CNN’s Piers Morgan Claims ‘It’s Over for Jon Stewart’

Piers Morgan Jon Stewart

Piers Morgan has had no problem publicly airing out his grievances over Jon Stewart lately, and he took another jab last night via Twitter.

Morgan claimed that Stephen Colbert’s successful night at the Emmys signified the end of Stewart’s career.

Last night,”The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central won for variety series. In doing so, Colbert ended “The Daily Show’s” decade-long winning streak in the category.

Colbert, however, got his start on “The Daily Show” as a correspondent. His popularity resulted in a spinoff in 2005, and “The Colbert Report,” which follows a very similar format to its predecessor, is now in its ninth season.

What isn’t breaking news is Morgan’s distaste for Stewart, as he earlier tweeted about Stewart’s frequent criticism of CNN coverage.

Oliver is a popular correspondent on “The Daily Show” and filled in as host of the show during the summer to many positive reviews from critics.

Stewart has yet to issue a response.

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  1. Lew says:

    I know I’ve seen Morgan before. Wasn’t he once a celebrity? Is Morgan too ignorant to know that Jon Stewart, as Executive Producer of The Colbert Report, got his 11th straight Emmy win.

  2. David says:

    Yeah, Morgan’s ratings are tanking. What better way to jack them up than by taking a shot at someone with a much bigger audience. Morgan is a poor performer and a poor person.

  3. Pam says:

    WOW! Piers Morgan says it’s all over for you then it MUST be!! Is there a bigger idiot on television these days than this guy? I agree with TV dude that he is trying for a ratings bump with this attack on Stewart but if all you have going for you is you, and you’re an ass, well … I don’t think Stewart has much to worry about.

  4. TV dude says:

    Morgan is an ass. He and his ass of an EP believe this little snit will help them in the ratings, as Olberman was helped by attacking O’Reilly.
    Problem is, Morgan is a dolt. His EP is a joke in the industry, always trying to match his father, but never coming close. Must be tough JW.

  5. David says:

    Is Piers Morgan still on TV?

  6. JW says:

    What’s-his-name from CNN has a total of ZERO Emmy Awards to Jon Stewarts TEN plus. What’s-his-name would give his left nut for one, or credibility, or a fraction of the ratings “The Daily Show” delivers every night it airs, or in re-run for that matter.

  7. comment99 says:

    Jon Stewart is a producer on Colbert. So he still won. Nuff said.

  8. stephanie says:

    He got the show because of Celebrity Apprentice! Isn’t that telling??

  9. Your Creepy Ex-Husband says:

    Who cares? Ian Stewart, is a washed-up Comedian. While Peers Morgan, advocates for Canadian rites for US Cities in Guatemala… But you can tell him to go back to Angland and take Justin Bieber with HIM!

  10. Sarcasm and Reality says:

    I’m glad Morgan has finally realized that all that matters are your ratings and your desire to overshadow your own colleagues who are moving up to your level and beyond with your own conscious help. Really, the message here is that there should be no progress, no continuation of new humor, and that the old people should just always rule the landscape because hermetical paranoia is the way to go. Oh, wait, that sounds bitter, childish, and cruel. Like you. Piers Morgan.

    You are a sensationalist. We love/hate you for it. But, dont worry; your Olberman days are soon to come.


  11. Toon says:

    What a mean-spirited thing to do, they are both equally hypocritical, so I don’t see how he’s any better than Stewart or Colbert for that matter.

  12. Bob says:

    Is that a hint of jealous? Morgan, you’re a joke. CNN is a joke. Just because Colbert wins the Emmy means it’s over for Stewart? Huh. I wonder where Colbert got his start… Oh and Stewart is the executive producer of the Colbert report.

    • TV dude says:

      Right on. If Morgan had a decent EP he might do better. There’s a way to turn obnoxious and untalented into ratings. Wald has yet to figure it out. Ask daddy? What a sorry bunch at CNN. How long will Zucker let them go on?

  13. Piers Morgan has been OVER & DONE for a very long time!!! Jon Stewart still has it going on & has more talent in his little finger then Piers.

  14. I always wondered whether Piers Morgan was a douche or not. This confirms to me that he is.

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