‘Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson: ‘We All Learned A Lot’

'Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson: 'We All

No fireworks in Fox News Channel's first interview with family member since Phil Robertson flap began

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer tried his best but “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson kept his comments innocuous in the first interview from a family member since his father was briefly suspended from work on the hit A&E Network reality show.

Robertson and his wife Korie did a live appearance on Fox News Channel’s “All American New Year’s Eve” special on Tuesday. The pair spoke with Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck via remote from Colorado.

“We’re just glad to be back to work,” Willie Robertson said. “A&E and I are fine. We’re looking forward to getting back to work and making some funny shows. It’s a new year, we’re starting all over again.”

Hemmer pushed but Willie, the CEO of the family’s Duck Commander business, was not taking the bait. His father, Phil Robertson, was briefly suspended this month from work on the show after he made inflammatory comments about gays and African Americans in an interview with GQ magazine. A&E’s decision to put him on “indefinite hiatus” sparked a backlash from viewers and conservative orgs who argued that the elder Robertson was being punished for expressing his religious views about homosexuality.

“Duck Dynasty” has exploded as a hit in the faith community in part because the family is demonstrative about its Christian faith. The family rallied around Phil and indicated that it would not film new episodes without their patriarch. A new season of “Duck Dynasty” sets unspools on Jan. 15, and new episodes are set to be filmed in the spring after A&E backed down and reinstated Phil Robertson.

“We’re ready  to move on. We all learned a lot,” Willie Robertson said. “The family’s happy. We’re ready to go.”

Just in case viewers didn’t get the message, Korie Robertson enthused: “We’re all happy, happy, happy. … The best thing about this show is we get to do it as a family.”

Willie Robertson made it clear that his focus was not on the culture wars that erupted around the “Duck Dynasty” flap but  managing the family’s Duck Commander duck hunting supply business and making sure he didn’t “blow his knee out” while skiing in Colorado.

When Hemmer pressed him for details on how Phil Robertson was spending New Year’s Eve, Willie responded: “I reckon he’s asleep.”

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  1. melinda says:

    I think Phil took a stand for our Christian values and its nice to know that there are people still standing up for Gods word

  2. Jerry Sims says:

    Margaret Mead’s First Law of Cultural Anthropology States: Never hand a caveman a microphone.

  3. Victoria says:

    Willie has actually shown some talent as a singer, as has Missy Robertson, wife of Jace. There’s a reason their Christmas album is number four on the charts, because it’s good. “Hairy Christmas” duet with Willie and Luke Bryan is a treat.

  4. Paul says:

    So they shave in the off season and grow back their beards for the show, or are the beards fake?

    I think people get that the situations are created. However they are real people, not fabricated characters.

    As a society we unfortunately give people on TV way too much media time and off-screen attention.

  5. JW says:

    I wonder how the “faith community” will feel when they realze out this family is a product of A&E central casting. The hair, beards and clothes did not exist prior to them being signed for the show. It was short hair, polo shirts and kaki pants, no facial hair and in the off season they played golf. A&E created the characters as seem on TV. It’$ i$ amazing what people will do for a tv $how.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      Exactly! The show is no different then “The Real Housewives”, “Jersey Shore”, etc. They know they have a part to play and there has to be fun and fights and other nonsense. The show would have died quickly had it just been typical people talking, doing their jobs and doing the same thing day in, day out.

      Frankly, it mystifies me that Christians rally around the show and call it a family show. There’s a lot if innuendo and had they bothered to READ the GQ interview they would have read of bloody bar fights and the joys of the vagina. Still trying to figure out where in the bible that is.

      • Delphine says:

        I’d look in the Song of Solomon for the joys of the vagina scripture passages.

      • Victoria says:

        Stuff and nonsense. They had their duck calling business and were making millions hand over fist long before A & E came a’calling. You might want to do your homework before posting.

      • jc says:

        So happy it is still on!! Everyone has their own kind of reaity tv they like……so just deal with it….we have to deal with yours!

  6. Lettymontana says:

    Should be called “Quack Dynasty.” Shame on Phil for spewing crap about marrying 15 year olds, shame on A&E for backing out or down or whatever you want to call what they did. First it was he’s Christian and it’s his prerogative to spew whatever, then he’s fired, then he’s not, then after the family holds A&E hostage (if they indeed do that) they re-hire him/them THEN he has the stupid gall to talk about marrying of 15 year olds. What is going on? Just when I thought things couldn’t get more crazy. I’m not going to watch anymore. I probably shouldn’t have watched in the first place because it’s so not real. Give me the History Channel or the Shopping Channel for that matter. Done.

  7. Paul Lane says:

    A&E chose to go with the thug Christian crazy’s. Good luck, I will never watch your cable tv “network” again. To think that A&E used to show Lovejoy!

  8. Don Payne says:

    Sorry guys since A&E did what they did can not ever watch the network again. Blocked from my tv. Please change networks. And Phil said nothing inflammatory towards blacks just another Jesse Jackson bull crap call for attention

    • Michael Anthony says:

      A/E owns Duck Dynasty, not the Robertsons. They could go to another network, but the show couldn’t be in the sane format. They have contracts. They are PAID talent, the rest belongs to the network.

      Its too bad that you are to naive to understand its all an act. All reality shows are. Unless you believe the BS that the money isn’t important to them!

  9. I guess they forgot about something that just came out. Phil says men should marry 15 year olds. NOW CAN WE GET THIS STUPID SHOW OFF THE AIR?

    • Victoria says:

      Um, what is your stance on actor Paul Walker sleeping with a 16 year old when he was 35, or Jerry Seinfeld sleeping with a 17 year old when he was 40? I am breathlessly waiting your answer. … Tick, tock, tick tock.

    • Brian says:

      I would prefer to lose the ignorant commentators before the Robertson’s … you really should read what people say before you spew non-sense online.

    • Phil says:

      I don’t think we need the show off the air, I just would love to hear how extreme christian conservatives and freedom of speech defenders can defend pedophilia

      • Olga says:

        He wasn’t talking to men, he was talking to young boys. If you understand his point, you wouldn’t be saying this. As I can see, this family went through a lot of struggles and they married young. But they didn’t run for the courts, they stayed together and managed to pull off an amazing business. I think people can learn very good values if they just use their brain a little. Maybe, instead of being happy for this ordinary family and thankful that God has an amazing power to change people lives, people like you just misread simple statements and for what reason? Are you jealous that your life didn’t turned out like that?

  10. johntshea says:

    Coming soon! ‘DUCK DYNASTY: THE REVENGE’! The ducks shoot back!

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