‘Duck Dynasty’ Premiere Shatters Cable Records With 11.8 Million Viewers

Duck Dynasty Premiere Ratings

It draws 11.8 million viewers as well as the summer's top demo score for any series on TV

A&E had the competition ducking for cover Wednesday, as its redneck reality smash “Duck Dynasty” kicked off its new season with a whopping 11.8 million viewers — the largest audience ever for a non-fiction cable series.

The show about a Louisiana family also set an A&E record as the biggest telecast in the network’s history in all key demos.

In adults 18-49, “Duck Dynasty” did a huge 5.0 rating (roughly 6.3 million viewers in the age group), up 26% from last year and a higher same-night rating than any series telecast on television since an April 15 episode of NBC’s “The Voice.”

The only cable reality show to ever draw more adults 18-49 was TLC’s “Jon & Kate” in June 2009 (6.5 million).

Among adults 25-54, “Duck Dynasty” drew 6.3 million viewers to top the previous cable reality record set by “Trading Spaces” nearly 10 years ago.

A&E is certainly striking while the iron is hot, as this is the fourth season of “Duck Dynasty” even though the show first premiered less than 18 months ago.

When it bowed in March 2012, it drew a ho-hum 1.81 million viewers, but that increased with its second season in October of last year (3.94 million) and then more than doubled when it opened season three in February of this year (8.62 million).

The third season of “Duck Dynasty” averaged 8.4 million total viewers, up 95% compared to season two. It is cable’s top reality program this year, and the No. 2 original series overall, behind only AMC juggernaut “The Walking Dead.”

Thanks in large part to “Duck Dynasty,” A&E ranked among the top five cable networks in both adults 18-49 and 25-54 for the second quarter of this year — rising 17% in both categories — while placing sixth in total viewers (up 19%).

“Duck Dynasty” was far and away the No. 1 program in all categories, including adults 18-49 (7.51 million or 5.9 rating) and total viewers (13 million), according to live-plus 7 Nielsen data.

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  1. Caleb johnson says:

    Two things; one if you dont like the show why are you on the website anyway just to talk bad about it, get a life and quit being hateful. Second I’m a nursing student so I dont have much time to watch tv but when I do it’s normally this show, it’s clean and values God above all else, I bought almost every episode on my windows tablet and play them while i’m studying it’s a great show.

    • Claudia says:

      I love Duck Dynasty and watch every episode 3 to 4 times but this season A&E is trying to script every episode and it isn’t as good as seasons 1, 2, & 3. Please get back to the way the show was before. It was so much funnier. But I still love them all!

  2. Ben Sears says:

    The duck dynasty it a dumb tv show it don’t make no session at all pleases just take it off The tv ok

    • Max says:

      Hi Ben Sears, Please re-read your comment. Perhaps a little more education, like Phil Robertson has, would help you out.

  3. JSGONZO says:

    Hahahaha!!! Duck Dynasty or Real Housewives of whatever??? The choice is clear, the country has spoken and the leftist elitists just don’t get it! LOOOOVE the Robertson clan… looove how they just piss-off the libs. Talk about your successful bitter-clinggers! Mean while there’re laughing all the way to the bank in their gas-guzzling SUVs. while the sophisticated elites are absolutely discombobulated by the success of the show. Is this still a great Country, or what?!/!?!

  4. bobbijo says:

    i would rather hang out with D.D, then any of the RHW of anywhere anytime

  5. Yvonne Butts says:

    Duck Dynasty is a very fresh and comical show. It takes you away from all the hum drum! I had never watched it before this summer. People need some good wholesome humor! I love it and I hope they go far. GREAT SHOW YOU GUYS! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  6. Veronica Erickson says:

    Outstanding show! One of a few on TV you can let children watch! Never stop praying and hunting guys! God Bless all of you :-)

  7. they are my kind of folks wish I could hang out with them

  8. Best show on TV in years. I get a real rush from the family. Every member is a winner in my book. Thank you for some good TV for a change…

  9. Roger Poulter says:

    It should not be a surprise that this show is a success. It is about family. They may not be typical but at the end of the day they help each other and get through life. The moral at the end of the show is one of my favorite parts with the family gathering for a prayer and their meal.

  10. Love this show! Pure Christian values. Hope they are on for many years to come. Wish I was in this family. Always Happy Happy Happy!

  11. Cathy says:

    Stupid, Stupid Show. Waist of air time.

    • Max says:

      The nature of her comment and her command of the English language (e.g., “Waist” of air time.) adequately describes her tendencies and education level which,unlike the family’s patriarch, Phil, who has a Masters degree., has something to be desired…or not!

  12. kenwyn says:

    My wife and I love to watch this series. It kinda reminds me of the Waltons where at the end of the day the family get together for a meal, have fun, poke fun at each other etc. Yes im sure some of the situations are staged but you get the feeling that these people really care about each other as a family, and that its genuine, not Hollywood stage managed.

  13. Jim says:

    Duck Dynasty is so popular because it is the only show on TV right now that will entertain you without GROSS and FILTHY language. These people are real God Fearing hard working people. In other words it is like a breath of fresh air to see a show that you can let your children watch without them learning more cuss words.

  14. Jack Spencer says:

    Red States Rule. Deal with it Hollywood.

  15. Carabec says:

    In the end the Ducks represent the HEART of American Culture! Bring it BACK! BRING IT ON, The new generation deserves a clean, good country!

  16. MRS .ARTRIP says:


    • Carabec says:

      I am so,grateful for The Ducks” they stand for all,that is good about AMERICA. We have lost our way. Our popular culture is so coarse. We have to find our way back!

  17. mike hood says:

    Dear God, I hate that show. Who could possibly be interested in regressing back into the middle ages? What ever happened to hygiene and grooming and being physically fit? Disgusting show.

  18. DeAnne Munson says:

    Go figure! A show with good moral and Christian values, with people having good, clean, fun…… Maybe Hollywood will take a hint???

  19. Sharon Lynn says:

    HEY HOLLYWOOD – when will you realize people want WHOLESOME tv more than the crap you push out? This nation craves for funny, good people to be in the spotlight, it gives us a sense of hope in humanity. [which you atheists just can produce]

  20. Jim says:

    It’s great to be able to watch a show that adheres to traditional family values. The Robertsons are rednecks for sure, but also very intelligent, insightful, humorous and kind-hearted.

  21. Dave says:

    This show is the Waltons of the 21st century. It’s wholesome and that’s what viewers are looking for. It’s not rocket science.

  22. Bubba Smith says:

    This makes me Happy, Happy, Jack

  23. jrsharon says:

    Don’t forget the older crowd of viewers over 60 in the ratings poll. I am happy, happy, happy with the show. It’s very entertaining.

  24. KeithM says:

    Big deal. 12 million viewers means 96% of the country WASN’T watching.

  25. harryo says:

    Willie at a Barry fund raiser???!! Oh, how sad, now I won’t watch it either…

  26. mmilesll says:

    When you do a show based on real American values and aren’t afraid of the PS ah’s you will get an audience

  27. DUCK DYNASTY having 11.8M ? Is this big? Americans always think theirs the biggest. Well let me tell you about the Qing, Ming or Yuan dynasties; they were Pur, bright and Gold dynasties that had a billion people. Duct dynasty, what a joke!

  28. Marilyn W Cronin says:

    Far & away the best and funniest show on TV today. Wholesome, family oriented, God Loving conservative folks that love their country and love each other. Such a breath of fresh air in today’s downturn environment that looks so bleak and futureless. The Robertspn’s stick to their roots, their sense of family and love of country. They are the real deal people

  29. IA says:

    As Phil Robertson would say, this show makes me “happy, happy, happy.” My husband and I watched, and we both laughed, cried. Sure, the show is entertaining, but mostly family values, raising respectful children, and faith in God gives me hope this country feel the same as well!

  30. Huh. Duck Dynasty set cable ratings records? Just imagine what the numbers would look like if they threw in some nudity an swearing. Oh wait. . . .

  31. drwatson says:

    I guess love of God, Guns and Country is not so separatist after all.

  32. jamesrechtet says:

    What’s with the long fake beards?

  33. Rick Boyett says:

    Just one more reason I love that West Monroe is my home town! Great football (Geaux Rebs!), Great Pizza (eat @ Johnny’s), great PoBoys (Ray’s Pege), and great TV. I wish I had known the DuckMen in high school, but we ran in different crowds. I’m so happy for their success and that they are taking this as an opportunity to spread the love the Christ has for us all…

  34. Susan Ballard says:

    Duck Dynasty is the ONLY reality show I watch!! They might have “some” script, but no way would it work with Uncle Si! This family, is a Christian, God fearing family, and they make NO excuses for it. Yes, they have Guns, ever tried to hunt ducks or squirrels without one?! Family, from Phil to the Grandkids, there is Love and Respect. I feel like part of the family, and it is Awesome!!!

  35. John says:

    Because nobody wants to watch a show full of political correctness. We’re sick and tired of it.

  36. cowardobama says:

    Hello AMERICA??? HOW can I get YOUR ATTENTION??
    One of my favorite canadian Rock Bands is RUSH.
    Know the CD… “Farewell to ARMS??”
    Well, SAY GOODBYE to YOUR FIREARMS & The 2nd Amendment!!

    • Middletown says:

      plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
      It is Farewell to KINGS not arms. It was based upon Neils adaptation of Hemingways novel.
      Great band but as i presented, you do not know what you are talking about.

  37. TonyR says:

    Reblogged this on Daily Browse and commented:
    Country, family, camo, guns and hunting. I wonder if it’s a big hit on campus?

  38. cowardobama says:

    I’m beginning to think THERE ISN’T ANY intelligent life on this Website.
    It’s EASY to understand why with all the garbage Variety throws at you while simply trying to read a story.

  39. Dan Harrison says:

    One of the very few shows that you enjoy with your grandchildren! You don’t have to worry about profanity or sex or gratuitous violence! It is funny without being stupid or anti Christian or anti-American! I love this show!

  40. cowardobama says:

    Are ALL YOU 2nd Amendment Supporters AWARE that our Dear Leader is about to sign this UN Arms Agreement which means THE UN would be responsible for “POLICING” and possibly SIEZING your firearms should THEY DECIDE TO!! WAKE UP from your Garbage TV COMAs and CALL or EMAIL your LAME piece of CR_P Gongress Person and TELL THEM YOU and EVERYONE YOU KNOW will VOTE THEM OUT during the next JOKE of a stacked-deck election. WAKE UP IF you CARE about the 2nd Amendment

  41. That’s 11.8 million people who could storm 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and drag that Kenyan Coward from Office. If these 11.8 were only educated enough to be part of our political system. Perhaps IF they were intelligent enough to know Our Kenyan Coward is about to sign the UN Arms Agreement which means THE UNITED NATIONS COULD come looking to SIEZE THEIR WEAPONS should they decide to.

    • ClassicLib says:

      Agreed on all points. They will use international laws and militaries to remove this right. They know a large portion of the military will not turn against the people and they are prepared to use other police forces and armies to do so. Just look it up and you will find that foriegn armies are already here and are being training in conjuntion with DHS and local police departments.

  42. Mr. Bill(ms. helga) says:

    The 3(three) most important words in the American lexicon are –

    1 – RATINGS

    2 – Cleavage

    3 – “Absolutely”

  43. Don’t get it. Watched one episode just to see what all the hubbub was about. Except for Christian themes scattered about it’s the same as any other “scripted” reality show. Maybe I’m wrong but I see an element of voyeurism in the kinds shows.

  44. Robin says:

    …..Let’s see….Hmm….What shall I watch tonight??? Networks….Grizzley murdering detective shows, homosexuality glorified comedies representing a political bias…..boring (and lame)……more lame reality garbage….. Not….. Wait a minute…. people enjoying time with their families…. genuinely happy ……. proud of America and what it stands for…. Yeah I’m in. No brainer. And you know, I feel happier about life and myself every time I see it. Amazing how that works. Keep it real Duck Dynasty!

    • Tom says:

      Robin…. Amen!!

    • verbatim613 says:

      Excellent point, Robin. Americans want sincerity. Americans want characters and people who are proud of their faith and display it. Even though I live in a big city, I feel I have more in common with the Robertson family, than with most of the liberals i encounter here and most of the other shows on tv.

    • ClassicLib says:

      Thank you for pointing all of these things out. All of the networks work in lockstep with the government and get incentives to continue dumbing our society down with the garbage TV. I make it a point to limit the Idiot Box to 1 hour a night in the house and when it is on, the shows are educational.

      The cooking shows are just as bad. Watching a panel of four morons eat food and say the same things about it over and over. It is just unbelievable how stupid and dumbed down we have become.

  45. Don L says:

    I think Wild West Alaska is just as good, complete with the near exact same characters, beards and all, but Animal Planet has pushed it on the back burner.

  46. CJW says:

    Your author doesn’t know the difference between a coona$$ and a redneck.

  47. Dale says:

    Jase is the best character on the show. His commentary makes me laugh every time!!

  48. David says:

    Don’t you believe this load of bovine excrement, this is not entertainment but stupidity wrapped in cellophane.

    No one in their right mind would be watching this stuff.

    • gordon says:

      david the only bovine excrement here is coming out of your mouth you are the brain dead idiot

    • David says:

      PS: Wasn’t Dynasty about all that money could buy?
      —– What is this about? All that stupid can do?

      This certainly goes right along with Agenda 21 when it says people with money consume more so we don’t want people with money.

      You your family friends and everyone watching this show, be happy with your lot, as its taken from you while you watch the BOOB-TUBE.

  49. This is why I moved out of the United States. No, really.

  50. Jose says:

    God has truly blessed them.

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