Fox Sports 1 Set To Air on Time Warner Cable, DirecTV

FOX Sports1

Comcast, Dish deals also near

Avoiding the carriage disputes that threatened to undermine their Aug, 17 launch, national cable channels Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 are on target for distribution deals with Time Warner Cable, Comcast, DirecTV and Dish, according to sources.

While the ancestors for those channels, Speed and Fuel, had existing agreements with the distributors, terms had to be renegotiated given the higher profiles that FS1 and FS2 will have nationally.

Fox had been getting below 30¢ per subscriber each month for Speed and about 20¢ monthly per sub for Fuel. Analysts expect subscriber fees from FS1 to triple in the short term, a key part of the motivation for Fox to dive more deeply into the national sports cable pool.

The deals have come in a climate that has seen stalemates elsewhere: DirecTV and the Pac-12 Networks are miles apart, while Dish and Time Warner Cable Sports, the RSN that carries the Los Angeles Lakers, are also deadlocked. Time Warner Cable is also in a standoff with CBS-owned networks.

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  1. I also can’t find foxsports1…. Need help!

  2. john says:

    i have time-warner and can’t find foxsports1. what channel is it on in dayton?

    • Everet Merritt says:

      I live in Pinehurst, NC. What is the Time Warner cable channel no. for Foxsports 1 in the Southern Pines, NC area

  3. Pat Keefer says:

    I have Brighthouse & cam’t find fs2.Whats up?

  4. Gale says:

    I have Comcast. I have FoxSports 1, but DON~T have Foxsports2-couldn`t watch any Nationwide today. I am 60 years old, been going to races and watched Nascar for as long as it has been Broadcasting(remember about 20 minutes of Wide World of Sports?) I personally with many other fans my age, was THRILLED to actually have our own gearhead channel. Now true Nascar fans are once again the victim of big business. If you want Nascar to grow,FOX,get rid of one of your extra houses or cars and give us babyboomers a FREAKIN BREAK!!!

  5. jimmy culver says:

    you guys are complete idiots! foxsports1 absolutely sucks.i realize that your biz is profit driven(my monthly bill supports that) . i’m all for you making money . if you weren’t I would not be able to enjoy the great service and programming (other than UGH! foxsports1) I find find it very difficult to believe that speed channel was costing you money. c’mon people give me a break! “the crowd roars”? what escapee from the” rubber ranch” came up with THAT idea?! the crowd roars, allright, and I’m part of that growing crowd that is particularly disgusted with your new programming. remember “new coke”? they lost me then ,and never got me back. “IF IT AINT BROKE , DON’T FIX IT”!!!! If you were not happy with your profits or viewer shares from “Speed” ,get a load of what’s coming! you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet! I for one ,along with many others will NOT watch fox sports1 again other than “race hub”! I know that this is very long, but, WE ARE VERY MAD!!!!!!!

  6. Dirk says:

    When’s fox sports 1 & 2 coming to dishnetwork and am i going to have to pay extra for them.

    • KATHY says:

      Ok Guys….I have a problem. My husband is ready to pull his hair out over this new FS l. It sucks !!! I don’t care about how “the crowd roars” or whatever that show is. Put Speed back on and leave it all along. NASCAR fans are furious about this. You “money grubbing” big shots think you know what fans want….news flash for ya….YOU DON’T !!!!!

  7. butch says:

    foxsport 1 suck

  8. Alan Karr says:

    bring back speed why didn’t anyone check with gearheads before making this dumbass decision

  9. ed says:

    you are the idiot the speed channel had several other car shows and now fox is making it a sports talk channel that sucks i can think for myself without the talking heads

  10. bobby carl says:

    i used to come home and turn speed channel and watch some good shows, race hub was a i cant even find them. i don’t want to watch football shows, this time of the years. were all thjose good people fired from the race shows. what the answer?

  11. Rick says:

    Not a very happy camper already lost our local channels now speed you’ve got to be kidding me so which channels are next so with all these changes can you get out of your dish contract if you wanted to with all these changes customers shouldn’t be liable for the 2 year obligation I enjoy dish but losong locals and speed channels I can carry my local provider and get my local and speed channels?

  12. Sam says:

    Be nice if they actually asked the customer what they wanted. They have made too many changes to pad their wallets and who care what we think! I think I am changing this week to another carrier in the area!

    • Kenny says:

      I don’t like this idea taking away the SPEED chan. There were several regularly scheduled programs we watched on SPEED every night. I’m not at all impressed with this change. If they’d asked – we would have said “no thanks; leave SPEED channel on there”!!!!! Maybe that’s why they didn’t ask. I know we are not the only ones not at all happy about this. Something needs to be done to get the SPEED channel back on.

  13. lawrence says:

    your network is crap since we used to watch ufc on fox programming u had to ssitch it to yur new fox one just to make a buck now your just being selfish n greedy i hope it never works out

  14. Paul says:

    I am tired of my bill going up everytime there is a new station. I think we pay enough for what we get when half channels after midnight are trying to sale something

  15. I have Dish and still haven’t figured out where to find the new channel…..I hope it’s still on channel 150. Suggestions from anybody to find out my channel #?

  16. Jessie Wallace says:

    I echo Lynne’s comments!!!!!
    Speed is the only reason I have not cancelled our Directv. If I lose the Speed channel I will
    cancel my Directv acct.

  17. Lynne Howell says:

    I hope my bill doesn’t go up with the new fox sports 1 network since I was totally happy with my Speed channel and did not ask for an additional sports network, if I want to watch football I have channels to watch that, they didn’t need to take my nascar channel, I think this whole idea is WRONG all we want is one channel dedicated to nascar and the heck with the other sports and I can see the writing on the wall that nascar will be over shadowed by other sports like it always is. When i got my tv viewing package I went up two tiers in order to have the Speed network and now you’re taking that away from me, thanks alot Fox. I live for nascar and love watching it all from the practice to the qualifying to the pre race talks and the racing action, I love it all. I only hope that doesn’t change with all the new crap but I don’t see that happening, I guess only time will tell

    • Duke says:

      your an idiot.. there will still be NASCAR on these channels… cancel your DirecTV… less idiots using the service the better…

  18. Eric Rich says:

    If true, this is about the best news I could hear.

    • bill says:

      I don’t know what corporate dipshit thought it would be ok to take away my gearhead channel and in return give me soccer and college football, but he or she needs to get out in the real world and speak to the consumer. Thanks for nothing. FS1 sucks.

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