Anthony Weiner’s Latest Scandal Tailor-Made for Media

Anthony Weiner Huma Abedin
John Moore/Getty Images

Sex? New York City Politics? Standing By Your Man? Check, check, and check

Royal-Vision, prepare to make way for Weiner-Vision.

Although the cable networks continue to obsess over the Royal Baby — who knew Wolf Blitzer spent so much time in “The Situation Room” worrying about baby names? — it’s hard to imagine a more heady media cocktail than the fresh allegations of sexting regarding former congressman and New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.

Just think about this mix of ingredients: New York, the U.S.’ largest media market, and home base to the major networks; sex, or at least a twisted version of it; politics, with Weiner having waded back into the fray; and a made-for-Oprah, “stand by your man” spouse in the form of the telegenic Huma Abedin, who appeared with him. (Suddenly, Abedin becomes the biggest “get” for TV news bookers, short of Kate Middleton’s obstetrician.)

Frankly, when the story broke, one suspects Weiner wasn’t the only one showing his, er, excitement — from the morning shows to the women’s magazines to writers for “The Daily Show” and other latenight comedy programs who won’t need to embellish a thing, starting with Weiner’s sexting alter ego, “Carlos Danger.”

Oftentimes, your humble correspondent has been critical of the networks for obsessing over trifles, including their wall-to-wall coverage of the Royals.

But the Weiner story is too delicious, too fraught with built-in comedy and schadenfreude, to ignore. Hell, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was hyperventilating even more than usual. And as an added bonus, the story should have almost as much resonance with the casual-news-viewing female audience tuning in for the Royal Baby, albeit by connecting with them on a “That cheating bastard” as opposed to “Aw, isn’t that cute” level.

The one really funny thing, perusing the cable nets on Tuesday, was watching them try to transition from the Royal couple to the Weiner scandal. “Up next, we’re moving to a very, very different story,” Blitzer said, heading into a break.

No need to be so sheepish, Wolf. Weiner might be apologizing for his behavior, but on a story as juicy and teeming with angles as this one, for once, you really don’t have to.

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  1. Dick Delson says:

    Weiner is a total idiot. I’m a lifelong Democrat, but this guy should just go away. Why his wife, who is a bright woman is sticking with him is beyond me?

  2. cleo48 says:

    I’m supremely confident that whatever becomes of Mr. Weiner, New York will find some other goof-ball to make that city impossible to live in.

  3. Tom Cruz says:

    Even though I’m no fan of NYC, it’s still an intricate part of the greatest country in the world. America, we can do better than this. Sure, the catchy, sometime clever headlines can be amusing to read, but do we really need this sicko in charge of our largest city? This guy should be in a mental hospital receiving treatment. I hope someday we stop the tabloid jokes and elect someone of sound mind and principles…Republican or Democrat.

  4. NRenn says:

    Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you the new mayor of New York City, Carlos Danger. Only in New York.

  5. Roddy Piper says:

    This is the best that New York City has?

  6. Jack D says:

    Great columm and great comments. Perhaps there is hope for the country.

  7. Mauloa says:

    This man is dangerously ill. His illusions of his “self importance” is minor compared to his inability to control his passion and impulses. To put his wife through this hell shows how solipsistic and shallow his need for power, control and recognition. A second issue is a “wife” that will be a part of such a travesty has serious issues too. I am not a fan of New York, its politics, or it’s excesses – however, even New York deserves better. I would assume other Democrats running will eliminate this sick individual. However, you know New York… they limit your size of soda, but not the morals of the man that “governs”.

    • Delilah says:

      Well said – this guy’s impulsive behavior and his apparent disregard of the consequences (esp. The pain inflicted upon his family) is difficult to reconcile with the trust he asks New Yorkers to place in him.

  8. andy says:

    BTW Marion Barry google him if you do not know who he is and you will understand.

  9. gphx says:

    I liked Anthony Weiner a lot better when he played Arnold Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter.

  10. BobfromPa says:

    Seems that Huma is taking a page out of Hillary’s playbook: ‘how to stand by your man’. Recall Hillary’s interview on 60 Minutes in 1992?

  11. Les Legato says:

    He’s a filthy sex addict, he’s prone for blackmail, h has no self control, his wife is connected to the muslims brother hood (LOOK IT UP, idiot liberals), better yet, leave him as the Dem candidate and Repubs can run Mickey Mouse and beat his ass with picks of swapping picks with trannies (thats what’s coming next).

    Someone should tell him that muslims behead guys for less than this crap…

  12. Mary Wyffels says:

    Carlos has outdone the everloving Clintons with their carefully staged Gennifer Flowers nationwide tell-all show, Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, and even the iconic Kennedys with their ongoing self control issues. This guy’s pathetic saga is the ultimate sexual issues free fall.

  13. Delilah says:

    Dear Mr. Weiner (aka “Carlos Danger”): Weary of these tawdry tales, your ridiculous attempts at remorse, and your alarming lack of judgment or control, I am begging you– please go away–far far away. Spare us all, especially your wife and family, from further embarrasment.

  14. Cuetip says:

    You know I’m not the best looking person on the planet but when I look at these two warthogs I feel much better about myself.

  15. Anybody for a contest as to whose pic, Weiner’s or Geraldo’s, gets the most votes?
    Seriously, I feel so sorry for his wife Huma, trapped between her husband & her Muslim faith.
    Very sad. Say a prayer for her.

  16. Mitch says:

    Let’s see. They voted for Robert Byrd, a KKK member for over 50 years. He was not just a member of the KKK. Byrd recruited 150 of his friends and associates to create a new chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. I guess that makes him a community organizer. So what’s a little Wiener.

  17. jfkjax says:

    This guy is a “nut job”! How the hell can any reasonable New Yorker vote for such a quack?

  18. Mitch says:

    Only a brain dead zombie would vote for this guy.

  19. rocky says:

    where is lorena bobbitt when we really need her?

  20. J. Galt says:

    Balls to Wall coverage! Drudge sometimes you are way too damned funny!

    On a serious note though… is this guy really ahead in the pols? It’s a new version of the Twilight Zone every day with liberals. Instead of WWZ we have WW LOFO (Low Information Voter).

    John Galt Take Me With You . com

  21. BluClw says:

    Psst. Um, you kind of have to, its connected.

  22. Rico says:

    “Weiner campaign goes flaccid”.

  23. JerryinTampa says:

    This Political pervert gives the term Chutzpah a very bad name. The most pathetic part of this story is that the low information voters of NYC will still probably elect his Weiner and Spitzer should run on the Pervert Party, even worse that the Democrat Party.

  24. d.t.baker says:


  25. Airmanc5 says:

    She must suffer from abused wife syndrome to stay with him

  26. mybradical says:

    Demand the truth on BENGHAZI

  27. lda says:

    Here’s a couple who found they can’t compete in the private sector…

  28. lda says:

    Like her former boss and mentor Hillary, Huma has decided to ride the power train and stay on the government till rather than find a man who loves and respects her. This isn’t a mistake on Weiner’s part. It’s a perverted compulsion and in his character. Please, for the sake of children in this country, vote for someone else.

  29. BillE says:

    Carlos Danger?…This tool should be in jail, yet he is running for office. He should have been locked up for conduct unbecoming a US Senator and ordered to pay restitution for the wasted taxpayer dollars spent paying the salary low life pervert.

  30. iambicpentamaster says:

    What’s she doing next to him?

    Huma Weiner?


  31. dannyoh says:

    Erect Carlos Danger (D) for New Pork City.

  32. kestrel27 says:

    Typical loser Democrat who knows full well those who would vote for him haven’t a clue as to what day it is, what year it is, or even what planet they are on, but the fact he has a D after his name is all that counts. Democrats count on stupidity in their base because they know full well people with common sense and intelligence wouldn’t vote for them.

  33. edwardo says:

    A Muslim stands by her Jewish husband! maybe there can be peace?

  34. Enrico Fermi says:

    You know that he’s not just the president of the “congressmen caught with their pants down club”, he’s also a member.

  35. Attack of the Wiener man says:

    Now that is funny, sad, and true

  36. Kevmeistah says:

    “Telegenic”? I guess if you’re Popeye.

  37. David says:

    Seriously, what’s with the wife? She’s not a stupid lady so I get the sense that there’s more to her having stuck around all this time than just blind devotion to her husband. After all, she DID work for Hillary Clinton so maybe she’s taking a play out of the ” Hillary stand by your man and wait for your own political opportunity ” play book.

    If true, she’s just as shameless as he is.

  38. Lincoln Robertson says:

    This guy is a pun fest!

  39. Mark says:

    I hope they elect him to office, it will be the sitcom of the year! New York deserves it! There isn’t much hope for this country, and this is proof! This country is corps….

  40. Enrico Fermi says:

    I hear than Antthony Wiener has presidential ambitions. Together with Eric Holder, he is planning a run in 2016. support the Wiener-Holder ticket!

  41. AndrewK says:

    I think it speaks volumes about this little, smug, dirty man’s “character”. Any man who constantly disrespects and humiliates his wife is a scumbag. No integrity, no morals, no veracity, he is trash. If New York votes for this thing they will surpass California as the laughing stock of the country.

  42. Rosita Asano says:

    If he wins, shame on those people who voted for him.

  43. Ron says:

    Anyone other than a politician or sports figure pulling this crap would be divorced and ruined for life. The low information voters of NY never fail to amaze and amuse.

  44. Bob says:

    Weiner is a piece of perverted garbage. As for his power hungry wife? She’s as much to blame as he is. Stand by your man, indeed. Idiot.

  45. Ra Williams says:

    Since this is Variety, how about a new sitcom on NBC called “My Little Weener”? Tha’ts gold!

  46. 44guyton says:

    Excellent Democrat material. Weiner should run for president.

  47. Craig Purcell says:

    Nice of him to offer a condo to the 22 year old woman to cover it up – good quals for public office – dependable & trustworthy with taxpayer dollars – Huma and Hil should have lots to commiserate over…

  48. Jack Nimble says:

    TOO FUNNY: Anthony Weiner, Screaming Goat Version, Run For Mayor:

  49. BenNevis says:

    Captain Underpants strikes again….how can this man possibly be leading polls in the Dem primary?!?

  50. cas127 says:

    What makes Huma “telegenic” other than her doggish loyalty to the Left?

    • Pouncekitty says:

      Well, she isn’t. She just keeps her cowardly mouth shut and that’s enough to be “telegenic.” She’s Hillary, Jr. just following the the footsteps of the other USER who married a sleazeball but loved every minute of the POWER and GLORY and ME ME ME of being first lady. Problem is, neither Hillery OR Huma are ladies. They’re hos cos they just want da powah!

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