‘Duck Dynasty’: A&E Gains Christians’ Support

Dear "Duck Dynasty" fans: You Do

Not all faith-based TV fans oppose A&E’s decision to indefinitely suspend “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson after he shared racist and anti-gay sentiments with GQ magazine.

Over 18,000 people who define themselves as Christians have signed a petition from Faithful America encouraging the cable network to stand its ground because “there’s nothing Christian about racism or anti-gay bigotry.”

The petition backers argue that outspoken opponents of Robertson’s suspension are warping Christian beliefs to fit their own agendas.

“Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz are trying to score political points by convincing the media that they speak for American Christians, but nothing could be further from the truth,” said Michael Sherrard, executive director of Faithful America. “Most Christians are appalled by racism and anti-gay bigotry, and we don’t [want] our faith portrayed that way on television.”

The new season of “Duck Dynasty” is still scheduled to premiere January 15 on A&E.

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  1. G Man says:

    I think you are missing some important parts. Many people call themselves Christian that don’t understand the meaning of the word.

    The bible is the only book that gives Christians direction. We don’t get to pick and choose the verses we want to believer in, it’s all or nothing.

    BTW… Hate The Sin Love The Sinner it’s pretty simple and that is coming from a sinner.

    When I hear people calling others bigots, racist, etc… I can’t help but think that they are judging people they disagree with. None of us are qualified to judge others. The bible teaches us what’s right and what’s wrong. We are capable of making judgements as to what’s right and wrong. So, know right from wrong and we each need to make our own choices.

    I’ve gone to GQ.com and I think I read the article but I haven’t bought the Jan issue of GQ so I can’t if I’ve read the article. What I read was what I’ll call ambush reporting and question GQs motives.

    Love your neighbor as you love yourself and God Bless all of you,


  2. anthony says:

    The forefathers would disagree with you. So does the constitution. Doesnt matter if it only applies to govt. All americans should respect each others views. Anything else is un american! All americans should also value everyones right to express themelves ESPECIALLY media co.s of all things? Ive always tried to respect everyones view eventhough I may not agree. What I cant tolerate is fascism in the form of a church who burns books & records or a tv co who tramples ppls free speech. In a way I wished Imus had stuck out his suit cause if hed won it wouldve been a case for more suits when ppl violate ppls constitutional rights just because theyre a private co. The difference here though is there is a law that protected phil from a&e and thats the descrimination act.

  3. Mark says:

    I totally support A&E, there is no room for Bigotry, Hypocracy, or Ignorance in this country any more. Phil has the right to believe as he wishes, but he is also in the living rooms of millions of Americans every night. He should take that as an honor and speak carfully. Contrary to the Christian belief there are many religions in the world and he should respect that also.

  4. Nanette Gonzalez says:

    San Antonio supports Duck Dynasty. Jesus Christ was stoned and persecuted by those who has no Faith in knowing who Jesus Christ really is. Heck the man gave His life so we can live and sit at his right for eternity. God is love and hates sin, because it’s sin that separates us sinners from having a personal relationship with Him. Christians do not “hate” homosexuals. Christians hate the sin and attack the sin itself. We’re all sinners, even as Christians. Media turns the words around and points fingers at people by saying, “Phil Robertson is talking about you.” This is not the case. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. What is your foundation, solid rock or sinking sand?

  5. Big Daddy D says:

    To quote Kaleb..the bible is NOT the WORD OF GOD..NOT written by God.. The bible was written by MEN!! Men that had their own viewpoints and agendas. So..get over yourself !

  6. jbr says:

    Sadly there are many liberal first Christians out there just who are they? Well their Biblical Christians if there is no liberal social stance advising otherwise. Yes believe it or not there are pro-abortion Christian churches. Yes and there are pro-gay, lesbian, trans churches out there as strange as it may seem they support these behaviors, ok the question may ask is how they get away with it? Simple they lace emphasis on other aspects of Biblical teachings, they say, love, tolerance, value. Here’s where they reach a problem with their philosophy, they don’t teach abstaining from the behavior, they accept the behavior on its terms as long as people don’t divulge in other sin. That becomes a big problem when they don’t take that position on stealing, dishonoring parents, Lord’s name in vain and so forth. So why the stance, several reasons, we all want as pass at what were doing wrong when its us that is doing it. Secondly their first loyalty is to liberalism not Christ. When you think of it in tthat way its not so hard to take the stance these pro A&E people take, probabl the strangest part is the people at A&E aren’t even devote Christians.

  7. Minnie says:

    18000 so called Christians sign this petition while 200000 sign a petition in support of Mr Robertson

  8. jenny says:

    Read the article. It said ““Most Christians are appalled by racism and anti-gay bigotry”. A bigot is a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group. Saying that gays would never get into heaven, is certainly refusing to accept them. Phil was promoting hatred toward gays and also said that blacks were “happy” before the civil rights movement. Racism indeed!

    BTW-there is a lot of stuff written in Leviticus that christians choose to ignore.

    • Phillip says:

      Phil was not promoting hatred but was quoting the Bible. His comment about the Blacks is what HE observed when he was a kid. While racism is terrible I don’t think every black person was being beaten everyday everywhere. Where he was they were Religious folks and sang songs. Why is that hate?

    • Kaleb A. says:

      Clay…”Christians are called to spread the word of God?” You guys are so delusional. I’m laughing right now…but its actually scary that you and so many others believe that. How many times do I have to say it…the Bible was written by MEN not GOD. Furthermore, I don’t care if you throw out some Bible verse saying that it was inspired by God. The sentences that make up the verse were written by men. Homosexuals are not the problem..people like you are the problem. You have no right to tell someone else that he or she is living a sinful lifestyle. Who do you think you are? You are not God. I know toting that Bible makes you feel like you are, but you’re not. You also have no business telling anyone that they cannot marry because it goes against your beliefs. Who gives a sh*% about your beliefs?!

  9. jsm1963 says:

    No one is denying his right to speak freely. The government hasn’t told him to stop. He’s not in jail. However, he’s not free from the consequences of his speech.

  10. bob4444 says:

    Good for Michael Sherrard! A Christian who sounds like a Christian. And I’m an atheist. This isn’t the first half of the 20th century. Ain’t no room for bigoted, stupid racists and homophobes.

  11. Mario says:

    Daniel, I don’t know how many gay people watched duck dynasty. I can only speak for my family. Heterosexual families are not the only people who support family values! Me and my partner and our children were regular viewers of this show. Not all Christians support Mr. Robertsons narrow-minded interpretation of the bible. His comments sounded more like the ravings of a lunatic than a Christian. I pray that someday soon, all Christians will realize that God made us all, Gays and Straights alike, in his image.

  12. Mario says:

    My partner and I have been together in a living monogamous relationship for 18 years. The love we share has never led us to bestiality! We are also Christians and are totally committed to our church and our church family. So many “so called” Christians are quick to point to a few passages in the bible that they claim support their views that God condemns gays to hell. They conveniently look over passages that support slavery and many other horrendous acts that our society have long since abandoned. If these Christians would do their research, they would realize that homosexuality as it existed in biblical times is much different than two loving people sharing their lives, hopes and dreams. The bible was referring to pedophiles, which is, as it was then, an abomination! Do your research people! Both my partner and I knew we were gay, even before we knew what gay meant. God almighty himself created us this way! Christians should use the bible not as a weapon but as a message of love, forgiveness and hope!

    • Kaleb A. says:

      Oh God…you actually believe the Adam and Eve story? Now that’s funny. Do you know how many times creationism has been discredited by scientists? The earth is not thousands of years old like the Bible and other religious books lead people to believe.

    • jsm1963 says:

      Of course, if you’re not a Christian, those words have no meaning.

  13. Mike says:

    Wow!!!! A WHOLE 18 THOUSAND have signed the petition in support of A&E….sad, when compared to the 1.5 MILLION in support of Phil and what the Bible says!! If God said it’s an ABOMINATION….ITS AN ABOMINATION!!! Plain and simple as a Christian…Jesus said “if you love me, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS!! No gray area there!!!

    • Kaleb A. says:

      Mike…I’m not an Atheist. I’m just an educated person that has the ability to think for himself. Here’s a quote for you…“A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.”- Oscar Wilde

    • Kaleb A. says:

      Mike…actually the Bible does state that “Sabbath workers” should be put to death. Exodus 31:14 and Exodus 35:2. Oh look at me…I’m actually too involved in this conversation at this point because I ultimately know that you have been brainwashed and there is little hope for you.

    • Kaleb A. says:

      I am definitely sticking to the issue at hand. The Bible is inspired by God? According to who? I’ll tell you who…the men that wrote it. If you really think that God condones slavery and murder, you need help. God is love. There is nothing factual about your previous statements. Homosexuality is a natural occurrence. You would know that if you read books actually based on facts.

      • Big Daddy D says:

        Kaleb..to quote Bobby Singer..you’re dealing with a bunch of idjits! Don’t waste your breath, man. Guys like mike and Clay have already drank the kool aid..they’re just lying on their cots with the rest of the sheep.

    • Kaleb A. says:

      Mike…grow a brain! The Bible says things like anyone who works on the Sabbath should be put to death. I hope you have never worked on a Sunday (or Saturday according to some Christians). It also condones slavery. Are you still a supporter of slavery? Organized religion and its supporters…its so silly. The Bible and Koran and other religious books were written by men, not God. I’m not an Atheist but I have enough sense to know that God would not condone slavery or murder. Creationism has been disproven by scientists over and over again. Grow up!

    • Mario says:

      Mike, You need to do your research before you rant and rave about gay people. The Bible passages you are referring to refer to pediophillia not two people in a loving relationship. This was a problem in biblical times. Do your research before you show your stupidity! Do you also support slavery since it’s condoned in the bible? Robertson knew the network his show is on supports LGBT rights before he opened his mouth. He has every right to speak his mind, no matter how Ill-informed he may be. However the network that carries his show has every right to suspend his ass or even kick him off entirely.

  14. At one time, my birth was considered an abomination to god by the church. Also, I have no idea why this has anything to do with government size. If anything, a bigger government would probably have more time to intervene on the side of Phil Roberson’s comments.

  15. My friend, I would like to explain to you first that I have studied the Bible. I would like to first point out that there are multiple interpretations for each time the bible loosely addressed what we now call homosexuality. I would also like to remind you that if this same narrow minded study of the bible was chosen with the same interpretation methods used now, many would study it believing that all mixed people are abominations, and black people are inferior. I know, because my Mother was thrown out of multiple churches when my sister’s were born. Many scholars and theologians I have spoken with, read about, and debated with come up with vastly different interpretations of many bible passages and these few being no different. When you say “study” the bible, I would like to know exactly what your study methods consist of that everyone can definitively state that this is the conclusion, because it is far from the truth.

  16. Kaleb A. says:

    As a fellow Black man, I find your comment to be utterly ridiculous. His comments were racist and the Bible (like many other religious books) was written by men, not God. Organized religion and it’s followers are absurd. You guys pick and choose what you believe to be “the word of God” and use those words to justify your hate. Perhaps you need a lesson in African American history and the history of race relations in this country. As an educated Black man (with two masters degrees and finishing a law degree), your comment offends me.

  17. Kaleb A. says:

    Its called the separation of church and state.

  18. melinda sutherland says:

    It’s too bad when asked a question at an interview one is allowed to give an answer only if it is the answer they want. I was amazed and thankful for Phil’s answer as he did what many of us needed to do in order to take a stand for God.

  19. Kaleb A. says:

    Its funny that so many people believe that the Bible is God’s word. The whole notion is absurd. The Bible, the Koran and many other religious books were written by men, not God. The Bible in particular condones murder and slavery. Do you actually think those are God’s words? If you do, you have a problem.

    • B says:

      Militant atheists rely on misinformation and taking scripture out of context to justify their hatred and bigotry. So many use old testament jewish teaching to attack christianity. The old testament was about ritualism, wrath and law where the new is about salvation. This is proven by the verse where Christ himself picked food on the sabbath. He preached to keep the 10 commandments. And not once does the bible condone slavery. Also many times in that culture, slavery was self imposed to pay a debt. Matter of fact, the Bible taught to treat servants as family. And yes Roman plainly teaches homosexual activity is wrong. So many militant atheists are so proud of reading the bible totally failing to understand it. Theyre the equivalent of a klansman researching the civil rights movement.

      • Kaleb A. says:

        “Theyre the equivalent of a klansman researching the civil rights movement?” You’re a moron. By the way, I’m not an Atheist. I’m an educated person that has the ability to think for himself. You apparently don’t have that ability.

    • jenny says:

      These rabid christians feel they can cherry-pick which passages they want to believe from the bible and ignore the rest. They often say “oh, that’s the old testament, it doesn’t apply”. Unless they want to use the passage to further hateful expressions against people who are different from them.

    • Kaleb A. says:

      Its called the separation of church and state.

  20. Nancy says:

    If you Are a christian. (As am i )
    In the end the day of Jesus returns none of this will ever matter. JESUS tells US how to live and its up to us to follow.
    All this going back and forth is just making that little comment bigger then it is.

  21. Wow this article deserves THIS Bible verse :Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

    ISAIAH 5:20

  22. mary says:

    If you call yourself a Christian and your siding with A&E then you need to go back to reading your Bible. The bible takes a stand against homosexuals and is very specific in how God feels about this lifestyle, and the consequences that come with that. You can’t go through the Bible and pick and choose what you want to believe. Just because you don’t like some part of it doesn’t mean that you can exclude it. These are Gods rules for us to live by not just the ones you like. As us REDNECKS in the south say, “your either on the fence or your off.” You cant have it both ways. You either believe in God and His words (all of them) or you don’t. God knows our hearts and knows if we are standing by Him or not. One day you will have to answer to God as to why you didn’t take a stand against Him and His word.

    • Kaleb A. says:

      You are completely full of it. The Bible says things like anyone who works on the Sabbath should be put to death. I hope you have never worked on a Sunday (or Saturday according to some Christians). It also condones slavery. Are you still a supporter of slavery? Well…you appear to be from the South so I guess that’s a possibility. Organized religion and its supporters…its so silly. The Bible and Koran and other religious books were written by men, not God. I’m not an Atheist but I have enough sense to know that God would not condone slavery or murder.

  23. Harry Phillips says:

    I’m not Christian , but I’m boycotting A&E and all their networks. 64,Caucasian , upper tax bracket. Tired of pandering to special interest. Have gay friends.

    • David Barnes says:

      It is interesting to watch people weigh-in on this situation and use their preferred bias (we ALL have them) as “the voice of reason” or logic. I guess I should do the same – The REAL issue is NOT Duck Dynasty or various individuals or groups who voice their opinions. The REAL issue is God’s word. Whether a person wants or chooses to believe it or not, EVERY person will eventually be held accountable for what they do with God’s word, ALL of it. And I am confident that Phil Robertson would agree.

      Even the 18,000 who signed a petition and claim allegiance to the “Faithful America” group will eventually be held to God’s standard, not man’s, not media’s, not any so-called “human or animal rights” organizations- only God’s. Those who “add to or take away” are in great danger.

      Again- it doesn’t matter whether you choose to believe what I am saying or not- it WILL happen, maybe even today for some- we had all better determine where we stand on the REAL issue- what are you/we going to do with God’s word?

  24. LC says:

    First of all, we are in America and last I checked freedom of speech was in the Bill of Rights. Secondly, Phil Robertson said nothing slanderous or “vile” as GLAAD pathetically describes it. He stated his belief from the Bible (in which he believes) as to what was his BELIEF of “sin”. He did not say it maliciously or with malcontent. What Phil said in his interview with GQ, was NOT IN ANY WAY “Anti-Gay” the way the media is spinning it. You all should be ashamed and disgusted with yourselves for the way you have tried to make a HUGE story where there isn’t one!

    And finally, A&E suspending Phil from Duck Dynasty is totally absurd. I hope that the Robertson family quit A&E and take their show, which makes A&E millions of $$$$, to another network. I, for one, am so disappointed with A&E for this move that I will not be watching their shows anymore. Freedom of Speech should be protected, NOT PUNISHED.

  25. first of all i agree with phil homosexulaty is sin. i am a ordained bishop i stand against homosexulaty but i dont hate them they have a soul and our job as chirstians are to show them i’ts wrong. to show them love of god that there soul be saved .a&e was wrong i will never watch anymore of there programs. may god bless phil and his family. and help us as chirstians to stand with his family and win the souls of the lost. show not hate but love. the bible planily say’s homosexulaty is sin and sin will send you to hell. just not homosexulaty is sin but liars,durnkard’s, adultery and many more sin’s remember chirstians our job is not judge but show love and win souls. rev. thomas l. goode

  26. DonnaM says:

    A publicity stunt?? I would say. So sad people don’t that TV is fake and staged.

  27. nick gerber says:

    There is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion. Those who think differently are idiots. He specifically said it was sin but that he doesn’t judge! The “offended” community needs to stop bitching and grow up! Everone has opinons and just cuz they are different then yours doesn’t mean you have to be a jack ass!

  28. Carolyn Moore says:

    Go wrote the Bible and He’s not apologizing for calling homosexuality a sin, as well as many other lifestyles and actions. We are to love people but that does not make sin ok. I treat all people with grace because God shows me grace.

  29. Jamie Kanu says:

    18,000 people claiming to be Christians signed a petition supporting A&E’s hateful, anti-Christian response to Phil Robertson’s personal opinion? The only people I know of who claim to be Christian, yet ignore anything in the bible they don’t agree with (and thus support sodomy) are the Episcopalians. It couldn’t be them though, I doubt there are 18,000 Episcopalians left.

  30. LeEtte says:

    I think Phil is doing what God would want him to do. It’s so funny all these comments of hate? He does not hate anyone, he just quoted the bible. God does not hate anyone! Look inside yourselves and really try to find what you are really upset about.

  31. Steven seymour says:

    Hatred in the name of God is truly evil. This family has been given much and yet they feel that others deserve little. They demonstrate all that is wrong with so called religious people. It makes no difference if they are Christian fundamentalists or Jewish fundamentalists or Muslim fundamentalists. Neither follow the main tenets of God. Do unto others —– and cast no stone.

    • LC says:

      I’m sorry but where in any of Phil’s quotes did he say he “hated” anyone? I think you are putting words where he did not say them. All he said was that HIS beliefs were those things were sins, and his Christian belief that God would forgive all sins if they found God…that was what Phil said and what he believes. Whether you, myself, or anyone else believes that is irrelevant. But HATE was the exact opposite of what Phil’s comments portrayed. So your comment that Phil was claiming hatred in the name of God, you are just flat out wrong.

    • nick gerber says:

      Have you ever looked at the bible? Cuz he quoted it! So your wrong and a non-religious person! You have no authority to say Gods word. He would be proud that a family gives as much as them and is as religious…and quoted the bible!!!!!

  32. Kaleb A. says:

    Here’s a little video for you DD fans and supporters


  33. CRAIG DAL PORTO says:


  34. Sharon Rought says:

    It amazes me the lengths people will go to thump the bible and make their own judgements.Apparently,oppions don’t count

  35. Joe says:

    With all the trash that is on television these days they are crucifying this man for an opinion that everyone knew he had. It’s not a violation of freedom of speech, but it was wrong to kick him off. Get a little thicker skin America.

  36. Sharon Rought says:

    What ever happened to freedom of speech? To cut Phil would be at the very least stupid.Come on People,Get with the program.

  37. a says:

    Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn “‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law–a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household. Words spoken by Jesus. These 18,000 have perverted the teachings of Jesus. You can condemn sin without condemning sinners. That is what Jesus taught. To simply state the Bible teaches homosexuality is sinful is not an act of hate.

  38. JO says:

    18,000 is not the 1.6 million who stand with Phil. What if hobby lobby a faith based business fired a gay cashier for sharing her pro gay opinions outside of work? Come on people you either read the bible or you make up your own bible that’s easier for you to stomach and still call yourself a Christian. His 1st amendment right is being trampled on in the name of being pc. Thankfully Jesus didn’t care about being pc or he would not have ended up on the cross.

    • jsm1963 says:

      Again, this is NOT a First Amendment issue. The government is not arresting him or telling him to stop talking. He’s free to say whatever he wants. However, he’s not protected from the consequences of his speech.

    • Kevin Scheunemann says:

      The “petition” referenced in this article does not point to anything specific Phil Robertson said.

      If this petition points to the 1 Corinthians 6:9 comment Phil made, anyone that rejects the book of 1 Corinthians 6:9 rejects faith based Christianity.

      I pray for all of you that signed the petition believing embracing sin brings you closer to Christ.

  39. We are in the process of making this whole issue about “right or left.” That’s not the issue. The issue is what the Bible says versus what people think about what the Bible says. I’ve noticed even with those who seem to be on the side of Phil Robertson, that they are only on his side from a distance, and generally speaking, they don’t seem to be on the side of Scripture, which is what Phil quoted.

    On the Bill Oreily show Bernie Goldberg, I think, really summed up the general attitude of even the right wing media. You can listen to what he says on the following link (you can skip to about minute five to hear him). Though Bill Oreily has repeatedly scolded Phil for what Bill calls being judgemental, he allows Bernie to make the charges that the Bible, God, Jesus and those who believe the Bible…are ignorant. And Bill didn’t call him on it.


    • LC says:

      I don’t think the issue is what the Bible says or what people think it says…I think it is Phil’s right to his opinion & beliefs, and nothing he said was malicious or out to bad-mouth any one or any groups in particular…he was asked what he meant by “sin” and he gave his opinion. It should not matter what I believe, what you believe or what the G&L community believes. He gave HIS opinion THATS IT! The fact that the G&L community is up in arms over what Phil Robertson believes is absurd, there’s millions of people who don’t share their beliefs but you don’t see every news paper and internet news site & blog screaming for their heads!

      And Bill Oreilly scolding Phil because Phil gave his opinion when asked, well that’s a bit hypocritical, no? Bill Oreilly can have an opinion but Phil Robertson cannot? This world we live in is so politically correct about EVERYTHING it’s disgusting. You can no longer say the Pledge of Allegiance without offending people who don’t believe in God even though America was FOUNDED on “In GOD we trust”!

      • Tania says:

        Um, no it was NOT founded on that phrase! Wow, I’m seriously gobsmacked at your confidence in hurling around completely baseless things you evidently think are facts but make the sane of us guffaw.

        I’m not even an American but to me it’s just common knowledge that the phrase ‘In God we Trust’ on currency etc, was added MUCH later, and the ‘under God’ part of the pledge of allegiance was added in the 1950’s as a reaction to the idiotic ‘red scare’ led by some brain dead type of conservatives of that era.
        In fact the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence barely refer to religion, with the exception of the Bill of Rights of course which ensures the government and religion stay separate by making it illegal to be perceived to prefer one religion over another.

        Maybe Americans like yourself should be a little more supportive of good public education standards because honestly you should know these things, and the misspellings etc covering this comment thread is enough to bring tears to the eyes!

  40. Mike says:

    What gives Michael Sherrard the right to say “Most Christians are appalled by racism and anti-gay bigotry, and we don’t [want] our faith portrayed that way on television.” He does NOT speak for me. Or anyone I know. I am a Christian Michael. I do not hold anything over anyone for their religious or sexual beliefs. I am a very open minded person. But we are all appalled at A&E for this. If the LGBT community wants to take offense to what Phil said, that is their right. But do NOT force their views on us, the majority of Americans who agree with him. I would be willing to wager that at least 3/4 of the 18,000 people you claim have signed a petition encouraging A&E to stand its ground did not read the article in GQ. They are going, as a lot of people are, by hearsay published by LGBT activists.

    • MrJ says:

      You just did the same thing you accused Michael Sherrard of doing, claiming to speak for all of us. I am not appalled at A&E for what they did. I’m willing to bet 3/4 of the millions of people supporting Phil Robertson didn’t even read the quotes that got him in this mess. As a matter of fact, the people I have spoken to that support him straight up told me they haven’t read what he said. Any person can say something that some people find offensive and say it’s in God’s name, it doesn’t make it right. Just because Phil quoted the Bible doesn’t mean the rest of what he said should be excused. I am a Christian, and I know the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. If Phil Robertson is against homosexuality because it’s a sin, that’s fine, it’s his belief, but he should have just shut up after he stated that. It’s what he said after that got him in trouble, but people just seem to look over that and pick and choose what he said in the interview to back their protest against A&E. “It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.” That has nothing to do with what is said in the Bible, that’s his own personal view of homosexuality, and trying to defend it by just saying it’s a sin. He even mentions it not being logical, nothing in the Bible is truly logical, it’s all based on our faith in God. Was the Red Sea being parted, or God flooding the earth, or Jonah living in a whale’s stomach logical? NO! It’s about faith. His statements were ignorant and using the word of God to excuse it just doesn’t work. I’ll leave you with one more quote from a 2010 video of Mr. Robertson to think about next time you think about saying all Christians should agree with him. “Women with women, men with men. They committed indecent acts with one another, and they received in themselves the due penalty for their perversions,” Robertson said. “They’re full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant, God-haters. They are heartless, they are faithless, they are senseless, they are ruthless. They invent ways of doing evil.”

    • jsm1963 says:

      Apparently not all are appalled by A&E. 25,000 have now signed the petition.

      Don’t pretend to speak for a majority of Americans. There are more than 300 million of us. The highest rated episode of Duck Dynasty had about 11 million viewers.

      And it’s interesting to see someone actually stand up for bigotry. Many of us would rather you and Phil not force that on us.

  41. PHIL SMITH says:


  42. PHIL SMITH says:


  43. Over 75% of the Christians do not support A&E, this is only stated at this site here…
    a email sent to Phil Of Duck Dynasty, by little oh me, void contract with A&E, buy out A&E, build your own Network and fire the idiots at A&E, for Violating Constitutional Law…Freedom Of Speech…..
    most gays do not get it, more then likely they was raised as a homosexual from the time of child hood….a person is not defined by who they are, but it is by what they do… This Gay issue goes back 2000 years before we were born. Homosexuals can not reproduce, they only way for this concept of a new race of people to be seen and be accepted is through the Media, and schools where homosexuality, is to be schooled as a moral life style.
    This is called “Converted”, to apply the concepts within the minds of children and the concepts of God and or Christ is placed into a war where people of no faith in God are forcing Christains to keep that behind Church Walls.
    It like Porn, stated to be protect by freedom of speech, the concept is ” Converted “, the internet is a public place and children should not have the sex on line issues at a click of a button to where most Porn Sites show sex acts of gay so vile, that it leaves your mind troubled and for the mental life of our children.
    It is also called being ,”Assimilated”……problem is, now the pressure is on, a issue happened and A&E screed up and violated the Constitutional Rights of a man who was asked a in-trap-ment question….knowing damn well how the man felt about homosexuals… its sex, not a Race Of People….the concepts is miss-leading and Gays Rights is no more then Assimilating children to a life style that has been forbidden for over 2000 years….

  44. RICHARD says:


  45. Karen says:

    Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom if heaven. Only he “who does the will of my father who is in heaven” (Matthew 7:21). Not every one who claims to be a Christian is a true Christian, such as these people who are against a man who speaks the Word of God. They are the bigots and liars.

    • Al says:

      Phil Robertson can decide between which direction the west will take, sell out to corporations and go with Brussel spout eating, bicycle riding homosexuals or make all straight people stand up and protect their children from the media that is turning them in to “All Sexual Freaks”

  46. Virginia Carr says:

    A majority of Americans, I among them, are getting fed up with various groups, actors, spokespersons, etc., telling us what we should think, accept and follow because they do and now, WE are fighting back. A&E is going to be the loser in this game. A&E can YOU afford to lose over 14 million viewers? Your advertisers can’t afford to lose a large customer base. A&E – Enough is enough. Put on your big boy pants, apologize, and move on. This show promotes good Christian values and I will not turn my back on the Robertson family.
    Merry CHRISTmas.

  47. John Shea says:

    This should remind people that both fundamentalist Christians and atheists are minorities in the USA, most of whose people are fairly liberal Christians and do not see their Christianity as requiring social conservatism.

    Camille Paglia’s ‘Stalinist’ comparison is absurd. The most Phil Robertson is likely to suffer is possibly a reduction in his already enormous income, and not even that if he is suspended on pay. Stalin MURDERED tens of millions of people.

    Perhaps Variety should now augment its many photos of the Robertsons in their camouflage and warpaint and beards with a few of them BEFORE this ‘reality’ show, when they looked like the everyday yuppy millionaires they really are? And I have nothing against either yuppies or millionaires.

  48. PHIL SMITH says:


    • Blue Skies says:

      Every day I wake up and find something new to laugh at. Our country is in a death spiral falling further and further away from our basic principles. If you haven’t travelled abroad you should. You will find that our country is without a doubt one of the most compassionate countries in the world. In some countries Homosexuality is punished by death and slavery still exists. This is because those countries still have to rule by cold steal, fear and pain, with the support of financially growing or stable factions that impose those “Societies laws”. But that is a deeper discussion. The discussion at hand is we Legitimate taxpaying Americans are free and constitutionally protected. Thos protections are now being shared by non-citizens (again another deeper conversation). The voices of few are echoing louder than the voices of the masses which our Societies laws are based upon. How can it be that our world still has hungry children, diseases, wars, and financial issues that are becoming so out of control that soon we will not be able to maintain our current standards of living as we know it? Yet, Homosexuality is a top political benchmark. If you don’t believe me ask your congressmen what are our US Embassy’s priorities abroad, specifically Africa. They have mission statements, ask what they are, you will be surprised. Then you will understand better why bad things happen to American’s in such places. They don’t respect our priorities because they are out of the normal and so far away from the basic thought process. What if we all became Homosexual? Where would we be two generations from now other than extinct. Not only is it not supportive of progressing our society but its Narcissistic to believe you don’t have to do your part to procreate and sustain our society for generations to come. Everyone wants it their way, it’s not ok to lose or come in 2d place, it’s not ok to watch a crime happen and not help a fellow human out in need, it’s not ok to remain silent in the shadows as others with louder voices and ulterior motives over power those who truly want goodness in life. Mr. Robertson is a true believer. I never spoke to him but I was in Mississippi at a gas station/hunting store. He was signing His name brand items outside (with A&E’s Advertisements) and came inside to take a break. I was in my uniform looking at an item and he walked out of his way to come over and shake my hand and thank me for my service. He doesn’t just speak words and phrases he believes in them, unlike many people on our TV’s these days who are just trying to sound eloquent and above all others in intelligence. Instead they seem to me to be ignorant of the ways of the world, life and religion. No faith based religion in the world believes in harming other humans to include the Muslim faith. It is the small minded factions that use it as a catalyst to promote their own ulterior motive(s). Mr. Robertson is a supporter of his faith, has admitted publically some of his failings in life, and has a track record now of showing his repent His children are outstanding products of a happy family that all of us are envious. Heterosexuals in this society, which are the overwhelming majority don’t go around professing their sexuality, but they do now have to defend it. If more people spoke out on their beliefs and voted to support their priorities we would not be having this controversy. Mr. Robertson neither condemned Homosexuals nor made racist statements. Our country needs to get back to basics in religion, financial obligations, and become more family centric again as our grandparents talked about. A&E should be ashamed of their weak stance and support of a “Family” that has made them a family name brand and icon notwithstanding the $$ they have enjoyed. They should remember that those who live by the sword can also die by the sword and their name brand can be drowned in mediocrity faster than their wealth arrived.

  49. Jenny riley says:

    Is anything on tv “Christian like” NO & NO & NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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