‘Killing Kennedy’ Draws Record 3.4 Million for National Geographic Channel

Killing Kennedy Ratings

Sunday's premiere outperforms 'Killing Lincoln' as well as 'Inside 9/11'

National Geographic Channel set a network viewership record Sunday night with its premiere of original movie “Killing Kennedy.”

According to preliminary estimates from Nielsen, “Killing Kennedy” averaged 3.4 million viewers from 8 to p.m., a slight increase over the 3.35 million that tuned in for the net’s “Killing Lincoln” in February.

Prior to this year, the largest audience for NGC had come in August 2005, when about 3 million watched “Inside 9/11.”

From Scott Free Productions, “Killing Kennedy,” starring Rob Lowe and Ginnfer Goodwin, was based on the book “Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. NGC will air encores of the movie Friday night at 8 and 10.

The hashtag #killingkennedy trended worldwide Sunday night on Twitter, becoming the No. 1-trending topic in the U.S., and across both Trendrr and Social Guide. “Killing Kennedy” also ranked among the top 10 for  social mentions among all primetime cable programs airing Sunday night.

It’s one of a slew of projects timed for the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Among the projects are PBS’ two-night documentary “American Experience: JFK,” History’s “JFK Assassination: The Definitive Guide and TLC’s “Letters to Jackie.”

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  1. Carol Clary says:

    When will the oboe Killing Kennedy air again? I missed it and so did others I know and I’m dying to see it. Is there any where else I can see it?

  2. carczarconsultingdotcom says:

    BillO: Killing History

  3. Alma says:

    “Killing Kennedy” was ok, but I think “Killing Lincoln” was much better. Michelle Trachtenberg & Will Rothharr’s performances were good; hers was better. Rob Lowe was passable as JFK, but Ginnifer Goodwin’s Jackie Kennedy was weak; not necessarily her performance, but her Jackie was portrayed as too weak. I found fault with the fact that Oswald was seen solely as the lone gunman(anybody who would believe the Warren Commission’s report…please!), LBJ was shown as a lot heavier(and balder)than he was & the whole Camelot thing(which we now know was an invention of Jackie Kennedy’s)was grating.

  4. John says:

    A total misrepresentation of the events and a mixture of facts and fiction!

  5. John Connaughton says:

    Will there be additional airings after Fri Nov 15th? I can’t view it or record it that night.

  6. Bruce Menhennett says:

    This book as well as the movie are a joke. Totally ignoring over 4 decades of true investigations which totally disprove the warren comish. Bill O. Is a puppet!

  7. Rick says:

    Expected a slam to the Democrat Party. Watched just for the opportunity to slam back at the liar. Actually it was a very well done movie with just facts. DAMN!

  8. sargintrock says:

    Bravo Sierra tripe from one of the biggest Yellow Journalists operating under protection of the NWO scandal rags!! An insult to any Patriot who is informed and capable of taking an independent breath!!
    De Oppresso Liber!!

  9. the Oracle says:

    It was a good movie, well written and well acted. Unfortunately, it is the definitive fictional account, like a movie about George Washington’s cherry tree.

    No mention of things like why did the SS stand down from the President’s limo before it got to the Book Depository, or why did a man on the far side of the street have a flesh wound? The book “Best Evidence” also shows x-rays and other evidence about how the body was altered before it got to Bethesda. No pathologist believes the single bullet theory, given the shape of that bullet, and the x-rays. No radiologist denies the alterations to the skull shown at Bethesda.

  10. Greg A says:

    I’ll wait for the non-fiction version which is apparently not forthcoming. Oswald didn’t act alone because he didn’t act at all. It’s unfortunate that this patsy goes down in history as the lone assassin. He had to be silenced quickly, or he would have been exonerated. The fatal shot came from the front right.

  11. Patrick W. says:

    Awesome. Well done. I wish everyone watched instead of Jersey Shore or Jerry Springer.

  12. Steve Quinn says:

    It was well done. Of course, it’s not going to satisfy the conspiracy groups but I felt Killing Kennedy was pretty accurate. The countless re-enactments using modern technology and forensics have proven the Warren Report to be a fair and concise report. But, as with all major events,conspiracies are hard to refute because they thrive on the unknown and most are plausible although far-fetched.

    It’s so hard for people to accept a nothing pissant like Oswald was capable of assassinating our President and altering the course of history. Through backdoor channels, Kennedy was communicating with Hanoi seeking to end the Vietnam conflict and also had a representative talking with Castro. One can only wonder what our World would be like today had Kennedy lived and completed 2 terms in office.

  13. Robert Cameron says:

    Unfortunately, I did not see it. Will it be broadcast again at later date?

  14. xfiler93 says:

    Lee Harvey Oswald killed him, and why people are unable to comprehend that is beyond me.

  15. xfiler93 says:

    The “bestest?” LOL

  16. secrent says:

    This movie is a “sham”. Still backing up the Warren Commission Report which is so full of holes, it’s hard to believe they still think they can push it on the American Public. Shame on you Nat Geo for continuing the cover up of the “coup de tat” that happened on Nov. 23, 1961. There are so many books out that pretty much point out what happened that day, and Oswald was indeed a “patsy”. JFK was caught in a crossfire and the front head shot came from either the grassy knoll or the storm drain. Another thing about the number of shots heard is that nobody ever talks about the fact that the other rifles could have been “silenced” or muzzeled. Look at the video of JFK’s
    Secret Servicemen being pulled off the back of the limo, JFK had no protection and the Secret
    Serviceman is shownthrowing his arms up in the air asking what is going on? Look at LBJ’s limo which is covered with secret servicemen, and it was reported that upon the first shot ringing out, LBJ hit the floorboards. What is up with that I ask you. It goes on and on, the truth is out there in plain sight about all of it….and they still try to cram this bs story down people’s throats. This country changed for the worst after Nov.22, 1963, and the people behind it all got away with it.

  17. Steve Smith says:

    This movie was a fairy tale, it had Oswald killing JFK alone, no grassy noel at all. It did show JFK cheating with women however.

  18. Josh says:

    It’s weird how everyone believes Oswald acted alone but he was definitely CIA how does someone renouce their US citizenship, leave to our Cold War enemies, and come back without blacklisted or Mcartheyed. No one can shoot a moving target from that far away and fire 3 shots with a bolt action rifle in under 5 seconds…. Lets be honest is was a coup de’ta. So Johnson could got to Vietnam.

  19. Frederick says:

    The ‘Camelot’ references are just pure bogus. Jackie only asked for those references after Kennedy was killed. It was popularized by Jackie herself to Manchester when he was writing the Biography. Also Alan Jay Lerner the Producer, was a classmate of Kennedy at Harvard and happy to spread the myth for financial reasons.

  20. Dan Flathers says:

    Your reply is simply not responsive to the post.

    Add to my amazement is those who speak authoritatively about the nature of entrance and exit wounds who are clearly not hunters and/or have any medical experience.

    • Jim Morrison says:

      The Dallas doctors clearly stated that the wound in the throat was an entrance wound! Had the autopsy been done in Dallas, which was the sole jurisdiction for the autopsy, we would know for sure. However, an entrance wound in Dallas became and exit wound at Bethesda. Since Kennedy’s body was taken out of Dallas by the Secret Service at gun point we will never know for sure because of the break in the chain of custody. This is a documented fact.

    • Dan says:

      First of all I eve fired thousands of rounds down range. I have studied ballistics, reload own match ammo. Shot in hi-power competion at Camp Perry, and very importantly shot with USMC riflemen of that time. There are none better, every grunt was drilled days on end to be the best. The long heavy solid bullet exploded his head From Behind. Hydro static pressure of suddenly compress fluids is what kills. This caliber was used by Killamjro Bell to head shoot elephants. Again the long SOLID bullet. This type of projectile will deflect off bone, and when it is sub sonics yaw and tumble. This shot was easy. We shoot at 6″ 10 ring at 600yds with iron sights, X ring 3″ today many can put 10 shots in it.
      I believe the left can’t stand that a communist killed there hero. The above post is BS. Refer in to snipers, I’ve shot with them. There are other factors about the shot, space does not provide.

  21. Nonesense. Oswald did not shoot anyone 11/22/63 per his negative DPD Parafin Test.

  22. Michael says:

    Another JFK movie that follows the flawed Warren Commission’s report to a tee. Perhaps the studios ought to make a movie showing what most probably happened. Several shooters killed JFK and got away with it. Witnesses who did not tow the Warren Commission’s pre-determined party line were not interviewed by the Commission to keep their commentary witness statements out of the record and muddy the waters in the single shooter fabrication. Read the book “Who Really killed JFK” and get a better sense of what really happened in Dallas. This movie is just another subterfuge of the facts in the case.

  23. noconspiracyhere says:

    This was an interesting movie. It shows details that only the two surviving surgeons would have known. O’Reilly did his research on the book and the depiction on film was very well done.

  24. The Warren Commission Report was total fiction and this program was 99% fiction. The only fact I saw was when Oswald was in the American embassy in Russia threatening to tell the Russian about his secret work dealing with radar unless they give up his citizenship. The fact is that he was a CIA agent who worked as a air traffic controller in Japan on the super secret U-2 program. He was then told o defect to Russia and act as a spy. After marrying the daughter of the important KGB officer he decides he wants to come back to the US and the embassy has no problem in giving back his passport as shown in this program and making arrangements for his wife to come with him.
    The CIA has over 1000 documents dealing with Oswald which they have refused to declassify despite several court cases. See CIA records Lee Harvey Oswald on google.

  25. Good performances. Bad Whitetwash. The head wound was another shooter from the front

  26. Bill says:

    Look, any way you cut it, getting shot in the head was always a good career move for a Kennedy. Too bad Ed didn’t follow the tradition. A young woman might have lived to have a family of her own.

  27. Jim says:

    Always good to see someone making money off the Warren Commission fairy tale.

  28. James Vaught says:

    We know he was shot in the head; the question is by whom, and who else was in on the plot, if any. I’ve despaired of ever knowing for certain, and I’ve read many books on the assassination. Everybody has a different theory.

    • S. Zerbest says:

      Oswald was not innocent, but he was not the shooter. He was an agent of the US government, working on a cancer virus in New Orleans, among other things, in order to eliminate Castro. But he was chosen as the patsy to Kennedy’s killing, because he was convenient, disposable and loyally carried out duties that he was given. He also unwittingly carried out orders which set him up to be a patsy for Kennedy’s assassination. Contrary to what we have been taught, Oswald was not a lone nut; he was strikingly intelligent, spoke the Russian language, was involved in U.S. intelligence and worked as a double agent. Stop following the official narrative and start digging deeper into the story. The more you know about Oswald, and the more you understand about the political aspects he was involved in, including the various people that he was involved with such as other CIA personnel, the more you will realize that when he said he was a patsy, that is exactly what he meant.

      I challenge everyone on here to read these three books to help you know the truth about the assassination:

      JFK and the unspeakable by Douglas

      The killing of a president by Robert Groden

      LBJ the mastermind of the JFK assassination By Philip Nelson

  29. Really enjoyed this program (even if it did make Oswald arguably the greatest or luckiest marksman in history) and I thought Rob Lowe and the man who played Oswald gave excellent performances. I was in 1st grade and living in Texas at the time and can remember a teacher running into our classroom to tell our teacher the president had been shot and her bursting into tears. I appreciated that the story showed Kennedy’s strengths and weaknesses and for the first time I saw Oswald as more than some 2-dimensional character. We need more television programming like this.

  30. Jay Palm says:

    Same old garbage. If anyone read any books, this was rehash

    • James Vaught says:

      I’ve read many books on the JFK assassination and they all seem like rehashes. And, after reading all of those books, I’m still uncertain as to exactly what the truth about the assassination is. I don’t think we’ll ever know, for certain.

  31. Jason says:

    You make that sound like a bad thing.

  32. Julienne says:

    Loved it. It was well shot, well, directed, well written…and I thought that Rob Lowe hit walk-off Grand Slam…he made me realize how damn good he was in “Bad Influence.” Killing Kennedy was very educational as well as entertaining. Showing both sides of the murder was extremely thought provoking. Oswald’s obsession with communism was definitely his illness. Goodwin was endearing as Jackie-O., Trachtenburg was phenomenal as Oswalds wife Marina. Five Stars in my book.

    • occultology says:

      There is a change in tonight’s “Killing Kennedy” performance—The role of TRUTH is now being portrayed by LIES.

  33. The best thing about this movie was that it was based on all the facts that were bought out during multiple investigations and did not go into conspiracy theories that have been projected by so many various factions. These were the facts. These things happened.

    • James Vaught says:

      Yes, things happened, but the details of how and by whom are still very much up in the air, 50 years later. The more I read about the assassination, the less certain I am of anything other than that he was shot in the head while riding in a limousine near the Texas School Book Depository.

    • Jim Morrison says:

      These were “facts” as presented to you by government investigations. I would have a much higher level of comfort with these investigations, had Kennedy’s body not been taken out of Dallas illegally by the Secret Service. Yes, Dallas authorities had sole jurisdiction to conduct the Kennedy autopsy. Kennedy’s body was taken from the Dallas authorities at gunpoint. Illegal. What about the witnesses who made statements of shots coming from the hill in front of the Kennedy limousine and the smell of gunpowder at ground level? Killing Kennedy was nothing but a re-hash of the Warren Commission. More Americans believe in UFOs than in the Warren Commission findings. O’Reilly’s Killing Kennedy is nothing more than plagiarism from this blowhard of the Warren Commission findings. Another aspect we are forgetting here is “lone nut” Oswald never had a chance to defend himself and call witnesses. His life was snuffed out by Dallas Mafioso Jack Ruby, another “lone nut” just two days after the assassination. There is evidence Oswald knew Ruby; this was never followed up by Warren Commission investigators. Ruby begged the Warren Commission to let him testify in Washington. This never came to be. The Warren Report is fiction at best; so was Killing Kennedy.

  34. This was the first presentation of the assasination that gave a back story to Oswald. We all saw him say “I’m just a patsy” in Dallas moments before beiing shot, but no context that gave meaning to the statement. Was he an innocent Man or murdrer who had his answers all worked out before hand? Last nights Oswald was pretty convincing of the latter. There has been surprisingly little written about Oswald’s life leading up to the assasination. he’s usually portrayed as a garden variety nut.

    I agree with below that having them compared as 2 equal Men thrust into a common tragedy is sickening. Particularly that half Kennedy half Oswald face meld. Whoever thought of that is a simpleton at best.

    And, as to the Grassy Knoll folks, the reason all those people identified the grassy knoll as the source of shots is acoustics. Sound bounces off things. It’s really been laid to rest, A little punk killed the President of the US.

    • Dan Flathers says:

      It still amazes me how people will attach their fantasies to fact. (Sort of explains how we elect our presidents.) Lots of ‘Yeah, buts’ and “What abouts” added to the realities instead of sober judgment over the empirical evidence…

      “What about” that all the salient facts discovered since 1966 which actually support the Warren Commission’s fundamental conclusion that Oswald did it?

      Have the conspiracy buffs ever been to Dealey Plaza? It’s a lot more intimate than it seems on film.

      What do they know about firearms? Any trained marksman can hit his slow-moving, scoped target with two of three shots. If these armchair experts honestly applied the same jaundiced view to their pet theories than they do with the WC conclusion, they might find reason to abandon them.

      The myriad of conspiracy theories are bunk. Those who lived through the period had to reconcile the enormity of the crime with the relative insignificance of the perpetrator of it.

      The myths giving heft to the growing (and often divergent) theories have now a life on their own spanning 50 years.

      There’s no ‘there’ there. Oswald did it. On his own. Not very sexy…but real life rarely is sexy.

      • Michael says:

        The kill shots came from the front. Oswald did not make that shot from the good depository. He was right handed, shooting a right handed bolt action rifle of poor quality using 20 year old ammunition. The shot from the 6th floor window at the target where JFK was struck, would have required Oswald to be standing on the outer wall like spiderman to make the shot. If any shot came from that window, it was from a left handed person. Additionally, the rifle found at the window was a mauser 7.65mm rifle, yet the rifle owned by Oswald was a 6.5 Manilichter-Carcano that was never test fired for a ballistic match to the bullets left inside Kennedy. The “magic bullet” was never fired from a weapon and if it was , could not have made 5 penetrating wounds without severe mangling. Ask any sniper to view the kill zone and ask where he would have set up for a perfect shot. Many have viewed the killing ground and not a single trained shooter even considered the book depository for the killing shots. Skulls blow out in the pattern kennedy’s head exploded due to front penetrating wounds, not rear penetrating. His skull fragments were found 50 feet from his car to the rear of his body. None were found in the front seat of the limo or to the front of the car.

    • James Vaught says:

      Norman Mailer has written a detailed biography of Oswald titled “Oswald’s Tale.” How credible it is, I don’t know, but it’s interesting.

      • Dan says:

        First of all I eve fired thousands of rounds down range. I have studied ballistics, reload own match ammo. Shot in hi-power competion at Camp Perry, and very importantly shot with USMC riflemen of that time. There are none better, every grunt was drilled days on end to be the best. The long heavy solid bullet exploded his head From Behind. Hydro static pressure of suddenly compress fluids is what kills. This caliber was used by Killamjro Bell to head shoot elephants. Again the long SOLID bullet. This type of projectile will deflect off bone, and when it is sub sonics yaw and tumble. This shot was easy. We shoot at 6″ 10 ring at 600yds with iron sights, X ring 3″ today many can put 10 shots in it.
        I believe the left can’t stand that a communist killed there hero. The above post is BS. Refer in to snipers, I’ve shot with them. There are other factors about the shot, space does not provide.

  35. Charles Feney says:

    I want to see someone examine the fact that Jackie worked for the C.I.A. in Paris before marrying Kennedy. In viewing the Zapruder film, I find her actions in the limo and the pounce out onto the boot to be highly unusual.
    Some say she was known as the Pink Panther.

    • the Oracle says:

      There were no SS men at the limo, because they were ordered to stand down and retreat to the follow-up car before the limo reached the Book Depository. One SS man was running to catch up to the limo, and Jackie, who could not remember what happened at this point, appeared to either going for for debris from her husbands’ head or reaching out for the SS man who was trying to get onto the limo.

      On the rear of the limo, on either side, there are standing places and handles for the men who usually, at least before the Book Depository, ride on the car there.

    • James Vaught says:

      She had just seen her husband’s head blown open; how do you expect her to have acted? I’m surprised she was as relatively restrained as she was.

  36. MIsty1CA says:

    It was a good movie. I was disappointed that they didn;t bring in the theory of the 2nd shooter being one of the secret service agents. Bullisitists don;t lie. The bullet that killed Kennedy did not come from Oswald’s rifle. it came from the secret service agent in one of the cars who pulled his rifle when he heard the shots. He fell and the gun went off. The rest is history. There were three shots, and two of them came from Oswald. The explanation for the third shell casing in the book depository was that it was a dummy shell to keep the gun clean while in sotrage. That i

    • Jim Morrison says:

      You must have watched that recent documentary regarding the final shot being accidentally fired by a secret service agent in the follow up car. I totally disagree with this theory. Kennedy’s assassination was a Mafia hit in broad daylight. Kennedy was killed in a triangulated crossfire, not by Oswald or a comedy of errors in the follow-up car. The assassination team was given the green light to fire in Dealey Plaza by the signalman holding the black umbrella alongside Elm Street. This signalman was positioned for all positioned gunmen to see (a total of three assassins); he was accompanied by a fellow conspirator holding a walkie-talkie and communicating with the conspirators of the Kennedy hit. Kennedy was killed instantly by an exploding dumb-dumb bullet fired from a low trajectory in front of the limousine and from behind the fence. The assassin on the hill was dressed as a Dallas policeman as to not arouse suspicion. This policemen was captured in the Moorman photograph and was supported by numerous witnesses who spoke to the press a mere 5 to 10 minutes after the assassination. In the aftermath of the assassination, witnesses ran up the knoll because that is where the fatal shot came from. How else can you explain the puff of smoke and smell of gunpowder that was documented by witnesses closest to the assassination?

      • Jim Morrison says:

        Dan Flathers: Are you kidding? What are you referring to with your black powder musket comment? This the best you can do? Read the record. There were numerous witnesses who saw the smoke and smelled the gun powder at street level. Some of these witnesses were dignitaries in the motorcade. Of course, the Warren Commission chose not to pursue these leads because it did not fit into their single bullet theory narrative and Oswald acted alone nonsense. Kennedy was killed by highly skilled assassins in a triangulated crossfire.

      • Dan Flathers says:

        For cryin’ out loud! Did the ‘puff of smoke’ come from a black-powder musket?

  37. carmen roiz says:

    I was disappointed. It’s the same information we had for year. The acting was poor, especially the Jackie character. Jackie Kennedy was a very elegant beautiful woman, this actress was neither. The script was poorly written. And to compare the stories of Jack Kennedy with Lee Harvey Oswald is an insult. And I’m not a democrat. Just an American.

  38. Jim Morrison says:

    Killing Kennedy was nothing more than a re-hash of the Warren Commission’s version of the JFK assassination. The Warren Commission was nothing more that a political document vice true investigative effort. If Killing Kennedy was based on O’Reilly’s book, than O’Reilly should be guilty of plagiarizing the Warren Report. For a more realistic version of what happened in Dallas on 22 November 1963, one should watch the 1973 movie “Executive Action”. This is a more realistic version of events, some of which are backed up by the House Committee on Assassinations which found in 1979 the probability of mafia involvement in the JFK assassination as well as more than one shooter.

    • James Vaught says:

      Since the Warren Report is a public document, O’Reilly can hardly be charged with plagiarism. I missed the showing last night but will be sure to catch it Friday night.

      • Jim Morrison says:

        Why not? The movie was titled Killing Kennedy but should have been entitled, The Warren Commission Report Revisited. I have been reading about the Kennedy assassination for 45+ years. Where is O’Reilly’s originality? Where is the research? O’Reilly is an egotistical blowhard who wrote a book using “facts” that were already published in this fictional political report. No doubt for the $$$. The Warren Commission Report is total fiction and so is Killing Kennedy. Kennedy was brutally assassinated in broad daylight, but the government ‘investigation’ was a total whitewash.

  39. Tina Davidson says:

    Killing Kennedy was great, Learned things I just didn’t know or think of before. Thanks to Bill O’Reilly.

  40. There was not anything new, that was not in the Warren Report.

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