Elisabeth Hasselbeck Heads to Fox News; Tomorrow Is Final Day on ‘The View’

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaves 'The View,' Heads

Hasselbeck to take Gretchen Carlson's spot on 'Fox & Friends'

After denying rumors about her departure for months, Elisabeth Hasselbeck will officially be ankling ABC’s “The View” for Fox News.

Tomorrow will be her last day on the veteran daytime skein.

“Survivor” alum and noted conservative, Hasselbeck is ankling the daytime talkshow for “Fox & Friends,” where she will replace Gretchen Carlson.

ABC said in a statement: “For a decade, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has brought her passion and strong beliefs to ‘The View.’ We watched her journey from newlywed to motherhood, an Emmy® Award-winning talk show host, author, entrepreneur and activist. She stood behind her political views even if they were not the most popular opinions at the table never shying away from voicing a difficult question.  We thank Elisabeth and wish her luck as she begins this new chapter of her career.”

“The View” co-host and exec producer Barbara Walters, who will depart the series at the end of this season, added: “When Elisabeth survived ‘Survivor’ we wanted to make sure she would stay afloat. We have had 10 wonderful years with her and she will now be swimming in new waters. We will miss her and wish her everything good.”

Hasselbeck, who initially rose to fame on 2001’s “Survivor: The Australian Outback,” joined “The View” in 2003 after multiple guest co-hosting stints, replacing Lisa Ling. The reality TV alum often butted heads with fellow deskmates over social and political issues during her tenure on the program, including with Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg.

Announcement follows news that Jenny McCarthy is currently in deep negotiation for Joy Behar’s spot on “The View,” which will open at the end of the summer.

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  1. shirley says:

    im so glad your off the the view.. ..your better then all of them ,, You have guts to say what you beleive and stick to it .. The others on the show are all one sided .You have guts girl … i wish you the best ..And never back down on what you beleive

  2. Judi says:

    Thank you Elizabeth for 10 years on The View. I always admired your spunk and efforts to be true to self no matter how hard the others pounced on you for exercising your freedoms.I am sorry that your VIEWS will no longer have a voice……therefore I will no longer watch The View. Good luck in your future,.

  3. Bella says:

    She was on Survivor. Then gets a job on the View. Suddenly she’s a know it all on every subject. She is so disrespectful. Ugh

  4. Bella says:

    Good riddens. She is a rude, arrogant young lady who does not know how to show respect for others. I actually stopped watching the View about three years ago because she made me so angry. FOX is crazy to hireherbut then again she’ll fit right in with the other jerks there. Just glad she’s off the View.

  5. Lydia says:

    All the best to you Miss Elizabeth and speak your truth you are intelligent and well spoken.

  6. lee says:

    So happy she’s finally leaving her ego sucks

  7. Paula Kaye says:

    I think that Elisabeth was the only sane one on THe View. I am proud of her for the entire 10 years she put up with those bit**es on the View. She can now voice her opinion without being eaten alive. lAnd we will let the real racists (Whoopi, Sherri) stay behind. The View is now officially dead!

  8. Lisa Pace says:

    Ranting and raging like a spoiled child if no one agreed with her…fox 8 will be her safe haven. One can only imagine what she will say on the show…the really real EH will be revealed.

  9. Krista says:

    Thank the dear Lord she is finally leaving The View to go to Fox Lies. ABC is too good for her.

  10. Linda Murphy says:

    Best news of the day. Buh-bye!

  11. Robin says:

    So this is where the low information voters hang out!

  12. Dan says:

    She will now be in her element surrounded by people who will support her for taking their “views”. Perfect fit for her and FOX News. Happy to see her leave.

  13. newyorkgirl77 says:

    I’m exceptionally happy to see her go. I found her annoying, irrational, loud mouthed, didn’t know what the heck she was talking about political-wise and just wasn’t the right fit. I know she didn’t have a contract renewal because she received too many complaints. She got into fights with everyone there. It was tiring to see, so I personally stopped watching because she seemed a bit too immature and much too self involved. The my opinion counts and yours doesn’t and if you don’t agree with me, I know I’m right. You could read it in her face. To keep continually blaming liberals all the time or Democrats, they have opinions & they surely had to listen to her baloney about the Bush administration when he was doing so many things wrong she still stood up for his outright stupidity. He was a terrible president. The best president in my time was and still is Bill Clinton at this time. I don’t care what he did with his personal life. He was an excellent President. Period! She’s someone that was at the fair much too long and should have been let go quite a long time ago. I don’t care if people state that majority of the people working there were Democrats. So what? Democrats have done a great deal of good for this country and I could care less if people use their stupid excuses oh it’s because they were all liberals. Well she was a conservative. Maybe a great deal of us had a problem with that since you keep blaming Democrats for every single solitary move on this planet that goes wrong. she is not a good broadcast journalist, she was dull, she was a wet blanket and never had fun and laughted with the other ladies. The choice to pick her over other people who were up for that position was just wrong.She was different in the beginning and then she became really nasty and argumentative and would interrupt her own boss, Barbara so many times, she had to say, Let me finish what I’m saying.She was rude. I am not sad to see her go at all. She just didn’t fit in and other people definitely will or would have. I got so sick of her arguments over everything I couldn’t watch any longer. Plus that voice. she sounds like a kid.She doesn’t have a grown womans voice. In this business, it’s extremely important to speak clearly, not to speak so fast as she did like she was rushing all the time, and the others spoke in a nice tone and got their point across. she did make many people irritated because she just never gave a chance to anyone else speaking and she was rude to President Obama as well. You know what ? She may not like him or agree with his politics but her rudenss to him was obnoxious and disgusting to say the least and he deserved an apology. Glad to see her leave and you bet I’m a Democrat and I’m proud of it . If you don’t like it I could care less.

  14. Tony says:

    Ms. Hasselbeck was the only one who brought sensibility and class to the table of the raging female fascists otherwise. Frankly, the vulgar leftists make The View unwatchable and Elisabeth is to be commended for leaving their foam behind in joining the top brand in cable television.

  15. Jenny says:

    I may actually start to watch The View Again now that she will be gone!! Good riddance, she belongs on Faux News!

  16. Aaron says:

    Jenny McCarthy on the View? Oh hells yes. I means hells to the Y e s.

  17. Darah Smith says:

    Glad she’s leaving, she will fit right in with those racist Republicans at Fox!!!!! I will now be able to enjoy the View frim beginning to end!

  18. Jan says:

    Elisabeth was the only one on The View with any class. The rest are “in your face” liberals that are obnoxious. Behar has sunk pretty low working at Al-Jazeera—perfect pairing.

  19. What is happening to Gretchen? She is the most intelligent host on Fox and Friends. I’m in shock.

  20. Inception79 says:

    She is blonde cute misinformed and wildly conservative. Perfect for Fox News.

  21. Zahn says:

    Most def the ratings will go down starting with Jenny if they hire her and losing Liz the show is DOOMED…Won’t last another 2 years.

  22. I look forward to the decline in ratings. The show is a waste of airtime.

  23. MrsPhanatic says:

    She was the only reason to watch the show!

    • Zahn says:

      Yes she was the only reason to watch. The reason she got so loud over everyone was cause they all would always drown her out. So she got tough and spoke her mind. Best fight ever was when she stood her ground with ROSIE and threw things back in her face. She has spunk and will do well at Fox while the view will soon be cancelled….Good Luck Lizabeth…

  24. Bella says:

    Yea!!!! So glad she’s leaving sometimes, especially during the political season, I’ve wanted to throw my TV out the window and I am a very open person, but she was just too much to bare at times. She’ll fit right in at Fox News.

  25. jodi says:

    phew she couldn’t leave soon enough for me

    • Tootsie says:

      she can go voice her intelligent opinions with her fellow new Fox news associate, Allen West. They are very similar.

  26. jodi says:

    buh bye, don’t let the door hit ya

    • Linda says:

      Yes!!!! She was rude toward guest and co hosts that did not agree with her views. No class.

      • Zahn says:

        They mostly never let her talk so that is why she got so loud. Who said her opinions were all bad. She made some compelling points and usually against the majority of people.
        I give her a big hand for that. It takes a lot to be the only one for a political party. Maybe some
        should of listened look at our country NOW…It went to hell fast.

  27. Shaylee Ann says:

    I’m sad to see her go. The View has long been heavy on the left side and I will miss Elisabeth’s perspective. While I didn’t always agree with her, I will compliment her ability to stand her ground. That’s the real beauty of our country- the freedom to hold and speak our beliefs. I’m very interested to see her in her new position!!

  28. Susan says:

    Dick is so right. In addition, she was very snarly to guests who did not share her FAR right-wing views. Her departure is a welcome one!

  29. cadavra says:

    “Wow, what a surprise!”–No one.

  30. Kim Rowland says:

    Very sad to see her go. She was truly the rational voice for the main stream America. I will not be watching The View after she goes. The loud mouth liberals literally bully anyone with an opinion other than theirs off the screen. This will be the kiss of death for an already faltering show. Who wants to watch a bunch of rich, out of touch women they can not relate to? Not me. Good luck to Elisabeth!

  31. JW says:

    Like I needed another reason NOT to watch FOX News.

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