PETA Slams Katy Perry Over ‘Roar’ Music Video

katy perry roar

Katy Perry’s new single, “Roar,” has been a major hit for the pop star but not everyone is happy with the song’s jungle-themed music video.

Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently slammed the use of animals in Perry’s video, which features the 28 year-old singer hanging out with monkeys, elephants and tigers.

“Animals used for entertainment endure horrific cruelty and suffer from extreme confinement and violent training methods,” a PETA spokesman said in a statement. “They often become stressed and anxious when hauled around and forced into unfamiliar or frightening situations.”

The group, long-critical of animal rights practices in Hollywood, suspects Perry worked with animal exhibitor Serengeti Ranch on the “Roar” video which, according to PETA, “has been inspected by the US Department of Agriculture 22 times since 2001.”

Perry, whose new single “Roar” sold over 559,000 copies in its first week, had previously been heralded by PETA for her vegetarian lifestyle with ex-husband Russell Brand.

Her new album, “Prism,” is due Oct. 22.

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    1. S60 says:

      The PETA organization represents a bunch of hypocrites, Who are you to issue orders or commands to people who don’t think like you? Where were all of you when my people were out there marching for Black Lives Matter? Most of you would probably not went to live next door to people that look like me. But will try to harm PEOPLE to protect animals rights. You should get on those people that dress up poor animals in clown like outfits for their own selfish reasons.

    2. So “Serengeti Ranch on the “Roar” video which, according to PETA, “has been inspected by the US Department of Agriculture 22 times since 2001.”…

      Were there any violations? How bad were they? Did they correct them?

      I was a guest of Universal Studios last week and saw the Animal Actors Show. It was great and the animals seemed to be healthy and happy. Does PETA not like them too? Honestly if they enjoy entertaining why not? Their brains are capable of training. I’d imagine the animals if lovingly cared for they might enjoy this brain exercise and escape boredom.

      • Julia says:

        I actually agree with premise of (most) of the messages that PETA sends out and think they are a highly valuable organization as they have done a TON of work over many years to promote humane and ethical treatment of animals, including how awful it is to wear fur, and methods of the circuses condoning blatant cruelty to “tame” animals. I do think at times they use some topics to get their message out, such as this video of Katy Perry’s and this is a case where I think that it’s misplaced and overblown. Perhaps they are just using any opportunity to let the public know what is going on behind the scenes, which unfortunately is heartbreaking when industries and individuals capitalize on forcing animals into entertainment. I see nothing wrong with Katy Perry’s videos, as it’s fantasy, and it made me smile. Her song has a wonderful message about humans believing in their power (like the lion or tiger who never questions their power as it just “IS”) and I respect her talent and creativity. I feel it’s a shame that at times PETA makes people dismiss them because they go too far in their focus on their attempts at messaging. Overall, I am grateful they are vigilant about promoting the cause for animal rights and examining ethics concerning both wild and captive animals.

    3. Victoria says:

      Seriously she is getting slammed for working with animals. Pretty sure people own tigers, monkeys and there jungle animals. She is an animal lover. She had animals in her video so what? So I guess Marley and me shouldn’t have been produced due to it being about an animal this is ridiculous. I love Katy Perry and see nothing wrong with this. Give the girl a break.

    4. dakota says:

      Just because she worked with animals doesnt mean that she should be slammed for her video. She is still a huge animal lover at heart.
      And if anything peta should be mad at everyone then who has pet lions or circuses and zoos.
      I am an animal lover at heart but I see nothinf wrong with this video

    5. Julienne says:

      I like me some Katy

    6. Julienne says:

      Screw p.e.t.a.! They’re a bunch of idiot-freaks anyways!

    7. Shawn-D says:

      I like that D’Shawn has made the effort to commit her thoughts to this blog, its just a shame it’s in a language nobody understands.

    8. D'Shawn says:

      U Know she’s talentless like Nicki Minajahquan…. another Ullumanti klone… like Lady GaGa and hur gurl Lady GaGa Jr. … .. ..
      People Eat Tasty Animals, and watch Anne of Green Gables… on the CBC!
      Now Dis PETA sey watch dey wanna sey. But dey no OWN Katty PERRY!

      ROAR! Went tha… and Katy Perry… wazz there!

    9. TimKatycat says:

      Here comes PETA, seeking for attention again. There’s too much positive sides for these animals on the video, yet you found negative side? Boo!

    10. Allen says:

      PETA borders on being a terrorist organization.

    11. Dang – I like this video. She kept her clothes on, mostly, and really gave a cute, wholesome presentation. Good job! But then again I also liked the Taylor Swift video for Hunger Games.

    12. Jared M says:

      PETA uses most of the money it gets to pad the pockets of the upper echelon of its corporation. Not to mention the money it spends to euthanise the animals in its shelters. PETA is a joke.

    13. Where’s the 5’o clock crack meeting?

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