Robert Pattinson Toasted, Bids $5,600 on Recycled Cello at GO GO Gala

GO GO Gala Robert Pattinson Cello
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Go Campaign works with local heroes to improve the lives of children in need throughout the world

Robert Pattinson was the toast of the town Thursday night at the sixth annual GO GO Gala.

GO Campaign co-founder and CEO Scott Fifer thanked Pattinson on behalf of the 25 impoverished Cambodian girls he indirectly helped with an auction contribution. The actor donated a meet-and-greet on the set of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” for the non-profit’s online auction two years ago that sold to woman in Chicago for $80,000. That funding led to the creation of a Program Advancing Girls’ Education (PAGE) in Cambodia.

“It’s been remarkable how one auction item from a person in the Hollywood community can translate into changing the lives of girls forever,” Fifer said before the gala.

The PAGE home will expand from 25 to 35 girls early next year.

The “Twilight” star continued his charitable streak by participating in the liveliest auction of the night. Pattinson bid $5,600 to win a cello made out of recycled material (built by Paraguay’s Recycled Orchestra of Cateura). The overall event raised more than $500,000.

The Recycled Orchestra, which plays instruments made from garbage found in landfills, also performed last night, eliciting a standing ovation from the crowd. Maracas hand-made with beer and tomato paste cans adorned the tables.

Last night, the campaign, which works with local residents on grassroots projects aimed at improving the lives of orphans and children in need throughout the world, honored local hero Jane Ekayu — a trauma therapist who rehabilitates child soldiers in Uganda.

“The model is to partner with local heroes on the ground because they know the problems in their community and they know best how to solve them,” Fifer said. “It doesn’t make sense for us to go into an area and pretend that we know something better than they do.”

Adam Shankman may have been a “replacement” for Ewan McGregor, but the director/producer was the ideal event host through and through.

“Perhaps some of you were wondering, ‘Who is this guy?’” Shankman said at the beginning of the night. “Others may be wondering, ‘Wow, that’s a nice looking aging, gay, Jewish man.’ And ‘Wow, the Bel Air Bay Club has really dumped all their restrictions.’”

However, Shankman also said he has a meaningful connection to the GO Campaign.

“My charitable leanings — and I have a lot of leanings — have always been with arts education and helping LGBT kids fight for their dignity, opportunities, rights and lives,” he said. “The common thread of all of my work is kids.”

Yesterday’s fundraiser also drew stars that included musical guest Melissa Etheridge, Dermot Mulroney, Beth Behrs and Mike White.

“This is the future of the world, the future of philanthropy, the future of ‘I have enough — I have more than enough — I want to share. I want to know that what I’m sharing is going to people who are spreading light, who are spreading love, who are making the life experience better for humans or children across the globe,’” Etheridge said before performing GO Campaign co-founder Vicki Kennedy’s favorite song, “Come to My Window.”

Fifer echoed that sentiment earlier in the day when discussing the annual fundraiser, where entertainment bizzers make up 75% of attendees.

“We really had a great response from the Hollywood community because they see the difference that we are able to make in the lives of children both here in the United States and across the world,” he said. “They love that we cut out the red tape and that they can help us really have direct impact on children’s lives and giving the same opportunity that we want for all children everywhere.”

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  1. Angelica Hajok says:

    why was Ewan replaced? I saw his pic with Eve and Esther so he was there I think.

  2. cayugaflash says:

    i love the spirit of oneness amongst those gathered there..and while i expect that probably any or all of them could have just donated $500,000, the bottom-line is ‘never’ what it’s all about, is it?
    it’s also about generating awareness and providing the opportunity for future generosity as a result.
    i am so pleased that they used Rob’s fame and caring as one of those avenues for advertising the plight of these young girls, and that, even though embarrassed at being one of those singled out, he went along with the spirit of the event..
    gossip and slander aside, i like what i KNOW about this man, as well as his family.
    good on him, and all those who stepped up.

  3. delle1 says:

    So sad that people have to revert to childish comments to be heard.
    Both Rob and Kristen,(Only mentioning her because she’s been mentioned,) are huge supporters of different charitable organisations and relief funds,they are not competing between each other and are certainly not in this for the fame.
    Grow up and don’t bring shame on two wonderful people who are doing things that matter,it’s sickening to read the disgusting vile comments about two people who love what they do and to anyone who criticises,put your money where your mouth is and lets see how much you can raise or give.
    Be supportive fans and stop the nastiness,there’s no need for it.

  4. Tisdale says:

    Good for the charity. Why did he only donate 5k? ($5,000). Could have donated a lot more.Cheap skate. Well I guess it’s better than that other Stew girl who never does any charity.

    • Hazeldene says:

      Who knows how much he actually donated. The $5600 was just for the item he bought at the auction.

      • Hazeldene says:

        There were only 200 people at the event, and $500000 was raised. So that means Robert contributed more than the average which would have been $2500, plus the ticket cost $1000 minimum to attend.

  5. Dixie Jewel says:

    What a great positive article on the charity and the event of which Rob happen to go to. This was not about him it was about the charity. What a shame that some people have to post their negativity towards the man. It is not his fault that the charity took his pic and used to bring attention to it. Charities do that. The LA Children’s Hospital did the same thing when he visited and Robert was call all sorts of names for giving of his time. So Sad.

  6. George says:

    Good for all of them. Nothing but positive.

  7. Lara says:

    KS fans are pissed because their queen is only known for cheating with a married director and breaking a home of two little kids.

  8. Kevin says:

    Kudos to all involved … And shame on the previous posters. Go do something equally productive with your time.

  9. guest says:

    This guy is a famewhore, just wants to get publicity

    • Mary says:

      Are you for real? He does a generous act and you condemn him ….you are only showing your lack of respect for mankind and are probably a shallow Krisbian, Follow your queen and stop bashing Rob for doing a nice, kind act. He NEVER asks for fame …. so don’t go there! Stay on your own sites ~ the rest of the world admires his humbleness , charm, and generosity.

    • Kell says:

      So there are stupid Stewart fans everywhere. Why are morons allowed on the internet? This man does something commendable and he gets called names by an idiot sitting behind her computer licking her pictures of KS and Rupert Sanders. How sad.

      • Alex says:

        Well said Mary and Kell! Nobody can be a ‘fame whore’ after switching career path, working only in indie films, with great directors like David Cronenberg. People are stupid.

    • Anres says:

      What other celebs from HW?Clooney,Jolie,Pitt,Penn etc?It seems only rob is not allowed to do charity.I sense some angry ks fan…

    • rocknmovies says:

      At least he is doing good charity work to help others. What are you doing to help others? He doesn’t need publicity.

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