HLN Reorganizes Program Lineup, Lays Off Staff

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CNN sibling makes its first big move under new GM Albie Hecht

In its first major shift under new general manager Albie Hecht, Time Warner-owned HLN is rearranging a good chunk of its programming line-up, which will result in an unspecified number of layoffs among editorial and technical staff, a spokeswoman for the network confirmed Monday.

Gone are programs that were suffering in the ratings, including “Raising America,” which airs at 12 p.m., eastern; “Now In America,”which airs at 4 p.m. and “Evening Express,” which airs at 5 p.m. In their place: a morning re-airing of standby “Showbiz Tonight,” as well as an expanded block of “News Now.” All anchors involved are expected to stay with the network, according to the spokeswoman,with additional programming changes expected to be unveiled in the months ahead,

The new lineup goes into effect November 18.  Mainstays like “Morning Express with Robin Meade” and primetime shows with Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell remain.

Hecht came aboard Sept. 30, raising questions about the ultimate direction of the cable outlet, which is part of CNN Worldwide. In the past, the network has moved from offering a digest of the day’s new under the name CNN Headline News  to featuring personality-driven programming as well as intense coverage of buzzy legal cases wending through the courts.

Hecht, a former Nickelodeon Entertainment president at Viacom and one of the founders of that company’s Spike, has more experience with entertainment programming than with TV news, commentary or opinion content

News of the program shifts and layoffs was reported earlier by the website Mediaite.

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  1. Linda says:

    I miss court t v. I watched it everyday it was real. Not like some of the silly mess they have now !

  2. Kathy Contri says:

    I am tired f Nancy Grace and her yelling.I loved watching court TV.It was interesting.I did notlike Jane Velez Mitchell.Dr.Drew gets on my nerves,especially hearing about 19 kids and counting.He was biased against the family.I just switch channels.

    • Linda Schuh says:

      I am sick of the line up too. * I only watch Nancy Grace because there is nothing much else on but she has changed*

  3. Derryl says:

    Oh so the shake up on HLN came with a new manager, we’ll that person needs to read these comments! ! Nobody wants to watch The Daily Share, Forensic Files that repeats all day!!
    Bring back Court TV & current court cases
    Or the ratings will continue to drop:(
    I’ll return when the court cases return with Mike and the gang! !!!!

  4. Derryl S King says:

    Get rid of the Daily Share & bring back Court TV!!!

  5. Dell Harper says:

    Very stupid childish overly dramatic programming. Jane, Vinnie, Mike, Nancy, Dr. Drew (before that screw-up) made HLN!!! Liked the crime show format. HLN now is like watching the ridiculous TMZ! And Daily Share is on the same level as TMZ with hosts can’t bear to watch or listen. I really try to watch but can’t take it. Chanel channels. GOOD LUCK! AND GOODBYE!!!

  6. Linda Schuh says:

    I applaud your efforts but the only thing I sort of watch is Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew. Neither are much to watch. I am so disappointed in what the topics you are covering and they are repeated quite often the same shows are shown over and over again. Time to rethink the format or lose the station.

  7. Mark Cheetah says:

    Why do they keep showing “Forensic Files” constantly? Isn’t Jane Velez Mitchell even ON anymore???

  8. Carol Rose says:

    Don’t watch HLN anymore. Bring back the live court trials

  9. Margaret says:

    Cannot stand watching HLN anymore. Totally boring. Nancy Grace asks her guest a question and if they don’t answer her way, she butts in, and in, and in. If she would shut up and let her guests speak, it would be great, because i do like her, but hate what she does. Poor Peter Odom. Please bring back the live trials.

  10. Lissa Richardson says:

    I agree. Wish every day for live trial coverage. If not HLN, would so e network bring us some trials?

  11. brenda says:

    Please bring back the old Hln. I never watch that channel anymore to where before it was on my tv all day and evening long. Who ever changed it needs to be fired.

  12. W.D. says:

    I have quit watching this network completely. I don’t know who the person at the top was that redesigned this channel but man, they destroyed it. I think they were trying to mimick the TMZ format or something, but the network went to hell in record breaking speed. All it does now is post crap they grab directly from Twitter or Facebook, just like an old ‘rag’ magazine or something. Skip even tuning in, people, most of the stuff they are reporting you can find yourself on the web. They sped most of their time soliciting videos from viewers … crap, crap and more crap. They had a great staff. Robin, Jennifer Weshoven, Vinnie, Bob VanDillen (sp?). Of course they kept Nancy Grace … it must be in her contract … the woman is horrible. See ya, HLN … wouldn’t want to be ya.

  13. Pam Russell says:

    You need to get old people back. Vinnie, Mike, Jane, ect this show is going to hell and back. Hard to watch anymore.

    • Kathy Green says:

      Man when you destroy a network, you destroy a network! I use to watch HIM all day every day. Who thought it was a good idea to stop reporting news and court cases and put “social network” on all afternoon. One hour of stupid stuff reported over and over. It is like trying to watch grass grow. I have not seen any positive remarks since the guy from Nickilodeion (?) Came on board. Someone needs to tell him we are adults not children, I don’t watch HIM anymore and no one that I talk to watch it anymore. Send guy back to Nick and bring the people back that report news and important issues.

  14. heather brown says:

    The powers to be at HLN don’t see to care what the people want. I have commented before hoping to see the trials back and Jane Vinnie and Mike just to name a few It doesn;t seem like anything we say is making a difference aand is falling on deaf ears. I don’t watch HLN anymore.

  15. SHARON says:


  16. patty boyington says:

    I have been a die-hard fan of hln for yrs. my channel never changes! i HATE THE NEW HLN! will not watch again! lost all the good commenatators, nothing like seeing the news no matter what time it is. now watching fox. fox thanks you for this.

  17. Judy Quaglia says:

    I think HLN sucks now. You let all the good people go, like Vinny Polatin and Jane Velez. What’s going on. I stopped watching HLN and so did a lot of people I know. Bring back the old station and the viewers will come back. this new guy sucks, he is used to working with KIDS not grown ups. Get rid of him now before it’s to late.

  18. jean says:

    The person that should be fired is the new boss! HLN SUCKS! I never thought I’d say this but….wait for it….even Fox is better then HLN! Forensic Files ALL Day and Night long is insane! What was this idiot thinking? SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS!!!!!!

  19. annmarie mcintosh says:


  20. CATHYHANNON says:

    the new shows you have on HLN.. stink. put the old one.s back on. myself and many orthers will not watch HLN. OH YES CANDET CAMARA SAME EVERY NIGHT,STINK.S STINK.S////

  21. So another words some one new came and thought they would make changes to make it better instead of paying attention to what people actually wanted which was for it to remain the same and maybe increase on what they currently had. Mike with HLN now was so much better than the lady who has the cheesy semi, copy cat kindergarten type name of ‘Morning Share’. If you wanted to add something new that’s great but leave the one you already have, take away from the wasted hours of Forensic Files and add the new show that you think will work in F.F’s place

    Stepping into a new job position does not mean that everyone of your ideas is the best for your network. How about if you stop running the stupid Forensic Files all day and all night. It used to be that we could go on your station and see news all the time. Now we see stupid shows like Forensic Files, instead of what’s happening in the news right now. Instead of getting rid of the news and staff who were doing well with the shows that were on, you shouldn’t just added what was working instead of getting rid of things.

  22. M. McCarthy says:

    What happened to HLN? I can’t understand an afternoon news channel that focuses on UTube personalities. Their celebrity news isn’t even any interesting. WOW. Someone dropped the ball here!

  23. Harry says:

    Your NEW line up SUX! save money by cutting the on air interesting staff and lose viewers?? dumb!!
    Where did YOU find these two boring replacements??
    I’m sure your sponsors will let YOU know soon enough!!
    I’m NOT watching HLN no more

  24. Richelle says:

    Bring back the trials, I used to dvr the trials and watch after work. This is not a good station anymore, except nancy grace.

  25. Fran says:

    Okay, I’ve tried, but I still miss Court TV live coverage and never watch HLN anymore, except for an occasional episode of Nancy Grace. Forensic Files sucks.The live courtroom drama was very popular and for the life of me, I don’t understand why the new boss cut it off and fired so many good people. It was a great way to learn and appreciate our court system

    • Barbara says:

      I have tried to understand you new programs but they are not informative or news of the day. What was wrong with Court TV ? Programs about current events. You let go some of the best news people. Vinnie Politan, Beth Karas and the crew that brought all the news that was going on. The UTube and Selfies I am so tired of. What is news about seeing a dog dance, a baby crawling etc. ?

  26. kat says:

    New guy ruined this station. I want Vinny with the live trials back. Forensic files is boring . I stopped watching after Jodi arias ended.

  27. Barbara McAlpine says:

    What type of programing are you now offering? who really wants to see all of those pictures people are taking. Your past staff gave a good news show which you no longer have. Those females that you have on their now, are absolutely horrible. The only thing you have decent to watch is from 6-9am, forget during the day, and then from 5-7pm…thats it. No more daytime viewing for you, I too will find another station to watch during the Day.

  28. BOB SMITH says:

    Albie Hecht is a low down s.o.b….You have fired many of the best News Anchors that I tune into watch! I have only a small portion of a family and you have fired many of my “family members” I love to watch and their shows such as HLN’S AFTER DARK and many others…And you are truly an s.o.b. for getting rid of NATASHA CURRY…She and ROBIN MEADE are like the sisters I never had.

  29. Joan says:

    Forgot to mention ..What would you do. Hate that program, and any other thing you put in the place of past attorneys. Forenic fle is depressing for a all day filler and weekend. Get a grip. Put the line up back up. Everything you have tried to change did not work. Boy am I mad at you. If you are not making tons of buck off you go.. Money money is always the fault. Got to pass what you made from month to month. And tell me who do you ask if they like your station? No one has ever ask me or any of my friends what you like on tv. So who do you ask eastern people that have closed mines.

  30. Joan says:

    What the heck the matter with the head man ..HLN is nothing like before and I hate forensic files. What a joke .. You fired Jane …jerks….Vinnie and all the other people. Only left is Nancy Grace which I love as she explain the law when confused. Dr Drew and all those loud mouth women who just want to be heard and over talke each other. Can’t hear them when they over talk. Dr Drew need some better women. I do not watch your program any more as there is nothing on that is any Good but Nancy. I love learning the law by watch court and Nancy explaining. Anything else you have is just a waste of time and now even forget to watch Nancy since I use to watch HLN all day or at least leave the tv station on. What the heck are you thinking dropping Jane…..and all the other men. Good luck HLN as you are going to end up off line…betcha…as your station sucks big time…..I am mad that you hired some old jerk that thinks he can make your station better…..will he can’t fire the jerk

  31. Sabrina says:

    I refuse to watch hln now ever since the new co host took over. I used to watch it every day now all they talk about is social media and celebrities. Isn’t there more important things happening in the world.

  32. Gene says:

    These changes will make me turn off hln the afternoon show is now all repeats over and over and the female host needs someone to teach her how to dress. The station promised coverage of Jodi Arias trial an now I need to be online to find out from Fox or other news stations. Who cars about movie stars and who is dating who in Hollywood. The tv light from HLN will not shine in my house if this keeps up. Bland,Bland, and Bland is what HLN has become, HLN dumps Jane Velez-Mitchell for crap. Send the new leader back to Nick at Night.

  33. jana stockton says:

    HATE the new line up!! It’s all garbage about celebrities!! Bring back Mike the former detective, Kavinoky, Vinnie and all the rest with NEWSWORTHY information, not celebrity crap! It’s off my list of favorite channels. Will watch Robin for the first 2 hours, but after that, it’s all repeat. The new guy needs to just GO and take his line up with him!! Good bye until things change!!!

  34. heather brown says:

    I don’t watch HLN much anymore since Vinnie Politan left Get rid of Nancy Grace and I might start watching again She is so over the top with her antics I just have to turn her off.

  35. Linda Hopper says:

    Why is there nothing but 1 hours shows and then repeat until noon,then 1 hour hln now and repeat until 5pm?The Boss needed to go back to Nickelodeon.

  36. Julia G Smith says:

    I totally miss the court cases being followed on HLN and before that on Court TV. What is happening to HLN, etc? Will no network cover cases? I think many people were watching. Perhaps a BIG mistake!!!!

  37. Karen McCormick says:

    This ‘new guy’ they hired to run HLN needs to GO back where he came from and bring ALL of our regular HLN shows back. Current news and most important, legal news and current trials! I watched every single day, but NO MORE!!! I do love Jane and Nancy, but expect ‘he’ will take them too!! What a moron!! Send him back where he came from and bring our ‘old’ HLN back!!! Thank you, Karen McCormick

  38. heather brown says:

    I don’t think anyone at HLN is listening It is really a sad day I too use to watch HLN but no more, They got rid of the wrong people,, The powers to be need to rid us of Nancy Grace. I am sick of listening to her promoting herself and telling us all how she wants to make a difference. She needs to go. HLN is off my list of favorites

  39. Diana Collinson says:

    Absolutely hate the new line up. I watched HLN from morning to night and enjoyed seeing the current news with the attorneys and doctors giving their opinions and input on the cases. The new shows are pure junk and I will no longer be watching HLN. The old shows were very informative of the current events and the new ones are ridiculous and boring. The live court was very interesting and kept watchers informed. Too bad someone new came in and took all the interesting topics away and replaced with junk shows. Jane Valez Mitchell has been one of my favorites but now the secret lives are just reiterating what we have already seen in the court hearings. Put her back with the current happenings we all liked being kept informed about. It appears you have lost many viewers with the new line up so chalk it up to bad ideas and go back to the original programming.

  40. denise dudley says:

    Hln had great programing,before this new jerk took over! I looked forward to the programs that have been cancelled. Everything seems to be a repeat of a repeat! Why are Nancy grace,Jane vm.,and Dr.drew now repeats! What would you do?,etc.are too old and dull! Terrible programing!!

  41. Beverly B. Mc Cutcheon says:

    I will watch HLN again only when (if) it resumes trials and court hearings. They were entertaining, it’s true, but they also taught the viewing public a great deal about our country’s legal system.
    Not everyone is a fan of Nickelodeon-type television.

  42. Maxine W, Stout says:

    HLN is not the channel it once was with the live court shows and the staff that was doing those. I for one will watch HLN very sparingly but if I find it goes back to live Court shows then I may consider returning to watching the channel. Also way too many repeats of lousy shows!!!!

  43. heather brown says:

    Way too many repeats If you are going to change things around I could do without Nancy Grace and the commercial promoting herself I won’t be watching HLN anymore Tired of the repeats Also What would you Do has been repeated as well way to many times

  44. Sarah says:

    No trial coverage? Forget it. I’m taking this channel off my favorites. I liked the trial commentary. HLN After Dark was great entertainment. Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, and Jane are still on which is good but something tells me this won’t last with all these changes.

  45. Janice says:

    I agree with just about everyone before me. I have to admit that I did get a little tired of seeing some of the same news all day long, but this is ridiculous! Where are the trials & legal coverages? I do not want to see any of these new & some old entertainment shows. Reruns of “What would you do?” are just wrong for a news channel. I say “fire” the new GM! They better not get rid of Jane or Dr. Drew or I am done with HLN…

  46. BILLY MASSIE says:

    this is no shocker when the knee- jerks GM’S arrive they want to throw around the weight and cut people. SHOWBIZ TONITE sucks and HLN needs to step up with live coverage of more vital trials or you will lose more viewers. the 3 new shows on sunday will be crushed by NFL and BIG BROTHER I PROMISE YOU. BILLY MASSIE ALEXANDRIA, VA. 22314

  47. Elizabeth says:

    I am very disappointed with the cancellations. This guy needs to go back to where he came from. I don’t care about Showbiz tonight every other show. The main reason I started watching this network was for the trials they covered. Hopefully the numbers will wake this GM up. I won’t be watching anymore and whoever picks up the trials will get my loyalty.

  48. Linda says:

    I am very dissatisfied with the changes HLN has made
    I don’t watch HLN during the day anymore. I miss all the regular shows and hosts. I to will be looking for a new channel.

  49. Suzannah Sloan says:

    Coverage of the court cases and HLN After Dark were what made this channel worth watching. Five broadcasts of ShowBiz Tonight are four too many. I guess now I’ll have to look elsewhere for quality commentary. Albie Hecht should go back where he came from.


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