‘Family Guy’s’ Death Shocker [SPOILERS]

Family Guy

**Please note that this post features spoilers for the TV show “Family Guy.” Fans who did not see the November 24 episode should read with caution.

RIP, Brian.

Perhaps the smartest member of the Griffin household met his bitter end last night when it was revealed that “Family Guy’s” beloved consigliere/family pet Brian the dog had died. And while Brian (who is voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane) certainly led a full life in the more than 11 years that the Fox show has aired — a decent lifespan for a canine — fans were not happy about the news.

As is now standard, people took to social media and online petitions to voice their outrage of the situation — including a Change.org petition that reached over 1500 signatures in a matter of hours.

Fox hasn’t commented on the decision. MacFarlane did what he does best and made a joke of the backlash, saying through his publicist “this is the first time I’ve ever gotten positive feedback from Tina Fey.”

“Family Guy” executive producer Steve Callaghan told E! Online that the idea originated in the writers room and they “thought it could be a fun way to shake things up.”

“It seemed more in the realm of reality that a dog would get hit by a car, than if one of the kids died,” Callaghan said. “As much as we love Brian, and as much as everyone loves their pets, we felt it would be more traumatic to lose one of the kids, rather than the family pet.”

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  1. Terrence Linder says:

    He’s not dead, people! It’s just Seth McFarlane pulling everybody’s leg as usual! It’s a trick episode! In 2014 Brian is lead character in two episodes! This is how Seth jerks off news corp for bags of money, and like idiots they give it to him! It doesn’t matter anymore. The show stopped being funny a long time ago! Even the cutaways aren’t funny anymore! Just do like the Simpsons and put this garbage FXX! Get a clue FOX when it comes to McFarlane! Your network is going to go broke giving him all your money! Why don’t you just let Charles Manson write a cartoon for you! It will probably be funnier! ABC made a mistake with him and hasn’t looked back do the same before it’s too late!!!

  2. Matthew says:

    I must be the only person who isn’t upset about the death of Brian and here’s why

    1. He was an unlikable,pompous douche

  3. Cye says:

    What are they thinking! There is nothing ‘fun’ about this. This is not a fun shake up, this has ruined the entire show mechanic. And some stupid gangster dog for a replacement? By the end of the same show episode? No. Just no. This has completely ruined this show for me, and countless others. I certainly hope someone gets their two cents about them and brings Brian back, or many will never watch the show again. I know I won’t. Thank you for ruining a show we’ve all loved for years so writers can have some ‘fun’. I am utterly disgusted right now.

  4. henry_fool says:

    Why didn’t they just kill Meg? I mean c’mon people

    • david miller says:

      dave m
      I just deleted the series from my dvr. Those of you who are old enough, remember the NEW COKE disaster? I bet Brian will be back.

  5. derpstein says:


  6. Jett Wildman says:

    It wouldn’t have been traumatic if it was Meg

  7. mediamumbler says:

    Done anyone who has ever watched more than three episodes of any Seth MacFarlane cartoon or ever see/ read a single interview with him honestly believe that he didn’t pull this stunt for the attention the “backlash” from the fans would gather?

    Let’s look at his line-up: he has three shows, all still going strong on Fox, all in syndication on AT LEAST one network (both “Family Guy” and “American Dad” reruns are on both Cartoon Network and TNT, so it’s only a matter of time before TNT picks up “Cleveland Show”), he’s done his “Comedy Carnival” shorts with Burger King as the sponsor, and he’s had his live action film “Ted”. Fox has recently announced adding a fourth MacFarlane cartoon to their line up and I would put dollars to doughnuts that it will be along the same vein as his first three. Almost anyone who isn’t a die-hard fan of his is beginning to grumble about the staleness of his ideas and his version of “comedy”… what better way to gather attention than to kill off a fan favorite?

    Keep in mind that (a) it is a cartoon, which means characters can come and go as they please, and (b) Stewie has a time machine, making the ideal option of bringing Brian back to life once “the fans have spoken” announcement is made. I’m sure half of the people who saw the most recent episode declared “Oh, three episodes down the road, four at the max, and we’ll have Stewie rescuing Brian in one of their special, usually musical episodes. We haven’t had one of those since they went to Vegas last season”.

    Stale, MacFarlane. You conviently kill off a fan favorite, which is conviently voiced by yourself, and you conviently have a “get out of death free” excuse built straight into your show’s continuity. Surely there is some better way of getting your fans’ attention and respect? Like, doing an episode that isn’t 49% fart jokes, 51% misc. low-brow humor? What happened to the episodes where there was a point to character interaction and the episode ended with the audience getting a warm feeling or a personal glimpse into some development? What happened to clever jokes? I’m not talking about being witty or even high-brow humor, just straight up, honest cleverness.

    Do another episode like when Brian and Stewie were locked in the bank over the weekend, where we had some serious insight to their characters, and I’ll bet your audience will start paying more attention to you.

  8. occultology says:

    Brian died to free us all from original cartoon sin.”Faster Than the Speed of Love”, indeed.

  9. I’m surprised Meg is even still alive, more so than the choice to kill off Brian rather than her. They could then introduce a much less annoying character that is still voiced by Mila Kunis?

    Brian was a dog that talked, the fact that he was 11 years old seems irrelevant as (being a cartoon) he clearly doesn’t abide by normal rules of life – I’d like to note here The Simpsons dog, 24 years old and counting.

    I’m hoping, as a personal preference, that in a following episode Brian returns. They bring him back from the dead somehow. Seth MacFarlane has regularly related himself to Brian – perhaps he has a Jesus or messiah complex that he wants to live out, through Brian, by resurrecting himself in a later episode?

  10. Bill nye says:

    Why didn’t they kill off Herbert the pervert ? Or maybe send him to prison ?

  11. Graeme says:

    you have lost more than a half of your fans, Seth please bring back Brian, for Family Guy’s future sake.

  12. Mark Tompkins says:

    Brian & Stewie are the best characters on the show. With one dead, I am half as likely to watch.

  13. Adam says:

    They’ve already released the names of upcoming episodes and you’ve got “Brian’s a Bad Father”, and “Brian the Closer”, with another episode previewed as “..will guest star Maya Rudolph as a runner whom Brian falls for..” Total media grab.

    • AustinG says:

      Have you considered that they did that as a red herring?

      • Adam says:

        Considering they released a season 12 preview that had clips from the season, including the upcoming one where they go to Springfield in a Simpsons crossover, which all had Brian, I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case.

  14. LuLu Vallano says:

    I’d rather see one of the kids die, seriously, it’s less traumatic.

  15. Arnie Tracey says:

    I beg you indulgence, if not your pardon. Stewie may be technically smart, yes. Granted, he is an evil genius, (did you get that? E-V-I-L) He is a sadist, and a matricidal-maniac. As well as a megalomaniac. Smart, with a huuuuuuuuuge asterisk. A giant flaw. A mad man. Stewie, is quite insane. Mad as a hatter. Superior, but mis-wired. Full blown nutso. Bri. We want Bri ! Kill Stewie instead.

  16. redemption99 says:

    Uh The smartest person in the family is stewie, he invented a time machine and other amazing things…most things brian tried to do ended badly.

  17. Gigi says:

    Remember when Buxk died on married with children? They just bought another dog and claimed he was reincarnated. I am sure they can draw another dog and being back the Brian personality…

  18. T-Man V. says:

    In before hacks show that Brian had only been knocked out temporarily, ala Final Fantasy 7’s Aerith Lives hack.

  19. Arnie Tracey says:

    Bri was the only sane person in the family. He needs to stay. Period. End of story. Seth is just trying to hurt us. He’s being mean because he was hurt by his Academy debacle’s reviews. Come back Bri. Come back fella.

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