CNBC’s ‘The Profit’ in the Red After Week-Two Ratings Tumble

The Profit CNBC Ratings

The unscripted business-makeover show loses more than half of its demo audience Tuesday

After a decent premiere a week ago, CNBC’s new weekly primetime business-makeover reality show “The Profit” took a tumble in the ratings Tuesday.

Nielsen estimates that “The Profit,” in which entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis pumps his own cash into a struggling business in a bid to turn it around, averaged 56,000 viewers in the adults 25-54 demo in its second episode — down a steep 64% from the 157,000 it pulled for its premiere. It held up better in total viewers, but the show’s overall audience of 173,000 still represented a 32% decline from the premiere’s 254,000.

By comparison, in the month of July, stripped weeknight series “American Greed” averaged 112,000 adults 25-54 and 252,000 viewers overall in the same 10 o’clock hour for CNBC. And in the 11 p.m. hour during July, “Mad Money” averaged 41,000 adults 25-54 and 103,000 viewers overall.

“The Profit” is CNBC’s latest attempt at finding an unscripted hit, having yanked “Crowd Rules” in May after just two low-rated outings. “Crowd Rules” premiered to a mere 47,000 viewers, though, so by that low bar, “The Profit” is still looking OK.

Overall for the month of July, according to Nielsen, CNBC averaged 77,000 adults 25-54 in primetime (down 3% from last year) and 196,000 total viewers (up 13%, thanks to a strong showing this year among adults 55-plus).

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  1. Dave says:

    By the way, the replacement show of the profit has never interested me in the slightest. Tough pushy bossy guy, be there done that. Profit was enjoyable and like him personally. Bring him back.

  2. Dave says:

    WHAT, you’ve taken one of my favorite shows? He’s a awesome guy, so maybe that’s why he didn’t get the rating of Thug Greed. The Profit is a real man and made life better for people, wow….. We will miss his smile.

  3. Lou Lynch says:

    The Profit rocks. Best show on TV

  4. Charlie says:

    I don’t know where they get their statistics, I love the show and have watched it every time it aired. My wife and I even record the episodes to watch them again. Marcus helps so many people get their business going and has helped us with some of our own business problems. please don’t ever end this show.

  5. Angela says:

    I love the profit show, I am a business major in school, and I have learn so much from watching his show. This show is a hit, and please let it return please. I will be watching !!

  6. Vicki helms says:

    The profit was the best program ever. My husband and I were beginning to watch more of the programs on CNBC. We are very disappointed. Marcus Lemonis is our hero.

  7. Marie Stephens says:

    PLEASE don’t cancel The Profit! It is my absolute favorite show! The producers do not have a canned outline and it is so enlightening!

  8. Kathy says:

    I love the show the profit

  9. DK says:

    I enjoyed the first few episodes. As the focus on combativeness increased, my interest started fading. Maybe they’ll keep the viewers who are interested in the fights.

  10. Alex Lester says:

    If it is unscripted then they have chosen the businesses for emotional action and not just business improvements.

  11. Don says:

    I enjoy the show immensely. It’s also nice that the general public can learn how business works, etc.

  12. Aaron says:

    The profit is a great show. It is a more I depth version of Shark Tank another favorite show. I am hoping for a season 2

  13. Ty says:

    People’s lives aren’t built for tv time slots anymore. Put the show online or on demand and let the viewers decide when they can watch. These ratings aren’t a good depiction of interested parties, just people who have nothing better to do at home at the particular time slot.

  14. Maria Torres says:

    I will be highly upset if they remove “The Profit” from its line up. I love this show. It is very informative. I would love the show even more if at the end of every show their would be an update of what happened to the last business he attempted to help.

  15. sam T. says:

    My wife and I are in our late 50s we’re Africa American, corporate executives living in the DC area. We love the Profit show. We’ve never missed an episode. Keep the show alive.

  16. Mary Leavenworth says:

    I loved this show! My friend and I are planning a start-up and this helped me intensely. People, process, product. I have been a non-profit professional for years and now trying to overcome my lack of knowledge of the current for profit world. Baby steps establishing priorities and funding. Thank you Marcus! Very disappointed to see the last episode.
    Mary Leavenworth
    Delray Beach, FL

  17. James says:

    This show is going to take off and when it does it will be a huge success much like Marcus!

  18. Marcia Sawyer says:

    I absolutely love The Profit and I absolutely love Marcus and the way he introduces business logic. I could hardly wait for the next airings each week. Here’s the crazy thing: My grandchildren were visiting one weekend and I told them that I wanted them to see one of the episodes that I recorded. I actually thought they would give it 15-20 minutes of viewing time and then go back to their ipods, ipads, etc. HOWEVER, even THEY loved this show. I had recorded 4 episodes and they watched all of them. They are ages 16 and 17 and they were all into this show. I sincerely hope that the network does not cancel this show. How about more advertising? Most people have never heard of it.

  19. Kristy says:

    Considering the star is putting his own money into the businesses that are featured, it is possible that there are limits to how much the show can grow and expand. He also doesn’t seem to be the guy who just dives into a new project without knowing every bit of what he’s doing and then jumping over to the next new thing.

  20. Soraya Ostowari says:

    the show is fantastic. the problem with rating is not the show or Marcus. It is the channel cable and the advertisement/commerical that did not provide what this show truly deserve. this show easily have aq better rating on any regular channel for realty show e.g. Sharks on channel 7.
    Once again, the problem with rating is not about the show but about the provider for this show. Please move it to regular channel and see how it will explode. just love, love this show

  21. Frank Petrolle says:

    Love the show. The businesses grow but the owners can’t. The planet popcorn owner doesn’t know where the money is going; lets her mother remortgage her house but she drives a $60,000 car. WAKE-UP LADY:

  22. I just discovered it and I love it, although 3 out of 4 business involved are hopeless..
    It ranks up there with Shark Tank….I hope it makes it

  23. Grant Hardin says:

    Going to keep this very Short.. I needed help with what was wrong with my retail store, and after one show it worked.. Finding the right people to help with your dreams is not a bad thing. Many said they had my back, but it came to light that they were Stabbing me in the back.. Mr.Lemonis if you ever get to Florida, I would like to say thank you for getting me focused again.

  24. Aisha Seabrook says:

    I LOVE this show. it is so educational with the right kind of drama. Please don’t take it off. I am using one of the episodes for coaching my employee. People, process and product

  25. L. Cardinal says:

    I’m very disappointed that Profit has ended. It was a a great show – very original. So refreshing to have something constructive, instructive and entertaining at the same time to watch, for a change. I regret that I missed the final episode and hope for a rerun.

  26. bill mc grath says:

    Love The Profit..just wish we had a followup on the ones that seemed to come to an abrupt end at the conclusion of the show. Will watch as long as it’s on.

    • J Dolan says:

      I love the show. I would like to see a little more wrap up at the end of each show, or a follow up a few weeks or months later, so we know what really happened to each business.

  27. jerry kownacki says:

    Best show on television. Telling all my close friends about it. Wish you’d let us know when a deal falls through, how does Marcus recoup his initial investment back. Ty

  28. Soraya Ostowari says:

    just love, love this show. in fact i was thinking of canceling the cable until by accident run in this show (CNBC has not done a good job to advertise this show, shockingly).
    I learn so much just by watching this show. I wish I could ask Marcus to how I can work for him. what a great mentor and leader. what a sensible and kind guy (i know that is hard comination with the money).
    please show this in more time spot. can not wait for the new season. i have already let many of my friends and family know about this show, which none of them ever heard about this show.
    i will be watching this show with my chidren.
    Marcus, thanks for this great show and inspiration.

  29. says:

    Love the show. Ratings will come up as more people learn of it. Been in business over 30 years and I’m still learning things from the show. Great that it’s unscripted. Business community needs more shows like this, It’s better than “The Sharks”.

  30. Just outstanding…. Keep em coming. The last one was the best.

    Marcus, I have following you going back to Holiday. The camping world model is starting to look very good. Personally know many of your store owners. Know the Jensen family very well. I was working with the Jansens / Ogden back in 1977 and taught them my inventory control programs. We still talk shop lots. They were a GREAT dealership when they started… just needed help with inventory controls, turns, margins, etc. Their service and sales side was tops.

    You are spot on. Have recorded them all and will use them to share with some of my RV dealer friends to help them out.

    I invented a new term for my dealers: Welfare employees…. those employees that are in a business for reasons other than productivity. Fixed lots of companies and dealerships. Dealing with the welfare employees was a top priority.

    This program needs to continue long enough for all to find it. If anyone had any aspirations to run their businesses well they need to see your programs.

    Have a couple of ideas. Please contact me Marcus.

  31. Mister Awesome says:

    This is a very smart show. It proves that a good, quality show doesn’t need to be over the top drama.

    However, one theme in the comments is along the lines of “I stumbled across the show and started watching”. I’ve seen three episodes now, and I still don’t know what time or night it airs.

  32. warren says:

    Great show business are struggling keep the show on!

  33. Geri Cook says:

    You didn’t count me! It is such an excellent show, giving everyone so much to learn. The ‘repeats’ are even better, as one catches things that may have been missed before. Lemonis is an impressive and important human being, one that the world needs more of. His show, like him, will succeed. Just watch and SEE.

  34. Rollo says:

    Give the audience a chance to catch up with it…it’s great

  35. Rollo says:

    The Profit is the best reality show about business on the air!! Keep it on!!

  36. Kim & Mario Columbia says:

    Best show on television…….smart tv….keep it coming….looking forward to season 2

  37. Kim says:

    My husband and I love the show!! Keep it coming….more will watch as they know it’s on….word of mouth takes time.

  38. Marylu Desmond hickey says:

    Profit was a new and very interesting program. Felt mr lemon is very knowledgable Watched every one.

  39. Joan says:

    My new favorite show!

  40. jay says:

    This is show is great! This gives a real insight on what happens in the real world. Keep this show going for a future entrepreneur like myself.

  41. Mary M. says:

    I just discovered The Profit after channel surfing – it caught my eye and I decided to watch. I loved it! Please keep it on the air – just move it to a channel that will attract more viewers!


    My husband and I also discovered The Profit “late in the game” and enjoy it very much.. It one of the most interesting shows on television these days.

  43. Rhonda says:

    My husband and I just ran into this show last night and loved it. A reality show that encourages….what a noval idea…….we watched each episode until something else came on….kept us up until after 11:00 on a weeknight…..that just doesn’t happen….

  44. Joe Vinci says:

    I am not a big CNBC fan, however this show hit a nerve with me as a previous business owner who would have loved to have had Marcus’s involved!!!! Please DO NOT TAKE THIS SHOW OFF. When people like me spread the new and see this show it will go viral. You now have a new CNBC viewer, don’t blow it. Go Marcus!
    Joe Vinci

  45. Joanne Lawhorn says:

    I just discovered the show -I LOVE IT!!!!! I will be wacthing it for now on. I love learning about business as I have a smll business myself. I like the MMM -make more money! I wish Marcus would just give me 2 hours of his time and tell me how I could improve my business. Sometimes you are just too close to everything to see how you could improve. How about it Marcus – donate two hours to a business owner. I lost my husband about 5 years ago and could use a fresh idea!!!

  46. MarioS says:

    As an young entrepreneur ,I enjoy this show you can learn a lot and can grow just from watching it. Thanks for the show

  47. Shelia Handy says:

    I just happened to come across this show today after watching a proceeding show. I have not changed my channel. This is a great show. Don’t take it off. Maybe put it on another channel. CNBC is not a channel that is watched by a lot of people. It would be great to do follow up shows to see the state of businesses. Please it on on. I really enjoy this show.

  48. bob says:

    I was looking to see how well this show graded. I also accidentally happened upon this show and stayed tuned to the marathon showing. It has to be produced much better and put on a channel that is watched. Also I would also like to see a follow up on how businesses or else this show has no meaning!

  49. Dorothy Harrell says:

    I love, love, love the show–“The Profit.” I watched my first episode, which was the one about the popcorn. I have watched every rerun to try to catch up since.

    I don’t know why people can not see common sense. It is not only offered to business owners for free, but given with a huge incentive to change their whole world around.

    Anyway, originally I did not watch the show because the name ‘profit’ directed my attention to something ‘religious.’

    Maybe “The Profit” can help others who do not have a business yet, but are willing to make it happen under his rules. I have a couple of ideas for this area that has exploded in population, especially with military and veterans, in one of the most beautiful places on earth–The Emerald Coast.

    Can’t wait for the next show!

  50. Cheryl Slade says:

    Please stay on or goto another station and let me know where you are..Have you ever helped those with ideas they have but haven’t had enough monies to market them? Thats me….What do people like I do????

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