CBS Slaps Disclaimer on ‘Big Brother’: Beware “Prejudice”

Big Brother Disclaimer: CBS Warns of

'Viewer discretion is advised,' network warns

CBS took the unprecedented step of adding a disclaimer to “Big Brother” ahead of Sunday’s episode, which featured yet another racism-tinged encounter among its cast.

“At times, the Houseguests may reveal prejudices and other beliefs that CBS does not condone,” the disclaimer read. “Views or opinions expressed by a houseguest are those of the individuals speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS. Viewer discretion is advised.”

Cast members Aaryn and Candice got into a heated argument in the previous episode that featured racist remarks. On Sunday’s episode, Aaryn defended herself to her fellow contestants by explaining that she was joking. Season 15 has proved to be perhaps the most controversial one yet for the series.

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It’s not the first time CBS has distanced itself from the controversial reality series, having issued a statement when the racism subplot first took root on the show.

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  1. Despiser25 says:

    This season of BB full of MTV rejects from the real World… Nothing anyone said was RACIST… 3rd grader mentality yes but not racism. This never ending permanent victimhood based upon this kind of crap made me decide to never watch Big Brother again… When IDIOTS can claim racism for calling white fish and black fish “segregated” we have lost America to the turds of the Leftist permanent victim class…

    Race relations are far worse now than ever in my lifetime. Blacks are the RACISTS, blacks are violent, blacks don’t live in the same existence as any other Americans… This idea of FORCED equality is not equal In the least…

    Civil War 2 is quickly approaching and this Big Brother and Trayvon crap stuff just makes it worse…

  2. morris67 says:

    Aren’t you a bit confused, Brian? Don’t you mean NBC…or is it ABC…or CNN…or MSNBC…or, oh heck, now I’m the one who’s confused!

  3. BubbaSixPack says:

    You haven’t watched the show. There are two black people on the show and they showed their very mature response to the comments.

  4. Brian Hart says:

    “We don’t condone racism, but we’re not above pandering, if it makes us money…”

  5. I’ve never watched the show on TV, nor would I, but I did see some clips online to see what all the fuss is about. Big Brother is scripted. There is nothing said that wasn’t planned out by the producers in advance.

  6. Jaime Cancio says:

    What is offensive is the fact as Americans we can love or hate who we want and damn to anyone who doesn’t like that fact. As we support some elements we also have the right to our prejudices – it brings into question the ability to stand on our own two feet and taking a stand – or of being bullied by effeminate political correctness that serves no purpose but to castrate the actions of some and give others powers over our own personal lives. And as such allows socialist to push all Americans into full blown communism. Of my personal prejudices all have been earned with my dealings with other people who demonstrated very clearly their prejudices against me. Just ask them how I responded to those transgressions upon my rights – some of them made have to put their dentures in first….I have always attempted to live a peaceful life – it is all those that would wish otherwise that have learned that fact the hard way.

  7. Who is CB$ trying to sh!t??? Their silly ‘disclaimer’ is just a cheap marketing tool to get more viewers. It’s all about the rating$$$ folks!

  8. dencal26 says:

    If you produce it. Distribute it and profit from it you are CONDONING IT

    • says:

      Television is trash. I don’t even own one and shows like this one are the reason. Instead, I subscribe to Netflix and watch movies that interest me. And I read a lot.

      Television is a waste.

  9. run26mi says:

    Just as CBS planned, create controversy by any means, all in an attempt to generate more viewers!
    “Reality”? No, it’s all BS!

  10. Mark Sheats says:

    CBS is hoping and praying that she doesn’t get kicked out.

  11. shannon grant says:

    Let me start off by saying that Aaryn is a vile person, with no real knowledge of how the real world really works. She is obviously very sheltered, which has allowed her to remain ignorant, and I for sure would love for her to be removed from the house, I even signed the petition to do so. I don’t agree with CBS allowing her to continue her hate filled ugly rants, however CBS is not who should be villanized. I know that some past guest have done questionable things to, but Aaryn has taken it to an extreme. CBS had no choice but to put on the disclaimer to the show and to the After Dark also. I am sure that CBS would rather have been able to ignore the crap spewing out of her face, but the loyal feed watchers would not allow that to happen. The hamster watchers were raising hell, it has even hit mainstream news on Fox, CNN, Yahoo, and Huff. Post. So the network had no choice but to put on the disclaimer. And as much as I want her ugly self gone, I understand that there are rules to every “reality” show and you can’t just remove someone because you don’t like what they have to say. You can’t just kick them out because you don’t like their politics. You can’t toss them aside because they are hate filled ignorant people. The premis behind a reality show is to show people how they REALLY are, not how you would WANT them to be. Unfortunatly this is how she REALLY is, and she will have to answer for it out in the real world.
    She has no shot in hell of winning this season, and she has already lost her 2 “jobs”, and I sure won’t be able to be hired by anybody unless the KKK needs a public speaker. The people that she is bad mouthing, that are dealing with her PERSONALLY attacking them are handling it better than us people on the outside are handling it. If they can take her personal attacks and handle it with class and dignity, then so should we people on the outside.
    The little twit did say 1 thing that I completly agree with. K-A-R-M-A is a bitch, and I fully expect she will get what’s coming to her as soon as she is out of the house. I would love to see that. That would be good TV… reality show for CBS……

    • tim says:

      and that’s all fine n’ dandy. but free speech means just that! the fact that you accept her right to have free speech, yet attempt to muzzle her is telling. the police will give any citizen extra bread rations if they will pass on information that the gov’t deems subversive, we fine you 1 credit for breaking the soto voce laws, then shouldn’t you have disagreed with CBS and not the girl? CBS has the reins of the information wagon! the mainstreaming of hedonism is a personal matter, it’s up to you to teach the youth how to have a civil society!

    • BubbaSixPack says:

      Tim, I think she signed a petition to remove a person from a TV show. Not a big blow to free speech that relates to governmental actions.

    • shannon grant says:

      First of all, I am not a 20 something kool aid drinking anything. I am a 42 year old Republican. I would appreciate you not judging me, any more than I would judge you. I signed the petition. It wasn’t a petition about free speech, it was a petition letting CBS know that we don’t approve of her behavior. My post was to make the point that CBS has no grounds to remove her, and that I understand WHY they aren’t removing her. I don’t have to necessarly agree with them or the decisions they make, but I do understand them. There are a lot of things in life that I don’t agree with, but have no choice but to accept. This is one of them.

  12. caligula says:

    this is all contrived. putting someone named Aryan on a show and making them racist is as clever as putting kim kardashian in a urine guzzling contest.

  13. ashamed says:

    Please remember, aaryn is not the only spoiled brat spewing these terrible words. Kaitlin, ginamarie and Spencer are all guilty. CBS can not air all that is being said. Spencer behind close doors calls all the girls a horrible word. It is disgusting Jeremy is a bully. He is intimidating the other players with not only his words but his strength. But just like so many bullies he turns it around when he has been brought to task. They are sad and misguided people. Bless the ones who have held their heads high and not given in to these poor excuses for “people” the best that we can hope is that when they return to normal life that in some way they have to pay for their actions. I hope that none of them are able to profit in anyway from this show. Maybe a life lesson will come to all of them. I understand Spencer’s mother did an interview ansd defended her son. Shame shame shame on you. It would be interesting to know what Aaryn’s family is thinking.

  14. mtnman28709 says:

    And why do people watch this crap?!

  15. RChapman says:

    If CBS really doesn’t condone the comments of their contestants, then why not cancel the show? Sounds phony to me.

  16. Packratdc3 says:

    CBS needs to put a disclaimer on their ‘news’ broadcasts, which are nothing more than PR releases from the White House and the Democrat party.

  17. Sharon Dyer says:

    If CBS thinks that posting a disclaimer releases them from blame for allowing this trash talk to continue, they are mistaken. Aaryn should have been removed from the game as soon as she started her racial comments.

  18. Eugene Howe says:

    I never heard of the show and now I will make sure I never do….

  19. Jim Deep says:

    So, tell me again why this show is still on the air?

  20. Da Troof says:

    BEWARE: Scripted Prejudice contained in this ‘reality’ series.

  21. People still watch that tripe?

  22. Cliff says:

    These jerks are airing this crap with the express knowledge that this is helping foment racial tension in this country! They’re doing it on purpose! Who’d let this crap air? In fact, who’d air this stupid show at all? I honestly thought this pathetic program ended over ten years ago! I’d have never known it was around anymore were it not for this! Pathetic.

  23. boltuprite says:

    This is much less offensive than CBS populating every reality show with the misfit Hantz family.

  24. vonmazur says:

    CBS is beyond repair….

  25. Gloria says:

    I was shocked and surprised that CBS felt the need to put a disclaimer at the beginning of the show BUT didn’t feel the need to oust the house guest, Aaryn, who has made that disclaimer necessary. CBS please do the right thing and remove her from the show.

  26. Max says:

    “Views or opinions expressed” are not condoned by CBS, but they are being aired by CBS to inflame the public.

  27. joshua temple says:

    In all big brother seasons we have seen a token gay person, several african americans per episode more than a few asians and even a muslum, and the level of race hate has never ever been higher than in this season. From the top down it reflects current anti racial and racial attitudes in this country that have never been seen before. I propose it is division that our leaders are spreading rather than cohesion. I don’t know why but a return to the 60’s with its level of hatred and violence can’t be tolerated just because we need a movement that would allow police state of marshall upheaval to satisfy undoing the bill of rights or the constitution. We should be ashamed.

  28. Capt. Gene says:

    That show is still on? Who knew?

  29. Rebecca says:

    I have watched Big Brother since episode 1. I have even filled out the application an thought about applying to be on the show. Big Brother has taken steps to eliminate players for slapping players. Enough is enough Aryon is a racist. Hasn’t there been enough victims of this hatred? Get her off the show. Ratings or not. I bet if there was a big company refusing to buy air time during the show they would get her off. Please, don’t give her the platform to spread more hatred!

  30. Nancye Bruni says:

    I have been watching BB since the first timed it aired.. I have seen 0 tolorance with bullying/abuse…. Aaron needs to be removed off the show!!! There should be 0 tolorance for racial slurs. I am embarrassed for her. Julie can’t be to comfortable about this! Am I the only one who feels this way??? I hope BB does the right thing!

  31. chume says:

    I’m sorry but while stereotypical and with a hint of prejudice the words were far from racist. Guess that depends on the definition of racism. As in one believes their race is superior and all others are inferior. Is this really what these idiotic girls said? Wasn’t Hitler a racist? Are we really lumping what they said in with the likes of Hitler? I don’t condone what they said, but it was far from “racist”. Thank God we now live in a PC world where free speech is no longer possible. Remember our soldiers have died for the right for our free speech, not matter how much we may dislike it, these people are entitled to speak their mind. We don’t have to agree with it, they certainly wont win with this approach. Sit back and watch what true ignorance looks like versus someone with malice

  32. Darin says:

    It’s all a publicity stunt to get ratings..duh.

  33. Jim says:

    Does anyone, anywhere believe this is anything other than scripted claptrap meant to take advantage of the Zimmerman race baiting fiasco to improve ratings? Seriously? Anyone?

  34. Marshette says:

    I can’t believe not only big brother producers but CBS is allowing the racist comments to be aired on national tv also allowing Aaryn to stay on this show. I have been an avid fan of big brother for years but this is disgraceful & big brother producers & CBS should be ashamed of themselves especially with this Trayvon/Zimmerman case all over the tv. I will be boycotting this show & telling everyone that I know that watches it NOT TO!! A DAMN SHAME!!

  35. CJ says:

    I guess allowing her and Jeremy to cheat to win HOH isn’t approving her behavior?

  36. Silverfawn says:

    CBS is very cynical. Their producers recruit people for the casts of these shows with an eye for ratings. Extreme personalities make for good ratings. People who think before they speak, cooperate well together, who are kind and truthful are not good TV. Those with hairtrigger tempers, an inability to work well with others, who are narcissistic users- they fill the show with their antics and bring more eyes to the screen.

  37. stephanie smith says:

    Do you think a disclaimer is a pass? Just b/c its not a physical threat, that does not excuse it. It’s disgusting. She should be gone immediately. Shame on you CBS!

  38. Leigh says:

    CBS needs to take Aaryn out of the Big Brother House. I have watched this show for years and never saw someone act like Aaryn. This is out of control!!!!!!

  39. AusTexan says:

    I’ve got an even better idea. Why not hire creative writers to come up with interesting dramas, action shows, or comedies instead of this garbage you, Fox, ABC and the rest of the networks put out?

    These shows lead to the dumbing down of society.

    • TW says:

      Just their way of getting around those ‘union strike’ problems they and all the networks experienced some years ago. Don’t need writers for this. Look at all the reality junk on the tube these days

  40. karen sheets says:

    I just think that the house guest are acting the way they do everyday they just forgot or just don’t care what they say.Some of them actually act like they didn’t say anything wrong.

  41. Press Watch says:

    They are masters of race baiting

    This proves it !

  42. Nita Angel says:

    Shame on you CBS for your lame disclaimer. You ARE condoning this behavior by not removing the offender. These kids do not deserve to have to tolerate this behavior. Everyone should stop watching this show AND the Talk. Connie should have insisted this was handled in a better way. I used to look forward to this show, but no more. Again, SHAME ON YOU CBS!!! Your true colors are showing.

  43. nomoremorals says:

    Shouldn’t CBS be responsible for formenting unrest? Inciting a riot, etc. Do we need this disservice as a nation? People, you’re supporting divisions and CBS is laughing all the way to the bank. CBS and it’s ilk are part of the problem.

  44. Janet Pridgen says:

    I am choosing to turn the channel. There is just too much hatred; I don’t want to spend my evenings being entertained by hurtful and painful things like this. So sad. Life is better than this. Goodbye Big Brother.

  45. Andy says:

    That was the BEST Big Brother episode EVER. CBS showed the contestants EXACTLY how they are. Howard and Candice handled it with such class, but the kicker and what made this episode so awesome was when Amanda came in and verbally bitch slapped Aaryn across the face.

    • Zxuser says:

      Boy, you nailed that one!

    • Pepe' says:

      It was the worst episode ever. A bunch of crying over a flipped mattress, playing victim, the pastor lying his pants off and throwing a competition. disgraceful. aaryn apologized and the other woman just basically said it doesnt mean anything. so some words mean something when you want people to feel sorry for you, and other words mean nothing. ok…. loser.

      • Zxuser says:

        Pepetone, go sit in the closet~the rest was game play after Aryan got hers(correct spelling!)

      • Lea says:

        R u serious!! Someone had gone to Aaryn and told her about the things she was saying she acted like she didn’t say anything!! Why is she apologizing?? Because she isn’t in the majority or in power this week. She isn’t sorry about the things she said. Before it’s all over, she will say more racist comments.

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