Jimmy Kimmel: Americans Don’t Know Difference Between Obamacare, Affordable Care Act

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to prove how uninformed Americans can be, at least the ones browsing Hollywood Boulevard on a given day.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!” sent a reporter to conduct man on the street interviews about people’s preference between Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act. Of course, those polled didn’t realize they’re really one and the same. In fact, interviewees bashed Obamacare, but praised ACA. They said Obamacare is riddled with holes, not properly thought out, and not available for all. What’s more? It’s un-American and socialist.

Apparently the healthcare law smells sweeter “by any other name.” A recent CNBC survey also found that 46% of Americans oppose Obamacare, yet only 37% oppose the Affordable Care Act.

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  1. sachanikoll says:

    Its not confusing at all. A lot of people are uneducated and don’t do any research.

  2. dan b says:

    loiuise this was voted on by the people of the US in the last election. it was on the ballot in every state! so yes it is not being jammed down your throat by our POTUS , but was accepted and yayed on by the majorty of the US people who voted. it is constituional and passed both houses. what more do you want? it is these very conservatives you speak of who are hurting the middle class and the people of the USA. get your facts right before you go on a long winded tirade, that btw makes no sense at all!

    • Louise A says:

      Thank you Brandon for saving me from having to go on another “long winded triade” about ignorance :) And thank you Dan for proving my point…

    • Brandon says:

      Dan, I hate to do this becasue I support the ACA, but you are just flat wrong. It was never voted on in the last election, as it was already law by the last election. The president started constructing the bill that would turn into the ACA in Feb 2009, and it was passed into law that November. You are corrrect that it did pass both the House (220-215) and the Senate, and the Supreme court ruled that it is indeed constitutional in June of 21012, but it was never voted on by anyone in the public, in any election. So while I am a Liberal and I do support the President and the ACA, you sir need to get your facts right before YOU go on a long winded tirade and make the rest of us on the Left look like uninformed idiots that Bill O’Rielly tells his devoted followers, er slaves to fox news, that we are.

  3. What’s is even more interesting is that the Democratic caucus decided to call the bill the Affordable Care Act rather than the Affordable Healthcare Act, which would immediately explain the act.

    It didn’t help that Obama embraced the term “Obamacare,” and the media took to calling it that. The Conservatives coined the tern, Obamacare and that was to demonize and personalize the act.

    This may explains why the act is confusing: the media, the responsible sector, confused people referring to the act’s nickname rather than its actually name. Personally, it should been called the American Healthcare Act, aka AHA!

  4. chris manheim says:

    The black guy had nothing to do with making it, as much as i’d like to blame him. all he did was sign it. so to say idont like it because the black man came up with it would just be saying i was an uninformed idiot

  5. Alex Green says:

    tired of late night talk shows, Leno, Kimmel etc. sending reporters onto the street to interview dumb pedestrians who will say dumb things which are supposed to be so funny. I guess they must edit the smart responses because they’re not funny.

  6. Rhonda Stahl says:

    Just once I wish someone would have the balls to say….”The black guy came up with it, so I don’t like it”

  7. Larry says:

    I saw this last night on tv. One thing is painfully clear… some people don’t like Obamacare just because its Obama. They don’t know what it consist of or how it works or who benefits from it nor how it effects them directly. Just that its Obama pushing it that make some people don’t like it. I don’t want to say its a black thing but it sure looks like a black thing. I’m pretty sure these same people didn’t vote for Obama. So GOP party, these are the people you fight for on the Affordable Health Care Act? These are the people that cause government shutdown. These are the people you say are voices of America. The whole world is watching and laughing. This is one of a few times it is shameful to be an American. This is one damn shame.

  8. Peggy says:

    Even my 13 yr old son knew they are one in the some. Cause and affect.

  9. Donna says:

    Cheree has hit the nail on the head!!!

    • Louise A says:

      Thank you Brandon for saving me from having to go on another “long winded triade” about ignorance :) And thank you Dan for proving my point…

  10. J gattis says:

    We have to educate ourselves…don’t rely on the news to do it for us..we still do have common sense and are suppose to use it….good grief

  11. cheree says:

    Ummm this has nothing to do with the media. This video proves that most of the airheads that oppose Obama in the way that they do (as never seen before in history), do so from a different hateful place. Most folks in this video just want a reason to oppose Obama. We allllll know why!! Proof in the pudd

  12. Shannon T says:

    This video is a decent cheap laugh for Jimmy and his viewers but it only epitomizes just how poor of a job the media in this country does in informing its public. It’s sad and frustrating on so many levels and instead of posting and laughing at these “stupid” American’s it’d be nice if people would take so time to educate themselves. Shame on FOX, CNN and the rest of the lame stream media.

    • phillip c says:

      Amen Shannon. The problem is the news stations are supported by special interest, and paid for by commercials. The only way to get real news is to look for it yourself, and unfortunately people are more interested in tabloid BS. It took alot of lives to get where we are with our freedoms, and too many take it for granted. News is manipulated, and the majority have NO idea what is really going on.

      • dan b says:

        but as you both must not know, jimmy is not a news sation but a comedy late night talk show. so yes it is funny to show this. if they did not than no one would watch these late night comedies? stop blaming the media , especially when it is not the media doing these things!!

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