CBS Moving Forward With ‘How I Met Your Dad’


'HIMYM' spinoff to be written by Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, Emily Spivey

The “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff at CBS has begun to take serious shape, as the Eye has handed the project a pilot production commitment.

In late October, news broke that CBS was in talks with 20th Century Fox TV for a spinoff that had a femme perspective, but a deal had yet to be secured. Social media quickly weighed in on the “How I Met Your Dad” concept, with many fans of the show delighting in more “HIMYM”-like material, given that the comedy is set to end after its current ninth season. Others, however, groaned and questioned the necessity of such a spinoff.

Nevertheless, “How I Met Your Dad” is moving forward, with “HIMYM” creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays writing and exec producing with “Up All Night” creator Emily Spivey. 20th, the studio behind “HIMYM,” will produce.

Comedy is dubbed a kindred spirit of “HIMYM,” and tells that story from a female point of view. The story will be brand new, with new characters and a new voice at its center.

“HIMYM” returned for its ninth season in September, and is performing strongly for the Eye on Monday nights, even recently beating out its NBC competitor “The Voice” in key demo adults 18-49.

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  1. Kamisha says:

    Noooooo Let HIMYM Die At PEACE! I mean really why do we even watch the show? To see Ted get his heart broke, & Barney pick up a dumb girl!!! Making a new cast would be useless……… UNLESS it was somebody close to the original cast so we could still see what they had going on.

  2. Beating a dead horse is never a pretty thing. Remember the “female perspective” in the 9th season of Scrubs?

  3. leoben says:

    names are too close…
    remember that 70’s show’s spinoff? that 80s show… it sucked

  4. unkystan says:

    One word: Frasier. Two more words: Major Crimes.

  5. timothy marton says:

    I loved friends i love himym the same way i do want somthing that could substitute it and i have faith in this but please dont make it sex and the city kinda thing that crap even got a spin off :S this one is worth it though. If you do it strong if think it through do it right.

  6. timothy marton says:

    Ok so new characters new story but on some level one universe, it would be awesome if it had a connection the himym ends. we know ted and mother are married by 2015, lets say the girl catches the bouqet at wedding it would be pretty awesome.

  7. Jeff says:

    I’m looking forward to this. I can’t wait to see who they cast, and we will get a chance to see them in an upcoming episode this season of HIMYM at the local pub. No one on the show now will be in the spinoff, it will be a whole new set of characters

  8. Ali Cheater says:

    I think it should be called “How I Met Your Father” – in keeping with the rhythm of the HIMYM name :)

  9. Gus Mueller says:

    You’re kidding right? They already effed up this show by letting him actually meet the mother. The final season is like a particularly bad day at a pre-Roe v. Wade abortion mill.

    • TMosby says:

      You’re comparing a TV show to abortion? DId I really just read that??

    • timothy marton says:

      They were gonna end it at season 8 … This is wasnt planned its obvious. Its for the fans holding on for these eight years. Its really closoure to the series by all means. The spin off .. It is pushing it. Itll have nothing to do with these characters

  10. Dw Dunphy says:

    Where is this article getting it’s spin from? Nearly every bit of feedback on the Internet about HIMYD is resoundingly negative, as in unequivocally “don’t do this!”

  11. Brad says:

    That is such a bad idea..have they never heard of ‘That 80’s Show’ ??

  12. Morphy Smith says:

    haven’t watched HIMYM is years.

  13. Francis says:

    This season of HIMYM has been pretty terrible.

    I would support a spin off that goes back and traces teds future wife leading up to them meeting though.

    That would be interesting and she has been quite likeable in snippets this season

  14. Lisa says:

    Just no. The whole reason that HIMYM was so popular is because of its novel approach to telling the story. A spinoff just cheapens the entire concept.

  15. Bryan Dowling says:

    If they do this it should only be 2 seasons as if it lasts 9 the actors will be in their 40s.

  16. Virginia Cerezo says:


  17. DK says:

    I’ve never seen one episode of “How I Met Your Mother”. I didn’t even know it was still on.

  18. Alex says:

    I honestly thought they would have done this for the last season of HIMYM. Had the whole thing from her point of view because Ted “was taking too long to tell it.”

  19. Christin says:


  20. Matt says:

    You people need to learn to read the whole article. ” the story will be brand new, with new characters”

  21. Bryan Kaplan says:

    Uh….so how will they deal with the age of the actors??? I mean they will look different is 5 years…heaven forbid this show lasts 9.

  22. Hey all you nay-sayers, you’ll get a chance to:


    won’t you?

  23. Luan Morina says:

    if it would’ve been this story, just from the mothers’ view, I’d probably watch it… but, this is stupid…

  24. Paul says:

    Ughhhhh! What a horrible, horrible, terrible, disgusting idea! HIMyM should have ended at least 5 years ago- at the very least!

  25. Mena says:

    That sounds awful! When will channels get the guts to do something original instead of this endless parade of remakes, spin offs, realities and all that crap that’s so “in” right now?

  26. Tobias says:

    Is will ruin it if they don’t get Cristin Milioti back for it

    • Cristin will be the lead for HIMYF/D and the future female voice should be Gail Edwards just for shats and giggles as Bob Sagat is the Father and it would be Legen……..waitforit…..dary!!!! Plus I hope Rachel Bilson at least guest stars as she was her Roomie and I think she could do both Hart Of Dixie n HIMYF/D.

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