Anderson Cooper Defends Philippines Coverage (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper Defends Philippines Coverage (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper addressed criticism from a TV commentator in the Philippines on Thursday who claimed the CNN news anchor had seen no presence of the Filipino government on the ground in Tacloban. Korina Sanchez also happens to be the wife of the country’s Interior Minister, who recently said the Phillipines government had everything under control after this week’s deadly typhoon, a report Cooper refuted on the same day in CNN’s coverage.

“The show sent out a tweet based on something I said, which was –and I think you would probably agree with this, that I’ve seen very little large-scale Philippine Military in the surrounding areas,” Cooper said.

VIDEO – Watch Cooper’s response:

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  1. In response to the recent criticism of “AC” on Pres Aquino and PNOY on the way they handled the aftermath of the typhoon I would like to request that AC point that hypocritical finger back at the US and take a look at how his own Country and Pres Bush botched the recovery in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to address their problems.

    In my opinion, Pres Aquino has done his best to maintain order in an unprecedented tragedy and will be working to rebuild for years while AC (a journalist who only cares about ratings) will move on to the whatever the next “tragedy” is that he can build his career on.

    This is why the younger generation no longer watches CNN because they know its mostly BS.

  2. Ariel Santos says:

    As a FilAm all i want to say is Thank you Anderson Cooper… (Salamat sa lahat ng ginawa mo)… Thank you for everything you have done…forget about all this nonsense all they want is publicity nothing more, i salute you…

  3. Family Values says:

    Anderson Cooper is a news reporter, nothing more.

  4. Bangyad says:

    Mr Anderson is the hero of the Philippines.!!! I HOPE this is an eye opener to the Philippines govt.,especially to the local media.I’m so proud of you.He deserve a novelty award.

  5. Randy says:

    I live in the Philippines, and I agree with Mr. Anderson Cooper.

  6. Rosario says:

    Anderson cooper was right about his report. Help from phil govt is slower than a turtle .Mar Roxas is not fit to be I charge of emergency response team he is so slow and doesn’t know how to perform his job. Korina is not fit for her job as a reporter because she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

  7. Joanne Antongiovanni says:

    Mr. Cooper, Firstly thank you in behalf of my daughter-in-law, whose family living in Cebu is doing the best that they can. My husband, me and my son sent money to them to do what is needed such as food, which they will share with neighbors who have nothing presently. They have not seen the help they need
    Her family don’t have a roof right now, but as you stated in your report they will take day by day until their lives become a little better. Please continue your voice for these people. I remain.

  8. Cristina Lewis says:

    I have a friend who made a comment to me earlier today. He said that, “we, Filipino’s, shouldn’t ever talk bad about the Philippine government because all we’re doing is making ourselves look bad to everyone else.” That kind of statement is exactly why the Philippine government is the way it is. A lot of people are either too poor, uneducated, uninformed, and too scared to speak up about the “real” truth about what the Philippine government is really about. Yes, the Filipino people elect whomever ever is running in office because they are not given a lot of choices. The people who are running for Presidency, Congressman, Senators, are the exact people with “status”, money! Money, makes the world go round, and it can be influential when you want power. Take Manny Pacquiao for example; what kind of education background does he have? Does he have any background in politics? What was he doing before he ran for office as a Congressman? This man, is a well known Filipino boxer who was elected simply because he has MONEY. The Filipino’s strive so hard to be so much like the Americans, the way they dress, act, speak, and live, so, why then, can’t the Philippine government take the American government as an example to make Philippines a much better place to live? That is why Philippines is a third world country, simply because the people needs to elect the right people to run their country. Think of it this way: if you were in trail for a murder charge, wouldn’t you want to hire the VERY BEST, educated, with decorated law degrees, to defend you in your behalf?

  9. Tony says:

    Why do you think the government officials will do any better with supporting the victims of the super typhoon in Tacloban when we all know that they themselves will steal all they can from the filipino people. The filipino people need to stand up and get the right people in these positions so that the country can really benefit from good leadership.

  10. Jo says:

    Telling the truth is what Anderson Cooper is good at. Telling lies and corrupting the minds of the innocent, helpless and victims of the past tragedy is what Korina Sanchez and her constituents are very good at. Those corrupt politicians like her being the wife of one should be removed from their posts. Shame, shame, shame on the Filipino race. What a disgrace. Korina Sanchez you have proved that you are not a professional journalist if you could ever be called one. The only journalist that would pass in my books is Jessica Sanchez who had won several awards. You Korina did win any awards. You are fluke. Shame on you.

  11. Duke Davis says:

    I have watched Anderson Cooper covered so many hurricanes in the United States and he is one of the
    most reliable newscaster in the business. Korina being the wife of Interior Minister should be ashamed of herself. She could not care less about the sake of the typhoon Yolanda victims. She is not one of them. I am praying that the relief effort does not go to the hands of corrupt politician. If Korina works in
    the media, she is the type of just read the info on television and no close up encounter of what is happening on the ground. She is an embarrassment to the media.

  12. Rosalinda Betterly says:

    As a Filipino living in America I will forever be thankful to Anderson Cooper’s outstanding and honest coverage for 5 days of typhoon Haiyan’s devastation in Tacloban. In those 5 days that I religiously followed on CNN, I am disappointed not to see any high government official nor famous reporters in Manila who are quick to criticize set foot in the area.
    Anderson, maraming salamat!

  13. Gemma Tanpiengco says:

    I am proud to be a Filipino but I am ashame having a president like PNoy walking out of the problem that magnitude instead of facing the problem. He is the head of the government he could have instructed on the first day the DPWH to clear the roads, the DOH to collect the cadavers, to ask Manny Pangilinan to install the communication for easy transport and distribution of goods. Its already the ninth day and yet no plan for rehabilitation?

  14. CHIE CRUZ says:


  15. Juan Antonio Mendoza y González says:

    Congratulations Mr Cooper. Thank you and may the good Lord be with you in all your endeavors.

  16. emmanuel says:

    Korina is just good as her slippers! Good work Mr. Anderson.

  17. I hope Anderson Cooper will monitor the situation until the Yolanda victims can settle with the roof on their heads, because so far most of us feel that, we cannot trust the system of the Philippine government anymore, because there are many crooks inside their adminstration.. The International Aid that was pouring in to the Philippines from all over the World should be definitely used for those victims and not on the pocket of the Philippine government officials.

    Korina Sanchez should be fired. She cannot make any sense of what is going on. Instead of thanking Anderson cooper for his presence there in the middle of the Dead Zone, where he was standing although it is too much for him to bear the stench of the smell, he tried hard enough to do the reporting so the world would know the reality of the Yolanda typhoon. I said these because, the only people that did the reporting there I saw were from London and CNN from the United States which is Anderson Cooper.

  18. Bebeth van Kempen says:

    Ive watched and follow you Mr. Anderson through your whole journalist work,,Your a good man, I’m on your side, your a good man, greetings from Europe.

  19. Rosario says:

    Anderson cooper was truthful about his news he is credible international news caster. What about you KORINA a local news caster from a 3rd world country well known for corruption so close your mouth KORINA if you don’t know what your talking

    • Ida Krigh says:

      Rosario……. I presume you’re Filipino too. So wherever you may be living now…… you STILL originally came from THAT same 3rd world country….. if not by natural birth, at least by your ethnicity. And the Philippines does not top the list for corruption either…. The country is NOT perfect but it is NOT the worst in the world. Having lived in other countries …. I have learned the balance between crticism and patriotism of my birth country .

  20. Jack says:

    It is amazing that Anderson Cooper has managed to turn this tragedy into an opportunity to talk about his favorite subject. Anderson Cooper. He is a bit self absorbed by any standard.

    • Ida Krigh says:

      Jack…… what can you expect from a “bading” that was born, raised and coming from the multi-millioinaire Vanderbilt family? Even if he has been working all his life….. he will still be the sum product of his priveleged upbringing. And as a trace of some vanity…. haven’t yóu noticed that no matter where he reports live from……. he always looks like fresh-from-the-shower kind of clean… not a hair misplaced and hot a drop of sweat or smudge of dirt on him?

  21. SANDRA MATIAS says:

    Dear Mr. Cooper- we have high respect on you. I’m a Filipino American and what we see on the news justify it. Korina Sanchez is being unreasonable as she would like to defend her husband which we understand but indeed she did it in a wrongful way. All she needs now is shut up her big mouth and I’m very ashame of the Phil government for they have not done what should have been done in the first place. All politicians in the Phil government only knows 1 thing to do which is corruption. Corruption left & right which I bet you they have plans to corrupt also all the monies / pledges and donations that poured all over the world that is intended for the needs of devastated areas in the provinces. Aquino is a failure, we are truly angry with his slow / no actions/ no plans before this catastrophe hits the provinces. Corpses are all lying around, no food, no water/ no medicines. I feel so bad watching all those kids. Yet Aquino has the guts to say giving bonuses to the government. How can he say that when he knew that on the other side of the country the people are starving to death with the government not doing any actions from day 1.

  22. Sal Marcellans says:

    Mr. Cooper, please don’t stoop down to this commentator’s level. We have seen everything thru media photos and videos which do not lie.

    That commentator, if she’s got any decency, should know about “conflict of interest” and should step down.

    She, her like, and the government leadership she’s defending all belong to our Philippines’ national garbage dump: the Smoky Mountain.

  23. Jack Daniels says:

    Well anderson is in the business of exaggerating and trying to get more viewers, if you want to call that journalism, that’s fine, but he’s just a shill to me. Here’s a better reply from a citizen of the Philippines, and not some US or Philippine government shill:

  24. roland says:

    thaks for exposing the incompetence and arrogance of Pnoy and his minions,This has been the issue since he came to office.

  25. James says:

    I do not see Anderson Cooper helping anyone. He sound like a dummy asking questions. How could a person put a microphone in someone face that have lost many family members. I watching him making a big deal of body count. He just make sick.

    • Jack Daniels says:

      He’s just a media whore. He only says things that get him more viewers and exaggerating calamities always does that.

      • JP says:

        Mr. Jack Daniels:

        Anderson Cooper is not exaggerating this calamity. He is reporting and showing what he sees.

  26. Khải Đơn says:

    Great! You made the right comment – this is exactly what is happening these days in PH.

  27. Anderson Cooper is the only newsman I respect that doesn’t have his own show on Comedy Central. Cooper for president.

  28. carrie says:

    Andeerson Cooper is just stating facts. His credibility is unquestionable. Which is so unlike Korina Sanchez who is merely a puppet of the government.

    • Jack Daniels says:

      Ha, media in the US credible? Perhaps you’ve not seen all the stories they’ve had to retract and change because they had the information wrong, from the Boston bombing and school shootings to the recent shooting in LAX.

      • Jack Daniels says:

        They retract it in small print, so no one ever sees the retractions, and by then the wrong information has spread and everyone already believes it.

      • sarah says:

        But isnt it better to have a newsgroup that would retract journalism that is wrong than keeping false reports out there and have people continue to believe it true. I think it shows honesty. And to have a newgroup who you know would do that — fix their mistakes and clarify it to the people — is a better newsgroup than some that continue to talk about false information and making us believe it to be true.

  29. jenny says:

    Go Anderson…

    • ron w says:

      Great point Sarah….Anderson is at least there in country and reporting,which is more than a lot of others can say….he is doing a good thing…all the haters can GFT

  30. Washington parks says:

    Great job Anderson!!! Keep up the good work. Your finger was on the pulse. You spoke for the sufferers. I, like many others, felt their pain and despair through your honest, first hand accounts from those who continue to suffer.

    • rene says:

      Hey.. mga kababayan. See for yourself first before making any comments. I was there to volunter help.. i know the hardship.. pls remember that the typhoon hit a large portion of visayas. Its not only tacloban and probably philippines. Maybe everybody forgot that we are still recovering from zambaonga issue. Bohol earthquake. Typhoon zorayda also hit the region while relief efforts is on going. We cannot risk the lives of volunters , rescuers . Sailing is not allowed. Chopper is too risky..

      • Ida Krigh says:

        And what is five days of being there for Anderson…? He’s not there from when the yearly chain of catastrophies blast our country… not there long enough to see how logistically impossible it is for any authority (corrupt or not) to be in place… on time…. and everywhere all at the same time…… There will never be enough helicopters to help the over-populated Phils…. and with roads unpassable and not having recovered from the preceding typhoons…… You have only to look at Katrina and Sandy….. well the Americans did NOT fare that much better there either .

      • Ida Krigh says:

        Oo nga RENE…. malamang most of these critics who are quick to throw stone at Korina and side with Andersoon are just mainly fueled by their personal distaste for Korina…. and that they themselves haven’t been in the middle of the crisis like you have personally. Tapos, ganyan na lang sila kung maka-bunganga……

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