Megyn Kelly Masters the Fox Defense: Play the Victim

Megyn Kelly masters Fox defense: Play

Host's response to the 'Santa is just white' comment is straight out of the Fox playbook

Megyn Kelly might be the new kid in the Fox News primetime lineup, but she’s mastered the oldest trick in the network’s playbook – namely, playing the victim.

On Friday, Kelly used the first 18 minutes of her program, “The Kelly File,” to discuss the “firestorm of controversy” unleashed, as she put it, by her statement earlier in the week that Santa Claus and Jesus were both white – the former expressed as a reassurance to any children who might happen to be watching.

Yet Kelly’s ultimate explanation for the hubbub – which was driven as much by the sheer comedy of her earnestness, given the subject matter, as anything else – was the following: “Fox News, and yours truly, are big targets for many people.”

That’s true, of course, but returning again and again to that response – that Fox is being attacked by “vile” people who are “smear merchants,” as Bill O’Reilly is fond of describing the channel’s critics – is a defense mechanism helpfully designed to squelch any further discussion.

Because if the people who are criticizing you are bad – even evil – then you needn’t worry about whether they might have a point in suggesting you said something callous, or at the very least, spoke inarticulately. You are shielded, practically inoculated.

Kelly did host a couple of African-American guests to discuss the matter this time, although she didn’t help herself much by rather cavalierly noting in regard to the question of what Jesus actually looked like, “As I’ve learned in the past two days, that is far from settled.”

Honestly? Before Wednesday she had never heard that Jesus might not have resembled Jeffrey Hunter in “King of Kings?”

Yet that’s about as close to a correction as Kelly, as one of Fox’s established stars, is apt to get. Because the built-in advantage of the “We’re targets” defense is that it means never having to say you’re sorry.

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  1. JustinM24 says:

    Megyn looked stupid. Yes. But extremely biased story

  2. Julienne says:

    That’s the Liberals tactics dude. It’s a sympathy and money making tactic, the Democrats always use. Obama does it….Jesse Jackson does it…Al Sharpton does

    • Brian Dzyak says:

      This Julienne exemplifies the Conservative method…. be racist, etc, then when someone else points it out, blame them for the same.

      Liberals merely point out reality. Conservatives thrive on fear-mongering, bigotry, racism, greed, selfishness, and willful ignorance. Don’t blame the messengers for shining a light on it.

  3. Mike says:

    News Flash: Jeffrey Hunter is a white man.

  4. Brian Dzyak says:

    Yeah, facts have a Liberal bias.

  5. David k says:

    Doesn’t the existence of this article just prove her point?

    • Brian Dzyak says:

      Her “point” was to deflect attention from her original idiotic statements that declared that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ are of Anglo-European descent.

      So, no, this article does not “prove her point.” It merely keeps up the heat on Conservatives who feel the need to spew out disinformation to promote their pro-Fascist, pro-Corporate, bigoted, willfully ignorant agenda.

      • big daddy D says:

        Umm..George Zimmerman is not white.

      • Brian Dzyak says:

        While technically true, her meaning was implicitly that Santa nor Jesus are of any “ethnic” group outside her own Barbie-Doll existence.

        The reasoning, of course, is for Conservatives to hold onto the idea that only “good things” can come from white people of European descent. Acknowledging that humans of other racial or religious makeup (or sexual orientation) can possibly accomplish anything that benefits society would only serve to dilute the Conservative notion that “white” Christians (mostly wealthy males) hold some kind of superior dominion over everyone else.

        So, Virginia, according to Conservatives, Santa, Jesus, and every other human who has ever benefitted society “IS just white.” Given time, Conservatives will bleach out everyone else who has been deemed a hero like Ghandi, Mandela, MLK, etc.

      • Um, she didn’t say that they were of “Anglo-European” decent. she said they were white, as did the person in the article that she was rebutting. Santa Clause as depicted in popular culture is “white”. You can be “white” and not be Anglo-European. Just ask George Zimmerman

  6. witch movies says:

    This is witch movies, why should anyone apologize for their opinions, ever. Who does Mr. Lowry think he is? He’s just a guy who write for a trade publication… that’s it. (Go to your movie junket and stop being so smug.) Thanks

    • Brian Dzyak says:

      Opinions not based on facts and reality are invalid. Megyn’s opinion that two fictional characters are 100% Caucasian is not based in any kind of historical record of the origins of those characters. Santa Claus began as St. Nicholas whose tradition began in modern day Turkey and Jesus was of Middle Eastern descent. Neither could be accurately described as Anglo-European in nature. Megyn’s “opinion” is based on zero facts which calls into question her agenda.

      She should apologize for claiming to be a journalist while clearly spewing out disinformation. Willful ignorance is not an excuse.

      • ptsargent says:

        And you Brian should apologize for your geographic and ethnic ignorance. Do you know where the Caucuses mountains are, and where Turkey is in relation, and where all the tribes that populated Europe over the millennia were from, and what an anglo-european is? Your throwing out a bunch of stuff that really is meaningless. Try again.

  7. It truly is amazing the lengths you losers in the media will go. This is the dumbest story of the year. If anyone watched the segment they’d know the point. Obviously you Brian did not. Educate yourself on the origins of Santa Claus and maybe you’ll learn something.

    • Brian Dzyak says:

      Bruce Renfield, you are choosing to stand behind Megyn’s assertion that Santa Claus and Jesus Christ were (are) lilly white Anglo-Europeans?

      “Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?” – Ben “Obi Wan” Kenobi

      Bruce, you might want to crack open a book yourself before continuing to make a fool of yourself. This will get you started: “Saint Nicholas (Greek: Ἅγιος Νικόλαος, Hagios Nikólaos, Latin: Sanctus Nicolaus); (15 March 270 – 6 December 343), also called Nikolaos of Myra, was a historic 4th-century Christian saint and Greek Bishop of Myra (Demre, part of modern-day Turkey) in Lycia.”

      And this will make your Conservative heart-of-stone simply melt down: “Settlers in New England went even further, outlawing Christmas celebrations entirely in 1659. All forms of Christmas celebration, including invoking any flavor of Santa was penalized. Christmas wasn’t a recognized federal holiday until Ulysses S. Grant formally declared it so in 1870. ”

  8. Alex Bellehumeur says:

    This whole issue is idiotic. If there is/were a Santa Claus/Jesus then he is/could be of only one single racial makeup, whether “pure” or mixed, and that means that there WILL be races that he isn’t, and if those races don’t like it, too bad; facts are facts. If there ISN’T/wasn’t a Santa Claus/Jesus and he his simply a myth, like the Easter Bunny or ac made-up character, like Mickey Mouse, who cares what race he is or isn’t? In either case, Megyn Kelly is either correct or not, and it doesn’t matter

  9. occultology says:

    The name of “JESUS” actually translates from the original Greek into “IESOUS”, or “ISIS”, who was the Egyptian Goddess associated with “The Sacred Star” known as “SPT/SOTHIS/SIRIUS”. (Which our SUN [HORUS] is conjunct every “Fourth of July”.) The actual source mistranslation of “Jesus Christ Son God Saviour” actually translates from Greek into English as: “Isis Anoints (as) Thy Gods (plural) The SUN (conjunct) SOTHIS (SIRIUS)!!!” In other words, the Greeks were worshiping ISIS/The Sacred STAR/ SIRIUS, there was NO “Jesus”, and therefore, he had NO skin color (because “he” was always SOLAR and STELLAR Allegory and Occult Symbolism!)

    • big daddy D says:

      WTF?? talk out of your ass much? I was raised Anglican. .the only Jesus I can refer to is the one from the King James bible…not some occult pagan gobbledygook. Despite what ive learned the last 40 bright enough to know that Jesus WAS NOT WHITE. Period.

      • Brian Dzyak says:

        Bruce Redfield, no, explain what “the problem [is] with you libs.” Merely claiming that something is “obvious” doesn’t make it so.

        While you’re busy explaining in detail what I’ve said that is a “problem,” please make the time to explain why you’re defending Megyn’s willfully ignorant and racist “opinion.” Thanks.

      • Brian Dzyak says:

        The entire tale O’ Jesus is most likely made up. Oh, there probably was a person named Jesus who was a rabble rouser intent on driving the Romans out of his land, but his followers over the next generations attached myths and legends to him which had very little to do with reality. Those “pagan gobbledygook” myths are precisely what the authors of The Bible stole to create this mythical legend that people today BELIEVE to be Jesus.

        The problem with Conservatives is that they place far too much of their attention onto BELIEFS and far too little upon actual reality.

  10. Spaceman says:

    Yes, Jesus was olive skinned. St. Nicholas (the inspiration for Santa Claus) was greek and not black, so Santa should not be black.
    I didn’t think Megyn Kelly’s segment on the matter was funny either, but neither was Aisha Harris’s original article. And I fail to see why because she was insecure as a child, Santa’s skin color should be changed.
    Also, she comes off stupid by feciously suggesting that Santa should be a penguin. Wrong pole.
    While Fox overplays the victim at times, where is Lowry’s outrage at Al Sharpton’s editing and misrepresenting of Bill O’Reilly’s comments about Nelson Mandela.

    • Brian Dzyak says:

      The legend of St. Nicholas actually derived from TURKISH lore, which makes him much more Middle Eastern. Regardless, definitely not lilly-white Anglo-European, as Megyn declared as a fact.

      As far as what color/race the fictional character of Santa goes, why should he only be lilly-white? Who decide(s) that a FICTIONAL character who is meant to represent the spirit of giving should only be a white dude and can’t possibly also be represented in a variety of races? What are Conservatives so afraid of?

      While we’re discussing Santa, does anyone else find it odd that Conservatives are arguing that Santa, who is apparently only Caucasian, represents the world’s largest Welfare system, teaching children that they are entitled to free stuff that they didn’t work to earn the money for on their own? By Conservative logic, they should be lambasting Santa top down for being a Socialist who teaches kids to be lazy moochers.

  11. D-H says:

    This is hilarious to me. I don’t affiliate myself as dem or republican but maybe in between. What I will say though is the hilarity I find in liberal and conservative media slamming each other constantly and then turning around and screaming victim, sends a clear message as to why society itself is the way it is today. You’re all a bunch of jokes. Keep writing about entertainment news and stay away from politics. It doesn’t work for you.

  12. James says:

    What is really the point of this post. For Mr. Lowry to feel some sense of moral superiority? Yes, of course it is. If Fox plays themselves as the victim, then it is equally true that liberal commentators use snark to belittle anyone’s point, “Ha, Ha, Ha… Santa Claus isn’t real.” Yeah what’s your point? Santa Claus is a graphic character… well established.

    As for Jesus… There’s is a common misperception that the Levant is composed of the same people now as 2,000 years ago. That’s not true. (The true is we aren’t so sure, because ancient man didn’t necessarily divide peoples by skin color.) Perhaps as critics of Ms. Kelly weren’t so smug about things they are on unsure ground, then perhaps it would not provoke such a reaction.

    And why should anyone apologize for their opinions, ever. Who does Mr. Lowry think he is? He’s just a guy who write for a trade publication… that’s it. (Go to your movie junket and stop being so smug.)

    • Brian Dzyak says:

      “And why should anyone apologize for their opinions, ever. ” – James

      No one needs to apologize for their opinions, however not every opinion should be held as valid, particularly when those opinions run counter to facts and reality. If Megyn or anyone else chooses to hold an opinion that lacks a foundation in reality, that is her choice, but it is not a requirement by educated people to allow her to A) get away with spewing it or B) suggesting that it is valid in any way.

      What Megyn needs to apologize for isn’t the opinion, per se, but making the choice to open her mouth and vomit out an “opinion” that lacks any basis in reality, particularly in her position as a supposed “news journalist.” She didn’t have much credibility to begin with, being a member of the Fox “News” PAC, but any she did have is now long gone. Let an idiot talk long enough, and they eventually reveal their true selves.

      But she’s got T&A and that’s all that matter to Rupert and the horny Fox viewers.

      • Brian Dzyak says:

        Rupert Murdoch is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of global media holding company News Corporation, News Corp, and 21st Century Fox.

        Roger Ailes is the President of Fox and originally dreamed up the idea for “Republican TV” while he served in the Nixon Administration.

      • big daddy D says:

        Roger Ainsley is the tool that runs Fox News..not Rupert murdoch

    • Brian Dzyak says:

      The point of the post by Mr. Lowry is to discuss the way self-righteous willfully ignorant racist and elitist Conservatives first spew out disinformation that suits their own agenda and then play the victim whenever anyone points out that disinformation. Megan’s “opinion” that Santa Claus IS white and that Jesus of NAZARETH was of white European descent is nothing short of ignorance and/or racism. “James” here attempts to make an end-run around this issue by typing the word-salad “ancient man didn’t necessarily divide peoples by skin color.” Uh, actually A) they did…ever hear of slaves? and B) it’s not about man dividing people up, it’s about geography and the natural “divisions” that occur based on where a person is/was born. Claiming that a Jewish man who was born in Bethlehem and lived primarily in the Middle East was somehow lilly white is nothing short of laughable. And for James here to lambast all of us for merely pointing out the shear ignorance and stupidity of such a claim (and anyone who defends it) speaks to his own agenda of ignorance and/or racism as much as it does to the lilly white Megan Kelly’s.

      Give it a couple thousand years and Conservatives will manage to bleach all of histories major figures like MLK, Mandela, Ghandi, etc.

      • Brian Dzyak says:

        Willful ignorance that Conservatism relies on should never be celebrated nor validated.

      • James says:

        I replied to Brian’s ignorant and baseless rant, but had my comments “disappeared.” He must have cried to the editors/ the intern who polices the comments section.

        I didn’t realize that I was on the IRS website.

      • Erica says:

        James point is well taken and lucid. What is the point of this ‘criticism’? This is what Variety readers want to read about? This is what an accomplished journalist has in his repertoire of entertainment industry tool kit. Wow. Brian Dyzak’s reply “spews” so obivously betrays his bitterness and his hatred of conservatives, although he does capitalize the word conservative, quite a nod for him.

      • big daddy D says:

        Well said. Stupidity doesn’t base on color.

  13. SFSolstice says:

    Hey Rex. Despite your apparent penchant towards judgement and name calling my contention that Jesus skin was more towards Olive than White still stand. Or do you dispute that contention? BTW I am not a Fox News watcher but a LGBT activist democrat. You might have gotten a clue from my name SF as in San Francisco and Solstice as in the pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice. I take pride in at least being civil in my comments and that I don’t have to revert to early morning name calling. Perhaps another cup of coffee might put you in a better and not so judgmental mood. Angry much? Happy Holidays :-)

  14. Elaine Gallinaro says:

    Megan Kelly said her white Santa comments were “a jest”. What was funny about it? (rhetorical question).

  15. All the best maniacal cult leaders were white… why not big JC?

  16. Rob says:

    Mr lowery, I don’t get your point other than “so what?”.

  17. Eric Nelson says:

    Political Independents and regular Americans are not served well by television’s new rush into the commercialization of outrage and biased fact picking, right or left. It contaminates public conversation, and distracts us all from the important issues. Television seems to be getting more trivial monthly in the search for ratings. Fox News has found an opium formula that is a dangerous addiction. “News” anchors that are attractive women, are putting looks over public service. Doing anything for ratings, theTV business model, is the problem. Maybe people will go back to newspapers that are more the straight news.

  18. J says:

    You’re obviously envious of her success. She should have added fat pigs to her list of those attacking

  19. SFSolstice says:

    NOT ! You are more of a joke than Fox News, How about you find a color more toward Middle East Olive which is probably the closest to reality that you can get white folks to believe. On the color scale I think you will find Jesus was probably tinted more towards the Brown Skinned People as opposed to the Lilly White People or as I just stated OLIVE.

    • Rex says:

      Are you completely clueless, SFSolstice?!? You surely MUST be a Fox fan if you can’t possible see that Salinger’s Ghost’s post is SATIRE, as is the blog post he linked to. Seriously, do you REALLY think “Christian Researchers” (LMFAO) would actually consult a PANTONE COLOUR CHART to analyze a Caucasian PAINTING of Jesus, let alone come to any kind of quantifiable conclusion and then publish it? It’s a JOKE, son. Did the mention of “graphic designers” not raise even a TINY red flag in your pea brain? Clearly not. You’re just the kind of thick dunce that Fox values most as a viewer and defender. Next time, read someone’s post in its entirety, and Google the things that are unknown to you. It’s amazing how much smarter you’ll feel when you DON’T respond the way you did.

  20. big daddy D says:

    If you believe’re as retarded as Fox News! Anyone who has actually read the bible and tried to gather the nationality of the jews/Hebrews/israelites..if they had a brain in their head, and you clearly don’t, it would be obvious that he was NOT white. But I guess those who write the “facts” are the authors of the fiction. What a load of rubbish!

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