Fox Sports 1 Averages 160,000 Viewers Nightly in First Week

Crowd Goes Wild Fox Sports 1

It slightly outperforms the network it replaced

Numbers are in for the first full week of national sports channel Fox Sports 1, and the net has left plenty of room for improvement.

Nielsen estimates that FS1 averaged 161,000 viewers in primetime, a little more than the 158,000 that Speed (the former motorsports channel it replaced) opened in the same frame a year ago. The top draws for the net were NASCAR racing events on Wednesday (540,000) and Saturday (428,000).

By comparison, ESPN, which has established a cable sports dynasty after more than 30 years on the air, averaged 2.17 million viewers in primetime last week with a lineup anchored by Major League Baseball action. Among sports nets, FS1 also trailed ESPN2 (473,000), NFL Network (383,000) and MLB Network (193.000) while outdrawing Golf Channel (137,000), NBC Sports Network (104,000), ESPNU (65,000) and NBA TV (58,000).

In total day, Fox Sports 1 averaged 81,000 viewers — down from the 100,000 of Speed last year.

Fox Sports Live,” the FS1 equivalent of ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” averaged about 75,000 for its three episodes that aired in the vicinity of its target 11 p.m. timeslot — just a fraction of the roughly 1.5 million that “SportsCenter” did on those same nights.

Its late-afternoon discussion show “Crowd Goes Wild,” whose panelists include Regis Philbin, opened to 74,000 viewers on Monday of last week, but dropped to as low as 29,000 on Thursday. It closed strong, spiking to 179,000 on Friday and then drawing 84,000 with a Saturday afternoon edition.

Certainly, nobody expected FS1 to open to huge numbers, and the net’s profile is sure to be raised this fall when it airs college football. It will add MLB games next year, and FS1’s roster down the road will also include NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series and United States Golf Association championship events.

FS1 is currently in about 75% of the nation’s homes, compared with ESPN in roughly 85%,

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  1. FS1 is an answer to a question not asked. I used to be able to turn on my ‘comfort food’ SPEED Channel and get at least decent motorsports coverage, car auctions, etc. Now it’s the same old crap as a dozen or more ‘other’ sports channels. Who needs more spoiled overpaid druggie ‘athletes’? Hell the Golf Channel seems to make a dedicated 24\7 channel work, and that’s for grown men wearing funny pants chasing around a little white ball! Tells me more about the Fox suits inability to manage than the dedication of motorsports fans.
    You suck FS1. Please bring my SPEED back.

  2. Steve says:

    Just an ESPN wanna be

  3. Don says:

    Good job to the ass hat that decided that the SPEED channel needed to be turned into the sorry excuse of programming that is FOX sports 1. Give us back the motorsports channel for those of us that follow sports that require two balls. Are you not aware that ESPN has 20 channels that already do this better than you. Give me back SPEED.

  4. Steve Bering says:

    you folks haven taken A NETWORK SPEED CHANNEL &just killed it really you screw up big time! if I wanted to watch the other sports there are a number OF CHANNELS TO WATCH. just in case you don’t get it who cares about the junk you are putting on. racing is why I watched speed. not the crap you are putting on! I can watch that on regular tv. JUST IN CASE YOU DONT GET IT YOU MORONS BLEW IT. so in closing no need to watch foxs1. thank you for nothing.

  5. brian wilson says:

    New fox sports 1 has replaced the only true auto racing channel we had. Now all we get is reruns of ufc fighting all day. Can I ask this to fox? WHO cares about ufc fighting. There is more brain power in one NASCAR crew member than in the whole ufc series and fox sports network combined. You folks have completely lost an entire fan base. Thanks for everything you have done for us. Signed, the NASCAR Nation.

  6. wally says:

    fox sport 1 sucks big time i want my speed channel back i am on sat. with dish and if i want to watch fox sport 2 i have to add another channel $$$$$$ oh and by the way regis sucks as well this guy dosent know diddley about any sport unless it might be pocket pool.

  7. yup fox sports 1 sucks big time. I say bring back speed channel. Put race hub back on at old time slot take the gay foot ball show and bounce it around I’m 66 years old and can proudly say I have never watched a foot ball game.Think there jealous the racing is bigger than stick and Wonder if they read any of these comments?

  8. Billy Catron says:

    why could Fox noy have created a new channel instead of replacing one with a small but dedicated fan group???? now not only do you not have a great viewership but now a group of REALLY pissed of former viewers who wont watch FS1 no matter what they put on there….. and the FS1 webpage totally ignores NASCAR like its a Leper…..

  9. Brad says:

    FS1 What a joke. Now we have twice as many yuckups telling us the same thing about the NFL, MLB, PGA, and everything other than auto racing. Apparently FOX is trying to put last stake in the heart of Nascar and other auto sports.

  10. Dot says:

    Fox Sports 1 is a total waste. There was plenty of coverage of baseball and football, they did not have to take away our Nascar coverage on Speed. Friday’s coverage of Sprint Cup qualifying was disgraceful.Many of the drivers were not shown because of all the commercials. I am dropping this channel?

  11. Tommy says:

    I have canceled my satelite subscription since I lost Speed. This is terrible. If we wanted to watch other sports we had multiple channels that covered football, basketball and golf. Speed will be missed.

  12. Bo0b Stapleton says:

    Stupid blondes reading a teleprompter and bald headed black men do not sports make. Talking heads, not worth my time. Maybe we don’t all care about football, basketball, or socker. Release NASCAR back to a separate Speed Channel ASAP.

  13. Charles says:

    This has got to be the worst take over I’ve ever seen! FS1 Is terrible! Please give us speed channel back!

  14. Terry Faye Stevens says:

    We are very disappointed with Fox Sports 1. They have basically cut NASCAR news to less than a Newspaper Article daily.
    2. On Pre-Race day’s, we no longer hear Driver’s opinion’s on their car’s, expectation’s for Quailfication’s, or car changes for race day.
    3. What happen to driver interviews after the race?

    Fox Sports 1 on a Scale of 1-10, you get a 3!

  15. SB says:

    I don’t want FS1 but had also never heard of Speed network until Fox said they were replacing a channel called Speed a year ago. I think all the Speed fans have found this article though. Cute. They are “deadicated.”

  16. Shorty says:

    Crowd goes wild? Should be “Crowd goes to sleep”! What a boring show loaded with boring no-names. Just what America didn’t need was another ho-hum stick and ball channel…

  17. I.M. says:

    Glad I have Velocity Channel to make up for the loss of Speed Channel.

  18. Paul H says:


  19. m. hunt says:

    So you dropped Speed due to low ratings and came up with this hair brained idea.. well now what are you gonna replace this with??? I know.. What about a channel dedicated to all things motor sports !!!!!

  20. jon says:

    If there were enough of you “gear heads” speed would not have failed. Get over it. Its gone. We all knew this was happening for the past year. You still have all the live racing that was on speed. The biggest thing fs1 has going for it is not racing. Its UFC and college footbal. Also many many more years for growth something Speed failed to give them.


  22. Paul Curtis says:

    The crappy thing is we have to watch fox sports 1 to see NASCAR, the biggest thing they have going,please bring speed back and don’t count me in the ratings for any other show just like sport center,thank god for mav tv,helps on the weekends!when its not old movies.

  23. FS Noone says:

    Yep… FOX does it again…. almost as brilliant as the government…”We must approve this bill so we can find out what’s in it”…

  24. Lou DiBerardinoJr says:

    you guys blew it big time!!!! don’t care about foxsports 1 bring back speed!!!

  25. Stacey Cundiff says:

    The new channel is a total waste, just a repeat of all the other sports channels. There is a large audience of guys that enjoy watching motorsports and gear heads. Fox 1 you have missed the motor boat, bring back the sports channel that us motorsports guys want.

  26. Doug Hall says:

    Not a fan of the new channel. Really enjoyed the speed channel with its motor sports and gear head shows. Hope someone will come to their senses and return the speed channel to its gear head fans!

  27. Dave ware says:

    Fox Sports 1 you suck! If I wanted to watch all of the stick and ball crap I would have turned it to another channel. Thank you very much for taking away the only motorsports channel we had.

    • janice Green says:


      • ken says:

        Speed to FS1? Fuel to FS2? No thank you!!!! I canceled the package to Directv that airs FS1 because I want nothing to do with their new sports channels…… I am not going to pay money to watch the garbage they air. All Nascar fans and gear heads must speak up and write an email. tell a friend, cancel their sports package, Do something to get heard…….Voices in Numbers are heard and it all starts with one, YOU!!!!!!!!!

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