Target Refuses to Sell Beyonce’s New Album

Beyonce Releases Album

Singer's fast-selling 'Beyonce' dropped unexpectedly on iTunes last Friday

Target will not sell Beyonce’s new album because she released it online first, the company announced Monday.

“At Target we focus on offering our guests a wide assortment of physical CDs, and when a new album is available digitally before it is available physically, it impacts demand and sales projections,” Target spokesperson Erica Julkowski told Billboard. “While there are many aspects that contribute to our approach and we have appreciated partnering with Beyonce in the past, we are primarily focused on offering CDs that will be available in a physical format at the same time as all other formats. At this time, Target will not be carrying Beyonce’s new self-titled album ‘Beyonce.’”

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Beyonce’s fifth studio album, dubbed “Beyoncé,” took the music industry by surprise last week when it dropped unexpectedly on iTunes.

Since then, it has sold 617,000 copies in the U.S. and 828,773 worldwide.

“Beyoncé” will be available at many other retail stores on Dec. 20.

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    1. t says:

      So, who cares? She has zero creativity and completely fucking suck!!!!!!!!!!I’ve been over her

    2. Antwan says:

      Erika I can’t believe you!! Really??? Grow up its 2013 get with the NEW!!! Ur loss and Wal-marts gain!!! I just went and purchased 3CDs at Wal-Mart. I look at Target differently now .

    3. tatiana says:

      I was so looking forward to go to target after work to get my copy of beyonce cd. I went online to even see if it was still available and not sold out in my area. But then I see that target doesn’t carry it. Like what!!! Your mad because she put it on itunes first? Come on Erika Julkowski its 2013 get with the times stop hating and sell her cd I’m sure alottt of people including me is highly upset that you are not carrying it but like this other commenter said “its their loss” so true that’s fine ill just go to best buy I know they have it already checked ;-)

    4. sedeyia bellamy says:

      ummm…that’s their loss. who freaking cares. there are still many people who have not downloaded it, a lot of people still like to have the physical cd. so they will just take their money to walmart and buy it

    5. Ava Parnass says:

      Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z had a brilliant marketing plan!
      It’s a Game changer!
      Anyone of us would love our songs to sell 80,000 copies in three hours! Then on to more then half a million in less then a week. While I understand that change Is hard. It just seems like targets feelings are hurt. Now while they are entitled to their hurt feelings of being left out .
      We all need to rise above those occasions and they should show their adult forgiving side and sell Beyoncé music.

    6. Reese says:

      Is Target upset that she didn’t promote or partner with them? What difference does it make? She will sell her album other places. This is a rash business decision that will not only affects their relationship with her as an artist, but with her label as well. They might end up regretting this decision.

    7. jojoojoj says:

      So the poor kid who doesn’t have the internet/iTunes and wants to save up money to buy the album can’t do so in person? If its a band/singer I love, I might get it online before buying the actual copy when my pocketbook permits that I may do so. Target is making a big mistake. I might understand a “c-list” band, but not an “a-list” act like Beyoncé.

    8. Jonny Mack says:

      Poor Target, selling CDs. It always surprises me that there’s still DVD and CD sales going on at all. There won’t be much longer.

    9. TIFF MILAN says:

      I think they hv a point. I mean who the hell still buys CDs? They’ll be obsolete soon anyway.

    10. eryka says:

      Omg. Why don’t people get it! Beyonce made a great business move. Good for her i got my copy hope you got yours. BUT target cant sell her Shit. They barely pushed the exclusive they had with her off the shelf. why do they have to sale her album if they will lose money. Just because she is beyonce. Guess somebody should have listened to kanye when he said they were all slaves. They don’t give a damn about Beyonce or her album. If they could sell it they would. They can’t push the album, by the time it gets to them the album will be old, and they are in the business of making money not friends. Just like…. The one and only beyonce. So why she mad?

    11. kk says:

      Bea jay n blue still gon b good I know bea could give 10 fuks bout target lol do ur thang bea congrats on da new ablum

    12. still don’t know what she sees in that atrocious puffy diddy character…

    13. Albums are leaked online all time before the release. Retailers are upset that she cut out the middle man first and made a decision without considering the “business”

    14. BeyHive says:

      Target needs to go f•ck themselves.

    15. Johnny says:

      Who cares what Beyonce does, and who cares what Target sells? If this non-event hadn’t been brought up on this rag, no one would have cared either.

    16. Nannette Walker says:

      If I was Beyonce I send my own press release on why I quit shopping at Target. And maybe song lil video.

    17. Have you heard? Fashion designer Marc Jacobs controls Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Kanye West. Jacobs cruelly tortures and stalks a young girl named Angel Barta. He stole her ideas and harassed her. Read the details with evidence on:

    18. Curious as to why she would need them at this point? Or ever again? She kind of just proved that major music brands literally no longer need physical distribution to move large number of their product. Like, at all. So if Target is trying to make a statement, or is simply responding to requests from Columbia to stock pre-orders for next week, it really doesn’t matter. She’ll be platinum before the month is out, easily, and that’s without any help from any sort of large-network business partners. If Target has any sense, they would be banging on the front door to the Knowles-Carter estate to try and work out some sort of exclusive physical distribution package. Just saying.

    19. Hobbesnblue says:

      What are you talking about Alan? It’s not like Target is some kind of indie vinyl store that curates its collection based on perceived merit. They sell what’s popular and what will move units. And by any stretch of the imagination, Beyonce sells. There’s no way declining to sell her CD is anything other than a spiteful F-U to her for partnering with iTunes fist–and in fact, they said as much themselves.

    20. What do you mean, “refuses”? Who said that they had to?

      Target’s CD selection is very small and, well, selective. I can easily see Beyonce not making the cut.

      Porn is one of the largest entertainment businesses in the world. Why does Variety “refuse” to devote most of its space to porn coverage?

    21. Consumer says:

      Target, u sound like a big baby.

    22. Mary says:

      I doubt this will hugely impact Target from a sales point of view, but it doesn’t paint them in a very positive light, does it? They just come across as bitter.

    23. MichaelZ says:

      Shocking how ignorant most of the comments are. Clearly Target is bitter and on the wrong side of history and technology. I’m guessing they’ll fire their horrible PR team after this idiotic press offensive and then make adjustments to bring their sales strategy into the 21st century. Or they’ll soon RIP just like Blockbuster and brick-n-mortar book stores.

    24. Jenny says:

      Does anyone even buy CDs in stores anymore??

    25. Bibi Johnson says:

      After this “visual album” the only part of Beyonces body we havent seen is her vagina and her nipples. Too bad she didnt show off more of her talented singing instead of every possible inch of skin. Suddenly she is no different from every other imagebased “artist” out there. I always liked her music because she sang interestingly, about love and lust in a just enough worthy way still being honest. Now it’s all about “act like everyone else like a hoe and THEN you are powerful!?” Obviously the pc-lobbyists and feministas are brainwashing her just as any other female “artist” out there. Smart move for sales, obvious letdown over credibility…

    26. Brianna says:

      Won’t hurt target, ghetto people don’t shop there anyway. Now if it were wal-mart….

      • Keyisha says:

        Trick you need to cut it out with that prejudice ass statement you made.
        Oh yeah and by the way everybody and there mama shops at Target!
        Ignorant witch !

      • Selena M. says:

        Laughably ignorant remark, seeing as this artist packs arenas globally — a feat no one can accomplish unless they have earned a substantial, sustained mainstream fanbase of millions. Not even possible being ghetto.

        Good luck with your angry fantasy. Like Target, your snark isn’t hurting Beyoncé a bit haha.

      • Lawrence says:

        Thats a very racist statement referring people as “ghetto” because they shop at Wal-Mart as opposed to Target.. Hope you get some sensitivity training soon Brianna.

    27. Ashley James says:

      she has rocked the world, a true legend. The new album is amazing. I mean just look at celebrity reactions on twitter

    28. David says:

      She sucks anyway, very over rated. She is no Mariah Carey for sure, look at how epic was a complete loss because she was cast in it.

    29. G Ellen Bolton says:

      They will not lose a dime!!!! betcha!!! Will increase sales!!!!

    30. Christina says:

      i feel like target is being a baby they are losing sales
      but screw Beyonce they dont need her satanic music anyway props to target for not agreeing with something and saying no regardless of loss profit

    31. Darron Armstrong says:

      Please don’t target Beyonce, she should be able to express how she put her music out there, be patient. I love shopping at Target, and I love Beyonce.
      From the

    32. tonyZ says:

      Haha good for Target, I’m glad they won’t be selling that recycled garbage. The same song writers that write for all the other crappy singers that are so popular because of tone deaf teenagers.

    33. Jim says:

      Target are my heroes!

    34. J palmiotti says:

      I will now not be buying ANY music at a store that thinks it can dictate what an artist can do with their work. Bye Target.

      • Kay says:

        I don’t think you understand. Target is not not dictating how an artist creates/distributes work. They could care less what Beyonce’s does. They are looking out for their bottom line- it wouldn’t be financially profitable for them at this point to offer it in store.

        Also, I’m pretty sure you’ll still shop at Target.

        • The people who say they won’s shop here or there always shop at the place anyway.

        • Frank W says:

          Finally a sane person who understands the article that they read and not make it a hate fest for either Target or Beyonce. The point that only you and me seemed to understand is that Target would make money on CD sales on release date, part of the half million would be theirs. After the iTunes drop, they lost a lot of potential sales.

      • tonyZ says:

        She’s not an artist, just a dancing lip singer

        • Frank W says:

          Reese, It’s not my opinion, it’s Target’s. Doesn’t anyone read and understand the article? “…when a new album is available digitally before it is available physically, it impacts demand and sales projections,” is what Target’s spokesman said. “we are primarily focused on offering CDs that will be available in a physical format at the same time as all other formats.”

          I understand it as Target’s biggest sale period on new CDs is when they initially drop. If it’s released digitally first, a large chunk of these initial sales are lost because the CD isn’t available, so they buy the iTunes first.

          If they sold a million copies already in the first week, who would then buy the CD? Also Target didn’t say they would never sell the CD in the future.

        • Reese says:

          That doesnt even make sense Frank. Regardless if it is on Itunes or not, this is a product that sells. So whether you move massive quantities or not, its one more sale than you had before. There are plenty of people who do not have access to itunes. And in rural areas, without tons of small businesses, those people tend to shop at the Targets and Walmarts. They are isolating “their” own core consumer. Its petty.

        • Kay says:

          I’m not a Beyonce’s fan, but she actually can sing. Man, there are some doosies on here.

    35. Beautifullife says:

      Target come on now play fair. Don’t be such a grinch!

    36. DG says:

      Gosh golly gee, Target.


      Those are two different audiences, and one does not cannibalize the other.

      Sell the CD…and the Vinyl, too.

      You’re losing potential sales.


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