complete cup of tea. If conservatives would stop beating each other up over stupid things, maybe we can win an election or two

  41. Remember, Variety printed the headline: “STICKS NIX HICK PIX.” To capture the essence of the country’s aversion to the President, as exampled by Ms. Kelly and the few, other, accurate news outlets, one only needs to edit phrase thusly: “STICKS NIX PRICK’S TRIX.”

  42. real_realist says:

    She is so hot. If I am going to watch a journalism show, it doesn’t hurt to have her doing the talking.

  43. Robert says:

    It is not a good show.It is way off target in a very boring misleading way.

  44. Mr.Bobo says:

    No one is watching MSNBC that hag/hack he-she Maddow and that hideous talking ape Sharpton. You could air reruns of Captain Kangaroo and get better ratings. The mentally deranged libs wouldn’t know the difference.

  45. Absolutely the 3(three) most important words in the American lexicon are –

    1- RATINGS

    2 – Cleavage

    3 – “Absolutely”

  46. Jack Pod says:

    Way to go Megyn. You are among the best doing what you do. Keep up the good work.

    • Dave AT says:

      Correct Bill. I get the sense FOX is just conducting a charade of sorts. They have exhibited hostility to libertarians and true conservatives over the years. Now Bill O’ Reilly is pushing the line that we must “do something” for illegal aliens. Not exactly a conservative position.

      Megyn seems somehwhat slightly left of center especially they way she cross examined Ted Cruz who is doing what elected reps should be doing. But since she is pretty and has a great smile nobody probably noticed

    • J. says:

      Who’s taking care of her kids?

  47. David Hedricks says:

    Of course, look at her!

  48. Chris says:

    Since Fox interviews Republicans and soft balls the questions to them, how can it be considered news? This network is a opinion network, with occasional news tossed in, and that is done so the news can be spun to the direction that fits the GOP meme. Case in point? Fox calls the Government Shutdown a “Slimdown”. Since I am a furloughed worker, I can say without doubt, that my paycheck was shutdown and not slimmed down………

  49. Wow..People are still watching CNN and MSNBC. Who would have thought.

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