‘Arsenio Hall Show’ Posts Strong Ratings in Premiere Week

The Arsenio Hall Show

It's the top new syndicated talkshow in demos since 'Rachel Ray'; 'Bethenny' off to OK start

Arsenio Hall is off to a good ratings start with his new latenight program, which scored the highest-rated premiere week for any syndicated talkshow in key demos in seven years.

Overall, according to Nielsen estimates in its 56 metered markets, CBS Television Distribution’s “The Arsenio Hall Show” averaged a 1.5 rating/6 share last week — up 50% from the year-ago time periods for the stations on which it airs. It was especially strong in New York, where WPIX (1.3/3) was up 86%, and in Los Angeles, where the 1.9/6 on KTLA repped a 138% time period improvement.

In adults 18-49, Hall’s 0.7 rating/3 share tied with “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” on NBC as the top-rated post-primetime talkshow — ahead of the likes of Jimmy Kimmel (0.6/3), Jon Stewart (0.6/2), Steve Colbert (0.5/2) and others. And in adults 25-54, it trailed only Leno.

The last new syndicated talkshow to fare better in 18-49 and 25-54 in its premiere week was “Rachel Ray” in 2006.

The week of Sept. 9-13 also saw a decent bow in the nation’s biggest markets for “Bethenny” from Warner Bros. Television Distribution, following the show’s trial run last year on six stations owned by Fox Television Stations Group.

According to Nielsen estimates for the show’s primary runs, “Bethenny” did a 1.1/7 in New York — up 10% over her lead-in from repeat episodes of “Wendy Williams” and up 38% from “Doctor Oz” a year ago. Other big-market highlights included big gains over “Wendy Williams” in Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas, while in Philadelphia, “Bethenny” held her “Wendy Williams” lead-in and more than doubled last year’s “Dr. Oz.”

Bethenny Frankel’s show still has room for improvements in other markets, including top-25 Houston, Seattle and Phoenix, where it under-performed. Overall, “Bethenny” earned a 0.6 rating/4 share in women 25-54, on par with its lead-in and the year-ago time period. In households, its 1.0/3 was down from a 1.2/4 for both its lead-in and the time period of September 2012.

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  1. Patricia Yon says:

    Arsenio- funny stuff – you made me laugh again!

  2. Herman Dawson says:

    Arsenio, love your new show. I’m up every night to watch it. The Tonight show with Jay Leno is not what he use to be and when he goes off the air. It’s over for, The Tonight show, his replacement is terrible and not worth watching. Thank God, you’re back, it gives me a reason to be excited about late night television.

  3. Timothy says:

    You will never suceed dwelling on the past! White people do not attack you! But you seem to dwell on the one reason that brought you down to begin with…keep it up people are tired of it ..already! Change your format. Quit attacking!!!!

  4. Starved 4 Entertainment says:

    Permit me to share a personal little moment of horror with y’all……

    Tonight I realized I am actually dead and in Hell. (Which means much makes sense now.) I discovered this because I was checking out the online TV Guide and noticed that an “Arsenio Hall Show” was listed on channel five in the time slot I was perusing. I wondered why anyone would be rerunning that now-dated fare after several decades when I noticed, to my horror, that it is a NEW SERIES! “Arse” doesn’t look one bit different than he did eons ago, when his show first appeared, making aggressive in-your-face stupidity a boastworthy virtue (woof woof woof) and helping throw into high gear a major meltdown of intelligence and culture from which I believe we still suffer to this day. What’s much worse than that is the fact that this clown still comes out, still throwing his fingers and hands around in all directions at every available second, carrying on like [a term I probably shouldn’t use here lest it be misinterpreted as racist by the truly racist-minded], endlessly buttoning and unbuttoning his jacket, and still obliterating any and every possible prior definition of the words “exaggeration” and “superficial”. Even still accompanied by the same idiot off to the side scratching the same vinyl, same outfits, same lighting, same colors. In other words, hardly any change in behavior at all, little different, no real evolution in decades. I watched in horror for all of roughly sixty seconds of Arse’s mugging and erupting into his ubiquitous body-crumpling paroxysms of laughter at nothing and everything, until my own immediate involuntary paralysis broke and I was able to punch the remote, making a hasty digital getaway and mentally making a note to forever avoid that particular toxic spot on “the dial” at that hour. Un-f**king-believable! And just when I was already utterly convinced that most “entertainment” simply couldn’t get ANY worse!

  5. Terrianne says:

    The Arsenio Hall Show is back and better than ever!! I love to see him on the air and his show is very entertaining. Hope he stays with us for a long time!!

    • John Wilson says:

      I know what you mean Terrianne! I loved his show way back when he first filled in for Joan Rivers on Fox and we all knew he would get his own show. It was great back then and it’s great now!

      • Jon says:

        Pretty solid fake comments, John and Terrianne. Planted by some staff member at Arsenio or a hired third party.

        I enjoyed the show. But please, if you are going to write fake comments, study the majority of comments posted under news articles, and follow that format. Yours is incredibly generic and obvious.

  6. Tisha says:

    I think arsenic show should be like daytime talk show. Most of the day show have a lot of giveaways and things for viewers.

  7. Verena says:

    This post is really a good one it assists new the web users, who are wishing for blogging.

  8. Alan says:

    I would never watch him. I remember back in the day that he was putting down Vanilla Ice because he did not like a white boy rapping. My interpretation of that is, he is a racist and an egotist.

  9. Mark says:

    Remember the voting is done by the 35 million out-of-wok Americans who have nothing to do in the morning.

  10. Joey Ragoni says:

    Arsenio seems like an old-school decent person – I’ll watch him again…

  11. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Apparently laughing isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. The AMA reports that excess laughing can cause headaches, incontinence and in some cases depression. If you feel a fit of laughter coming on 9 out of 10 doctors recommend you watch the Arsenio Hall show to prevent it.

    • Zil says:

      Now THAT”S FUNNY! You should apply for a position on the Arsenio Hall show. Maybe you could help them up their laughter level!

  12. Alan Smithee says:

    I’d love to make a flim with Senio “Arsenio” Hall… Woo Woo Woo! Then we’d get Jay Leno and Jackie Chan! Make a Karate Men I : Feel The Force.

  13. bob wire says:

    Thats not what I read in to this—-I believe folks are talking about “content” over “color” here Senor Bolar…content as in content of the show. Get over the color thing dude, and you and yours might be able to move forward on results instead of crying.

  14. lamigra says:

    Hall is a good entertainer and will do well as long as he doesn’t allow the race baiter element (Jackson, Sharpton, Farakahn and the like ) to come on his show and spout their bullshit.

  15. Alex says:

    Kimmel, Stewart and Colbert are not the big ratings winners a lot of their fans try to make you believe.

  16. Mot Rekcut says:

    Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart, Steve Colbert??? Not surprised. Are they still around?

  17. john says:

    It’s a horrible show

  18. Lots of us remember Arsenio’s old show, which was very creative and excellent. He might be wise to go back and review some of those shows to understand fully why they were so funny and well received.

    Lots of us like him as a person too, even though his opening monologue may not be the funniest thing on the planet. We watch him because of loyalty, and wanting him to succeed. He has paid his dues.

  19. I don’t watch any of these shows. I’m tired of seeing degenerates interviewing degenerates. The appeal is gone. I guess the Jim Kim fans are running out of their lithium and are looking for something a bit more stimulating.

  20. Clyde says:

    Hello there! This article couldn’t be written any better! Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I am going to send this information to him. Fairly certain he’ll have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!

  21. Arsenio was a surprise guest at the Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club when I was there to see, of all people, Jay Leno. It was exciting to see him and he was funny. I checked out his show, but it wasn’t good. You can tell he’s reading the cue cards and he seems nervous. Maybe he’ll improve.

  22. Htos1 says:

    Timing IS everything.

  23. Laurence Glavin says:

    Don Iarussi Why did you bring a child into this world if you want a return to Reagan-era and G.W.Bush-era policies that enrich the already uber-rich while damaging the prospects of middle-class and working-class people of the current generation and generations to come. Your child when he or she grows up has no prospect of entering the ranks of the very rich no matter what his or her educational attainments because literally just a few hundred families have control of the levers of power.

  24. Jack Benimble says:

    I always liked Arsenio, I don’t know why the bumped him off those many years ago.

  25. Pepe says:

    Arsenio is Cool! He represents an effort that failed to keep his coolness when the powers that be choke his creativity back in the the 90s. I wish him the best, because he represents a sophistication that will be gone when Jay is finally pushed off late night Television. He is definitely a better role model for today’s youth than Kimmel or Stewart. I wonder what he will do when Biden takes over the White House?

  26. J says:

    Oh how the world has changed! Arsenio was cancelled the first time with a 2.0 rating!

  27. Alex says:

    They tuned in hoping to see him sporting that 90’s look with the shoulder pads and wedge-shaped hairdo.

  28. Revere1 says:

    Arsenio will tank once curiosity dies down and everyone figures out that he is the same old boring host.

  29. Skip Mars says:

    Because working people are asleep…what kind of audience watches this trash anyway?

  30. Vince says:

    Hall has done this before and it is pretty damn bad when they have to re-launch this sunken barge again

    • tony says:

      And yet, IF THEY DIDN’T WANT HIM, WHY on earth would he even BE on TV 19 years after his original show ended???!!! Think about it, he could’ve stuck to the b-movies and occasional appearances on Leno, and all would be fine. But, NOOOO, there were fans who wanted more…

  31. Echo says:

    Give it a week.

  32. cyberthug says:

    Yup! Someday I certainly will be 40 and older! You say it like it’s a bad thing.
    And my intelligence runs deeper than wasting my time on his show.
    Now if Arsenio comes out with a movie, I’m there and I know it’ll be a big hit. Meanwhile I can’t afford to waste time I will never get back.
    Arsenio’s show is definitely for the weak and shallow minded. Truth hurts.

  33. Closet Boy says:

    I no longer have TV so I am completely out of it (thought the Arsenio headline wax a mixup). But isn’t Letterman still on the air? Is this Variety’s snub or just a mistake?

  34. Just wait until February 24, when Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show from the retiring Jay Leno. Arsenio’s ratings will (if they hadn’t already) start sinking quickly. Fallon, it is believed, may eventually siphon away Arsenio’s core audience of younger viewers—just as Leno did.

    • Linda says:

      Jimmy Fallon is NO Jay Leno. Jimmy will never be able to match Jay Leno’s numbers ever. Arsenio Hall is just fine. He will do great and have his following and viewership. Jimmy will not siphon away Arsenio’s core audience of younger viewers. Arsenio will do fine. I watch/DVR Arsenio and Jimmy. I watch Arsenio all the way through but fast forward some of Jimmy Fallon and don’t watch him entirely. Some of Jimmy’s skits/musical guests/guests I am not into. Arsenio is on the West Coast and Jimmy is on the East coast. Now, the question is who can get middle America as fabulously as Jay and nobody can capture midddle America like Jay Leno.

    • cyberthug says:

      Totally agree!!!

  35. cyberthug says:

    Great actor but no real talent or ability for hosting a late night show. Maybe an occasional show but not every night. Can’t see him lasting much longer. People will get bored. Even the “gimmemore” unemployed losers can only tolerate so much of a flat personality host.
    Who will buy ad space on his show? “Unemployment check” ads? Got me a “free phone” ads? “Food Stamp” recipe ads? Sad…….but probably true……..

    • J says:

      Wow. So many haters on this website. Arsenio was awesome in the 90’s and will be just as successful. It’s great to see him back on air.

      Haters: watch his show before you judge him. Doubt any of you have even watched the original show.

      Whoot whoot whoot!

      • Zil says:

        I have watched all of the shows thus far and they are awful. I love Arsenio…but his show is not any good and he is not funny at all. I loved his show in the 90s…but…times have changed and unfortunately, he is not measuring up…at least at this point. His skits, his jokes are unfunny…stale…and most times make NO sense. I hope he can pull this together. I would hate to see him go off the air again.

  36. After seeing him on the Apprentice, I realize why he does not work. He has personality issues that make people not want to work with him. He bad mouths people behind their backs and overreacts to the smallest things. Watch his break down on that show, you will understand. He will not last.

  37. Julio Pezuka says:

    Of course he beat Kimmel, Stewart et al. He more closely represents the late night, no job, gimmedat crowd.

  38. Herman Vogel says:

    Pretty sad when Hall can beat you right out of the box and they have been on for years,,,Maybe TOO long, huh. So, when are we going to get some REAL talent on late night instead of all these Obama supporters and America Haters?

    • I guess says:

      Herman, any show at any given time can beat another show with an already established fan base, such as Kimmel and Leno. Especially when it’s something different from the norm. Any former celebrity from our youth, or at least, my youth, would garner ratings gold, just because people want to see how good it is. I can guarantee you those ratings will settle down after a couple weeks. Look at Conan O Brien. The guy already had a huge fan base when he left television, and when he came back, his initial week did great in the ratings only to eventually fall to a lower number.

    • Chris S says:

      It’s not sad, virtually ANY new show will come out strong for no other reason because people want to check out something new. Real talent on late night? Yeah right, like anybody wants to watch a dull, dry boring Conservative on TV. The only Conservatives on TV are the lowly educated people you see on Duck Dynasty, American Loggers, hunting shows and Pawn Stars Louisiana, etc etc

  39. jeff thomas says:

    Am I the only person in America who doesn’t have a talk show?

  40. Dave E says:

    One of the toughest aspects of hosting a show is conducting a compelling insightful interview. Critics in the past hammered Arsenio for his failure to develop rapport w/ guests and many times looking unprepared and disinterested. One of the most infamous flameouts was the interview Arsenio conducted w/ Frank Zappa…He was clueless about Frank’s music and you could see Zappa mocking a very nervous Arsenio. So yeah, you gotta bring the funny, but you better also have a wide ranging interest in people and topics…oh yeah, do some RESEARCH on your guests!

  41. Curly White says:

    I didn’t watch the show, but i thought it was probably the best new show on television in twenty years. I hope they are able to keep it on the air so Arsenio won’t be a has been again.

  42. tracy says:


  43. Nightsong says:

    Good to see you back Arsenio. Very best wishes.

  44. Hey You says:

    Why do people tune in? The same reason people morbidly will watch a train wreck…and this is a train wreck.

  45. WilderNapalm says:

    I was a great fan of the Arsenio Hall Show back in the early 80’s. If he can reproduce what he did back in the day the later crowd had better watch out. The man has great talent and I wish him nothing but the best.

  46. dick browski says:

    He will do just fine because he will have great guest and he has connection s and he is loved and supported by many a listers. Hes a goid dude and will get better. He should lead in ratings. Hes up on it. Rooting for you… by the way I used to play basketball with u in the 80s at the hollywood ymca. You were always super cool and I’ve seen u dunk one handed. Good luck God bless. I will be watching nightly.

  47. tam says:

    I am thrilled Arsenio Hall is back on TV. I hope he gets to stay many years.

  48. TheRajLA says:

    Who wants to watch an old boring white guy like Jon Stewart?

  49. schm0e says:

    hope he makes it. radically talented and seems like a good guy. He and Eddie Murphy were a hoot.

  50. Back in high school, I watched the Arsenio Hall show all the time and can still remember quite a few of the episodes and invited guests. His show is part of early-90s pop culture. But from what I saw on his show last night, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s off the air rather quickly. He needs a new joke writer in a hurry.

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