‘Big Brother: After Dark’ to Air on TV Guide Network

'Big Brother' companion program previously spent seven seasons on Showtime

Big Brother: After Dark” is heading from Showtime to TV Guide Network this summer.

Reality program, a companion show to CBS’s “Big Brother,” features a live feed from inside the “Big Brother” house seven nights a week from midnight till 2 a.m. (West coast feed is delayed.)

“After Dark” will debut on TVGN on June 26 — the same night that “Big Brother” bows on the Eye — and will run for 13 weeks.

Transition of the skein from CBS-owned Showtime, where it ran for seven seasons, to TVGN, which was recently acquired by CBS, gives CBS the opportunity to sled over ratings equity from the broadcast show to TVGN, and to cross-promote the TV brands

“’Big Brother’ is one of television’s longest-running reality series with a loyal audience, and we are excited to bring ‘Big Brother: After Dark’ to TVGN where fans can watch all summer long,” said Brad Schwartz, prez of entertainment and media at TVGN. “When the sun goes down and the cameras are still rolling, some of the best reality TV moments come to life, and we expect this season of ‘Big Brother: After Dark’ to deliver more jaw-dropping action available only on TVGN.”

“Big Brother” is exec produced by Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan for Fly on the Wall Entertainment in association with Endemol USA.

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  1. Iris E Ligons says:

    please CBS, go back to Showtime for big brother after dark,I have dishTV,and I don’t get. Tv Guide Network, so please go back to Showtime, I am a big big fan of big brother.

  2. Kerry says:

    I Agree with everyone else. BB after dark sucks on tvgn network. What a disappointment. Hope it goes back to Showtime next season!!

  3. Noreen says:

    Big fan of bb.putting it on tvgn is stupid cant hear most of what they say because of the bleeps.i just signed up for mortys

  4. Lenny says:

    You BLEW it CBS. You expect us to watch it on TVGN with censorship? BB AfterDark will never be the same & your going to LOOSE LOYAL FANS, LIKE ME!! Change it back!

  5. Karen Ruiz says:

    I’m sooo mad that BB after dark will not be on Showtime this year!! I cannot get TVGuideNetwork, but heard it was so bad & censored!?! Please change it.

  6. Keith says:

    This is the worst channel to put this on! You lose half the conversation do to censorship!! This SUCKS!! BB you just lost another person from watching your show!!

  7. jamey says:

    bb has been a family affair from its onset. we all got our show time ready to go. now cbs puts it on tvgn u can’t hear anything because of censor. if you don’t get tvgn you are lucky it’s that bad. this may be the first season I step away. ps how about an old person on bb?????

  8. Jim says:

    Bb is going to lose tons of viewers.
    Showtime is what made this show worth watching. We watched both last night.
    That will be the only time. All you hear is bleep, bleep, bleep.

  9. Kym says:

    The fun of the show was watching the after dark. Now no one gets it and is ruining the effect. Not a smart idea for CBS. Especially when I paid for show time already.

  10. Nick says:

    I can’t locate the channel for big brother after dark starting tonight June 26

  11. Jimmy says:

    BAD BAD MOVE for CBS. BB After Dark is now censored, there is no cursing- no nothing. All you hear now on TVGN is CONSTANT muting of voices. It is VERY annoying to watch BBAD now. Watched it on SHOWTIME for 5+ years and it was perfect. Now its 2 hours of MUTING! NOT 3 hours of actual sound! Fix this TVGN, it SUCKS NOW!!

  12. bobo says:

    What a joke…said they weren’t going to edit then they do….you blew bb….extremely dumb….after dark edited? Morons

  13. Kimberly says:

    just like everyone else, my cable company doesn’t carry TVGN and subscribed to Showtime for BB after dark. Time to find a new show!

  14. Wendy Barry says:


  15. Wendy Barry says:

    THIS SUCKS!!! I have a running guide under the show and cant see the whole thing and then it cuts out and you miss what they are saying..

  16. GRETCHEN says:

    does anybody like this after dark it blocks our half the sentence they say… DONT LIKE IT!!!!

  17. LILIA says:


  18. bh says:

    Bad decision. Now they are censoring After Dark, completely defeats the whole idea.

  19. Debbie says:

    And it is censored it cuts out the bad words, are you serious CBS??????

  20. Debbie Steward says:

    All we can see is a little box on top of the guide! Not watching anymore!!! You ruined it for me now!!! Was a huge BB fan!!! Very unhappy!!! We waited all year for this show!!! :(

  21. Maria says:

    Dumb, dumb, dumb! You are going to lose a lot of BB fans over this!

  22. Erica says:

    This is upsetting. I have watched BB after dark for years. Our cable company does not have tvgn so I can no longer watch it. Not a happy BB fan!!

    • Barbara says:

      Very upset about not being able to get big brother after dark. Looks like big brother is going to lose another faithful fan. Not even going to bother watching big brother this year. Hope it changes back next year.

  23. Kathy says:

    Not at all happy with this, CBS. I may loose interest in BB, as my tv provider does not offer TVGN :(

  24. Doreen says:

    U all are going to up set people with this

  25. Doreen says:

    Can I get this tvgn on uverse?


  27. Dzidz says:

    Do not have access to TVGN. Bad move CBS. Good Bye Big Brother.

  28. Bailey says:

    This is fucking stupid!!! Sooo many people can’t even watch it!

  29. fred says:

    as a loyal big brother fan, I am pissed off that CBS has moved After Dark from Showtime (CBS enity) to another CBS enity of TVGN – the benefil – to get demands from fans to have local cable services to carry yet another item. I hope this backfires on CBS and Fans will eporess their disgust with this move.

  30. Crystal says:

    IT looks Like ATT U-verse does not offer this channel and I am not sure what to do.

  31. Carolyn says:

    What a great opening season! Can’t wait for Sunday showing!

  32. linda kennedy says:

    tHIS SUCKS!!!!!!!! my cable company doesn’t carry this channel. Done with Big Brother!!!!!!!!!!

  33. jeana says:

    OMG!! My cable company, does NOT carry the TV guide channel and I already ordered my Showtime for the summer!!! What a LET DOWN!! I’m done with this show!!

  34. Tammy says:

    WTF?? I don’t even get TV Guide Network, This totally sucks!

  35. Sammy says:

    I don’t mind the switch as long as it stays uncensored. Part of the fun was watching them get drunk and act like total fools. I don’t like that they took 1 hour away and I hope there’s no commercials.

  36. mel says:

    This really sucks—-we don’t get this network. So long BB..

  37. Rachel says:

    This totally sucks. We don’t get them here. I wait all year for this show. Totally sucks!!!!!

  38. Texas4u says:

    Will there be commercials??? That’s a big part of it, well, other than actually getting the channel.

  39. dave says:

    This really sucks!! I only get showtime for Big Brother after dark!!! I dont get tvgn!! Sounds like many dont either!! Your going to lose a whole lot of viewers!!!!

  40. lynda lewis says:

    Don’t get tvgn. Can’t watch bb after dark. Bummed

  41. DirecTV doesn’t carry TVGN in HD either…

  42. Chris says:

    That’s BS!!! It was 3 hours on showtime, and the west coast wasn’t delayed!!!

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