CNN’s ‘New Day’ Hits Ratings Lows Despite Big Interviews

New Day CNN

Morning program has fallen off after competitive start, but it has improved its timeslot for the net

CNN has made much-needed ratings strides this summer, but its new morning program “New Day” — a pet project of CNN’s new president Jeff Zucker — hasn’t been able to gain that much traction.

This week, despite exclusive interviews with Prince William on Monday and Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, the show has posted its lowest numbers yet — finishing well behind rivals Fox News and MSNBC.

“New Day” seemed to be hanging in there earlier this summer, beating or finishing neck-and-neck with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in the adults 25-54 demo for its first five weeks, according to Nielsen, but it has not been competitive since.

On a positive note, CNN is faring better with “New Day” than what “Starting Point” was doing a year ago, up more than 30% in key categories from the historic lows for the network at the time. In fact in the 25-54 demo, CNN is the only cable news network morning show up vs. the same period a year ago.

But with all the pre-launch hoopla for “New Day,” including a shiny new studio for the show and the naming of former ABC News anchor and reporter Chris Cuomo as co-anchor, expectations were elevated,

Looking at the Nielsen estimates for Monday through Wednesday of this week, “New Day” was averaging just 74,000 adults 25-54 — well below the 229,000 for FNC’s “Fox and Friends” and the 117,000 for MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” It was also 26% lower than the 100,000 the network drew the previous week, which had been the ratings floor for the show prior to this week.

In total viewers, CNN (252,000 viewers) lagged well behind the 359,000 of “Morning Joe” and was about one-fourth of the 1.02 million for “Fox and Friends.”

These numbers come even though “New Day” on Monday had an exclusive interview with Prince William, the first TV chat with the new father following the birth of royal baby George. But that turned out to be a royal disappointment in the ratings, as the show hit an all-time low in both the demo (60,000) and total viewers (216,000).

An interview with Zuckerberg didn’t do much either on Wednesday. In a big week of “gets” for “New Day,” the net had an exclusive interview with President Obama this morning.

For its first 10-plus weeks, “New Day” was averaging 308,000 viewers and 111,000 adults 25-54, according to Nielsen.

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  1. Gary Larsen says:

    Cuomo kills it for me, can’t stand his attitude and “I’m the star” mentality.

  2. charles popov says:

    Hey Zuck, if you were trying to find the prettiest news anchors in the morning, congratulations. However….
    Chris Cuomo is a fake looking guy, and seems full of himself. Watching him, I’m like “seriously”?????? He should consider acting; he does not come off as real. Puss! Kate acts like she has way more life experience than her 30 years or so, to the degree of pontification. Laughable. WTH is up with Michaela? “The news anchor”, sitting off to the rest of the set like a 3rd wheel. Who thinks this kind of stuff up? What really cracks me up is you are trying to prop up this group with all these “sexy” interviews (i.e. Mark Z., the President, etc.). Do you think “Joe Public” is that stupid? I was a big CNN fan to the chagrin of all my right wing family and associates, but this newest addition has me looking for another channel. Seriously, I am like flicking through channels to find something more palatable in the early morning. At least you could have put it on later in the morning after I had a couple cups of coffee. Geese!!!
    The commercials building up to the debut were sickening ad nauseam. I swear, if I heard another one, I was going to throw a freakin brick through my TV. Zucker, you suck!.

  3. Hewston_patriot says:

    Until CNN provides objective, balanced coverage rather than grossly biased, far left propoganda and political coverage for Obama and liberals – no one will take them seriously. They belong amongst the cheapest of tabloid rags.

  4. pedro bundol says:

    Expect Fox and Friends to increase viewership once Elizabeth Hasselbeck starts.

  5. steve851 says:

    Say what you want, New Day is a huge improvement over that airhead, Soledad

  6. valwayne says:

    Mabe they should try giving up the pro-Obama, extreme left wing bias and play it fair and balance? If you want to hear White Houses Talking points, Obama Propaganda, and left wing hate you tune into MSNBC. Being MSNBC light looks pretty much like a ticket to failure.

  7. Luap Leiht says:

    I don’t watch the morning shows, but often listen to them on my satellite radio on the way into work.

    I generally lean center-right politically, but the liberal-leaning MSNBC has the best political discussion. Fox has a better mix of the news and politics (with some fluff thrown in). CNN, on the other hand, has the most softball fluff.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d like to be woken up in the morning, not put to sleep with softball interviews and innane chatter.

  8. Themurphy says:

    Maybe they should have Candy Crowley anchor, that way when a democrat messes up she can call the republican a liar and cover for the democrat

  9. tzipy says:

    if you become even hand like fox i will make sure all my family and friend watch you

  10. Christy falkoff says:

    I watch CNN faithfully but the cutsy banter between the anchors is corny. I don’t care if they are BFFs – just deliver the news and be personable. They are trying to hard.

    • Yandel mansarin says:

      Lets be real, only a conservative would say Fox has an even hand..that means you know no ,ore than the liberals . Suckers. New Day stinks because it has no personality…same old wasps reading the prompter and giggling like fools…that show is pure glitzy fluff. replace Bolduan with Pereria, and you may see the show come back. She is twice the anchor of that airhead….

    • Ruben says:

      You nailed it. They look plastic making the effort.

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