‘Charmed’ is Being Rebooted by CBS

Charmed TV Series Reboot CBS

Project currently has a script deal, but no production commitment

CBS may be casting a spell in its development offices just in time for Halloween, as the Eye is  working on a reboot of witch drama “Charmed.”

Variety has confirmed the reboot is in its early stages with just a script deal, but has “Party of Five” co-creator Chris Keyser and Sydney Sidner co-writing the show. Keyser will exec producer, and Sidner will co-exec produce. CBS TV Studios is producing with Tannenbaum Company.

The reboot is described as a “re-imagining of the original series centered around four sisters who discover their destiny – to battle against the forces of evil using their witchcraft.”

Vulture was the first to report the news.

“Charmed” ran on the WB from 1998 till 2006, and was created by Constance M. Burge. Aaron Spelling produced the series through Spelling TV. Program starred Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan and averaged around 4.5 million viewers during its eight season run on the WB.

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  1. lisa power says:

    I aam a huge charmed fan i honestly cant wai. ive read season ten in book and its brill both prue and cole are back and it carries on from where it left things on tv. cant wait

  2. william jackson says:

    I am a huge fan of Charmed and I anciously await for it

    • Dennis Carlson says:

      In Charmed Warlocks are described as a negative entity. In reality a Warlock is merely a male witch!

      • Lynn Roby says:

        sorry not so a warlock is not a male witch a male witch is a male witch warlock is a trickster please educate yourself I’ve been a witch for over 40 years

  3. Judyann J says:

    If done well with the same excellent story lines, I can’t think of a better idea then to resurrect the Charmed Ones, Next Generation. It would be a smashing success. Hopefully, they can get the same cast members to sign on…there is so much to bring to the table!
    Don’t know how many times I’ve watched the reruns, practically know them all by heart. Yes, a Charmed, Next Generation guided by the original cast members would be an instant winner.

  4. MARTIN ROMERO says:

    well I am a die hard fan of charmed I have seen all the episode of it and I love them all the Idea of anew reboot is great because across the years we saw that all the sisters got married and have kids what happen to that why only one of the sister get to have kids in the original show how about the others they do not count that is not fair and about PRUE coming back it was bound to happen but like somebody said here in this comments what happen to Chris and Wyatt the deserve to be seen in the new show to see how they develop and to see how they go on with they life I mean this series can go on and on for the next 50 years and never end and to the ones that complain about Magic and stuff and said is stupid let talk about it what about this shows angel ,Buffy,Zombies,Living Dead ,Super Natural this people complain about Charmed but they do not complain about the rest I do not have problems with the other show LOVE THEM ALL but do not tell me that is not possible that people like the charmed are real the only reason we do not know about it is because simple minded people can not deal with it is like people believe in area 51 but because the GOV said is not real they go with it i MEAN HOW YOU CAN BELIEVE in some stuff and do not believe in another well this is my comment PLEASE BRING CHARMED BACK YOU GUYS WANT TO CALL IT REBOOT i CALL 5.0 BRING IT BACK

  5. im begging you guys, do something to bring charmed ones back. Charmed ones taught me a lot, and I would like to continue watching them. Please, do something

  6. Ariyana Loco says:

    Please bring charmed back I’ve watched all the seasons like a million times and i would like some new episodes please i will keep begging and begging until you do so you better hurry. THANX!!!!!

  7. charlene says:

    Please bring back the new Charmed . I think fans of Charmed are ready for the next generation of the CHarmed Ones .

  8. Missy says:

    I remember watching Charmed with my mom and now I am watching Charmed with my daughters (have all the seasons on dvd). I did not realize that there was a “next genereation”. There are plenty of old fans that would convert their next generation into fans, but they need to KNOW about it. I have found myself watching lots of 90’s shows with the kids as we can’t agree to hardly anything running in Prime time now. Could be a huge hit with better publicity.

  9. Jesse says:

    please bring back the new series of Charmed it would be the most watched television series that I know of I watch it every morning from 7 a.m. To 10 a.m. Until supernatural comes on please bring it back you would be amazed on the viewers that will give you the show thank you and have a good day and I hope you keep this suggestion you would really be amazed on how many fans are still out there

  10. Jesse says:

    please please bring back the new series at least series 9 where they left off where the kids are grown and they are the ones fighting the demons it would be a wonderful series and you would be amazed on how many viewers would watch the show Charmed is a number one show its featured in TNT from 7 to 10Am now….

  11. Miss Thanh Kimmenade says:

    I think a re-boot of Charmed would be a horrible idea what if the new actors who are in this re-boot do a terrible job acting in this show then Charmed will be the laughing stock of television. I do not want Charmed in any way getting a bad name. It is a fantastic show and there is nothing wrong with the original show. I would be really upset if Charmed got a bad name cause the new actors stuffed it up. I love and adore the original show and as the expression goes “if it isn’t broken don’t mess with a good think”. I totally agree with the original actors if CBS want to do something for Charmed make a movie not this re-boot! Not happy with this news. I don’t want Charmed being ruined. Thanh.

  12. Griselda says:

    I really really really hope they bring back ‘Charmed’ it was one of my favorite tv shows to watch and would love to see it continued from where they left off after defeating the triades and Billie killing her sister.

  13. Jazzminn says:

    Definately definately bring charmed back!!!! I loved it!!! Amazing show!!!

  14. Deanie Rumfola says:

    I would love to see this series return. Having watched all the re-runs, I could use some new material. Will the late thirty-something characters be as interesting as the late twenty-something characters were? Can’t wait to find out!

  15. blogging1225 says:

    I agree with Debbie, It is tooo soon, the original fans are still repeating the original series, and (as I am one of them) am loving every bit of it. If it does go on about the next generation that is a good idea. But the last episode shows the future guys, where else are you going to go??? They have grand-children, exo-facto the kids live on. The Charmed Line still exists and there is nothing new. I would be open to it in 50 years, as that is how far in the future they went in the last episode. Even Dallas waited 38years. Let the fans enjoy the fact that there is a happily ever after for the Charmed Line. Please!!!

  16. Debbie Burgher says:

    It’s too soon for a whole new charmed. If they do a show about the kids of, ok. Bring the original stars back for guest star roles. That will bring back the fans of the original.

    • Thomas Cardwell says:

      Well you really can’t bring back the original stars as guests because in the last episode, Piper and Leo were in there old age stage. Bringing them back wouldn’t make since.

  17. Wendell01 says:

    Bad idea! It’s still too early for a reboot.

  18. Katiebug89 says:

    i think that they should bring back charmed but be based on the kids.

  19. Bryan F. says:

    Hi there:

    I’ve always been a “Charmed” fan:
    “Charmed” was a great TV show! I LOVED that series. I REALLY MISS that TV show a lot! Yeah, I’d like to say, BRING “Charmed” back!! I’d like to see how this reboot goes. This’d be interesting to see. I could also see if aren’t able to bring the original “Charmed” chars. back, then, they could make the best replacements possible. But, yeah, I LOVED that series! It was a great TV show!! It was a great experience to watch “Charmed” back then and then it ended back on 5/21/2006. But, this reboot could/would make a lot of former “Charmed” fans return to watch this. I know I’ll be ready when this should come out at its production & broadcast time (maybe the year 2014 or 2015). But, this would be great!!

    Thanks for reading and bye.

  20. eddie says:

    dont bring it back… the reboot is always a failed project it will never be as good as the first just unless it has the same 3 main characters which wont happen so so leave it how it ended, Great

  21. Logan says:

    Please bring charmed back!!!! I’m only 11 but this is my favorite show ever!!!

  22. Melina says:

    Indeed the scriptwriters must revise Charmed original version , the power of three is very important; it was mentioned including mythological issues about it, as per example “Las parcas”; Nostradamus has mentioned in one of his verse “when the three little sisters will throw….” then please only revise the original version and do not forget the Book in the athic!

  23. Aj petterson says:

    would be nice to see a new show with the new generation of witches and having original cast appear throughout the series

  24. caterina says:

    Loved the original series. This should be fun!! But four sisters?? what happenned to the power of 3?? :)

  25. Samson says:

    How about just making a new show about young witches without rebooting a popular show that only ended a little while ago, this redoing everything trend in American film and TV needs to end.

  26. Not Charmed, D@med! says:

    This Satanic Witch crap is the downfall of the USA! People should write tv networks and tell them, to take these shows off the air! It’s better to see Angels on tv, like Highway to Heaven, something that show’s G*ds love. Instead we have people who use “magic” for their own ends, and they completely ignore their Creator! People of the USA need to WAKE UP! God can BLESS, but can also revoke Blessings! There are too many “W!tch shows” on tv. Children are being mislead thinking this is the way and the truth! When it’s all wrong!

    • Lynn Roby says:

      you are ignorant witches are not evil but bigots like you are evil …go educate yourself you’ll find thart all your Christian mumbo jumbo was taken from the old religion to try to concert people what ever happened to being good and doing what your jesus preached by the way he was a jew not an American you need to read more about history

    • Barry Cassidy says:

      “Satanic Witch Crap” you are ignorant and uniformed. The whole premise of the show was these sisters using their powers for good, fighting evil, killing demons, and saving innocents. They were literally guided by angels throughout the entire show. Your ignorance and avarice (and the people who share it) are what’s destroying America, not a TV show.

    • In My Opinion says:

      So agree!

  27. ccd3476 says:

    Reblogged this on Cheryl, Freelancer and commented:
    October 2013/National Geographic Channel online to CBS, since The Fox 90’s to Twilight timing by the eye of ad hoc*

  28. lucky 7 says:

    It wont be the same unless it is the original actors and prue has to be a ghost like her mom and grams or to have been made a whitelighter and you cant have 4 it was the power of three !!!!! just

  29. Marly says:

    Please don’t! The original was amazing by itself.

  30. Anna says:

    I am one of Charmeds biggest fans. In 1998 I stumbled upon this awesome show and I couldn’t stop watching. I agree with Malinda, they should continue the series. I’d like to see Wyatt and Chris. Also the other sisters children and see their lives. Don’t recreate the orginal.

  31. Luca Santoro says:

    I loved the original series of charmed which it shows on channel 11 at 12:00pm in the afternoon Perth Western Australian time

  32. Malinda says:

    Charmed was one of my ALL TIME favorite shows ever and as much as I LOVE the thought of CBS bringing it back I dont think they should try to RECREATE the original. I think they should Definately take it to a different time and focus on the children and grandchildren of the original witches. A guest spot every now and then by one of them when Grand Ma-Ma comes to visit or HELP them out of a situation would be the way to bring the original characters back. IN MODERATION. Anything else and your risking loyal viewers to compare the 2 series and you are going to LOSE a lot of viewers that way because no one can make the original better. Don’t mess with perfection.

  33. Steve La Rue says:

    CBS would be much better served by green-lighting a limited series adaptation of Anne Rice’s THE WITCHING HOUR as opposed to re-booting a series that is very much alive in syndication and has never been off the air since its run ended on The WB. Creatively, no one is doing it better right now than AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN on FX. Way to go alumni of THE X-FILES. This is a series that CBS should be programming (and is most likely envious that it doesn’t), hence the interest in a re-boot of CHARMED, which the audience will likely reject should it go forward. CBS, please invest in a new property: Anne Rice’s THE WITCHING HOUR. It is perfect for you.

  34. If true, I’d love to take a quick read of that script!

  35. Jade says:

    I think if they were to do anything in relation to charmed it would have to be a next generation where Wyatt Chris the twins and so forth all work together to continue the legacy. Anything less is more for the new generation rather than those who grew up with charmed and lived through the adversity that the girls faced in their ultimate challenge to protect the innocent

  36. Milam Capes says:

    I really think Charmed should just start over with new characters. I mean, lets get real. The originals would be nice,but to keep up with society today they should reboot the story line from the beginning bringing a new fresh appeal. Its more important to recover the story of Charmed, rather than the girls that played them. If they start from where they left off, there is only so much that can be done. I would support the idea of new characters. Although Holly Marie and Alyssa Milano were my favorites. Big shoes to fill, that’s for sure.

  37. ShellyBelly101 says:

    I think if there going to bring it back. Let’s go ahead and bring the original characters wback with it. It’s supposed be to be the power of 3 not the power of 4 but 1 of them is a white lighter so maybe that can play into it somehow with the being the 4th. I dont know I love the original cast.If they bring it back they need to make sure they live up to par and not ruin it.

  38. eliaSamuels says:

    Four sisters? I guess they should try to continue the series with the next generation: Chris, Wyatt and Pheobe’s daughters

  39. Junel says:

    I did not watch the show much,but when I did. I thought it was good…

  40. Kristina says:

    What awesome news!! I loved Charmed! Just hope they can keep it up to par.

  41. sean says:

    As a huge charmed fan I would definitely watch! but i would hope holly alyssa shannen and rose would make appearances.

    • Robert says:

      Well said watched the show from the moment it aired retool a little bit take it back to the original type format bring in all the original cast as possible don’t force it let it grow again naturally your planting a very delicate flower to a lot of millions of dedicated viewers and feel that family is our own

  42. Katie says:

    Is the new cast going to be black???

  43. Love Lifetime’s “Witches Of East End” and that’s enough for me. Why beat a dead horse?

  44. Melina says:

    I t will be quite interesting that the original production and the orignian cast will back again, including PRUE (Shanen Doherty) as a art curator, last seasons of Charmed had lost the right direction forgetting all the magical and witch could come to the world; pls if not have ideas just read an English book of bewitched and some mitological isuses; it is history celtic, england and Massachuttes too.

  45. Lisa LaBelle says:

    Reboot? NO! I won’t be watching. The original series was perfect the way it was, with exception to the last season w/ all the dragged out crap with the whole Billie and Christy whiny storyline. THAT sucked. On the other hand, if you want to continue the Charmed story featuring Wyatt and Chris? I’ll reconsider…

  46. Fran Harris says:

    My friends and I are so addicted to Charmed that we start and end our days with reruns. Now that all these copycat shows are on they should bring the girls back with a script about the sisters 2014 time

  47. craig says:

    NO REBOOT!!! like holly says focus on the children, they eneded charmed just perfectly!!! dont ruin a show !!!

  48. holly says:

    What? The series does not need to be rebooted. It is perfect how it is! If you want to do more with the concept then look at the stories of their children but PLEASE don’t reboot it.

  49. Sharon D. Outlaw says:

    It was a great show!!! Still watch reruns!!!

  50. Sas says:

    Great news! Loved charmed! Especially when Shannon Doherty was on !!

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