At Stalemate with DirecTV, Pac-12 Launches Campaign for Subscribers to Switch

Pac 12 DirecTV

No deal expected in 2013-14

With negotiations remaining at a stalemate with DirecTV, the Pac-12 Networks has focused its energies on a new advertising campaign that aims to convince subscribers to the satellite distributor to drop it for an alternative that carries the college sports channels.

Using print, digital, billlboard, radio and TV spots, the campaign launches today, 17 days before the first college football telecast of the season on the Pac-12 channels, and encourages DirecTV viewers to switch to such outlets as Cox, Dish or Time Warner Cable.

Including 35 football games, the Pac-12 Networks will show more than 750 live events this year, 200 more than 2012-13.

“We realize this is affecting many of our fans, and we share their frustration,” said Pac-12 Networks president Lydia Murphy-Stephans. “We built the Pac-12 Networks to give fans unprecedented access to their favorite teams and sports on TV, and with just two weeks before the fall sports schedule begins DirecTV continues to deny them that access.”

In late July, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott told reporters at the conference’s media day that no deal with DirecTV is expected to be completed in 2013-14.

One problem the Pac-12 faces is that many fans of the network are also fans of the NFL, and DirecTV is the exclusive provider of the NFL Sunday Ticket package – at least until that deal expires at the end of the 2014 season. DirecTV CFO Patrick Doyle said in March that the company would be willing to absorb a cost increase on the DirecTV deal, but that at a certain point it would “think about not carrying it or go nonexclusive,” according to AdWeek.  Earlier this month, Doyle said that DirecTV was having “constructive discussions” with the NFL.

In a statement on its website, DirecTV said it is looking out for its customers with regards to the Pac-12: “DirecTV wants to make Pac-12 Network available to the fans who want it. To do that, Pac 12 either needs to agree to a price to make it affordable for all of our customers, as we’ve offered and done with dozens of other sports networks, or allow Pac 12 fans to buy the network separately or purchase individual games on demand. Unfortunately, Pac 12 has refused all of these options. Regardless, we stand ready to agree to add the network if they propose a deal that’s fair.

The Pac-12 has complained that DirecTV won’t accept the same terms the other distributors have.

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  1. John S. says:

    Three years now and Mr Larry Scott. Mister commissioner, has promised us in the Little market called southern california with Heisman trophy hopefulls, like USC will have played two games and no one in the country will have seen them west of Arizona. Course we know how Mr scott feels about USC. Well we feel the same about you. Being an Alumni Of The University Of Southern California, being only Team I care to watch, I will not change TV providers to get Pac 12 Network. Not one dime of mine.

  2. Donna Flenz says:

    Donna says;
    This is getting rediculus! Why won’t you accept the same terms the other distributors have. This disput has been going on now for several years with PC 12 and you are getting NOWHERE! Maybe it is time for you to bending a little harder. Maybe you will be happier to charge your customers who want PC 12 tv. I know that I’m willing to pay an extra fee In order to receive the channel. I’m sure you would be not losing customers over an extra little fee for this channel if you are so worried about money. JUST GET IT DONE NOW! I am on the verge to tell Direct tv to shove it and I’ll get my services elsewhere. By the way, how mine customers have you lost over the the years because of this matter? You would have a larger customer base if you would get off your asses and deal with this matter.

  3. Jackie says:

    greed and stupidity, find your way out of college sports, please.

  4. RJ says:

    DirecTV I’m about to switch to Uverse. They just added BeIN sports and Pac 12 Network to their line-up this weekend. So being a ‘soccer’ fan I can watch practically every major European soccer game in HD, because Uverse now has all the channels. Also the Pac-12 football games. And Watch ESPN app. So the NBC, ESPN, and soon Pac 12 will also be available on my mobile device too. Meanwhile that’s not happening on DirecTV. I got DirecTV for Sports and my contract runs out next week. It will be Uverse I switch too after the new editions, before then it was going to be Comcast.(but they only had SD options on some of the sports channels.)

  5. Lois Naegeli says:

    What you’re doing is creating hostility and anger for your own greed! If the Big 10 and SEC conferences could come to terms with DirecTV why do you feel any team in the Pac12 is any more in demand than Alabama, Texas A&M, LSU, Florida, Tennessee, or Notre Dame?!! You are the problem, NOT DirecTV.

  6. jimmcbee158 says:

    O.K. I live in Maryland, and I can’t wait for the Terps to go into the Big Ten, so that I can watch all of their games. Also I would think the schools would want PAC 12 football covered on directv. I am A sports fanatic and would love to watch PAC 12 coverage. I subscribe to directv, MLB extra innings, extra RSNs(know as the sports package), NBA full court, and HBO. Mostly DTV will give me SUNDAY TICKET for free. With all of this considered, I am happy that DTV is not raising my bill. Hey PAC 12 coaches forget about recruiting with the BIG TEN and SEC because your conference won’t sing on with DTV. Oh well guess I will WATCH ONE OF THE OTHER GAMES IN THE SAME TIME SLOT.

  7. Damain Faka says:

    I don’t think what Direct TV is asking is unreasonable at all. Make it available by option at the least. What’s up, PAC-12 Network?

    • Eric McCallum says:

      By law, if the PAC12 gives Direct TV the deal they want, they have to redo the other carriers deal for the same rate. I think Direct TV is being unreasonable.

  8. PSW says:

    Not switching from DirectTV. Dish is horrible and cable here in SoCal is worse. Have had direct for too long and I am too satisfied with the service and quality to go elsewhere. Will have to go to a sports bar to watch the games we cant go to in person. Sorry Pac12 channel not going to win this fight.

  9. Joe says:

    It’s all a bunch of crap. Pac12 and direct tv can do whatever they want. I love college football but I don’t “need” as some seem to. I admit I am very disappointed this evening as I realize I cannot watch the UCLA game. However, as long as people continue to pay 200, 300 and even $350 a month or more to watch their own television explains a lot about priorities in society. If you pay, they will make you pay more, period. Time to break out the radio and listen…no more of my $$ will go to either of them than is necessary. Go Bruins!

  10. Jason says:

    I’m sorry but it’s not true that you have to pay for a premium package to get PAC -12 networks, if you knew your facts you’d know that with all of the companies that Cary the channel you get the national Chanel with pretty much the lowest tier plan, 120 plus with dish. That carries almost all football games period, the individual region channels ie; Oregon, Washington, n. cal. Etc are all part of the sports pack and all are for people interested I. Watching the other sports like volleyball etc.. I know this because I curently have and pay for both dish and direct. And for over a year now I have emailed direct because I see no reason they couldn’t accept this sane offer, and they can’t give me an answer that makes any sense considering some of the channels they do have and I pay for that I don’t use like aljazeer, msnbc. OWN, and on and on, and I know those networks ratings are in the crapper.

  11. Herb Oetken says:

    I, for one, am going to switch as soon as my Direct TV contract expires. Direct TV has not given me a good answer as to why they have not signed an agreement similar to Dish, Comcast, Charter and others to carry PAC 12 sports network. The Direct TV service is good, but they are very pricey and not carrying PAC 12 is a stopper for me. Go Beavs.

  12. Mike says:

    This is all about the PAC-12 and greed. PAC-12 Network on the cable networks (Cox, Comcast, etc) is only available if you buy the more expensive packages or sports add-ons .. and the cable companies do NOT offer all the PAC-12 channels. The ads to switch are disingenuous and insulting for DirecTv customers that already know they have the best deals albeit without a few games from PAC-12. It’s really unfortunate that the PAC-12 Network is being two-faced and not negotiating in good faith asking DirecTv to accept even less competitive deals than they already signed with these other providers …. until PAC-12 negotiates in good faith, this will continue to stalemate and eventually the network will die off which will be WONDERFUL for fans.

  13. Jason says:

    Are you serious, I can think of many many games that weren’t televised prior to PAC 12 network, and your argent doesn’t make sense because now every single PAC 12 game for every school is televised, which I bet if you look back 2 years at the tv listings for PAC 12 games you would almost never find a wsu, osu, asu, cal, uc game on TV period. Even with just the new tv contract prior to creation on PAC 12 network only a portion of games were shown on the various cable channels, thus the creation on the PAC 12 network to pick up the remaining games. Now the only reason directv won’t play ball is because they want a sweetheart deal that nobody else got, and they’re butt hurt that dish came in first and got naming rights for certain things because direct held out too long.

  14. Rebecca says:

    To say this isn’t the PAC’s fault is a joke. Of course it is. We never missed a game because they were televised on regular channels prior to this network being created, so I’d say they are the only ones to blame! They got greedy and want their very own network now, which has alienated their fan base because unless you pay to subscribe to it, you don’t get to watch games on a regular basis. I won’t pay for it regardless of if a “deal” is made.

  15. Jason says:

    It’s not the PAC-12 fault, if they were to settle for a lesser deal with directv than they did with dish and everyone else, they’d have a nightmare scenario on their hands. There’s no reason other than pride that directv won’t take the same deal as everyone else, hell they added dog tv for gods sake! They just need to pony up and take the same as everyone else, and if they do they truly will be the leader in sports.

  16. Mike says:

    I’ve had Direct TV since 1991. I had cable for many many yrs before that. The quality and reliability of Direct TV is far superior to the cable I’ve had before. I love USC and UCLA but PAC 12 need to get their act together because I’m not changing for a few football games. Time Warner is playing games and their service always sucked for me.

  17. Robert Herzig says:

    Please work it out We wil not get rid of directv But the PAC 12. Needs to get it done

  18. Jimmy says:

    Just give me the option to get it dam it

  19. al says:

    Dish network is a joke no yes network no msg no sny no mlb extra innings no nfl no laker channel and the sporks pack is only 1 dollar less then direct tv’s sporks pack

  20. Jason says:

    Do what I did and have both directv and dish. I got the purchase option with dish which has no contract as I purchased the equipment so I just pay month to month. It cost a little more to start up , $300, but I own HD whole home equipment and had free install plus other free premium content for a few months. Nice thing is I can start and stop service as I want and I still have my everything directv service with Sunday ticket.

  21. Dr Ted Bowers says:

    I have complained to direct TV ad nausea him about including pack 12 TV. However I have had DIRECTV for almost 20 years and they are the best service I am not going to give up DIRECTV and the Sunday ticket to get the pack 12 trust me so try to make a deal with DIRECTV

  22. A Gray says:

    PAC-12 is getting a liitle too greedy for being the new kid on the block. It’s obviously all about the money they can make now. I would rather keep my low rate with direct TV than pay higher prices to watch a couple games. I will go to a bar who pays the extortion for the two football games I can’t see at home.

  23. Eric Rich says:

    So I’m supposed to switch my provider of 17 years to watch 35 college football games? Yeah, good luck with that. It’s probably a bad idea to be attacking someone you’ll want to be crawling into bed with next year. It REALLY doesn’t sound like Directv is the problem here.

  24. Jim says:

    I noticed Verizon FIOS still doesn’t carry Pac12 either. Why is the channel only going after DIRECTV?

  25. Jib Mewer says:

    Wait a tic…. why is this on Pac-12, Directv is holding the pac-12 fans as much hostage as the pac-12 is. You realize there are 2, TWO holdouts on the Pac-12 network. Directv wants money, not a fair deal. Besides the Pac-12 is not some mega-corp out to steal everyone dollar, it is comprised solely of the universities that make up the Pac-12. All this pro-directv shite comes off as shill garbage.

  26. Don Renne says:

    This is so ridiculous…the pac 12 is acting like a child. Who is their right mind would switch from directv when they have the best sports packages and all in HD. We are big UCLA fans but will settle catching the games that we can. We are also on the east coast and get the games much later here. Pac 12 doesn’t care about their fans the care about themselves …..

  27. Dish and the pac 12 network are both big disappointments. Who likes watching sports in low def? I wish the pac 12 network would be dissolved.

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