Adam Levine Clarifies ‘I Hate This Country’ Remark

Adam Levine 'I Hate This Country':

The Voice” judge Adam Levine has issued a response stemming from his controversial comments on Tuesday night’s episode of NBC’s hit reality show.

Levine, during a live telecast of “The Voice,” could be overheard muttering “I hate this country” after contestants Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were voted off the show by viewers.

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In a statement through NBC on Wednesday, Levine clarified his remarks, saying ” “I obviously love my country very much and my comments last night were made purely out of frustration.”

“Being a part of The Voice, I am passionately invested in my team and want to see my artists succeed,” Levine said. “Last night’s elimination of Judith and Sarah was confusing and downright emotional for me and  my comments were made based on my personal dissatisfaction with the results.  I am very connected to my artists and know they have long careers ahead, regardless of their outcome on the show.”


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  1. it’s adam Levine. who gives two squirts of rat piss what this douche nozzle has to say?

  2. BARB says:

    Judith Hill was the BEST contestant on the show. There is NO WAY that she should have been removed. I will not watch the show again!

  3. Phyllis Pixler says:

    The choices America made were very upseting to millions.Although a regretable remark it is understandable passion for your team.We still love Adam & America !

  4. Kevin Cleary says:

    My official response would have been…..
    “I started to say I hate this country…music because it’s kicking my team’s ass this year.”

  5. Lynne says:

    I understand Adam’s frustration, but they are all excellent artists. I think America is looking for a new talent, not someone that has already had her chance- that is what went against Judith. That, and her remark about getting back to Tokyo- don’t think that went over well with America.

    • Chris says:

      Lynne, I agree. I don’t believe Judith should have even been considered for this program because of her professional background. She is an amazing singer but this show is a first chance for newcomers.

    • Alex says:

      I totally disagree Lynne. America doesn’t want any variety. They seem to want more and of the same boring generic monotonous songs and singing that has been Blake’s team. Danielle is a talented singer but is really just a parrot in a cute package. Along with Amber, Judith has been the most talented and diverse singer. She changed it up almost every week and brought her own flavor to the songs unlike Blake’s singers.

  6. mary says:

    Seriously people get over it, worry about those that are here illegally not for the love of this country but to take advantage of this country…. does every little thing have to be taken out of content and into something it isn’t …. I wouldn’t loose sleep over it Adam

  7. KP says:

    I’d like Variety to acknowledge a mistake in the article, and it was kind of a big one:

    Watching the playback of the episode, you’ll notice that Adam made this comment right after his one remaining singer, Amber Carrington, was voted in. This was before we found out that Judith and Sarah were officially out. This sort of changes the context of the matter.

    Regardless (and this is to everyone here):

    Whether you liked this singer or that singer, whatever the voter demographic seems to be, whatever the results are, it doesn’t matter! It’s a television show! These singers have all had plenty of exposure to industry connections and even more exposure on national television. The right people will make it in the industry.

    And just because you haven’t heard from them doesn’t mean they haven’t made it. If you like (and therefore want to hear) their music, you’ll search for it on iTunes. Or Google. Or Amazon. And if you don’t, let it go.

    Peace & Love!

  8. Well… we’ve probably all said that statement at one point in our lives, at least I’ve never been caught on tape saying it and I usually say it in regards to something political, so… be careful next time Adam! Thank God we live and love this country, because we are allowed to say this and live to hear others bitch us out for it!

  9. Kathy says:

    While I agree that Judith is a talented singer, no one has mentioned, as my circle of friends has, she is already in her own right a success and already has a career in this field. Many I know feel it wasn’t even fair, given her previous success in the music field, that she be in the contest. The ‘amateurs’ on the Voice are the ones, no matter who it is, deserve the win. Good luck to all. And Adam, it was a childish remark to make, one you will have to live with.

  10. Blake Shelton obviously has more viewers watching that like his team and more people calling in that like his team. I personally don’t see much talent on his team. They just want Blake Shelton’s team to win. It is not about talent. I’m disgusted.

  11. ron casadei says:

    When my 1year old sun died from cancer I said I hated God. Well that’s not true either…

  12. steve says:

    start charging ten dollars a vote and eliminate all these ten time texters and maybe then they will vote for the right talent and not an americn idol!

    • Serena says:

      Lets face it, the way the voteing is counted is announced on each show. If your in the top 10 on itunes chart your vote is counted as 10 votes. It is called I will download my favorite and have my friends do it to so they get 10 votes to everyone elses 1 vote. You want fair start with producers. Adam dont worry. I will vote for your next single 10 times on itunes.

  13. Ray Stapp says:

    Adam You’re A Celebrity With Millions Of Fans Watching You Should Know Better

  14. Rod Olson says:

    Seriously? America, technology is NOT a country or government. It’s the name of a landmass in the Western Hemisphere! If you’re gonna get nit-picky and take things out of context…

    How many times have we said, “America is stupid,” when a singer, like Jennifer Hudson gets voted off 2 in (she was #7) or when Adam Lambert loses “American Idol.” The “American voting audience” almost always get’s it wrong as far as true talent, gross sales (studio investment) and career longevity.

    Let’s look at the winners, “real” career, out of 11 winners, 3 huge success (Underwood, Clarkson and Fantasia). Those odds are not very good… America. If I was counting on the voting audience to vote for the most talented, I would “hate” America, too. That, in nom, is my attitude towards the United States. Taken out of context it may sound off color or down right “nonsense” but in context, non-issue!

  15. pragmatic penny says:

    However justifiable that remark was a major faux pas that all major media is running with. It’s gonna bite him in the pocketbook and may be detrimental to the show.

  16. The comment was stupid. He knows it. And, boy no one will let him forget it. I have read some really angry remarks aimed at Adam. Well, All I can say is, It was a thoughtless moment. Usually I can throw a few snarky shots across anyone’s bow. Too many horribly tragic events have happened recently.So the heart is not in it. Perhaps we can change course with some of our anger and prevent a true tragedy. So, take that you Butt Head Adam!

  17. Music freak says:

    I don’t think is country is bad but last night’s elimination was ridiculous. Sara Simmons and Judith hill were my two favorite singers in the competition. I feel that Blake’s team is weak. I don’t really like the Swon brothers. I like some country music such as hunter Hayes, carrie underwood, the band perry, and lady antebellum. I just think country music just overrules. The problem is that most people that watch reality talent shows are from the south which means they most likely listen to country music. I don’t have anything against the south, but lets face it. No one from the past 3 seasons of the voice have made it far in the music industry. I don’t think anyone will this season either

  18. Bobb says:

    i agree with Adam. I dont think people in this country really know nor understand talent when they see it, And to may youngsters voting because of personality appeal and not musical talent

  19. Michael Blair says:

    Anyone who didn’t immediately understand what he meant is an idiot. This is a non story, much like the Natalie Maines comment. Unfortunately, some morons have to be morons and ruin careers because slip of the tongues or free speech isn’t allowed for everyone.

    • I totally agree with the natalie maines comment. Adam has a right to be upset. Judith Hill is the most talented singer on the show

    • Ray Stapp says:

      @ Michael Blair Now WeRe All Stupid Really? Being A Celebrity On National Tv Comes With Certain Responsibilities He Made A Mistake And He Knows It

  20. Brenda Weeks says:

    There are other ways to express your “frustration” – sounds to me like the truth slipped out. Please feel free to find a country that you won’t hate, there are plenty of patriots who will gladly help you pack

    • Michael Blair says:

      You’re an idiot. One of those Hank Jr can say it but Natalie Maines can’t people I presume.

  21. Mary Menard says:

    While I can certainly understand Adam Levine’s comments were made out of frustratiion; and I greatly respect his talent and his contribution to the Voice. ALL celebrities, guests, and hosts should consider carefully their comments because “once heard cannot be unheard”.no matter what explanations are given. However,it is more likely that Adam was frustrated at the country music winnings and did not mean AMERICA. I think the media is too quick; , to jump on these verbal errors before finding out the true meaning; often have been taken out of context, and that is not responsible journalism or news coverage.We should not consider this comment unforgiveable, or anything other than a partial statement. This incident is best dropped, forgotten, and go on with the show allowing Adam to continue with his valuable contribution to The Voice.

  22. Brenda Bakke says:

    No worries Adam! I understand comepletely!
    I personally don’t even like country music, and probably won’t even watch the rest of the season.
    Hang in there, and yes both of your girls deserved more but have great careers ahead of them!
    Brenda Bakke

  23. citizen60 says:

    The elimination of Judith was shocking given her obvious talent and experience. One can understand that Adam was off balance for at least a moment or two after taking a hit like that. The guy obviously has a lot of heart and cares deeply about his team members (all of this season’s coaches clearly care a lot).

    What Blake seems to do extremely well is help viewers connect with his contestants on a personal level. The Swon Brothers clearly don’t have the vocal horsepower that Judith does but they are very likable and Blake has helped them connect with the people. Allowing them to sing “Who’s Gonna to Fill Their Shoes” was both risky and brilliant. Blake likes to play the ah shucks country boy but he’s a sharp dude.

    On a different note, The Voice may have finally found a name we’ll be hearing for years to come in Danielle. With experience and polish…wow!

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