Cartoon Network Cancels ‘Incredible Crew,’ Another Blow to TV Sketch Comedy

Incredible Crew Canceled Nick Cannon

Promising troupes have runs cut short

There is a sketch comedy crisis in television, but it has little to do with “Saturday Night Live.”

Amid all the handwringing over the cast exodus at “SNL” is the minor detail of how much, even with the ensemble at so-called full strength, the jokes land like water dripping from a faucet.

Meanwhile, there have been two unheralded sketch shows in the past two years that consistently generated laughs — not demo-specific laughs, not laughs that use crudity as a crutch rather than as actual comedy — but stuff that would make me smile as much as my kids.

Unfortunately, both shows have been canceled.

Today, Variety confirmed that Cartoon Network would not be renewing “Incredible Crew” for a second season. This comes a year after Disney Channel parted ways with “So Random,” the descendant of Demi Lovato starrer “Sonny with a Chance.”

Most of you probably paid them no attention, even if you had heard of them. But either show, in a given episode, packed more humor into 30 minutes than “SNL” stumbles through in 90.

“So Random” was a pinnacle experience in making lemonade from lemons. Faced with the void at the center of the cast after Lovato had to leave the show, “Sonny” was reconfigured from a more traditional sitcom into one that was focused on sketch, and the results were often brilliant. But after a season, Disney Channel was done with it.

“Incredible Crew,” created by Nick Cannon for Cartoon Network and airing early this year, also shone with its smarts and originality during its one and only season. And like “Random,” it was a show you would actually seek out to watch with your kids and vice versa. In fact, it was a show that would have been rewarding to watch without them.

The show’s weren’t perfect, but they easily showed as much inspiration as “SNL” without all the pretense. A cool sidelight was feeling like you were in on the ground floor of some future sketch stars, but unfortunately, the industry doesn’t see it that way. The two shows became dispensable, and somehow, we’re once again left with “SNL” as the bellwether of sketch comedy on American television, along with the usual Monday-morning defense of “C’mon, there were a couple of funny bits …”

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  1. Salvador cardero says:

    Bring back incredible crew in cartoonetwork

  2. markdub says:

    The show suffered the same fate as all sketch comedies do. One good sketch with about 5-6 others that were written in 30 seconds with zero thought and no humor. “Running Errands with my mom” was hysterical. Most everything else was crap. Glad to see it go.

  3. Sarah says:

    I totally agree. I enjoyed watching “So Random” & “Incredible Crew” with my 2 children! We had some good laughs together, and was crushed to find out they were cancelled =[

  4. Sean Murphy says:

    Kids today have crap taste in comedic entertainment (or most forms of entertainment for that matter). It’s almost as if the more retarded the show is the better.

  5. Katie says:

    I don’t understand it at all… both me and my friend agree that the cartoons on cn that they have these days look like the characters are on steroids… I mean look at uncle grandpa… wth!… Incredible crew wa s insanely awesome and humorous to everyone I know… I also think that they should take out the recreational series’ like batman or teen titans go! The ORIGINALS were BETTER… But I will miss incredible crew and the actors dearly!

  6. Jack says:

    Although the show wasn’t great but the actors are funny, young, and talented bad decision CN those kids will be big someday, look at Jeremy Shada he’s on advenure time and its one of CN’s biggest shows right now.

  7. J.J says:

    I never watched an episode of this show, but just watching the previews made me see how annoying this show was. i know this show was meant for kids, but in an age where kids have more entertainment options, I’m not sure if kids found this show remotely humorous. Maybe this will be the martyr that finally tells CN to just stick to cartoons.

  8. Sean Murphy says:

    Incredible Crew and ALL live action shows on CN and AS suck hard. They are the reason why these stations are wavering in viewership. Keep the live action shows OFF of the cartoon channels. Please and thank you.

  9. Tim says:

    Very very sad. the writing and the actors on the Incredible Crew were FANTASTIC! So much newer and fresher than anything SNL could ever attempt. Not sure why they are cancling it, but I agree with author….. it was a show I’d actually seek out to watch with my kids (or without if needed…. which wasn’t because they love the absurdity of it so much).

    Big letdown CN!

  10. tyler says:

    this show sort of sucked. so im happy they cancelled it. yet it was a bit funny

  11. ryan says:


  12. FLO says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! CN has been spitting out alot of crappy shows for the past couple of years and this was one if them. GOOD RIDDENS!

  13. Jeri Smith says:

    I as a parent would like to see Incredible Crew come back on the air. It was a show that entailed original humor that the kids on the show executed so well. My 11 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed this show and wants it back on as well. The show had imagination, talent, and originality which a lot of shows on television are lacking these days.

  14. Tobias Christopher says:

    There’s still Keye & Peele on Comedy Central, which is the best sketch comedy on the air right now.

  15. Ryan says:


  16. Graham says:

    Good riddance.

    BTW, this is the last live-action series to be airing premieres on the CN. If they can just take this and Hole in the Wall off the schedule (it already ended long ago), then we’re golden.

  17. Ben says:


  18. Jason says:

    There’s a clear reason why it failed; Its live action, on a station called CARTOON Network.
    Its about time they axed it.

  19. Midnight says:

    @Scrub a live action sketch show by kids for kids seems obvious on a cartoon themed network, given that it is tv’s job to evolve over time anyway…ever heard of MTV? Really think a music only format would last as long among other competitors (at the time) and the growing popularity of online options.

    @Hi I wouldn’t call a show meant for adolescents by kids garbage. I didn’t necessarily get it, but then again it wasn’t meant for me.

    @big bird then kids must be morons because I’m sure there were more than a few that found it entertaining.

    @steve if you think kroll show and key & peele are funny then you must not have a high standard in sketch comedy. Actually to be fair I haven’t heard of the kroll show…then again that must be saying a lot as I watch a ton of television and comedy central to boot. As far as key & peele go…aren’t they professionals? But why are there sketches barely laughable? Believe me I’ve given them more than enough tries…I have laughed at more mild episodes of SNL than the best Key & Peel has to offer.

    • Scott says:

      I am 16 turning 17 this year these kids were about my age, if not older, and this show to me was not the least bit funny. If I happened to be smiling, and had the misfortune of watching television when this show came on it literally wiped the smile from my face. It is one of the few shows labeled a “comedy” that I have never even remotely smirked at. It was an awful show, and I say that it is good that it was cancelled.

  20. Scrubtactics says:

    Live action sketch comedy on a Cartoon themed network my goodness this is a huge blow to sketch comedy. Maybe it would much better on the History channel, Food Network, CNN, or The weather channel.

  21. Hi says:

    You don’t have to kiss it’s ass anymore variety. The show is canceled the way garbage like that deserves to be.

  22. Big Bird says:

    If you thought this was funny then you’re an utter moron.

  23. Steve says:

    Sketch is fine; it’s just not for kids. CC has two solid sketch shows in Kroll Show and Key & Peele.

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