‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Issues Statement Standing Behind Patriarch

'Duck Dynasty' Suspension: Family Stands Behind

The Robertson family, stars of the A&E hit show “Duck Dynasty,” is fully behind family patriarch Phil Robertson following his suspension from the show for anti-gay comments, and says they cannot imagine doing the show without him.

A statement on the family’s website, posted Thursday evening, reads:

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. The family has spent much time in prayer since learning of A&E’s decision. We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word. While some of Phil’s unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse, his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Phil is a Godly man who follows what the Bible says are the greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Phil would never incite or encourage hate.We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith, which is his constitutionally protected right.We have had a successful working relationship with A&E but, as a family, we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. We are in discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of Duck Dynasty. Again, thank you for your continued support of our family.

A&E suspended Robertson indefinitely following the release of an interview he did with GQ magazine in which he made several controversial remarks regarding homosexuality.

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  1. bernadine says:

    Standing behind the Robertson Family 100%!!!!!!! Will DEFINITELY miss being able to watch your show and hope to be able to watch again somehow!!!!!! Network only matters whether it’s cable or satellite tv!!!!!!! The Robertsons were the only reason I tuned in to a&e!!!!!! I won’t miss that station at all!!!!!!!!!

  2. Doug says:

    I watched about two minutes of this show and said out loud, “What the hell is this garbage, who are these white trash hillbilly stereotypes, and what does any of this have to do with either Arts or Entertainment?”

  3. I find it ironic and hypocritical of Glaad to freak out over Phil Robertson’s views on sin as defined by the bible when in fact Glaad made Pope Francis “Person of the Year” when its the Pope’s job to propagate those definitions of sin. hmmmmm Which way is it Glaad?

    • writerchick10 says:

      Uhh Pope Francis was named The Advocates Person of the Year bc he came out in support of gay marriage, saying, “If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?” The LGBT community claimed that those last five words were something they’d been waiting a very long time to hear. That, in addition to other actions taken by the Pope (such as his removal of a vocally anti-LGBT cardinal from the Vatican panel), are why he was chosen. Pope Francis was apparently honored when interviewed regarding the title.

      It’s not as if the man is pro-gay all of a sudden, but his comments are a huge deal (and it’s outraged A LOT of anti-gay Catholics). So you’re wrong, it’s not at all hypocritical. Also, they’re two completely untrlated issues.

  4. Redheadeddeb says:

    This man and his family are complaining because they are being held to the same standards as Paula Dean was. Well guess what, they should be. I agree that everyone has their own beliefs, but if your interpretation is slanted and nasty, then keep it to yourself. That being said, I’ll bet this group are back on the air and treated more carefully than Paula. Their show is bringing on the big bucks still.


    • SkinnyDragon205 says:

      Hey man, you might wanna turn your caps lock off. Also, the family is NOT uneducated, and the family is NOT ungodly. In fact, they are some of the most godly people left on this planet. Your anger probably has to do with your gay brother killing himself, which is tragic, yes, but you are being very ignorant in saying things that aren’t true just because you are a very strong supporter of homosexuality. Btw, if you don’t watch the show, then you won’t be “HARMED BY THE STICKS AND STONES”.

      • He’s not spewing hate at all. He is following his religious view from the Bible he worships and its definitions of sin. A & E was fully aware when they signed this show that Phil Robertson was a preacher, duh.

    • Jd says:

      I’m very sorry about your brother. I can’t imagine how hard that was. I have to correct you about a few things though, the whole Robertson family is educated, they all went to college except for Uncle Si. Also they were millionaires thanks to their duck call business before they had the tv show.

  6. Paula says:

    And I would expect nothing less. They r white trash so they r gonna have right wing political and social views. They shouldn’t have suspended the dad, the fans r most likely not people that would take offense to what the dad said. How is this any different than promoting sexualization of children like Todlers and Tiaras and insulting people’s looks like What Not to Wear. As long as there is a demand, stupid shows like this will always exsist

    • Your judgmental and derogatory comments about the family and audience is far worse than anything he said in an interview. He was staying true to what the bible says, you are acting directly of ignorance and the true bigot.

  7. Jd says:

    I think that anyone who is for the suspension of Phil Robertson should read what Camille Paglia said about it in the Daily Caller… For those who don’t know who she is, she is an openly gay professor who has been very opinionated on social issues.

  8. Zach Reynolds says:

    I hope they stick together & take this show to a network who will appreciate them & their show & stand behind them. Philwasnt preaching hate, he just said he doesn’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle & that all he can do is “spread the word of god to them”& let god god worry about it. I don’t agree with the gay lifestyle but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go out & spit on gays & do ugly things, it’s just my feelings on the matter.

  9. Trance says:

    A&E has a battle on their hands. They just waged war on Christians, and the week before we celebrate the birth of Jesus too. Not smart and not smart timing. They might just have to choose which group they want as viewers… the bullying hate group known as GLAAD, or Christians who for the most part are tolerant.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      GLAAD is a hate group while Christians are tolerant? You need to educate yourself. Which group has sent several delegations to Uganda over the last several years to assist the government in creating laws for imprisonment of gays? These laws include the death penalty. And guess which company donated to the cause? Chick-fil-A, the same company Christians lined up to buy and support, when they came under fire for their anti-gay stance! Its all one package. When some Christians spew hate, while the remaining Christians remain quiet, they become one and the same.

      Where were all you free speech advocates a few weeks ago when MSNBC suspended Alec Baldwin for his anti-gay comments? You were silent because you didn’t care. You cant be a free speech advocate only when it suits you. Otherwise that makes you a hypocrite and Christians certainly aren’t hypocrites. Or are they?

  10. Stu says:

    I am genuinely getting concerned with the level of control and 50’s style blacklisting that is going on everywhere lately. Whether I agree with anyone’s comments or not should be completely irrelevant, he should have the right go speak his mind – he didn’t go out and try to incite hatred of anyone, he just stated he thought it was wrong. So what A & E are basically saying is “agree with is or we ruin you” we are so obsessed with not offending anyone now this is becoming the blandest, most lifeless generation ever. You seem to be allowed an opinion, as long as it matches everyone else. Vocal minorities seem to be holding all the power last few years, Isn’t that wierd?

    • phillip says:

      I personally seem to think that you are kinda right. I agree Phil should be able to speak his mind about whatever, free speech right? That said when you are in the spotlight , you have responsibilites to your fans and to the job (his contract with A&E) whom are just trying to cover are legalities and cover the veiwers veiws. I did agree with the 50’s comment. Although i personally think 1950’s lifestyle was the best. Christians believed but had a turn the other cheek attitude, unlike the in-your-face extreamism promte now.they

  11. Bill says:

    A&E had the right to do what they did.

    Whether it was wise of them is a matter to be decided by them.

    The Government didn’t censor Phil, A&E did.

    That having been said, A&E’s behavior clearly shows where they stand and now the public must support or defend them and Duck Commander as they see fit.

  12. Jerry B says:

    Phil Robertson for President!!!!

  13. Kelly says:

    So if this intolerant dumb ass had pontificated about people of color….or the second class status of women…would you have given him so much promotion?

    • Moses says:

      No where in the bible does it attack people of colour, cause all man are equal. Colour does not change that, in the Old Testament women were less than man, but in the New Testament God showed us they are not, they are equal. To love all equally.
      So he wouldn’t talk about those thing cause well now u know.

  14. Mark Goyette says:

    A few things here:

    First, this is not a case of 1st amendment, if A&E was running the government it would probably run better, and since they are not the government the Robertsons have no rights what so ever.

    Second, A&E has to watch out for their own interests, not the interests of their shows. For every show picked up there are hundreds of others which could replace them, if the family doesn’t like it they can simply refuse to do the show.

    Third, they can’t take the show elsewhere, A&E has them contractually bound to the network for the time being, if A&E cancels the show that would be one thing, but if A&E decides to sit on the show that is another, and no matter how much money these guys make making duck calls they likely can’t afford to buy out their own contracts.

    This is the reason why people in this position should use self filtering, because they might have these opinions but they are on a network that is heavily indebted to the gay community and has a massive viewer ship from said community, the network will take the side of their viewership before their shows.

    Also, anybody who thinks people are watching Duck Dynasty for the values of the family are just stupid, people watch the show for the entertainment value and the stupidity of the family, just like all other reality shows.

    • Keith says:


      On your First thing: I agree about your 1st amendment comment, however I do not agree that they “have no rights what so ever”. They have a contract and without knowing every line of that contract you and I do not have the knowledge to know one way or the other. Also, with our legal system they have a right to sue and let a court decide the matter.

      On your Second thing: Again I agree with your first part that A&E’s interest is in the whole of the company and not one show. However, this is not just their #1 show but cable’s #1 show. So I don’t accept your premise that they can just replace it with 100s of other shows (otherwise they would also have the top 101 shows on cable). If that were truly the case and A&E truly wanted to send a message about not giving Phil a platform, then they would not just suspend him but refuse to air any clips that had him in it. Instead they are going ahead with a “Duck Dynasty” marathon this weekend.

      On your Third thing: Unless you have access to the contract you cannot make this statement. Every show has a unique contract, and even if A&E has control, that contract has a termination date. Just like Charlie Sheen, couldn’t go somewhere else and have a show like “Two and A Half Men”, he was still picked up by another network. The Robertson’s could still go somewhere else and change the format of the show enough to get around the contract. For instance; they could make it a more about their Christian family values and air it on a Christian network. How do you think that would go over for a Christian network to have the #1 show on cable?

      And finally to your “Also”: I believe that anyone that makes a blanket statement in regards to people that they haven’t even met are ignorant and assume that everyone watches for the same reason. I will only speak for myself and not even all of my friends that watch the show. I never watched the show until a few months ago, because I do not like reality shows, because of their lack of any moral value. Someone talked me into trying this show out because of how much I disliked the lessons that are being taught by shows like “Honey BooBoo” and “Jersey Shore” (I watched one each of those shows, so maybe I’m not being fare, but I have never heard anyone say “Snooki has such great values, I want my daughter to grow up to be just like her”), etc. I find “Duck Dynasty” to be refreshing and generally good natured, while I do find Phil to be opinionated about “Yuppies”, male and female roles. I accept that he is an elderly gentleman and I don’t know many people to get that age that aren’t opinionated and speak their mind.

      • Keith says:

        Michael: I am sorry, I didn’t fact check the source that said it was #1. I just checked Nielsen and it was actually #3 and #5 for last week. NFL games were #1 and #2 and “Sons of Anarchy” was #4. “The Walking Dead” wasn’t listed (their season finally ended before the rating was compiled). I tried to look for a quarterly rating, but I didn’t find one readily in my search. That being said, if your only point against my statement was the shows ranking, I will revise it to say, that it is a show generally in the top 5 on Cable.

      • Michael Anthony says:

        Keith: Its not cables #1 show. “The Walking Dead” is.

    • Moses says:

      Wrong out of all people I know who have commented about duck dynasty, in the 1000’S Christians or not, 95% of them say cause they love there morals and how clean the show is, it’s perfect for the family. And it’s Good. ( oh course the funny stuff is part too) can’t be all serious, can’t teach a person well by being serious, it’s though fun and humour that people learn. When u smile and laugh u use 25% more brain.

      • phillip says:

        It’s a mordern Beverly Hillbillies.If I owned the rights to the original, I might consider court action!

      • mari says:

        Mark…you don’t know much about old fashioned down home Christian values period. You know less than that about who the main audience is for the show. Go to the original site that variety posted on this last night and maybe check out some others. When looking through the thousands of comments, most are from Christian who say they love the morality and Christian values……many watch this as a family because they know it is safe for the kids to watch.

      • Mark Goyette says:

        And who’s ass did you pull those false statistics out of. I’ve watched quite a few episodes and though there is nothing morally wrong about them there is little to no value to the show. It is a group of hillbillies being what people picture hillbillies as being. Under educated and creators of stupid ideas. People watch it to see what stupid thing they are going to do next.

  15. Moses says:

    U comment with such hate about a man who speaks what he believes. Why don’t u attack those who spread hate throught out the world because they believe life is meaning less. Where is the good, in a man who follows a faith rooted in good or a man following something rooted in hate.
    An American, wow learn ur own culture, go back in history, cause ur government, ur laws, ur teachings in schools, all started with the root of the bible and the truth it holds. It’s people like u who started to take it out cause u don’t have the guts to face ur issues and see what the good book has for u. Ur country always says “in God we trust” yet u attack a man who speaks from the good book.
    U are messed up, and u cannt say the bible is just a belief or a way of life, until u have truly listened to God and follow his ways, cause right now u know nothing.
    Many scientists and men of high order have cursed at the bible to be fake and just a book, yet when they finally gave in to read it and listen, the recanted everything they said.
    I agree what Phil said is right, gay is wrong, lesbian is wrong. U take a tribe who knows nothing of the outside world, they find out one of there own is gay or lesbian and they will slaughter them cause they are “cursed or posses” as they put it. We are programmed by good to know what is right, and to try to do right, yet evil tries to tell us wrong and tries to change our minds about what is right.
    U still love them, but it is the wrong way of life.
    A little food for thought, would u rather go through life ignoreing the good and then find out its real and burn for eternity in hell, or go through life believing in the book and then find out it’s not and just be gone.
    The Lord protects his Children, Duck Dynasty u will go on, a&e is not ur way, God is the only way, and well with ur ratings lots will pick u up. Cause that’s what The Lord wants.

    • The word is “you”, not “u”. This is English, not Dutch. I wish the Lord would teach his children to spell.

    • James says:

      You are such a closed minded prig, it makes me literally vomit from the ignorant sh@t your spewing from your mouth. By the way, your son or daughter is or will probably turn out gay, and when they do I PRAY to god you give them that same “tribes slaughter their own gay peoeple because even those non-educated bush wackers know it’s wrong” speech you tried on us. That relationship will fall apart faster than your own bigoted outdated and so so uncompassionate views, and then we will see how high and mighty and RIGHT you think you still are.

    • Mark Stevens says:

      The Lord wants ‘duck dynasty’??? WOW!!!!! I must’ve missed that one in the Scriptures…

    • Tom says:

      Moses you are right but Variety is not the place to use your free speach. Know that what gays think is okay for them does not apply to anyone else. You want to talk about predigious people go no further, free speech belongs to only those who agree with there Godless perversions, which Variety supports 100% being that is the way in Hollyweird. By the way this has started a firestorm against A&E and GLAAD which I’m sure they didn’t see coming from a population that is fed up with the minority telling the majority how it is.

    • Elenor Riley Australia says:

      Well Mark and Kelly..I find you both obscene….honestly!!….Go Duck Dynasty ….

    • Mark Goyette says:

      Please, please, please tell me you are not from the US and/or a native English speaker because if you are you are dumb as rocks.

  16. Robin Boyd says:

    Dictating our freedoms to say what we believe has become a real problem with anyone who does not agree with those who are always claiming to be persecuted over “their” freedoms. Fascism is fascism, no matter what form it comes to us in.

    • Mark Goyette says:

      Fascism is a government stance. Contracts and business is not the same as the government, if you make stupid statements publicly do not be surprised when you lose your job, because businesses are in no way obligated to uphold your first amendment rights. If your comments goes against the stance of the company the company will uphold its stance and leave you holding the bag.

  17. Felix says:

    C’mon people get a grip that show is a total fabrication. It’s not real it’s all made up and scripted. A&E owns it they can fold it and shelf it if they want. Get your Duck Dynasty chia pet and stop whinnying. The circus is leaving town.

    • Lisa says:

      It has occurred to me that this show was scripted and all actors as nobody can be that stupid yet so business savvy. However, would A&E really pick such an offensive way to fold it up? That would be an all time low.

  18. Lisa says:

    Freedom of speach…… what happened to that?
    Phil, thank you for showing us that there still are those who stand true to their beliefs.

  19. Jack says:

    I want this garbage off the air. Not just this, but ALL reality television. Duck Dynasty, the Real Housewives, Honey Boo Boo, Keeping Up with the Kardashians… all of it. Celebrating ignorant people is destroying our society. The more of these shows that air the dumber people get.

  20. Mark says:

    Phil, you are my hero, please DON’T issue a public apology! We must honor GOD first! Thank you for your strength. It is sinful to engage in homosexuality we didn’t make the rule GOD did. I guess the truth hurts the little sensitive girly boys. Maybe this country needs to be offended. If the truth is gonna offend people. You ripped off a bandaid, and now the liberals are crying. But they have no way to defend the fact that they violated you freedom of speech. Anybody can say anything, so long as a Christian isn’t the one to say it. GOD BLESS Phil Robertson and America!

    • Paula says:

      So true. Liberals r all abt equality… Until god forbid someone disagrees with them! Then they r yanked into the spotlight and spit on them, resulting in much bigger “hullabaloo” than the original incident

  21. Paul says:

    The good thing is they do not need the money the show gives them. So as far as that goes they can take or leave it, and it sounds like they are leaving it rather than cow tow to the PC LGBT police out there. Power to them!!

  22. Lana says:

    Phil is Phil isn’t that why we watch Duck Dynasty … for the outrageously funny behavior and the outlandish comments….and the history behind the man that started it all…….the Robertsons are a real American story…..and yet you want to fire the man that started it all…….nobody fired Archie Bunker for his comments…many have said and done worse and yet u blame Phil for being Phil and look at the money he has made for you…….shame on you for picking on Phil….

  23. Patriotmaiden says:

    To the Robertson’s. I Love the fact that the family is standing together. I watch you all the time. I Love the fact that GOD is always thanked and honored. Your family is far to good to be a part of a&e which will be left in the dust. Please do-not go back to them. Their are other networks that would love to have Duck Dynasty for their own. God bless the Robertson’s. Merry Christmas to all.

  24. Kelly Marks says:

    I’m behind you Phil, How many yuppies have been offended? A&E needs to leave the the show intact with the whole family
    Where is our right of free speach. I wont be buying any more GQ magazines. We love the Robertsons. Thumbs up. Duck Dynasty will always be my favorite show.Kelly West Monroe La.8

    • Peter Carr says:

      God has no place in mainstream commercial filmed entertainment as it has no place in schools.

      • AR says:

        Merry CHRISTmas & God Bless you, Peter Carr. God is everywhere and in every aspect of our lives. I stand by the Duck Dynasty family. And by the way, spend sometime in Louisiana and you will know how it is so different from other states ESPECIALLY the liberal states aka.. California.

      • Peter Carr says:

        There is no freedom of speech in televisi0on which is why he has been put o0n hold. I dont have to deal with it because I’m not a believer.

      • joedsavage says:

        By the way,its people like you who cry the loudest about issues you disagree with and youre able to because there s freedom of speech!! So again i say to you…merry christmas!!!! Deal with it.

      • Mark says:

        GOD has a place in EVERYTHING! That opinion is what’s wrong with this country! But if GOD were in tv or schools then I guess you wouldn’t be comfortable corrupting the children.

      • joedsavage says:

        Merry christmas!!! Lol

  25. dollface says:

    A&E legally has a right to dismiss a big star for offensive statements, however that reality family is not a NY centric liberal politically correct family. They have strong opinions and beliefs and many fans because they are not the norm. What is hypocritical is that others races like the Latinos or Blacks can say political incorrect things about the Anglos on tv all the time. According to tv, everyone could think the Anglo male is dumb, fat and just consume video games and sports, doesn’t treat women well, puts children last and has zero bond with any values or faith. I am not in the Duck Dynasty demographic. Would rather watch CW’s Reign about distinguished old monarchs. It would appear more American to reprimand, correct and give him a final chance to try again.

  26. Patriotmaiden says:

    A & E. You will allow every Filthy mouth to spit out their trashing towards Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, and many other females who you do-not’ agree with, But you never denounce their trashing these females. You sit by an allow it. You never Open your mouths, and call it what it is, that kind of garbage is a War on Women, But when Phil Robertson was is asked by GQ his religious beliefs. Mr Robertson told the truth on what he believed. I am very angry that you think you have the right to silence some one, You might as well put on your Hitler hat and call for the death of Christians. I hope your station comes to a fast free fall, in other words I hope you loose all of the little rating’s you have. Go belly up and fail from hear on out.

    • Michael Anthony says:

      And where were you, Sarah and Ann when MSNBC suspended Alec Baldwin a few weeks ago for his anti gay rant? Oh that’s right. You all were silent because you didn’t care. Which makes you advocates for free speech ONLY when you care about it. You cant be a part time free speech advocate unless you are a hypocrite. So tell the truth now: Are you, Sarah and Ann, hypocrites?

  27. Lisa D'Aunoy says:

    Hey Duck Dynasty – I heard on Glenn Beck this morning that he is ready to have your show on the Blaze network. Sure would be great if you made the switch. He respects EVERYONE’s beliefs, even those that are totally opposite of his. It’s a matter of respect and not pandering to any special group. I applaud your family for standing up for what you believe in. May you have a happy and blessed Christmas.

    • Peter Carr says:

      Ignorance is bliss. When have any oft the mebtioned in your rant delikvered hate speech?. When have any oft then been racist?. Wheb have any of them pushed their religious beliefs ?

    • Adam Kirtwood says:

      This family and the Duck Dynasty brand need to steer clear of the circus that is Glenn Beck. Make no mistake, Glenn Beck is no Christian. Ask him about the Celestial Kingdom he aspires to in his temple rites and rituals.

  28. Brian Dzyak says:

    Good, cancel it. Bigots shouldn’t have such a loud megaphone to spread their vile filth.

    • Keith says:


      By your own comments you are being bigoted. Look up the definition: Bigot -a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group). you refuse to accept Christians. Just because Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin, doesn’t mean that they don’t accept them. We are all sinners in God’s eyes, so we can not judge others, but we can state what we believe is a sin, whether it is someone else’s or our own. Phil has admitted some of his own sins, and as a Christian strives to be a better person. Here is something to think about. If Christians are right, then they will be rewarded in Heaven (if they follow God’s word) and atheist will be judged and risk eternal damnation (I won’t say “will suffer” as only God has that right). If atheist are right, the Christians have still attempted to live a life with strong values that provide a good example for their descendants to follow (I am not saying that all atheist do not have any values, but since they do not have a standard doctrine to live by, each person sets his/her own values). The only bigot that you have the power to change is your own bigotry towards Christians. I pray for you and others like you, to let go of your negative emotions (I don’t want to say hate, only you know what is truly in your heart), because even if you don’t believe in God, he believes in you.

    • Susan says:

      Why is it OK for one group to express their opinions and not another. It seems to me that it is people like you who are the true bigots. In nowhere in the article did he express hate against those who are lgbt. Every view has two sides not one and he has the right to free speech just like those who have shows that show and or express opinions that I do not like. BTW, if you had actually read the article he was not being a bigot and said everyone should love one another. Also, do not even think of calling me a bigot, a racist, or anything else, because guys who happen to be gay can be great friends to us single female heterosexuals because they are good at helping to weed out the jerks for us!!

      • Peter Carr says:

        Joans right about one thing. God and money. Thafs what God is all about.

      • joan says:

        wow, I guess you are not a christian nor read and believe the bible. However I dont understand why you and others that have your opinion don’t realize we live in America where we have FREE SPEECH your comments are rude and mean his was not. In the end we will see who is right I my money is on God.
        Merry Christmas

    • Filbert says:

      these inbred morons on here don’t have a clue what free speech means – it does not mean free from all consequences of that speech.

      • Mark says:

        Filbert your an ignorant moron how do you know who’s inbred? You just said that to be hurtful! Because you have no testicles until you pull them out of your desk and strap them on so you can talk tough, and not have to actually speak to a mans face. I doubt you would talk like that face to face with anyone, because people with courage don’t need to slander people only safe on the computer.

      • Brian Dzyak says:

        The First Amendment is only in regard to protecting one from the GOVERNMENT denying you the freedom of speech. Phil likely is in breach of contract with a private for-profit Corporation.

        While it is the right of everyone to say what they wish, it does not excuse them from the consequences of their speech. In Phil’s case, he is using religion as a shield to justify his bigotry. Any civilized advanced society would not tolerate such hate and assumed oppression.

        Religion is nothing more than a hobby and it is unacceptable for followers of that hobby to impose their made-up rules on the rest of our secular society. And it the responsibility of all of us to ensure that future generations are not brought up to become racists and bigots as their parents clearly are.

      • Susan says:

        Well Filbert, I hope they don’t decide to sue you for libel. Where is your proof about them being inbreed morons? I guess you could be mad because they became millionaires while maybe you have not???

      • joan says:

        Really then you should also be seen as wrong because you made that remark. we live in America where we have free speech for all not just what you agree with. maybe you should Google his remark and see if
        God really said this. You know it is Gods world and rules if you don’t like them fine however the end result will be the same because it is Gods laws not mans.Also they don’t disagree on the consequences they are honorable people and will still stand for Gods laws so I am sorry your comment is rude and dosent make

    • \S/ says:

      You don’t get it, do you? Whether you agree with Phil’s beliefs or not, he still has the right to believe them.we all have that same fundamental right of faith. I’ve learned that you can be respectful even when you disagree. And since when does GLAAD get to decide who true Christians are? Isn’t that God’s job? Since when are they God?
      If you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything.

      • Brian Dzyak says:

        It is the responsibility of adults to mitigate the intolerant bigoted speech and behavior of those who seek to discriminate against others. Hiding behind religion does not make your bigotry acceptable.

  29. Why is no one talking about the remarks he made about the Black Community and how they should WANT to be back in the “Jim Crow” era and that they should remain Slaves! His so called “Faith In God” and the Bible yet has no idea of the hypocrisy he is spewing nor does he seem to care! His 1st. Amendment Rights have in NO WAY been violated by A&E, they are totally within their Rights to impose their restrictions. I’m sick and tired of these Bible-Thumping hypocrites who are too stupid to know that they are the ones that are actually the ones who have no idea how to apply the “Tolerance Of Christ” to their fellowman, they “Praise The Lord” and then they turn around judging everyone who doesn’t believe the same thing they do! HYPOCRITES!

    • C. R. Hayes says:

      Vernette, have you even read the article? He never said anyone should want to be back in the Jim Crow era, NEVER EVER said they should remain slaves, and never spewed any kind of hatred. He stated his beliefs in what is right and wrong according to the Bible. He stated what he saw as a kid growing up, working, and living side by side with African Americans. He also stated several times that Christianity teaches, and he strongly believes, to love one another (everyone), and the only one who has the right to judge is God. He’s not trying to impose anything, just stating and living what the Bible says is right and wrong. There was not even an hint of anger when talking about the things he believes are wrong, yet everyone who has an opposing view seems to be angered beyond reason. You must feel extremely lost if this article has infuriated you so much as to totally make up things not stated in the article. I’m just taken aback by all the responses to this situation that include things that were never said. It’s amazing that all these people yell free speech, until someone speaks against something they do, want to do, or believe should be done. I’m sure his beliefs must be hard to grasp for someone who doesn’t believe in sin, the Bible, or God, but that’s no reason for your angered attack. I believe there is something in your past that’s bringing up this rage, and not necessarily this particular article. You need to look into the darkness in your heart, as Phil did many years ago, find the true root of the problem, and discover the way to your salvation.

    • joan says:

      NO It is not your job or anyone not in America why dont you and others that write such things understand that. He can say what ever he wants however he was not mean you are . I you truly feel that why move to a country where you don’t have free speech and see what it feels like. Anyway he was right that is what the Bible says like it or not.

      • wallaby says:

        Well Joan if I can say anything I want, you’re an idiot c**t.

      • Peter Carr says:

        Joan you have really taken the ‘free speech’ idea wrong. Can I go on TV and say It’s my religiouse right to masterbate in front of elementary schools during their lunch?. No. Can I go on TV and say it’s my religiouse belief to rape and pillage?. No. There are rules in place re, free speech. There s no absolute freedomk of speech i9n any country, even ‘America’. Read the FCC rules.

    • joedsavage says:

      You are so off base it,s funny. Like the way you rephrase what and how he actually said things. By the way,i undetstand theres a network called bet. How come there s no wet? Catch my drift?

  30. Bob Oneil says:

    I figured out why the homosexual support industry was so upset !!!
    They have been spending billions to change the American cultural landscape.
    This was a stab to the heart of that effort.

  31. joedsavage says:

    And now a&e soil their diapers. I love it. Remember it,s all about money for the network. Me thinks the idiot political correct police will be catching it in the shorts . Whoops…that wasnt politically correct of me now was it??? Lmao

  32. Teresa myers says:

    I guess VARIETY didn’t AGREE with what I wrote!!

  33. Michael Anthony says:

    Sorry, but A/E is your employer. And when representing your employer, which you are when doing interviews and appearances, you agree to represent them in a non controversial way. All “stars” have contracts and its clear what kinds of things your employer may not like. It has nothing to do with free speech and their isn’t a court in the land that would support this “free speech” argument.

    Its surprising how many people support this free speech nonsense from the Robertson family. Look at your own companies policies and see what you can be fired for. And yes, it includes things like this. It has nothing to do with the constitution and its nit protected.

    And leave the Bible out of the argument. It has NOTHING to do with a workplace issue.

  34. Teresa myers says:

    I already left a COMMENT!!!! Where the crap did it go????

    • joan says:

      you are right if you have a contract you must abide by it but as for the bible is he was asked a question about his belief and sin and yes he was right that is what the bible says like it or not.

  35. Jay Matarese says:

    Constitutionally protected speech neither requires A&E to put you on TV no matter how offensive your comments are, nor does it protect you from the consequences of your statements as long as it’s not the government delivering said retribution.



  36. KERRI says:

    They should shop their show to another network. They’re number 1 and making the most money that channel has ever made, ever. So leave and make other big wigs more money instead of A&E

  37. Nanny Mo says:

    I’m proud of the family for sticking with their beliefs and for sticking together. If it means an end to the show, it means an end to the show.

  38. Robert Winniford says:

    I am so sick of what people, especially in the God forsaken SOUTH, say and do in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

  39. Erica Brown says:

    You can’t keep a good man down. Phil says what he belives and believes what he says. He may not be as polished as some in what he says but I truely believe he has a good heart. I admire the family for standing up for him.

  40. jsm1963 says:

    Well, maybe grounded in the teachings of the church, but not the bible.

  41. David says:

    Remember when A&E had quality programming that was intelligent? I long for those days when they weren’t chasing TLC.

  42. I’m glad the family is standing behind their father. I’m sure someone else would love to have their show.

    • Ryan says:

      There is a demand for strong moral values and those who honor God and Jesus in this country. Don’t you feel like a sell out having to always be so politically correct. Fox News, Duck Dynasty, and Rush Limbaugh have #1 ratings in their field. Why? People thirst for strong conservatives. Talking to you too GOP!

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